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Engineer Software

Melbourne, FL
December 26, 2019

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Thomas Edward Spurrier, Jr.

*** ******** ******

West Melbourne, FL 32904


Contract Embedded Software/Firmware Driver/SOC OS/Digital Logic Design/Development Engineer

I have over 42 years experience designing and coding production quality real time embedded re-entrant control software in addition to grammar driven compilers/translators, assemblers, linkers, loaders, various tools, utilities, network down loaders, graphical user interfaces, target guidance systems with actuator driven controllers and chip logic. I design and develop production quality real-time embedded, mission critical software, firmware, and digital hardware using engineering computer science technology and state generation automatons that produce modular and adaptable products that are robust and mature.


Digital Electronic Systems, Contract Software Engineer Dec 2019 - … Fulltime on site or at home work designing and developing software. On site, I require the use a cane on steps without hand rails because of Neuropathy in calves and feet. Retired At Home Part Time Projects Jan 2015 - Nov 2019 Used WinQcad 36.2 for gerbers & Microsoft C++ 6.0 in development of tools and utilities. Accident and Recovery May 2013 - Dec 2014

I had a fall accident which required surgery and it took a while to recover back to normal.. DRS Technologies, Contract Software Engineer Sep 2012 - Feb 2013 I used a TOW missile target simulator to help me design & validate the modifications I made to Kalman Filter coefficients to better track and align the target. Used on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. Rockwell Collins, Sr. Software Engineer Jun 2010 - Aug 2012 I added ADS-B to the Rockwell TDR-94/94d compliant with DO-178A which was expected to be used as the main transponder on all commercial Aircraft.

BAE Systems, Sr. Systems & Software Engineer Dec 2003 - May 2010 Developed a MEDIATOR Compiler. Developed RFID. F-15 NCI H009 429-***-**** & ANMI VHDL . Digital Electronic Systems, Contract Software Engineer Dec 1978 - Nov 2003 Contracted directly and indirectly with the following companies:

• DES, Self employed. I developed a voice compression simulator. I acquired patent pending on “Audio Compression Method and Apparatus” and I developed a PC based voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) product that solves the “delay” or “echo” problems caused by old compression methods. It includes GUI interfaces, embedded code with generic API’s and OOD design. VoIP, Patent “Audio Compression Method and Apparatus”, C++,OOD, Windows. Designed GPS automated driven car for DARPA GrandChallenge Aug 2002 – Nov 2003

• Teradyne, POTS; Embedded RTOS,BIOS, TI C32 DSP, C/C++ OO Rational Rose, RPC/TCP/IP/PPP, Developed SEI CMM processes from startup. Apr 1998 – Aug 2002

• Northrop, Embed DSP, Ada, C/C++ OOD, VMS & X; Win95Video/GUI; C++ Embedded NT, Video/ GUI, 1553 and embedded drivers, developed tools for automated SEI CMM L4.features. Nov 1995 – Mar 1998

• IBM, OS/2 Warp OMNI Driver and PM GUI Development. Created color graphics engine. Apr 1994 – Nov 1995

• Ungermann-Bass Networks, Netware 3.1x & 4.1 Redundant Ethernet LAN Server Drivers, (Asm, C) NDIS, Netware ODI Ethernet LAN Driver firmware - patent, (Asm, C) Token Ring ISA LAN ASIC Chip Tools (MS C, MASM 80X86) Mar 1993 – Jun 1995

• Racal-Datacom, Embedded software for T1/T3 WAN Omnimux-9000 switch. Designed a 40-MHz 68030 board. CMS-2000 WAN/LAN, DSP, Network Management System (MACRO-11) Jul 1991-Mar 1993

• Tultex, Distribution System; Conveyor PLC Control System "Tiger Team" (VAX C) Jun 1990 – Mar 1991

• Racal-Datacom, Designed/coded over 23,000 lines assembly. Sep 1988 – Apr 1990

• General Electric/USN, Trident II M6A Missile Guidance Control Stellar Software, DSP, (VAX C, Asm) VAX Extended VMS Services; 1553 DMA Controller (VAX C, MACRO-11). USAF Engine Instrumentation Automatic Circuit Design System (Ada) Jan 1986 – Sep 1988

