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Manager Assistant

Jacksonville, NC
January 02, 2020

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Dwayne Jackson

*** ********* **

Jacksonville, North Carolina


Contact:. 252-***-****


Recently awarded Secret Level III Security Clearance

Twenty plus years I have dedicated myself to providing quality Operational Logistical Application COC, Command Operations Center as Logistics Chief, LOC- Logistics Operations Center Chief. Management, Supervision Support, Coordination and Training. Inventory, Asset Protection Coordinator, Lead Movement and Control of Multi-Million dollar Military Assets, Transportation Coordinator for TL/LTL, of Freight/Cargo, Port operations load supervisor for Military, MPS, AMSEA, MERSRK Vessels conducting Embarkation of Bulk, Break Bulk, Lift On/ Lift Off Cargo Management, Distribution activities, Facilities Management of 3 Supply/Storage Warehouses, Operational and Living facilities. Twelve plus year at Senior Staff Logistical Management position. Forward Deployment Conus & Non Conus Operation’s Logistics/Embarkation Coordinator of personnel and vital assets. In addition 10 plus years Human Resource Officer, Enrol, Maintain, Track and Coordinate to ensure compliance with Homeland Security Regulation and eligibility of DOD Sponsored Programs and Benefits, Subject matter use and versed in utilizing Automated System RAPIDS with the Oversight of the DEERS Program and Military Branch Project Officer additionally external agency of Defense Manpower Data Center, Social Security Agency, Tricare, Medical, Veteran Administration Officer and Local Governmental Departments. A Win Win Attitude.

Emergency Management Coordination Experience with FEMA as A Military Liason, ( San Francisco Earthquake) in the capacity of Rescue Recovery Movement and Control Throughput, providing dedicated support via ground and ship to shore asset. COC, Command Operations Center Logistics Chief, LOC- Logistics Operations Center Chief. South America ( Ecuador & Panama ) Humanitarian Relief Assistance providing Logistics Coordination / Disaster Relief in the Philippines Supporting Volcano Eevacuation Navy/ Marine Corps and Air Force Joint Operation.

Work Experience

Verifying Officer

Department of Defense, Homeland Security

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC

September 2008 to Present

Employer: William Joseph, Director

Address:. Bldg 59, Camp Lejeune

Phone: 910-***-****


40 Hours

A Manger in the use of Defense Enrolment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) Client Benefit and Program Verifier.

Evaluationn and eligibility determination and Management of Client records, profiles, and classified information of Contract and Government Services, DOD and None DoD Employment and benefits. Enrolment and maintenance of Sponsor and dependent information utilizing ( RAPIDS) Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification System to include associated media gateway address, Biometrics Characteristics, Personnel Category Verified and validation of information for the purpose of creating Military and Dependent identification credentials, associated health, medical programs and educational benefits.

Tested, annually trained well versed in RAPIDS to provide under the umbrella of Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System ( DEERS) the ability to assist clients in understanding, evaluating and proper guidance in the use and participation of these programs and benefit, ability to work directly with external authorities and federal government agencies to include TRICARE, Medicare, Social Security Office and the Veteran Affairs Officeto provide on-site counseling and fact finding of specified, restricted Governmental benefits.

As a Verifying Official Continuous workstation Activity with Supporting Service Agency (DMDC) Defense Manpower Data Center to update, revise obtain resolution And terminate.

Workplace safety and Cyber security awareness trained, Employee absenteeism, leave/vacation and time record management.

Inventory Control Specialist


Jacksonville, North Carolina

August 2004 - July 2008

Employer:. William Price

Address:. Piney Green Rd, Jacksonville NC. ( Closed)

32 Hours

Effectively utilized Microsoft Business System Software Great Plains to track, transfer inventory and process transaction in system’s dynamics.

● Inventory Control Supervisor in the setup, distribution and receiving of all stocked inventory for

the grand opening of New Location Within the USA Discounter’s Retail Chain.

