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Health Medical

Denver, CO
January 11, 2020

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Dr. Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD

Traditional and Quantum Naturopath – 702-***-****

Researching, Developing, Creating and Sharing Cutting Edge Strategies and Techniques for

Personal Empowerment and Sustainable Natural Health for 21st Century Challenges

Dr. Danielle was born and raised in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Medicine, and especially the brain and the mind fascinated her from an early age. She started to attend seminars on psychology and human potential development in her teens. She was trained in Grapho-Morpho-Psychology and Nutrition by the Institut Français de Culture Humaine in Paris, France and by the Centre de Recherche en Psychologie et Psychanalyse in Nyon, Switzerland.

During her late teens, she decided to change the surgery regimen she was undergoing every six months for skin cancer to a natural approach. She studied several nutrition-based lifestyles, and successfully tailored one to fit her needs. She has been keeping abreast of new development in the field of fitness and nutrition since that time.

In search of “more” and on a spiritual journey, she traveled for several months through Europe, the Middle East and Asia, discovering other ways of life and cultural diversity. She visited ashrams in New Delhi and Pondicherry, India, and spent 3 months in Nepal. In 1976, she came to the United States, married, and home-birthed and home-schooled seven children.

When faced with a debilitating illness in her thirties, she again turned to a natural approach. In her search for health, she became a Naturopathic Doctor (1994), with a Ph.D. in Natural Health (1996) from Clayton College of Natural Health. Her PhD dissertation on The Power of the Mind in Healing received high acclaims. She became a Board-Certified Naturopath and continues to study natural ways to maintain health and vitality for the whole being, body, mind, soul and spirit.

She has been certified in InterActive Guided Imagery(sm), by the Academy for Guided Imagery, co-founded by Dr. Martin Rossman, MD, and Dr. David Bresler, PhD. She also became certified in Biofeedback and in Protocols for Psycho-Legal Trauma. She holds certification in many modalities of integrative health as she was fortunate to be able to study under the guidance of world-renowned medical doctors and psychologists.

Dr. Danielle served as a professor of Quantum Naturopathy with two Institutes of Biofeedback and Energy Sciences for whom she crafted an accredited curriculum of traditional and quantum naturopathy.

Dr. Danielle seeks to educate her clients and students. She wants you to become "independently healthy," and will strive to get you there at your own pace, whether you want to move fast or take your time. She will offer coaching, check your levels of toxins, blockages and organ stress, and define whether these toxins are physical, mental or emotional. She will offer means to balance your body-mind-soul-spirit, so you can enjoy a meaningful and fulfilling life, with health, happiness and success. If your condition is more suited to a different approach, Dr. Danielle will refer you to trusted medical doctors, chiropractors or other specialists.

As seen by the testimonials on her website, Dr. Danielle caters to many different conditions, yet is not a "Jack-of-all-trades." She specializes in Quantum Naturopathy, meaning the transformation of energy patterns, using food, supplements, mental and emotional mastery. As she explains, "When You Change Your Energy, You Change Your Destiny!"

She recently moved to Denver, Colorado, where she plans to establish a practice, coaching clients on optimal health.

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