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Special Education Teacher

Atlanta, GA
January 11, 2020

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Patricia Ann Pritchett, M.Ed.

**** ****** ****** *****

Decatur, GA 30034



DeVry Institute of Technology

Decatur, GA

Bachelor of Science in Accounting, June 1996

Cambridge College

Boston, Mass

Master of Education: Teacher of Children with Mild Disabilities, Date conferred: 08/28/2012 Certification:

Business Education (6-12)

Special Education Curriculum (P-12) Consultative

Special Education Math Cognitive Level (P-5, 4-8)

Special Education Science Cognitive Level (P-5, 4-8) Teacher Support Specialist

NPL-Educational Leadership Building Level (P-12)

Transition Coalition Self-Study

Completion: June 19, 2014



August 2011-present

Lead Teacher Special Education (promoted 2015/16 school year)

• Ensure students are receiving proper support in class

• Ensure teachers are properly trained for classroom support

• Monitor ISS and OSS of all Special Education Students

• Monitor IEP's for deadlines and compliance

• Responsible for transfer in-state and out-of- state IEP’s

• Supervise Special Education department

• Review and finalize all IEP’s

• Conduct eligibility meetings for initial IEP’s and Redetermination

• Conduct Manifestation meetings

• Conduct Functional Behavior Assessments

• Ensure students schedules align with IEP

• Code for FTE compliance to ensure Federal funding Department Chair of Special Education (promoted 2013/14 school year)

• Ensure students are receiving proper support in class

• Ensure all teachers receive support documents for students

• Monitor IEP's for deadlines and compliance

• Assist with IEP meetings

• Develop and implement new IEP's

• Supervise teachers within the department

Interrelated Teacher

• Teach collaboratively in multiple subjects

• Provide strategies and support in the classroom for students with disabilities

• Provide instruction by utilizing teaching strategies such as parallel, alternative, and station

• Small group teaching(pull out) to remediate student deficits

• Assist co-teacher with effective classroom management

• Conduct IEP meetings

• Develop goals and objectives as well as transition plans Assistant 504 Coordinator

• Assist with the development of 504 plans

• Develop accommodations for 504 plans

• Communicate parent concerns to teachers

• Distribute and review 504 accommodations

Attendance Protocol Manager

• Monitor student absences

• Ensure students are placed on attendance contracts for multiple absences

• Submit social worker referrals for students with multiple absences OMBUDSMAN EDUCATIONAL SERVICES

Night School Teacher

• Monitor students on platforms

• Assist students with credit recovery assignments

• Input and post grades

• Provide alternative assignments


GED Teacher

• Provide GED math instructional strategies for students

• Provide assignments for varying levels of students\

• Facilitate GED math classes



• Meticulously time students during the administration of tests

• Ensure students follow the rules and give five-minute warnings when necessary

• Collect, organize and return all test materials to local offices within 24 hours of test administration

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