• DES, Simi-Disk (designed 3 PC boards using AS/ALS, 25 MHz 68020)Jul 1985 – Jan 1986

• Sverdrup/USAF, ATE On-line User Interface (Fortran 77, BAL) Aug 1982 – Jun 1985

• Avco, Developed 12,000 lines of real-time code. Sep 1981 – Aug 1982

• ITT, System 1240 Communications Switch 80X86 Relocatable Linker (PL/1, BAL) Mar1980 –Aug 1981

• Northrop, F-20 Fighter "Fly-By-Wire" Embed Digital Flight Control Computer (Asm) Jul 1979 – Mar 1980

• TRW, Tracking & Data Relay Satellite System - TDRSS (Jovial, Fortran V) Dec 1978 – Jul 1979

• Created Digital Electronic Systems, Inc and looked for a contract. Oct 1978 – Nov 1978 Harris Government Electronic Systems, Lead Engineer Aug 1976 - Sep 1978 Designed and developed satellite communications systems, state-of-the-art defense systems. Self Employed Engineer Aug 1973 - Aug 1976

Developed a simple assembler, linker and run-time BIOS for an 8085 MPU board that I designed. Fairchild Testline Instruments, Executive Vice President Mar 1973 - Aug 1973 Designed and developed Intel 4004/8080 in-circuit integrated circuit auto test equipment - patent. Martin-Marietta C&E, Software Engineer Aug 1971 - Jul 1972 Developed an automobile cellular phone prototype. Developed a US Army tactical communications Univac GMBH, Software Development Team Leader Feb 1971 - Aug 1971 Developed the Lufthansa Airline's on-line check-in sub-system in assembly on 48bit Univac 494 DEVELOPMENT TOOLS

Programming Languages

Designed, developed and delivered production quality software products using: High Level Languages: Ada (Telesoft, VAX, gnu, other; 36k lines of code), Visual Basic (26k loc), C/C++ (CVI, Lattice, MS Visual C/C++, Metaware, gnu, C Set, Sun, Solaris, VAX; WATCOM, TI; 510k+ loc), FORTRAN II/ IV/V/77 (74k loc), JOVIAL (11k loc), Pascal (22k loc), PL/1 (13k loc), PL/m (6k loc)This does not include script/ edit/control coding such as Make, HTML, Perl, Sed, JCL, COM, etc. Low Level Languages: 27 different macro and meta Assembly Languages (135k+ loc); 4 microcode languages for SRAM based control store firmware for bit slice CPU’s. State Generators Lex & Yacc. Operating Systems, CAD Tools, Engineering Design Tools Used the following operating systems to develop and host software products: CMS, CORTEX, CP, CP/M, DECSYS, EXEC-8, DMS, IBSYS, Linux, MS C++ 6.0, MS DOS, MONITOR, Multics, Novell Netware, OS/2, OS/MVS, OS/MFT, OS/VM/CMS, RDOS, RSX-11/M, RT-11, RTE, RTM, RTOS, RT-8, SCOPE, Sun Solaris, STARS, TSO, UNIX, UTS, VERSAdos, VM, VMS, VS, VULCAN, VxWorks, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/ EmbeddedXP; Abel, Cupl, Cadence, ModelSim, pSpice, OrCAD, Palasm, Visula, WinQCad; Bison, Flex, Simula. Matlab, CVI, MS SDK/DDK., ispLEVER, Xilinx ISE.