● Reorganize stock and controlled merchandise area to maintain a more effective and

efficient movement of inventory for daily operation.

● Conducted daily Opening and closure of facility, set surveillance, access denial and alert devices

● Cycle counts, daily sensitive control items reports, weekly and quarterly accountability reports

and annual audits.

● Received an excellent grade following REGIS inventory inspection with zero. variance and 100% accountability of all merchandise Inventory Control Manager.

● Processed all documentation for sales, transfers, backorders, Invoicing, inventory data input, corporate transfers and distribution from warehouse to sales floor or customer

Logistics Chief

United States Marine Corps,

2nd Marine Expeditionary Force Camp Lejeune and Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron New River Jacksonville, North Carolina

December 1999 - March 2006

Employer: Maurice Johnson

Address: 2200 Lester St, Quantico, VA

Phone:. 703-***-****


40 Hours

Emergency Management Coordination Experience with FEMA as A Military Liaison, in the capacity of Victim and Casualty Movement and Control Recovery, Identification and Category throughput providing dedicated support via ground and ship to shore assets

Maximized efficiency of every aspect of logistics, to streamline procedures, policies and productivity of projects, training and operations. Reduced cost, implemented best practices, and appropriate skills and abilities for present, pending and future mission.

Specialized experience is typical of work performed at the next lower grade/or level of vacancy position in the federal service however, shown and demonstrated while serving on Active Duty.

Evaluate the effectiveness of and utilization of resources and redirects effort by revising priorities and changing emphasizes on current and pending operational plans, tasks and missions.

Maintenance Facilities Manager for 3 Warehouses, responsible for operational automated external contracted facilities maintenance repairs, internal and external support, project monitoring, tracking procedures .

As a Logistics Chief supervised daily operation, facilities and Marines Corps Equipment Inventory management activities At MEU, Battalion,, ACE and MEF Level Command for 12 plus years.

Served as Senior Logistics Supervisor in Command Operations Center while being forward deployed, providing logistical expertise in the execution of operations in planning and advising Subordinates, Superiors and external agencies

Providing leadership to a diverse workforce to ensure all phases of management are executed properly. This definition of specialized experience is typical of work performed at the next lower grade/level position in the federal service but shown and demonstrated while serving on Active Duty.

Conduct in-depth analysis to identify, quantify and evaluate mutual effects and interrelationships between program goals and financial resources and policiesProviding leadership to a diverse workforce to ensure all phases of management are executed properly.

Created and Supervised Deck Locator and LOGMAR Tracking for all staged, stored and inventoried parts and equipment distributed, in routing from Marshalling, Staging, Ready Lots to load area for the forward advancement onto Trucks, Planes and Ships to include activity between 3 warehouse Facilities consolidation, rapid response, and storage facilities.

Establish cooperative working environment by resolving conflict and taking corrective action when required.

Develop technical, administrative, management direction/guidance for organization's employees.

Supervised the loading, unloading, tracking and distribution and forward advancement and redeployment of 7,650 personnel and over 80,000 items of equipment in support of Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom as a Logistics Deployment Movement Center Coordinator in the sum of 20+ million.

Conduct in-depth analysis to identify, quantify and evaluate mutual effects and interrelationships between program goals and financial resources and policies.

●Load Supervisor, in the use of Air, Sea And Ground asset for tracking, embarkation and distribution and forward advancement and redeployment of 7,650 personnel and over 80,000 items of equipment in support of Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom as a Logistics Deployment Movement Center Coordinator in the sum of 20 million.

●Facilities manager for Mobile Avionics Facility and Aircraft Operational Maintenance Repair.

