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structural Draftsman

Khobar, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
January 09, 2020

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NAME : Syed Imran Razvi

DATE OF BIRTH : 03-06-1974.





LANGUAGES KNOWN : English, Arabic, and Hindi

IQAMA STATUS : Transferable

CONTACT MOBILE # : 056*******



Applying CAD Coordinator.



Passed Senior Secondary Examination in 1988-89 from Board of Secondary Education Hyderabad A.P. India.

B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) Passed in 1994 from Osmania University, Hyderabad, and A.P. India. PROFESSIONAL RECORDS :-

June 1991 to September 1991 : Diploma in Draughtsmanship (civil) from Indo British Academy Technical college of A.P. India.

September 1992 to September 1993: Diploma in Architect-Drafting and Design Technology from Indo British Academy Technical college of A.P. India. April 1994 to June 1994: Diploma in AutoCAD From CAD Academy Institute of technology, of A.P. India.


Auto CAD (All Versions).

Revit Structure (Basic)

Micro Station

(Microsoft office)

Word’ Excel’

Power point Photo editor Microsoft outlook Internet access Well versed on operations fax, Printers & Plotters … CURRICULAM VITEA

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Project: MOI KAP-2A, King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz for Development of the Security DQ MOI-P141- Diplomatic Quarters (Ministry of Interior) King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) - Riyadh.

Parcel -111 Residential & Office Tower

DCP-117 Dedicated Car Parking

Samba Head Quarters Tower

(Apr 2009 to Till Today)

I am working in This Firm as a Architectural & Structural CAD Coordinator. I supervising junior draughtsman To Maintain ESEC Standards and Responsibility for Quality review of CAD Drawings. Contributed with high percentage of producing the shop drawings. I coordinated with site consultant to complete and get approval of all structural as built drawings for Parcel (P111).

Preparing Architectural Shop Drawings and details. & Also As built Drawings & Preparing Finishing Schedule, Finishes Legends and Doors Windows and openings Schedules. Prepare B.B.S. for Raft, Retaining wall, Columns, Core walls, Slab & Beams etc. Major Responsibility to prepare Civil & Structural, Shop and As-Built dwgs, Prepared Steel Structure Dwg’s. Such as Façade Support, Raised Floor Steel Structure, Transformer Room Steel Structure Detail. Mechanical Shaft Steel Plat Form Details. Staircase Details. Tower Crane layout & Man Hoist Placing boom & site Mobilization Layout. Prepare Sketches for Changes & Modifications As per Mech. Elect, & Arch. Requirements. I always successfully achieved all given targets with minor engineer supervision on time. SAUDI CONSTRUCTIONEERS EST. RIYADH – K.S.A.

Project (a)

Project: Al Qasar Mall - Riyadh.

Consultant: Saudi Diyar Consultants

(May 2008 to Apr 2009)

Worked as a Assistant Engineer, Duties & Responsibilities to Supervise A group of (6) Cad Operator Working in that Project. Reviewed Structural Design drawings and preparing Structural shop drawings. Such as Foundation Layout & Section Details, Preparing General Arrangement Framing Plan & Sections For Every Floors. Column Layout & Details, Slab Reinforcement Layout, Ramp Details, Retaining Walls Reinforcement Plan, and Also Sections

& Elevation Showing Horizontal & Vertical Bars, Core Wall Reinforcement Plan & Details. Staircase Plan Section Reinf. Details. Tanks layout Section & Details, & Etc. Prepare RFI’s Submit to consultant for Approval.


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Project (b)

Project: Jabal Al kabbah - Makkah.

