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Automobile Engineer

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
September 09, 2019

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Priyadharshan Jayachandran

**/* ******** **********, *.N. Palayam, Coimbatore-641037, India +919********* Profile:

Seeking for a full-time job in your prestigious organization to enhance my working capability, professional skills, business efficiencies and to serve the organization in best possible ways. I am keen to learn and implement various concepts on automotive systems, design and development of electric and hybrid vehicles and bring betterment for sustainability in automotive sector.

Skills and Competencies:


Hybrid Vehicles Electric Vehicles Powertrain Architecture Supervisory control Vehicle Integration Energy Storage and High Voltage Systems BMS Propulsion Technology Electric machines and Power Electronics

Software skills:

MATLAB/SIMULINK ADVISOR Solid works ANSYS SPSS C-programming MS Office Soft Skills:

• Teamwork: Worked with different project members during the Master’s programme to collect a wide scale of data required for the project.

• Good Project Management Skills: Completed the project on time with the marked deadline. Managed to work with colleagues on different assignments provided.

• Excellent communication and presentation skills: Have made a Project presentation with the perceived quality team of Jaguar Land Rover including one of the managers of the team.

• Leadership skills: As a part of the module assignment, I was asked to lead a team to accomplish the task provided. Also organized an GLF event in PSG college of technology. Roles and Responsibilities:

Feb 2019 – May 2019 Internship Ampere Electric Vehicles Role Summary:

Project on “Design and performance Analysis of Electric scooter”.

Study of existing and new technology in electric vehicle.

Mathematical modelling of Second Order RC lithium-ion battery model.

Motor testing at different speed and torque to generate efficiency map.

Battery parameter identification using System Identification.

BLDC motor modelling and drive circuit design using SIMULINK.

Study on ADVISOR software was done and used for design and performance analysis.

Vehicle power requirements were calculated and simulated in ADVISOR file.

Vehicle parameter values are assigned using MATLAB script.

Motor is controlled using FOC method.


Oct 2017 – Oct 2018 MSc in Sustainable Automotive Engineering University of Warwick (Pass) Modules Learnt as a part of MSc programme:

• Automotive Hybridization and Electrification

• Energy Storage and High Voltage Systems for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Applications

• Propulsion Technology for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Applications

• Lightweight Materials and Structure

• System Modelling and Simulation.

Assignment on Automotive Hybridization and Electrification module

The aim was to provide an outline design for a Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) for Volkswagen UP.

Stage 1: Initially, the powertrain and component requirements were chosen. Followed by, the powertrain architecture was finalized.

Stage 2: Supervisory control for the REEV was framed and classified. It included the Energy Management Strategy, Control strategy for the designed REEV, Driving modes of the vehicle, Human Machine Interface and component utilization of the REEV.

Stage 3: At this stage, Vehicle Integration was done with Thermal Management System and Battery Management system.

Stage 4: At the final Stage, Critical Evaluation for the REEV was done. In addition to it, achievement of stakeholder requirement and suggestion for further development was included. Assignment on Energy storage and high voltage system module

The Aim was to design an ESS for a plug-in electric vehicle with the given requirements. The vehicle range was targeted to be around 120 miles with a 10 second power of 400 kw, 30 second power of 150 kw and continuous power around 34 Kw. The inverter supply ranged from 750 to 850 V DC.

Step 1: It included selection of cell and supercapacitor. The designed vehicle is a Hybrid Electric vehicle which runs with the two energy storage devices. Characterization of battery and supercapacitor was done.

Step 2: It included the arrangement of battery pack and super-capacitor to obtain the desired power output. Finally, combining battery and super-capacitor pack was done.

Step 3: It involved with the development of High Voltage Architecture, EMS and regenerative braking condition.

Step 4: High Voltage Safety system conditions and models were determined along with Charging mechanisms for the Plug-in EV.

Assignment on Propulsion technology module

This part of the assignment included the Electric machine characterization, PMSM for hybrid and electric vehicle application, Control algorithm and power electronics and Integration challenges associated with it.

Step 1: Selection of the hybrid architecture for the desired output and technical specifications.

Step 2: Manufacture and reliability of the permanent magnet motor which included rotor diameter, number of poles and winding configurations.

Step 3: Selection of control algorithm and power electronics for the PMSM. Direct torque control (DTC) method was selected because of less complexity and low cost. This step also included the control structure of the DTC.

Step 4: The power electronics used in the inverter architecture is IGBT switch which was chosen over MOSFET switch. Also, the integration challenges were discussed in this step. Master’s Dissertation: Consumer’s Perception on sustainable materials in premium segment vehicle. This project was done with Jaguar Land Rover (England). Had interacted with perceived quality team of JLR asking about the technical challenges associated in developing a product and interacted with people of different origin for data collection. Had interviewed technical experts about the sustainable products, their technical challenges and their future scopes. (2018)

July 2013 – May 2017 B.E Automobile Engineering P.S.G College of technology (First class) Academic Projects:

• Project on “Design and Development of Prototype part supply system” In Toyota Motors. (2017)

• Project on “Fuel cell powered Bi-cycle” under Dr. Karthikeyan P, Professor of Automobile Department.


Personal Details:

• DOB: 20/04/1995

• Nationality: Indian

• Languages: Tamil, English, German (beginner)

• Hobbies: Gardening, Cooking, Music, Bike ride

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