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Physician Assistant Physical Therapist

Mc Allen, TX
December 30, 2019

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Career objectives: Wanting to become a Physician Assistant (PA), and get to work for a major league sports organization or athletic sports association.

Education: Graduated from Roma High School with Honors. Graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelors in the field of Kinesiology and a concentration in Athletic Medicine. (2019)

Relevant Experience and Competencies:

●I have an understanding of the functioning and interrelationships of physiological systems in humans.

●Have acquired an understanding and the application of metabolic pathways and biochemical adaptations that occur with acute and chronic exercise.

●Physiology of oxygen consumption and energy expenditure.

●Know health benefits that come along with regular exercise.

●Understand factors that affect sports performance, muscle force requirement, and development of athletic and work-place injuries using basic mechanics.

●Can characterize the structural organization of the human body from molecules and cells up to organ systems.

●Can recognize functional and structural interrelationships among skin, skeleton, joints and muscles.

●A study and application of principles and concepts related to designing exercise programs.

●Interned for the Snowden Orthopedic & Occupational Rehabilitation Clinic in San Antonio for four months, and worked as a PTA/Tech for and additional two months. Throughout this whole process I worked closely with the head Physical Therapist, and really helped improve the lives of the patients that were assigned to me. Intern hrs: 301hrs Job hrs: 84hrs

Other Experience: As a student athlete, I have also worked closely and observed athletic trainers throughout my high school and some college years.

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