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Fitter Contact Details

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
December 31, 2019

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Personal & Contact Details

First Name : nirmal Middle Name :

Sur Name : chakraborty Email Address : Date Of Birth : 29-Jan-1967 Gender : Male

Country : India City : Pune

State : Maharashtra Zipcode : 411014

Phone No : 91-0-976-***-**** Mobile No : 91-775*******,989******* Address :

403d lunkad garden viman nagar--

Passport Details

Passport No. : Z4659837 Issue Authority : pune

Issue Date : 11-May-2018 Expiry Date : 10-May-2028 US Visa / Other : US Visa Issue Authority : US

Issue Date : 31-May-2018 Expiry Date : 29-May-2023 Seamen Book Details

# Issueing Authority Seamen Book No. Expiry Date Other Isuue Authority 1 Marshal Island MH650707 25-Mar-2024

2 Indian MUM116974 21-Jul-2029

Certificate Details

# Certificate No Certificate Type Issue Authority Issue Date Expiry Date Indos No. No data Found

Academic Details

# Qualification Board /University Passing Year Percentage 1 SSC cbse 1984 52%

Course Details

Elementary First Aid (EFA),Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FPFF),Oil Tanker Familiarization (OTFC),Personal Safety & Social Responsibility

(PSSR),PERSONAL SURVIVAL TECHNIQUES,Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat (PSCRB),Proficiency in Survival Techniques


Dangerous Cargo Endorsement

Type of Ship DCE Levels Expiry Date

Oil Tanker Operational 24-Jan-2022

Seamen Experience Details

# Rank Company Name / Ship Type Tonnage Engine Sign In Date Sign Out Date 1 Engine Fitter GOODWOOD 160904 MAN & B&W 28-Mar-2019 02-Jul-2019 VLCC

2 Engine Fitter GOODWOOD 31640 MAN B&W LMC 26-Jul-2018 28-Dec-2018 VLCC

3 Engine Fitter GOODWOOD 29259 Wartsila 23-Aug-2017 30-Apr-2018 VLCC

4 Engine Fitter wallem ship management 108053 MAN B&W LMC 02-Feb-2016 09-Sep-2016 Oil Tanker

5 Engine Fitter wallem ship management Yanmar 28-Nov-2014 19-May-2015 VLCC

6 Engine Fitter wallem ship management 168.096 22-Sep-2013 04-May-2014 VLCC

7 Engine Fitter wsm 100218 Wartsila 15-Sep-2012 01-Mar-2013 VLCC

8 Engine Fitter wsm 10519 B&W 17-Jun-2011 12-Mar-2012 Reefer

9 Engine Fitter wsm 62254 MAN & B&W 27-Oct-2010 03-Feb-2011 VLCC

10 Engine Fitter wsm 62796 Wartsila 28-Aug-2009 21-Sep-2009 VLCC

11 Engine Fitter wsm 57009 Mitsubishi 28-Aug-2009 31-Jul-2010 VLCC

12 Engine Fitter wsm 37218 MAN 20-Dec-2007 02-Sep-2008 Container Vessel

13 Engine Fitter wsm 36437 B&W 28-Sep-2006 05-Apr-2007 Car Carrier

14 Engine Fitter wsm 27436 Yanmar 02-Jul-2005 29-Mar-2006 Car Carrier

15 Engine Fitter wsm 78543 B&W 08-Oct-2004 03-Apr-2005 Oil Tanker

16 Engine Fitter wsm 75668 Sulzer 15-Jul-2003 08-Apr-2004 Oil Tanker

17 Engine Fitter wsm 58853 Yanmar 17-Mar-2002 19-Oct-2002 VLCC

18 Engine Fitter wsm 58853 B&W 02-Mar-2002 19-Oct-2002 VLCC

19 Engine Fitter wsm 39892 B&W 02-Feb-2001 09-Oct-2001 Container Vessel

20 Engine Fitter wsm 77931 B&W 25-May-2000 11-Oct-2000 VLCC

21 Deck Fitter wsm 45495 Wartsila 21-May-1998 14-Oct-1998 Car Carrier

22 Travel Fitter wsm 23094 Mitsubishi 08-Oct-1996 01-May-1997 Product Tanker

23 Travel Fitter wsm 169401 B&W 02-Apr-1995 12-Oct-1995 ULCC

Total Experience

Rank Experience

Engine Fitter 23 Year1 Month0 Days

Engine Fitter 23 Year1 Month0 Days

Engine Fitter 25 Year0 Month16 Days

Availability Details

From date : 19-Dec-2019 Till date : 01-Jan-2020

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