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Training Safety

Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela
January 02, 2020

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Street * *** ******* ** *** Valley, 1090 Caracas (Venezuela)

+58-414******* +58-424******* 021*-***-**-**


Sex Male Date of birth 26/6/1992 Nationality Venezuelan EDUCATION AND TRAINING

Maritime Engineering, Mention: Marine Operations (Deck) Universidad Nacional Experimental Marítima del Caribe Av. El Ejercito, Catia la Mar. Vargas State, 1162 Vargas (Venezuela)

General knowledge.

Competitions in foreign Language (English), computer science, chemical and mathematical procedures, mechanics of solids, science of materials. Professional knowledge.

Competencies in coastal navigation and esteem, electronic navigation, astronomical navigation, marine electrical, maritime legislation, maritime safety, architecture and ship construction and vessel stability.


Mother tongue(s)

Foreign language(s)




Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production B2 B2 B2 B2 B2

Levels: A1 and A2: Basic user - B1 and B2: Independent user - C1 and C2: Proficient user Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Communication skills

Organisational / managerial skills

Job-related skills


Constancy of

Professional internships

Communicative, invariably encouragement under any working scenario, with excellent ability to give and receive orders.

Disciplined, responsible, proactive, organized, practical, able to work under pressure, with excellent leadership skills and teamwork.

Academic training linked to the area of operations aboard merchant ships, trained to make guards aboard merchant units of any size, plan, direct and execute overseas sea voyages, carry out the maneuvers of the ship, guarding the shipment, stowage, securing and landing of the cargo. Also trained in all matters concerning maritime safety on board and Protection of the marine environment. Constancy of registration to professional

internships Issued: 22/04/2019

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Alan Arturo Vargas Perez

SeamanBook ( Form P ) Form P ( Nº2576 )

Issued : 12/03/2018

Valid until : 12/03/2020

Certifications Certificate of Sufficiency ( Nº55939 ) Issued: 26/06/2019

valid until: 24/10/2022

Courses STCW certificates.

Basic training for oil and chemical tanker cargo operations. (STCW 1.01)Valid from : 17/11/2017 Valid unti: 17/11/2022

Dangerous, hazardous and harmful cargoes. (STCW 1.10) Valid since: 06/12/2017 Valid until: 06/12/2022

Elementary first aid (STCW 1.13) Valid since: 24/10/2017 Valid unti: 24/10/2022 Personal survival techniques. (STCW 1.19) Valid since: 26/10/2017 Valid until: 26/10/2022 Fire prevention and fire fighting. (STCW 1.20) Valid since: 31/10/2017 Valid until: 31/10/2022 Personal safety and social responsibilities. (STCW 1.21) Valid since: 03/11/2017 Valid until: 03/11/2022

Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats (other than fast rescue boats) Proficiency in fast rescue boats. (STCW 1.23) Valid since: 09/12/2017 Valid until: 09/12/2022 Proficiency in fast rescue boats. (STCW 1.24) Valid since: 12/12/2017 Valid until: 12/12/2022 Crowd management, passenger safety and safety training for personnel providing direct services to passengers in passenger spaces. (STCW 1.28) Valid since: 09/11/2017 Valid until: 09/11/2022

Proficiency in crisis management and human behaviour training including passenger safety, cargo safety and hull integrity training. (STCW 1.29) Valid since:11/11/2017 Valid until: 11/11/2022 Marine environmental Awareness. (STCW 1.38) Valid since: 05/11/2017 Valid until: 05/11/2022 Leadership And teamwork. (STCW 1.39) Valid since: 07/11/2017 Valid until: 07/11/2022 Security training for Seafarers with designated Security duties. (STCW 3.26) Valid since: 04/11/2017 Valid until: 04/11/2022

Security awareness training For all seafarers. (STCW 3.27)Valid since: 04/11/2017 Valid until: 04/11/2022

Courses Additional courses


Rules for Preventing Pollution by Hydrocarbons (Annex I). MARPOL VI

Regulations for the Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships (Annex VI). Medical exams Clinical center and laboratory MEDLABMAR-IX RIF: J-40846059-9

Date of issue: January 2018

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