Used the following processors in the development of software and hardware systems: AMD 2901, 2910; Amdahl 5860; CDC 6400, 7600; DG-Nova; DEC PDP-7, 8, 10, 11/05/20/44/75, 20, VAX 11/750, 780, microVAX, 6310/6320/8650 VAX Clusters; GI 1650; Harris 6024, Slash 6, 6100; HP 21/MX, 1000, 3000; Honeywell 6000; IBM 1620, 1410, 7040, 1130, 1800, 4341, 360/40/50, 370/165/168, 3081, Series 1, PC/XT, PS-2/70/95; Intel 3000, 4004, 8080, 8085, 8086, 80188, 80186, 80286, 80386, 80486, Pentium; Interdata Model 4, 8/32; Motorola PowerPC 60x, 6805, 68000, 68020, 68030, 68302; Raytheon List Processor, 6502; SDS Sigma 2, 7; SEL 32/55; TI 9900; Sun 3/50, 3/60, SPARCstation’s, 3/280, 4/280, 490; TI-9900, 32C80, 32C32 DSP's, SOC’s Cortex; UNIVAC 494, 1106, 1108, 1110, 90/30; Zilog 80.. Digital Logic

Designed 12 production printed circuit boards up to 16 layers using the following logic and tools: AC/ACT/F, ALS/AS/LS/S, FPGA, Pal's, PLD's, ASIC; Cypress, Lattice, Xilinx. VHDL 16k loc. Standards

Used the following standards when developing specifications, products, and user manuals: Air Force 1520; ANSI T1.107a, 301, 303, 501; AT&T ACCUNET T45, BX.25, 62411; CCITT G.721, X.200; FAA RTCA DO-178B Level A; IEEE 488, 496, 696, 786, 802.3-4-5-6, 1076, P1003.4; ISO 7498, 8073, 8473, 8648, 900X; 12207.0/.1/.2 MIL-STD 461A/B, 480, 483, 490, 498 1553, 1589B, 1750, 1777, 1815A, 2167A; NACSIM 5100A; Navy NTDS Bus; PCI; TR-TSV-179, 772,773,774, 1060/1/2. SEI CMM L4 –Tools: Clearcase, MSVSS, IBM Config, MFC,(etc), DOORs, UML, Rose,MATLAB, etc Education & Associations

MS complete Florida Institute of Technology, 1976, EE; Digital Design, 3.75/4.0; Samford Univ, 1972 B.S. Finance Physics Math,. Member: IEEE & ACM; HAM Radio N6CPR, K4JGA; Private Pilot; DARPA 2005 Grand Challenge and 2007 Urban Challenge GPS; autonomous vehicle developer. SECURITY

Clearances: Inactive: Secret, T.S., Special and COMSEC. EMPLOYMENT DETAILS

Rockwell Collins Jun 2010 – Aug 2012

I added ADS-B to the Rockwell TDR-94/94d compliant with DO-178A which was expected to be used as the main transponder on all commercial Aircraft.

BAE Systems, Senior Systems Software Engineer Dec 2003 – Jun 2010 Designed LALR(1) grammar/developed a MEDIATOR (like ATLAS++) to C Compiler for the TL16 Board Test Set to replace the Schaumburg S790. Developed satellite, WiFi, WiMAX, 3G RFID LP board. Designed RFID Container PCB. Designed/developed F-15 NCI PCB w/ 12KVHDL w/LCD Graphics Engine, INU, H009, & 1553. Designed/developed a VCC emulator w/ 1K VHDL into a reversed wired NCI. Designed/developed a F-15 ANMI PCB & X, Y, Raster/Stroke LCD Controller PCB w/ 3KVHDL. Designed a C-130 Transponder Protocol Converter VHDL 155*-***-***-***. Implemented 1K Ada in the JRTC Radio relay. Digital Electronic Systems, Self Employed Development Aug 2002 – Nov 2003 DES, Self employed. I developed a voice compression simulator. I acquired patent pending on “Audio Compression Method and Apparatus” and I developed a PC based voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) product that solves the

“delay” or “echo” problems caused by old compression methods. It includes GUI interfaces, embedded code with generic API’s and OOD design. VoIP, Patent “Audio Compression Method and Apparatus”, C++,OOD, Windows. I designed an automated car using a GEO Tracker car that I entered into the DARPA GrandChallenge. I installed a GPS backup system and an Inertial Measurement System that includes a digital compass with an accuracy of 0.1 degree/mile. A NovAtel GPS uses OmniPlus HP navigation which significantly improved the PID based steering.

