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Office Marketing

Hackensack, NJ
January 11, 2020

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January, **th, ****

Junior Email Marketing Coordinator

ISpace, Inc. – Los Angeles, CA

Dear Hiring Professionals,

My name is Esoheosa Igbineweka and I’m writing to apply for the Junior Email Marketing Coordinator position at ISpace, Inc. I am a recent graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science. These two majors allowed me to interact with various researchers in both fields where they can elaborate on how the government functions and the congressional policies that are implemented. With these two majors, I learned how the economy shapes the way laws are made in the market and I learned how politicians influence certain economic decisions based on their beliefs. As a marketing coordinator, I am more than capable of analyzing the structure of the business and conducting skillful set ups to increase earnings, services and profits within the domain. I’ve good marketing and engagement skills that will allow me to think critically about the methods I apply in reporting market research data. With this position I will work under the supervision of senior analysts and associates on the team and analyze the company’s business model and integration with technology. With my knowledge in broad marketing domains I will gain management responsibilities that’ll enable my ability to provide high value content and services. It is my goal to bridge the gap between the company's problems and technology through interface by conducting data analysis and finding solution to the problem with the use of new software application I believe I have what it takes to be a qualified employee for this position through my experience, qualities and interests.

In my experience in the legal field, I worked at the Law of Office of Sharon Levitz where I took on the position of legal assistant. I was responsible for filing, documenting and scanning necessary documents for attorneys in the office and organizing them according to client’s records. I also assisted attorneys by scheduling their days, so usually I would receive messages and put them into the system and see when attorneys where available and schedule a date and time for conference calls, meetings, hearings etc. Sometimes my responsibilities shifted outside the office where I had to attend meetings with attorneys and take minutes for them. One of my biggest task was being familiar with the office database which is where most of the clients records were updated and uploaded for confidential and professional sue. I was able to build client’s cases with the use of the database. With this position I became a prominent figure in the office and a reliable resource. I developed my communication skills from being able to talk to clients, I became better in managing my time along with other tasks and I’m capable of taking on duties that may seem challenging at first, but eventually builds me into a better employee.

What this company can gain from having me as a legal assistant is knowledge and a change in environment. As an individual I constantly engage in research that enlightens other around me. With new ideas and profound knowledge I can find ways to help myself and my coworkers exceed in our position. With this position, I can bring positivity and a new outlook on the role of a marketing coordinator, I can help foster better relationships with clients and find new ways to assist other analysts in their work. I will exceed beyond expectations and the responsibilities of my position in order to produce good work and have an effective working environment around me.

My qualities and skills are critical for this position. I’m a hardworking individual with good communication skills and I trained myself to know how to work around different people. As a well-rounded individual I know how to engage in multiple tasks and still be organized and responsible for what needs to be done. For example, I worked as an intern for Congressman Jim Langevin in Rhode Island where I talked to constituents on the phone daily and helped develop their case through the database available at the office. I was responsible for maintaining and managing their records. Doing this brought out my unique skills of being attentive all while communicating in a professional manner and writing down the important things.

This position as a marketing coordinator coincides with my interest in cooperate law. I have an interest in attending law school in the future so I could develop the skills of a cooperate lawyer. My experience as a marketing coordinatir will help me engage in research alongside attorneys that will be suitable to my duties of drafting of documents, coordinating closings, assembly of transcripts of proceedings, computation of statistics etc. This position will allow me to see what it takes to become a lawyer all while working in the legal field.

Thank you for your time and hopefully considering my application. If you have any question feel free to contact me at 201-***-**** or email me at

Best Regards,

Esoheosa Igbineweka

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