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Nursing Care

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
September 09, 2019

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Head Nurse,,Support Services Department

Prince Sultan Military Medical City

Employee No.: 395244 /



A compassionate nurse who understands patients’ needs and provides excellent patient care. Possesses an outstanding leadership skill that helps in planning, organizing, directing and evaluating nursing care services. Provides education and monitors nursing staff for delivering high-quality patient care.


Birthday: 19 May 1986

Birthplace: Rjeal Al-almea, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Age: 32 years old

Citizenship: Saudi

National ID: 104*******

Status: Married

Religion: Muslim


21 May 2013 Bachelor Degree

Prince Sultan Military College of Health Science

Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Achieved Excellent Grade and CGPA of 4.52 out of 5 13 October 2008 Diploma Program

Technical Institute for Health Training

(under supervision of Saudi Commission for Health Specialists) Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Achieved Excellent Grade and CGPA of 4.91 out of 5 SAUDI COMMISSION FOR HEALTH SPECIALTIES

Registration No.: 08-RN0227798

Expiration Date: 13 September 2022



2016 – Present Head Nurse, Support Services Department

- The Support Services Department has 7 teams:

1. Wound Care Team

-Works collaboratively with Clinical Team Manager to select wound core team members and to ensure smooth day-to-day operations within respective team, ensure the care provided to patients meets standards, quality patient care, and effective and efficient resources utilization.

- Provides leadership to visiting staff to ensure appropriate multidisciplinary communication, collaborative working relationships, and a customer-oriented environment responsive to the needs of external/internal patients. Is easily available to assigned visiting staff for consultation, co-visits and problem solving. Provides input for Wound Care Team members annual performance evaluations.

- Participates in orientation of new staff, acting as a resource, supporting the preceptors, and identifying opportunities for staff development for new oriented as well as all team members.

- Responsible to establish short and long-term objectives, identifying areas of improvement for promoting both quality and cost-effective patient care, and team/service evaluation.

- Performs co-visits with as needed to support ongoing competency of staff and provides with feedback of staff competence via co-visit documentation form.

- Works collaboratively with the wound care committee in relation to annual review of the wound formulary and with wound ostomy supply vendors, aiming for quality cost effective outcomes. Day to day problem solving with the Supply -purchasing department with regards to

wound, ostomy, continence supply issues.

- Approves any wound/ostomy supplies outside of the standard wound formulary.

- Identifying new marketing opportunities, conducts community education and marketing on an ongoing basis.

- Mentors and encourages current and future Wound care staff to enrich the expertise throughout the clinical operations to benefit patient outcomes.

- Coordinates annual Wound Care Symposium.

- Responsible for the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) established by MSD.

- Demonstrates excellent teaching and mentoring skills. 2. Intravenous Team

3. Total Parenteral Nutrition Team


4. Out-Patient Antimicrobial Therapy Team

5. Corona Response Team

6. Pain Management Team

7. Patient Advocate Team

8. Tracheostomy Team (Formerly)

- Reports to Clinical Director

- Responsible for all nursing staff assigned in the Support Services Department

- Responsible for the 24 hour management, administrative functions and monitoring of practice to ensure effective and efficient operation of the assigned area according to program policy and procedures

- Demonstrates effective leadership and management skills in ensuring the delivery of Patient and family-centered care.

- Supports the professional and personal development of all nursing staff and works as an effective member of the caring team.

- Assess, plans, implements, evaluates and monitors standards of care.

- Acts on behalf of or in the absence of the Clinical Director. 2014 – 2016 Charge Nurse, Wound Care Team

- Reports to Head Nurse

- Responsible for all nursing staffs assigned in Wound Care Team

- Assesses the unit needs and available resources for current and incoming shifts.

- Facilitate patient care needs.

- Implements and evaluates quality of care.

- Mentors and precepts to all nursing staff including trainees and students

- Directs patient care by working as a team leader and a team member.

- Act on behalf of or in the absence of Head Nurse. 2013 – 2014 Staff Nurse 1, Wound Care Team

- Team leader Wound Care for VIP bldg. 2 in Prince Sultan Military Medical city.

- Preceptor for new staff in Wound Care Team.

- Administer blood and blood products (PRB) Wound


- Perform venipuncture for blood sampling PRB Wound treatments.

- Maintain and control NPWT devices.

- Assess wounds and skin integrity

- Monitor infections and signs of various infections and clean wounds.

- Create and implements treatment plans.


- Integrates research findings to clinical practice.

- Consults other healthcare professionals/departments as appropriate to provide interdisciplinary approach to the patient’s needs.

- Educated and training of nurses, nursing .

- Provided direct wound care to all residents and wound care documentation

- Collaborated with physicians and other members of the healthcare team to ensure that the care goals are being met for each individual resident.

- Ensured that all medical records, patient charts, and other associated patient care documentation are kept in

accordance with state guidelines

- Maintained stock of supplies readily available for staff and residents

- Cared and assessed patients with wounds, ostomies and other skin related issues.