Consultant: Dar al - Handasah

(July 2007 to Apr 2008)

Worked as a Senior CAD Operator, Responsibilities to Prepare Structural Shop Dwg’s General Arrangement Layouts, Raft Reinforcement Details, & Retaining Wall Details, Stairs Details, Core wall, Details, Ramp Details, Retaining Walls Reinforcement Plan, and Sections Project (c)

Project: King Abdullah Assembly Head Quarters Riyadh. Consultant: Takweenat

(April 2006 to June 2007)

Worked on that Project as a Senior CAD Operator, Major Responsibilities to prepare Architectural Floor Plans Sections & Elevations, Such as Flooring patterns & Block Work Details, Wall Finishes & Types of Ceiling, Toilet Details Etc. Preparing of Architectural Shop Drawings Sections, Elevations, Ceiling and Groove Design, wall Tiles Details & Interior Decoration furniture arrangements, Kitchen Details, Kitchen Cabinets, Staircase Details. Quantity Calculation of Flooring Area, Skirting Linear mts. Block Work Area & Ceiling Calculations. Project (d)

Project: Shubaily Grand Mall

Consultant: Omrania & Associates

Client: Khalid Saud AL Shubaily Group (Real Estate Investment)

(November 2004 to March 2006)

Worked on that project as a CAD Operator, Work Responsibilities to prepare Coordinates Location Drawings for Piling Structure. And Prepare Architectural, External Shop Drawings. Foundation Details, Raft slab Details, Reinforcement Details. Specially working for Coordinates as per the Site Setting layout Showing Columns Center Coordinates & Piles Center Coordinates, Curve Coordinates & Radius. Also Preparing External Site Grading plan & Paving Details, Road Profiles, Curb stone Details Etc...

Project (e)

Project: Granada Center

Consultant: Zuhair & Fayez Partnership.

Client G.O.S.I (General Organization of Social Insurance)

(October 2002 to Nov 2004)

Worked on that project as a CAD Operator, Responsibilities to Work on Structural & Civil External Shop Drawings. Foundation Details, Grade Beam Details, Reinforcement Details. Worked for Coordinates as per the Site Setting layout showing every Curve Coordinates & Radius. Also Preparing Site Grading, Paving Details, Road Profiles, Curb stone Details Etc CURRICULAM VITEA

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Project: Kingdom Centre, Riyadh.

Consultant: Omrania & Associates.

(March 2001 to September 2002)

Worked as a CAD Operator, Major Responsibilities to prepare and resubmitted the As Built & Commented Shop drawings of Structural, Architectural, Electrical, External Civil work & Fire Fighting detail drawings. As Per the Consultants standard. Preparing for External Civil work, Coordinates drawings for marking on Site. Road Profiles, Curb Stone Details & also prepared Land Scaping drawings. Grading plan, Road Elevations, Side Walk Elevations Etc. AL-MABANI GENERAL CONTRACTORS, Riyadh – K.S.A.

Project: King Abdul Aziz Humanitarian City, Riyadh. Consultant: Zuhair & Fayez Partnership.

(February 2000 to March 2001)

Worked as a CAD Operator, Mosque, Bridges, and child care Center, Ramps, External work and Road Profiles. Preparing of all kinds of Structural, Architectural, Electrical, and Plumbing Drawings such as Plans, Elevations, Sections, Shop Drawings and Schedules etc. Horizon International Architectural Designers Riyadh – K.S.A. Project: Residential villas.

(February 2000 to Mar 2000)

Worked as a CAD Operator, Prepared of Architectural working Drawings Sections, Elevations, Ceiling and Groove Design, and Flooring Patterns, wall Tiles Details, prepared furniture arrangements, Hall Decorations, Toilet Details, Kitchen Details, Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Equipments, Staircase Details & Scheduled.

RS Architecture & Data conversion (U.S.A.). Branch office in India. Project: Bellsouth telecommunications.

(August 1996 to Dec 1999)

RS Architecture & Data conversion (U.S.A.). Branch office in India. CAD Coordinator. Responsible for quality review of CAD and capacity management applications

(CMA) team of contract-led. The maintenance team and furniture conversion team for the same contract. Responsible for over seeing a group of four junior CAD technicians performing a Quality Review of CAD production work and coordinating team work with other teams and upper management. Sending drawing files through e-mail Internet. Ansari & Associates Hyderabad India.

Project: Independent Villas & Residential Apartments.

(September 1993 to June 1996)

Worked As a Draughtsman As well as Site Supervisor Major Responsibility Preparing of Structural working Drawings Column Center line layout, Beam Reinforcement Details, Sections, Elevations, prepared Staircase Details Slab Reinforcement & Cross sections, & Toilet Details,

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