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Construction/ remodeling. etc

Gettysburg, PA, 17325
December 31, 2019

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Gettysburg,PA. 17325 December, 2019


I am kind of a friendly, loyal and clearly a dedicated individual. Who has an ambition to succeed in any given environment. With my intensive experience in the Construction Industry, I love to learn and always up for a challenge whenever the situation arises. I feel my attitude is open, free flowing and appreciative. In this day and age an individual must be flexible with learning about updated products, new products, the future trend and improved ways of communication.

When I entered this profession in 1983, I became very intrigued with it's concept and never ending ideas. Thru- out my career my goals stayed focused with participating only with corporations involved with all phases of construction. This allowing me the hands on learning from start to finish. Later in my career I got involved with sales, meetings, full take over of any project. Continuing my education through certification, seminars and monthly magazines. My level of involvement allowed me to join our local N.A.R.I chapter, (Frederick,MD). There we would share with other members, ideas, marketing trends that functioned. Innovations, past present and future. Have seminars with Manufacturing Representatives concerning their products, etc. Now for the past several years I entered into, as we might say semi-retirement to focus on other demands, (age50). After a few years I find the yearning desire to return back to the field while finally earning my Associates Degree in Project Management. I knowingly believe my experience, confidence, learning capabilities and achievement of expected goals I shall be successful. Below is some background that may intrigue your interest and any questions you have. I'm sure we can discuss openly. My apologies if you received this from one of the many websites that share a potential candidate if the format of this resume is construed as I have discovered. I am reviewing and up dating when possible.

* I am available to relocate to any state or country *


July 2008; CLC Certified and N.A.R.I. Member. ID# 1866, Frederick, MD Requires continuing education to maintain certification and membership. 1979-1983; Home Schooling, High School Degree, (college prep courses) American Home School, Chicago, IL.

• GPA 3.5

• Primary studies for University entry

1980-1981; Landscape and Design. Certificate after 9 months completion Clover Park Vocational, Tacoma, WA.

• GPA 3.8

• Primary Study: Biology of plants, Implementing, Design, Irrigation and maintenance.

- continued -

Education cont.

1980-1980; Banking, entry level, Teller. Certificate after 9 weeks. Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood, WA.

• GPA none given with out continuing education

• Primary Study: Teller operation. Counting in, Balancing out, Transactions, etc.

Employment History:

01/2006- 01/2013; M.V. Pelletier, Inc. (residential remodeling) 1719 Castle Rock RD. Frederick,MD. 21701

301-***-**** Mark Pelletier, Pres.

Learned he passed 07/2019. He was a Saint

Eileen Hagan Pelletier, wife. May be able to contact on Face Book My position and duties; Lead Carpenter and Project Manager.

• Receive and review contracts thru emails or in a meeting

• Occasionally Mark and I would go together to meet a potential lead

• To oversee all aspects of any given project

• Review materials, products, confirm and order

• Meet with clients, subcontractors and vendors to review and co-ordinate

• Write up and submit change orders as needed

• Maintain job board to post updates for all involved

• Maintain budget and keep upper management abreast via. Email, etc.

• Offer input to new marketing strategies, web design or any programs I am working with

• Hands on site work

• Continue my education thru coarse work, seminars and weekly N.A.R.I. Meetings

• Stay abreast with new innovations, aging in place, handicap, lead paint, mold and mildew 09/1999-12/2006; M.J.Trims, (Began a partnership with younger brother) Address not necessary. Partner quit immediately with out notice and forced to close Please contact me thru email provided above or leave a message on my phone My position and duties; Senior Partner and Founder

• Marketing, Public Relations, Sales, Site Coordinator, Project Scheduling and Bookkeeping

• Hands on installation of interior Trim, Cabinets and Rails along with Exterior Porches

• Foresight of future expectations. Planning and implementing 11/1996-09/1999; L.L.Lawrence, Inc. (Residential Builder and Developer) 1 Barnhart DR. Hanover,PA. 17331

717-***-**** Andrew Lawrence, Pres. (website available) My position and duties;

• Lead Foreman for Interior Trim

• This position required versatility

• Position required training install finish trim, kitchens, rails, decks and porches

• Occasionally concrete, grade shooting, siding, hardwood and tile plus punch list and final walk-thru with customer


Above all my duties and performance thru-out my career. I had always focused on goals that many thought could not be reached. A person should never limit their abilities as life is a constant teacher. Stay abreast to challenges of change. Aging in place, going green, low voc, trends and most importantly the client, our family. Also as a part of learning. Each business seems to have their own basic format of software they use and can be learned.


Please note, these references are from past clients, sub-contractors and vendors and some I used on personal contracts as well. I will try to post as many pictures as possible on web-sites,, . Most of them seem to be in sync. Also to note, most of these references were associated thru M.V. Pelletier.

Charlie and Betty Brust; 301-***-****/ Kitchen Renovation and Porch enclosure Gail Clapper; 301-***-****/ Total home up-grade, Room Addition and Kitchen Kerry Hall; 301-***-****/ Worked with Kerry for 6 years as my Electrical Contractor Jenny Shaw; 301-***-****/ Previously employed with, Carefree Kitchens. Jenny was my Vendor/Designer for approximately 6 years.

Debora Grove, CEO of GRSi; 240-***-****/ Renovation of many of her properties Margaret McNeil; 301-***-****/ Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Please feel free to choose any one of these to contact. My apologies for not listing any personal references as I had usually stayed very busy with-out much of a social life. Thank you for all your patience,

John Gochenour

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