● Maintained Operational and Daily Performance/Procedure, Technical Directives and SOP to include created LOI's (Logistical Operating Instructions)

● Chief Expeditor for external cargo, for forward deployment supply HUB linking replenishment and direct order request in the chain of distribution utilizing all major modes of transportation i.e. Military/Commercial Ground, Vessel, Air and Rail to maintain a steady efficient flow of material and parts, initial order, stock, transfer, replenishment and back order fill rate to the customer

●Independently serving as functional analyst provider with a team of users, programmers and analysts to develop and implement new courses of action to move, track and distribute cargo and equipment. Primary effort in streamlining operations to save time and resources, create innovative measures in Process Rate, Acquisition, Quality Assurance. Resulting in redesign and precise delegation of task unto supporting agency such as Operators, Drivers, Security, Traffic Management, and Contractors for expediting situation to minimize set back in operational tempo.

●Increased Logistical operating margins by squeezing expenses, and optimizing process, in disposition, and re-aligning spending by cutting back maintenance requirements of obsolete inventor

●Enhanced Logistics Technician’s training programs to further develop professional skills. In Warehouse

● Senior Marine Corps None-Commission Liaison Officer on board 3 Naval Vessel in the role of Combat Cargo Assistant. Duties include embarkation and debarkation, ammunition storage and movement coordination, Flight Deck Safety and Landing Support Element (LSE)

●Trained, Supervise daily activity and work performance of Marine Force Assigned to Combat Cargo, in loading and unloading, as to Un-rep, Vert-Rep, Hold configuration, Ship to shore movement, Well deck and Flight Deck operation.

● Planned and directed simultaneous loading of 7 Naval Ships, its personnel and cargo, in flawless manner through the coordination of multiple external agencies such as Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM).

●Cargo Supply Chain Expeditor located in Bahrain for receiving, consolidation, movement and further advancement of equipment in support forces located in the South West Asia Region.

●Technical advisor between internal and external agencies for all units personnel and equipment movement as to rail, air, sea and surface assets for the build up phase in support of Operation Enduring Freedom from the position of Operation Embarkation Coordinator, for eight-thousand personnel and thirty-five hundred items of equipment, their loading, tracking and distribution

● Marine Corps Independent Duty as Combat Cargo Officer Assistant, coordinated all Logistical liaisons between the Naval organizations and Marine Corps Units, in the positions of Load Master, Storage Compatibility Coordinator, Facilities Management Supervisor, Assistant Ammunition Officer.

● Performed inventory inspections and enforced accountability control measures in meeting and downsizing operating cost for exercise training.

● Coordinated with external units and commercial transportation agencies to fine tune scheduling pick up and delivery of cargo, personnel arrival and loading procedures to best fit known changes, which reduces overall cost in the amount of $95,000.00 over a 6 month time frame

●Reduced Fiscal Operating and fulfillment cost for Property Supply section in the amount of 257,000,00 by re-structuring storage and inventory location, allowing accessibility to stocked designated items, minimizing new and required shortfall orders/purchases and created a deck locator database for accountability which identified accurate stock inventory and location

●Superb analytical and thought development capability, Utilizing past, present and forecasted facts to visualize the big picture with anticipated situation awareness that influences the bottom line, to solve complex and difficult problems and preventing unnecessary ones.

Embarkation Chief

United States Marine Corps,

Heavy Helicopter Squadron MCAS Tustin, CA, Headquarters and Service Battalion, Marine Expeditionary Unit, Camp Pendleton Oceanside CA & El Toro CA

November 1984 - November 1999

Employer: United States Marine Corps

Address:. Various Location

Phone:. N/A

40 Hours

● Monitored financial and inventory reports, formulated new approaches and identified new procedures with upper management to increase logistical organizational effectiveness

● Analyzed monthly, quarterly and yearly department budgeting and accounting reports for the fiscal year for maintaining proper expenditure control. for pending and future facilities programs

● Planned, directed and coordinated the warehousing of cargo its Containerization and Storage and Distribution activities to include the internal movement operations of materials and products to local installation in the use of LOGAIS equipment and Technology.

●Cleverly evaluated operation performance, by out sourcing external personnel with proper level clearance to administer set back in operation tempo, to test, measure and examine the team’s response, to determine set back procedure and measure and evaluate projected strengths and weakness while fine-tuning the overall performance and abilities of the team.

