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Engineer Electrical

Oklahoma City, OK, 73115
December 30, 2019

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TAFB, OK *****

To whom in may concern,

I am applying to the systems engineer position in the systems engineering section of your organization. For the opportunity presented I believe that my experience and education will make me a very competitive candidate for this position. I have general experience in military/governmental aerospace engineering and I have specialized experienced in the Electrical/Avionics engineering. I have experience with USAF Program Office Engineering environment. I also possess experience with Mechanical Systems and Depot Production. in fleet support, resolution of engineering inquires. Additionally I also have experience with military FAA Certified Commercial Derivative Aircraft and military bombers such as the new USAF air refueling tanker KC-46A and B1B. I have an understanding of the systems lifecycle process of a platform and been actively on the working sustainment aspect of the lifecycle.

I have postgraduate education (Master’s Level) in the electrical engineering field and currently working on a second bachelors in biblical languages and leadership. I have trained and serve in leadership positions (Religious Liberty, Youth Departments, Community Service) within my community and currently working / developing social event(s) to help youth and young adults promoting healthy lifestyles and leadership roles.


Cordially, Paul R. Osorio-Clemente

Enclosed: Resume


4401 S Sooner Rd Del City, OK 73115

cell 405-***-****


JOB Target

Systems Engineer


Experienced electrical systems engineer seeking an opportunity in order to contribute in the development, growth and performance of the company or government agency.


• Continuous involvement in the electrical engineering field by working sustainment projects, achieved certifications complying with the acquisition field requirements.


• Computer programs & SW languages knowledge : PSpice, Mathlab, Mathcad, Mentor Graphics, LASI CAD layout software, Power Point, Word, Outlook, Excel, DSP VAB, C language, Assembly language. Databases knowledge: FAA’s GMF (Government Master File) AFM, TU’s CCS (Contract Control), MAXIMUS, FAA’s AAM (Airspace Analysis Mathematical Model), AF JEDMICS, AF FEDLOG, CEEDS (Common Electrical/Electronic Sys Database). NEC(National Electrical code), NDI Training Certificate, Introductory training AutoCAD, Solid Works (2hr familiarization)

• Bilingual: Proficient in Spanish and English languages

• Strong leadership and presentation skills.

• SPRDE (Systems Programming Research Development & Engineering) Level II certified


B.S. Electrical Engineering, Cum Laude, Polytechnic University of P.R., 2002

ABET accredited university in PR

Electives: Power Systems Design, Electrical Machines (DC/AC), Electrical Systems Design (NEC), Power Electronics, RF Design, Analog and Digital Communications, Digital Signal Processing, (DSP), Real Time DSP Lab., Microwave and Satellites Telecomm, Fiber Optic Transmission, VLSI (Very-Large-Scale-Integration).

Postgraduate Studies in Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic University of P.R., 2002-2003

ABET accredited university in PR

Electives: Mathematical Methods, Stochastics Processes



USfalcon - Tinker AFB, Oklahoma November 2016 – March 2018

Flight Systems Engineer

Supporting the integration of the KC-46A Tanker program transition into the sustainment phase and Depot Activation, program stand up support for the KC-46A Sustainment and Depot Program Office Engineering and Logistics teams. The stand up support includes local SARB processes, engineering data gathering. Evaluating SLs/SBs/ADs and providing detailed recommendation to chief engineer. Reaching different vendors and manufacturers for commodities equipment maintenance tools. Provided software engineering a list of the Support Equipment for the CAPRE (Common Access Programmable Reprogrammable Equipment) tool software needed for on aircraft loads .Helped in the review of different 202 databases options for the KC46A and provided recommendations to the SPO office. Participated in Dev-Pacs collaborative meetings for the regarding maintenance cycle tasks and TORB (Tech Order Review Board).

Aereotek “United Dynamics”- Shawnee, Oklahoma 09/15 – 10/2015

Electronics Engineer

• Reviewing and updating the 767-2C signal amplifier for the fuel system communications closed out documentation for turnover to contractor. Performed MTBF calculations, research life cycle for components, updating environmental tests documents, specific specs, at the component and subcomponent level ensuring that parts from manufacturers met the required specific aerospace standards.

USAF AFLCMC/WWN “B-1 Flight Systems Engineering”- Tinker AFB, Oklahoma 08/06 – 11/2014

Electronics Engineer

• Worked in the systems sustainment of the B -1B Bomber Aircraft (A/C) fleet at the B-1 SPO (System Program Office). Supported SOW (Statement of Work) development for the installation and test of a/c modifications and repairs at depot and field. Supported the GLSC (Global Logistics Supply Chain) by ensuring that parts from surplus suppliers and new manufacturers met the required B-1 specific aerospace standards. Worked on evaluating new vendor’s proposals/capabilities from manufacturers of aerospace equipment. Performed engineering change orders for production design drawings corrections.


Air Vehicle Electrical Systems: I supported electrical/power systems senior engineer at the system program office, provided support to the maintenance community in the day to day maintenance and repair of the electrical systems such as wiring, electronic panels, a/c light system.

oWorked with the electrical wire shop with the defining requirements for harnesses builts

oIdentified ref des for connectors

oTroubleshooting of air vehicle wire harnesses (Signal wires, over braided harnesses)

oReviewing organic & Boeing wire diagrams schematics, wire lists, part lists, single line diagrams

oRequesting drawing numbers form the JEDMICS office

oReviewing connectors list with incorrect backshells (Dissimilar Metals)

oAssisting the FOL with wire harnesses replacements

oDefining Requirements for harnesses built

oFit checks & test of wire harnesses on the air vehicle

oRedlines on drawings for incorporation

I helped looking for alternate or suitable subs on parts no longer available in the supply chain, evaluated vendor proposals for aircraft systems improvements in order to mitigate obsolescence issues.

