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Drilling Training

175 USD
September 16, 2019

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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Islam Bakli

Date and place of birth: 22/03/1988, Bounoura - Ghardaïa

Current location: Algeria

Tel: 07 95 63 16 38 / 06 68 76 84 70 Fax: 029 89 88 70

Address: 11cidex BP 67, Arbi Ben M’hidi Street, Beni-Isguen’s city, Ghardaïa’s state.


Linkedin Profile :

General Professional Skills

I have five years of experience in drilling and Work-Over field like Supervisor of Completion .

I was supervised the job of rig down Completion with two types of Completion : Completion with Packer Hydraulic and Completion with Electric Packer (Adjustable Packer) with watherford and Baker Hughes team work’s company .

Also sometimes i supervised the job of rig down tie back 7" on the top of liner hunger 7".

I was supervised many jobs during Work-Overs operations like : Fishing and releasing fish or tools fulled down with many fishing tools like : Taper Tap, Overshot, Releasing spear, Packer milling Tool (milling and releasing)

Also i was supervised many jobs of milling when the Packer’s extension stuck down the cased hole, in this case we go to mill this extension with any milling tool,like : Junk mill Tools.

In drilling field, i was supervised an old well drilled before, and we use the short radius technique to drill this well in a new open hole .

Before starting drilling, we make the cement Plug on the Top of Liner hunger.

After this operation we rig down the whip stock tools in purpose to make the Water Mellon window down the cased hole on top of cement plug, but before making the water Mellon window, we rig down the Gairo data tools with slick line unit in purpose to determine the Tool face and Azimuth of the well. when this operation of orientation success, we started milling the water Mellon window down the cased hole with the whip stock tools .

After this operation we start drilling the open hole with MWD tools.

Also i supervised well testing and DST operatios with EXPRO team work’s company

Professional experience

2013 - 2018: Completion Supervisor in workover and drilling Rigs, Sonatrach Com. (Rhourd Nouss).

01/06/2013 to 01/09/2013: Training with Sonatrach Com. in engineering and production (Algerian Petroleum Institute (IAP)).

03/07/2014 to 07/09/2014: Internship in drilling water wells (CTH, Ghardaïa).

15/07/2010 to 04/08/2010: Internship about different Workover operations (Hassi Messaoud, TP196).

28/03/2011 to 08/04/2011: Training about Geological Mud logging in petroleum drilling (Hassi Messaoud, ENF29).


2013-2015: Master degree in drilling water wells, Kasdi Merbah University, Ouargla.

Graduation project: Comparative and qualitative study of the waters of different wells in Touggourt region (terminal complex deposit.

2008-2011: Bachelor degree in hydrocarbons drilling and maintenance of oil and gas wells.

Graduation project: Importance of geological survey while drilling (mud logging, Hassi Messaoud)

Fundamental modules: Drilling operations, Drilling fluid, Drilling equipment, work-over, Geological Petroleum, Instrumentation, well control, wireline, coiled tubing, snubbing, coring, cementation, logging, drilling bits, Geophysics, Mud logging, QHSE.

Jun 2008: Baccalaureate degree in experimental sciences (Moufdi zakaria high school, Bounoura).


Certification in computer skills (IT, office tools, access, windows, Internet) VCS Centre Ghardaïa, (2011)

English language Certification (beginner to intermediate levels) Pro-info Centre –Algiers, (2012)

First aid training, Algerian Red Crescent, (2011)


Languages: Arabic: good French: good English: good

Computer skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet, and Access

Additional information

Good knowledge of well control process, and able to complete the IWCF certification at any time.

Good knowledge of HSE (Health, Safety, Environment).

Creative mind, Good physical condition.

Available day and night, and ready for a trips.

Ability to adapt to any working environment.


Sports (swimming, basketball, ping pong).

Reading books.

Surfing the Internet.

Note: the contract of working with SONATRACH Company was finished in December 2018

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