The vehicle is able to navigate over 3 inch objects when necessary, such as curbs, in which case the vehicle moves at speeds that shall not endanger the vehicle nor any surrounding object. The vehicle can be remotely commanded to DISABLE, to PAUSE, and to RUN. The DISABLE turns off the fuel pump, ignition, and invokes the brake actuator directly - not through a computer. The vehicle met all safety requirements specified in the rules. The vehicle uses double word or 64bit (14 digit) input and processing. It is able to follow latitude/longitude GPS guidance to within 15 cm using micro-turns which I jokingly call virtual pseudo turns - they don't exist, they just happen. The vehicle can drive centered on a bearing and is able to drive around obstacles with only one-foot clearance at normal speeds.

The courseArray is a map of the entire course which is created as soon as I receive the CD with the RDDF waypoint file of the course from DARPA. The courseArray is created from the lateral boundary times the course length which provides a pallet that is continuously updated with distance to obstacles directly in front of the laser rangefinders that are mounted onto the front of the vehicle. The multi-threaded software updates every sensor reading every 50 millisecond or less and uses 13% of the P4 HT 3.4 GHz CPU except when objects are detected in which case it increases to 22%. Every 50 milliseconds a log of all global variables is recorded (currently less than 800 bytes) such that at the end of the 7 hour course the complete log will not exceed 400 megabytes. The log is updated only when in the RUN mode. Therefore, I planned to run the entire course memory resident with no overlays and no disk IO. Log updates are to a 2GB flash memory every second.

As a result of the lack of recharging during the run up time to the site visit, I discovered that the vehicle can operate completely off battery for over 36 hours.

The vehicle simply drives from waypoint to waypoint and avoids obstacles that appear in the courseArray. I've been asked if I use genetic algorithms and neural networks, and I responded that my requirements demanded precision and speed, not hierarchical or complex approximations. However, I do have a type of genetic algorithm that finds obstacles, but then a real road network is never precisely like the abstraction. And my fitness functions are rather simplistic because I deal with near reality which eliminates most predictive requirements. As far as neural nets, they are helpful before the course is traveled, but I had better know what I am doing by course time. I guess you could say that my algorithms originated from Knuth, Aho, Leeuwen, Vitter, Li, Johnson, Mitchell, Perrin, Thomas, and many others who have revealed the foundations and added strength to the art of computer science. Aug 2002 – Nov 2003 Contracted directly and indirectly with the following companies: Dec 1978 – Aug 2002 Teradyne Broadband Apr 2098 – Aug 2002

Developed an embedded OS, BSP, a GUI software based board tester, and bootstrap for the LDU-100 embedded DSP in C/C++ via JTAG and dynamic FPGA’s. I added features such as frequency analysis to support aDSL capability. SEI CMM Developed several other copper wire measurement features (Rose & C++). I was hired at Teradyne to develop a new product, the Line Diagnostic Unit – 100 with ATM provisioning and ad-hoc networking. I initially developed a PC GUI to be used for board debugging and later in production testing. Along with this, I wrote a complete embedded operating system to include drivers and interface protocol stack. Then, I developed reentrant drivers for all devices which included everything from PCMCIA to RS-232 to A/D, and applications for the production OS, Embedded MQX Precise Kernel (similar to VxWorks), which included it's own TCP/IP stack that I had to debug at times. I wrote drivers for a variation of a Mil-Std 1553 type serial bus with 15 devices. I created Engineering Requirements documents for these products and went through complete design reviews. Participated in the start-up SEI CMM and this project followed a high level of SEI CMM discipline during the development phase. A comprehensively integrated configuration management (ClearCase) of interface protocols (similar to RCP) was used via a network server. I used all features of Rational Rose to generate design schema (Executable UML), sequences, code interfaces and data structures that followed Design Patterns OO idioms. Then, I was employed to address the most serious problems in the field with the embedded code. During the last few months, I designed the next generation of the product, to include hardware and software requirements documents. This included teaching classes on special subjects such as the fastest possible DRAM design and High Speed Phase Lock Loop design. During this entire process, I created HOWTO instructions for the use of all the tools and items that I either created or incorporated into the development. Northrop-Grumman, Electronic Warfare Systems Nov 1995 - Mar 1998 Developed a stand-alone set of embedded packages in Ada for an array-based processing and convolve architecture which is extremely efficient at complex image processing algorithms in real-time. Designed and developed tools to support SEI SEP Level 4 for the F-15 AN/ALQ 135 ECM Jammer and a McCabe equivalent Ada Compiler for all paths in an Ada program. Developed a Frame Grabber Video driver in C/C++ for Windows 95 to support DIRCM Camera tracking and pulse jamming systems. C++ NT, Video/GUI. Using MS Windows NT with a dual processor, I hooked an oscilloscope to the PC printer port thru which I sent a pulse out every time I received a message from the 1553 driver that I wrote and the pulse never exceeded 17 microseconds delay after the interrupt. The embedded system had a 486 dedicated CPU to the 1553 interface and never received a message interrupt later than 4 microseconds. I also developed other similar airborne real-time embedded Ada products. USAF Engine Instrumentation Automatic Circuit Design System (Ada) IBM OS/2 Warp Apr 1994 - Nov 1995