- Checked patients’ skin for preventing pressure Injury, applied medicated salves and gave them other treatments for the existing wounds

2013 – 2014 Staff Nurse 1, Trauma Wound Care

- Assisted doctors in dressing the wound and applied wound NPWT.

- Assessed and implemented plans for the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic wounds.

- Ensured that patient's needs are met in accordance with the standards of medical practice.

- Educated patients/families on health care needs, conditions, options etc.

- Maintain Quality in wound care treatments.

- Maintain suction Exudate and mentoring the outcome.

- Assist/instruct General surgery, Plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery with OR care and NPWT application .

- Participate in discharge planning/teaching/ Education.

- Perform mechanics for Wound care.

- Provide nursing interventions in emergency situations.

- Prepare patients for surgery or diagnostic procedures. 2010 – 2013 Study Leave

Bachelor Degree

2008 – 2010 Staff Nurse 2, Rehabilitation Ward

- Assist individuals with disability and/or chronic illness to attain and maintain maximum function.

- Assist patients in adapting to an altered lifestyle while providing a therapeutic environment for patient’s and their family’s development.



1. Pressure Injury Prevention in Emergency Department Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Published on 2016

2. A Quasi-Experimental Study: Level of Knowledge and Effectiveness of Educational Leaflet about Pressure Injury Prevention among Patient and Caregivers Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia On-going

3. A Quantitative Study: Bullying Among Nurses

Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia On-going


• Preceptor for new staff.

• Good foundation on basic Fundamentals of Nursing.

• Comprehensive knowledge of therapeutic interventions and nursing care.

• Capable of hospital environment.

• Monitor oxygen saturation to increase healing.

• Initiate and maintain current infection control techniques. ADDITIONAL SKILLS

• Strong ability to manage tasks, coordinate with time effectively and well-oriented on details.

• Can work under pressure and willing to be trained.

• Computer literate (Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.)

• Good in oral and written communication in both English and Arabic.

• Excellent in interpersonal relationships


Chairperson, Scientific Organizing Committee

2nd Pressure Injury Prevention Day

November 7 – 8, 2018.

Speaker for 2nd Gulf Burn Management Care Conference. September 2018.

JCI Re-Accreditation Preparation.

May 2018.

Speaker PSMMC Nursing Conference PSMMC.


May 2018.

Speaker for Wound Care Academy Symposium.

March 2018.

Speaker for 2ndWound Care Conference.

March 2018.

Moderator in Plastic Surgery Conference.

February 2018.

Chairperson, Scientific Organizing Committee

1st Pressure Injury Prevention Day

November 15,2017.

Speaker for Nursing PSMMC Conference.

May 2017.

Recognition in Nursing administrative night Rounds. March 2017.

Appreciation Letter Wound Care Team.

February 2017.

Appreciation Letter Support Services.

December 2016.

Certificated Appreciation Presented from General Executive Director PSMMC. December 2016.

Speaker 12thWound Care Annual Seminar.

July 2016.

School of life & medical Wound care university of Hertfordshire. May 2016.

Performance Appreciation.

February 2016.

Recognition in JCI Accreditation.

June 2015.

Certificated Appreciation Presented from Director PSMMC. May 2015.

Certificated Appreciation Presented from Director PSMMC. August 2014.

Speaker Advanced in Skin and Wound Care Management. March 2014.


September 2018 2nd Gulf Burn Management care Conference . August 2018 Strategic Plan Course

July 2018 Miller Review Course in Orthopedics.

May 2018 PSMMC Nursing conference week .

March 2018 Wound Care Academy Symposium

March 2018 2nd Wound care Conference.

February 2018 Moderator in Plastic Surgery conference . 7

February 2018 IIWCC.

July 2017 Tissue Viability and VAC Champion Training. May 2017 Nursing PSMMC Conference.

March 2017 The First Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy. March 2017 Pediatric Sleep Medicine Course and Workshop. February 2017 Diabetic Foot Symposium.

February 2017 2nd differential Thyroid cancer Symposium. May 2016 School of life & medical Wound care university of Hertfordshire. March 2016 Tissue Viability and VAC Champion Training. July 2016 12th Wound Care annual seminar 2016.

May 2015 Basic In Diabetic Foot Management Symposium. March 2014 Advanced in Skin and Wound Care Management September2014 Update in Plastic Surgery Symposium

November 2014 JCI Standards Train the Trainer Workshop December 2013 2nd International Emergence Health Care Provider Conference April 2013 1st Palliative Nursing Course

April 2012 1st Trauma Nursing Course

March 2010 Saudi Colorectal Surgery Forums.

November 2009 Neurological Check workshop.

May 2008 Hot topics in medicine

November 2007 Community Services in the University Center for diabetes. PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES

Dr. Fatima al sbhi

Brig. Gen. Ali Al Ruwaili

Nursing Director

Prince Sultan Military Medical City

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Mesfer Al Otaibi

Acting Clinical Director

Support Services Department

Prince Sultan Military Medical City

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



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