● Supervised the loading and unloading of Military assets from Ground Transport Flatbed Tractor Trailers, Upper and Lower Vehicle, Well, and Flight Decks.

● As Embarkation Chief daily activity to maintain current and accurate information, the readiness level, location and user inventory of all Unit assigned equipment, by the proper use of Embarkation Personnel and Maintenance Management Personnel with and end result creation of production reports accomplished in the use of LOGAIS Technology.

Volunteer Experience

Community Center & Foster Parenting, Program Coordinator, Home Manager

1989-January 2001

Employer:. Church Outreach Program, Assistant Bishop Tolbert

Address:. Faith Temple Apostolic San Bernardino CA & Home Residence

Phone:. Unknown,. &. Current Phone number.

Volunteer Hours

●Providing Responsible Quality care of children, A.D.H.D., Long-term foster and adoptive for over 14 years to include the ever focus, management and proper male role figure in the home care of my biological children, recently completing the MAPS class for foster/adoptive care, 5 years of experience as Youth Coordinator of Activities and Fundraiser within Church Youth Program and Community Center. In addition, numerous years in the management of subordinate personnel, age ranging 18-25 in Logistics Military Industry, Supervision, Support, and Coordination over the course of 19 plus years, functions relating to on site resource administrator, in supervising daily Department Operation, mentoring subordinate personnel in job performance and quality of life issue, relating to under age drinking, responsibility of single parenting, Drug usage, first Impressions outside the home in society. Accredit trained and a very knowledgeable In home and Organizational based management of children. Youth Fundraiser Coordinator for Youth in Action, A Community Based Youth Program under Community Center Organization. Activities and Special Event Coordinator for project funding campaign, in support of after school program. Instrumental in creating the opportunity for fundraiser parade to be re-tabled during a City Counsel meeting by pointing out the positive outlook in the community,



Some College Coursework Completed in Discipline in Logistics, May 2017

●Accepted and Started Course, withdrew due to work and family issues, intent on restarting using VA Benefits

Montevallo High

High School August 1980 May 1984

●High School (Diploma)


Navy Achievement Awards

Martin Luther King Community Achievement Award

Noteworthy: Logistics Management Evaluation

Outstanding: Logistics-Embarkation Management Evaluation

Recommendation For Meritorious Service Medal

Navy Achievement 6th Award, United States Marine Corps, June 1999


LEM, Logistics Embarkation SNCO Management

Defense Packaging of hazardous Material for Transportation,

Air Mobility Command AMC Load Planners Course

Military Customs Inspector

Administration and Personnel (Resource Man)

Staff Non-Commission Officer Advance Leadership Course

Terrorism Counteraction

Counseling for Marines

Finance For Marines

Non-Commission Officer Non Resident Course

FEMA- Events Planning Coordinator Certified


Typing: 35 works per min

Microsoft Office Windows NT LOGAIS/Logistics Automated Sys

Microsoft Home Publishing Excel Ship Load Planning Automated

Power Point Presentation Word Air Load Planning Automated

WMS, Wireless Modem and data collection (DCD) and Inventory Business Software


Maurice Johnson, Logistics Lead, Ph: 703-***-**** Email:

William Joseph, IDCC Director,. Ph: 910-***-**** Email:

Rodney Butts, Verifying Officer, Ph: 910-***-**** Email:


Job Location Preference: Any Willing to Relocate: Yes

Salary Requirement: Negotiable Work Status: US Citizen

Further Education: Military Education benefits to further enhance job related skill

End State:

I am confident I meet all desired requirement for this position, I ask to be considered as my experience and background shall complement the specific duties, with such consideration affording me the opportunity to become intimate with all aspects of this position as to its job description, but not limited too…. Always at the ready to advance, and excel with a mindset of steady upper mobility, to demonstrate an impressive array of technical and sharpen skills, in-depth knowledge, and fostered abilities, which shall benefit the overall quality and efficiency of the position you seek to fill

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