Designed and developed several Omni Device Drivers and PM GUI's for OS/2 Warp. Developed the print graphics engine and the OMNI image processing algorithms (including 2 patent applications). Developed various Warp PM dialogs and raster bitmap aspect alignment tools.

Ungermann-Bass Networks Mar 1993 - Jun 1995

Designed, developed, and Novell certified, a finite state machine (6,500 lines PharLap Asm), a Novell 4.x/3.x Netview Monitor (2,400 lines WATCOM C) and the Redundant Novell Ethernet Server Driver HSM. Developed diagnostic software composed of 4,500 MASM lines for the embedded 8086/V30 Token Ring MAC controller which interfaced with the NDIS DOS, OS/2, and Novell drivers, and 11,000 MS C lines for the PC host. Designed a COMBO Token Ring and Ethernet board using Chips & Technology 581/585. Coded 2,800 MASM lines for NDIS and Netware ODI drivers. This unique redundant Ethernet product is receiving a Software/Hardware Patent. Racal-Datacom Jul 1991 - Mar 1993

Developed 4 to 1 compressed voice ADPCM 80186 firmware. Enhanced T1/E1, D3/D4, ADPCM, AT&T BX.25 OSI PSM. Added code to 550,000 lines of embedded C and assembly to support new T3 boards. Developed UNIX C and 68000 Assembly for an embedded T3 board diagnostic monitor. Modified several Sparc RISC, 80X86, and 680X0 Assembly language modules to resolve problem reports. Re-coded RS-232/V.35/X.21/V.36/RS-449 Async/ Sync Firmware. Became the embedded systems expert responsible for over 180,000 lines of C and over 30,000 lines of Assembly. Designed and built the Omnimux-9000 node controller board which included a 40 MHz 68030 using Visula Schematic and PCB. ISO-9000.

Tultex/Austin Jun 1990 - Mar 1991

As a "Tiger Team" member, working over 80 hours a week for 9 months, I designed and developed over 20,000 lines of real-time and on-line VAX C software. Used DECIntact for applications graphics, SMG GUI, with windows for real-time command console and inter-node communications. On a separate fixed price contract, developed 8,000 lines of real-time network control protocol in VAX C for a PLC Control System using a VAX/ Allen-Bradley Data Highway with 11 PLC-5's to include documentation and users manual with no errors reported after delivery.

Racal-Datacom Sep 1988 - Apr 1990

Generated a design specification with schedule and developed over 23,000 lines of MACRO-11 code into a half million lines to convert to a multiple computer fail safe system. Installed the beta site at Master-Card. General Electric and US Navy Jan 1986 - Sep 1988

Debugged over 6,000 lines of VAX VMS MACRO driver code for custom Unibus hardware including a 32 channel MIL-STD 1553 GE DMA controller and Tactical Magnetic Cartridge controller, Trident II M6A Guidance Control System. Performed inspection and Verification & Validation on over 40,000 lines of real-time VAX C software. Used MIL-STD 2167A guidelines. Maintained Extended VMS Executive Services code. Performed simulation testing for the 4 gimbals guidance control stellar positioning tactical software. Validated 3,000 lines ballistic flight and stellar control tactical software for the Raytheon hardened List Processor, which resided on a platform in center of the guidance unit.

