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Electrician Journeyman Level

Los Angeles, CA
December 26, 2019

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Carlos Del Castillo


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Skills Summary :

I have 15 years experience working as an electrician. know how to read blueprints. Know How to run conduit from 1/2", 3/4",1",1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3 & 4” Conduits of emt, ridgid, aluminum, pvc, stainless rigid steel conduits, imc & PVC Coated Ridgid O-Cal Pipes as well. I also Know how to do rough in with pipe from the prints. and know how to pull wire for 120 volts and 277 volts circuits, know how to install receptacles and lights and know how to do wire management as well. how to install lights and receptacles. Know how to mount power and lighting panels and how to make them up and know how to pipe them and how to build the racks for piping them and how to land the wires. Know how to pipe and how to pull wire for main switch panels and how to land them. Know how to work with wire molds too. Know how to connect power transformers and motors for conveyors. also know how to read fire alarm prints and how to pull wire for light strobes,horn strobes, smoke detectors, pull stations,strobe speakers,hvac smoke detectors,heat detectors and know how to install and calibrate the fire alarm devices as well. also have experience working in solar power projects know how to mount the brackets and line them for the power cells .and know how to run the underground pvc pipes to connect the solar tables rows. And how to do the wire management properly. Know how to read the prints for this solar power jobs i also have worked in commercial and industrial jobs and i'm willing to travel n relocate for per diem jobs. Have experience working on Conveyors in Tesla and Amazon and Big Lots distribution centers and Conveyors for Tyson Foods and Meat Packing plant . and in the building of new High Schools and Hospitals in Atlanta. Have experience working on Thermoelectric Power Plants for Alstom Power. And also have experience doing Retrofitting for hospitals and schools remodelation as well . Have my hand and power tools of the trade ready. know how to use the multimeter to check for amperage voltage and continuity know how to do troubleshooting and how to trace old circuit wiring to replace it .Have a breaker finder kit for 120 and 277 voltages. Have my knock out punch set for stainless steel panels. have experience working in the tesla car plant in Fremont California and in the reading of blueprints for the robots and pulling power and control cables for the tesla robots,have experience building racks for feeder pipes and know how to run wire way,wire gutters, mounting and connecting PLC and VFD panels, mounting disconnect bus bars and running cable trays of different sizes, also know how to make offsets, 4 n 3 point saddles and concentric and regular 90 bends with the cable trays in all directions like we do to the pipes in the old school n new school way . and also know how to pipe main switchgear panels. I also have my Osha 10 Card, the Scissor and Boom Lifts License and a California ET Card as well. Also have experience working with aluminum pipe and rigid pipe also know how to use the hand benders,the Chicago style benders and the electric cyclone and hydraulic green lee benders to bend pipe of different sizes and types to make 90 degree elbows,offsets, 3 point and 4 point saddles, parallel offsets and parallel 90s,concentric radiuses for conveyors of different degrees for distribution centers warehouses, segmented 90s and 45 degree 90s, back to back 90's of any conduit size and material, know how to kick conduit of any size n material at the right height needed in the first try, so we can save a lot of pipes in the process,specifically when working with pricey conduits like big pipes, that once u bend them is almost impossible to unbending. N also know how to use the scissor and boom lifts and skid loaders too. Also know more electricians willing to travel n relocate for work as well.

Education :


Experience :

Commercial and industrial jobs

Tesla car plant

School and hospital renovations

Thermoelectric Power plants

Tyson Foods Plants

new schools and Hospitals construction

Beer Brewery Plants

Petrochemical plants

Alstom Thermoelectric Power Plant

Solar power projects

Conveyor work for Amazon distribution centers

Big Lots Warehouses

Past employers :

Francisco Foreman mkd Electric at Amazon Vacaville California 847-***-****)

Johnathan Foreman mkd713-***-****)

Alex mkd Foreman at petrochemical plant Chicago 630-***-****)

JesseVatt Mann Electric forman 515-***-****)

Eruben devrie electric foreman515-***-****)

Cesar voltage Electric 323-***-**** )

Rolando Mmp electric forman 956-***-**** )

Randy Arizmendi mmp forman956-***-**** )

Renne Alvarez Forman Mmp 915-***-**** )

Mark lemkelde solar forman 580-***-**** )

Secured service 502-***-**** )

Justin oxbow sunworks 651-***-****)

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