Supported FAT (First Article Test) for a/c components such as electromechanical transducers, wiring harnesses, electronic panels in order to verify/validate that equipment met the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) specifications/requirements.

I supported CEEDS (Common Electrical Electronics Database Sys) database development. I worked on technical maintenance manuals/orders modifications/updates in order to keep the aircraft configuration current.

Worked on 339s, 202s and 107s for the system program office, developed Engineering Orders (Eos) for technical drawings. Supported design reviews such as PDRs, CDRs and configuration audits.

Nose Radomes: I participated in meetings and gathered technical data (i.e. drawings, TO data) to support the establishment of an organic test range for B1 radomes. Participated in different meetings with base organizations and supported the team with technical inquiries, observe/witnessed the remote radome test range testing and refurbishing processes at the General Dynamics developed for temporary support in Marion VA.

ACI (Alternate Concepts Inc) O&M “Tren Urbano Project”-Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Communication Systems Maintenance Engineer 03/06 – 08/06

• Responsible for the rail transit communication systems infrastructure maintenance with LMJV (Lord Mass Junction Venture). Systems including: FOCTS (Fiber Optics Transmission), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System), Telephony, CCTV (Closed Circuit TV), VMS (Variable Messaging System), Seismic Event Detection, Dictaphone Recorder, 800 MHz Trunked Radio. Monitoring contractor’s maintenance schedules, mitigating and addressing communication systems related incidents. Orchestrating training for the maintenance technicians and scheduling installations/repairs for the overall rail transit communication systems. Management of the 800 MHz radio maintenance contract with the Motorola company from hand held radios to servers and dispatch system.

Systems Technical Assistant 03/04 – 0/05

• Administrated software based matrix and systems documentation to support system maintenance engineers in analyzing, monitoring and assuring systems contract CDRL items completion for phase I (Construction) and phase II (Operation & Maintenance). Systems including: Power System, FOCTS (Fiber Optics Transmission), SCADA (Supervisory Control System), Telephony, CCTV (Closed Circuit TV), VMS (Variable Messaging System), 800 MHz Radio, OCC (Operations Control Center), Rail Vehicle, Automatic Train Control, Track-work, Work-shop, Automatic Fare Collection, stations. Developed a matrix in order to define and assign responsibilities and tasks to systems engineers in order to complete contract requirements for acceptance of system . Assisted consultants in the audit of the Tren Urbano “TU” communication system by providing documentation for the audit of the readiness of the engineers to maintain the system, also assisted in inspections of the communication system. Worked in the inventory of the communication equipment assets.

Siemens Transit Commissioning Dep. /Jabes C. Group- “TU Project” -Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 07/03 – 03/04

Commissioning Engineer

• Commissioned the transit communication systems by inspection, troubleshooting, local and system wide integrated tests of the following systems: SSCS (Station Supervisory Control System) Fire and Security alarms, Fiber Optics Carrier Transmission System (FOCTS),VMS (Variable Messaging Syst.),PA (Public Address), CCTV (Closed Circuit TV), Telephony and Intercom, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System) commissioning, conducted on site tests for local facilities monitoring/control and system wide integration tests and coordinated the government/contractor participation for acceptance, VMS (Variable Messaging System). 800 MHz Radio system commissioning for above and underground communication i.e. (Talk-groups, Private call, Trunking,Smart Zones, Priority).

Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) AGL-474 Spectrum Mngmt. Great Lakes Reg.Office 06/01 – 08/01 Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) AGL-474 Spectrum Mngmt. Headquarters Washington DC 06/97 – 08/98

Spectrum Engineering Intern

• Worked in the Airspace OE/AAA (Obstruction Evaluation/ Airport Airspace Analysis) Process, assisting senior engineer in the analysis of frequency proposals analyzing RF impact to communications and navigational frequencies to support the national airspace. Assisting senior engineer in the evaluation of proposals from the public such as FM stations using FAA’s procedures for frequency management. Reviewed and updated FAA’s AFM (Automated Frequency Manager) database used for government and military navigational aids and Air/Ground communication frequencies reporting. Reviewing and updating the FAA’s RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) database used to log reported cases of Interference to navigational l aids frequencies in regions of the National Airspace managed by the FAA. Assisting senior engineer in the analysis of RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) reports impacting communications and navigational frequencies.

• Energy Use Optimization project at the San Juan Municipality Building

• FAA’s GMF (Govt Master File) AFM (Airport Frequency Management) Database review and update.

• FAA’s RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) Database review and update.

• RF Design: Low Pass Filter

• B-1B Aircraft Main Landing Gear Electrical Distribution Box Re-design

• B-1B Aircraft Nose Radome Compact Test Range Stand Up

• DDR(Digital Data Recorder) FW(Firmware) Upgrade to V1.026


• Cum Laude Polytechnic University of PR 2002

• Student Honor Society at Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

• Academic Scholarship at Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

• Puerto Rico Electrical Power Scholarship 1995

• Deans List Student Award 1997, 2002


• HACU (Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities) National Internship Program Alumni

• Former Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

• Former Member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

• Former Director of the Youth Department/Ministries for Seventh Day Adventist Church of MWC, OK

• Former Director of the Construction Committee for Seventh Day Adventist Church of MWC, OK

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