Digital Electronic Systems Jul 1985 - Jan 1986

Designed and built a 33 MHz 68020 based mass storage controller board including 68851 MMU, 50 MHz 68882 FPU, SASI, RS-232, & FDC, a 4 bank dynamic Ram memory board with parity, and a high performance SCSI/ SCSI-2 controller board. Developed the embedded control monitor and drivers, dynamic back up manager, and diagnostic recovery built-in test subsystem. Developed a PC/MS/DOS SCSI driver for extended volumes. Developed a PC SCSI controller board.

Sverdrup/Arnold Air Force Base Engineering Development Center Aug 1982 - Jun 1985 Rocket & Jet Engine Instrumentation Automatic Circuit Design System, Lead programmer for design and development of 120,000 lines of Ada code. Designed over 18,000 lines of Telesoft Ada on an Amdahl 5860. Transported to VAX Ada. Incorporated object oriented features to support a maximum maintainability database driven design requirement. Developed a MVS File Management Support System for the Telesoft Ada Kernel in BAL. Responsible to the Air Force for project status. Principal on ARTWG. Published "Biography of an Ada Project" in Ada Letters. On a quick response team, I coded and delivered 3,300 lines of Fortran 77 for an ATE On- line system in 2 weeks.

Avco Electronics/Bechtel Sep 1981 - Aug 1982

Developed 12,000 lines of real-time airport and facility control software in FORTRAN on PDP-11/44. Developed assembly embedded programs for Intel 8086's that comprised the 324 node/CPU network. ITT Advanced Technology Mar 1980 - Aug 1981

A primary software developer of a large highly distributed telephone switching system, System 1240. Responsible for the relocatable chain that included the SRASM 8086 Assembler, CHILL compiler and Segment Mapper. Developed the code that composed the embedded one megabyte ITT 8086 Linker, Segment Mapper Linker and Generic Load Segment Builder. (Now Alcatel System 1240) Northrop High Technology Center Jul 1979 - Mar 1980 Developed detail design specification to MIL-STD 483/491 for the F-5G/F-20 Fighter Flight Control Computer System. Built a software emulation of control laws in CSMP. Developed a 9,000 line Fortran simulator of hardware to include the United Technologies CMOS processor to test Flight Control Firmware on the IBM3081. Developed Tactical Software Development Standards for Northrop to insure V&V of avionics flight software. Built a Fault Mode Criticality Analysis (FMCA) for digital hardware and software. Re-designed/validated all Flight Control Computer digital logic for No-Single Point of Failure reliability when in dual processor operation. TRW Space Systems Dec 1978 - Jul 1979

Developed K-band, S-band and MA-band signal acquisition time-critical JOVIAL software, 8,500 lines, on UNIVAC 1110 under EXEC-8. Developed real-time Doppler compensation algorithms for phased array transmission to relay satellites. Developed a real-time LR-1 NASA message parser for dynamic reconfiguration of 300 racks of communications equipment, considered to be the most complex communications system ever built. Created Digital Electronic Systems, Inc., a corporation for contracting work. Oct 1978 – Nov 1978 Harris Government Electronic Systems Aug 1976 - Sep 1978 Led the design of the MX Missile Ground Control Station software for 28 PDP-11/70/34's and 2 VAX-11/780's in an asynchronous parallel system of globally synchronized for telemetry acquisition. Developed distributed software in MACRO-11 and PASCAL under RSX-11/m and VMS. Developed software tools, networks and structured databases for HP-3000/1000 in FORTRAN and Assembly under RTE. Developed 8085 Assembly and HP-21/MX FORTRAN software for TDRSS ATE Simulation Test System. Developed the 8086 Harris Make- Ready and Control System including a real-time operating system in Assembly and PL/M with color graphics package. Developed time critical algorithms for the AH-64 Advanced Attack Helicopter Engine Control system. Developed parametric diagnostic software for Harris 6024 ATE in Assembly and FORTRAN under DMS and in Assembly under VULCAN on Slash 6. Developed a single chip GI1650 controller and Assembler on the PDP-11/45 in MICRO-11. Developed firmware for the GI-1650. Performed bus simulations for a PDP-11 AMD2901 emulator on the IBM370/168 using GPSS. Worked on Special Projects involving C 3

I using PDP-11's,

HP's, 8085's, Z-80's, TI-9900's, and IBM Series 1's. Developed dynamic test software for Space Shuttle Programmed Data Interleaver multiplexor/commutator. Wrote specifications per MIL-STD 483/490. Self-Employed Engineer Aug 1973 - Aug 1976

Developed an Intel 8080 cross assembler on PDP-11/05 and a foreground/background operating system in MICRO. Developed a real-time executive/scheduler, IOCS and utilities in Assembly for the Intel 8080. Designed and built a single board 8080 computer with dynamic RAMS. Developed a mark sense sheet reading test system on IBM 360/40 in BAL under OS/MFT. Developed a California SAT Grading system in COBOL. Developed a multi- tasking re-entrant real-time Transaction Processing Operating System for PDP-11/20 in MICRO. Fairchild Testline Instruments Mar 1973 - Aug 1973 Designed and built an Intel 4004 controller for the Automatic Fault Isolation Tester in-circuit integrated circuit tester. Developed and patented in-circuit IC ATE. Developed real-time control firmware in Assembly using a GE-645 based emulator for the 4004. Managed the company and installed beta sites. Martin-Marietta Communications & Electronics Aug 1971 - Jul 1972 Developed a prototype Cellular Telephone control system composed of a DEC PDP-11/20 host, PDP-8 slaves, and Intel 4004 based auto phone controllers. Designed and built the auto-phone 4004 prototype. Developed an Intel 4004 cross assembler on the PDP-11/20 in Assembly. Coded a real-time event driven operating system for the Mobile Army Simulation Tactical Event Reporting System (MASTERS) on the Interdata Model 4 in BAL. UNIVAC Germany Feb 1971 - Aug 1971

Developed fully re-entrant transaction processing multi-tasking check-in software in Assembly on the 48-bit word UNIVAC 494 under STARS for 3,000 terminals in the Lufthansa Airline Reservation System. Developed a macro library to help simplify and control the 1 million instruction assembly language project. Full Time Work While Attending Samford University: General Time Share Mar 1969 - Dec 1970

Developed an analog data acquisition system in Assembly language on a PDP-7. Developed a voice spectrum analyzer in FORTRAN and COMPASS assembly language on a Control Data CDC 6400. Published a dissertation titled "Intrinsic Voice Analysis", Florida State University. Developed a critical path method tool; UNIVAC 1108, PDP-10.

UAB Computer Research Laboratory Aug 1966 - Aug 1968 Designed and developed 4 real-time physiological data acquisition systems for EKG/VCG analysis and automated diagnosis using a PDP-7 under DECSYS in Assembly, a PDP-8 in PAL, and an IBM 1800 in FORTRAN. Developed EKG analysis software on IBM 7040 in MAP Assembly and FORTRAN under IBSYS. Developed a real-time operating system on Sigma 7 and Sigma 2 in Meta-Symbol and Symbol under DOS for 10 satellite PDP-8's in remote laboratories via 4-mbit/sec links. Developed real-time digital filter, signal analysis and feature recognition software. Developed a bio-feedback stress control system for VCG research. Developed a 3-dimensional graphics package for real-time interactive display. Co-authored 3 articles in "American Heart Magazine" with Dr. L. T. Sheffield. CAPABILITY SUMMARY


I have heavy experience designing and developing production quality, life critical, real-time embedded software: Electronic Infrared Counter Measures, Life Critical Military Tactical Software, Industrial Control Systems, Embedded Communications Software, Physiological Data Acquisition Software, Airborne Fly-By-Wire Software, Satellite Communications Software, Battlefield Communications Software, Ballistic Guidance Control Software, Commercial Systems and Applications, Embedded Automatic Test, Image Processing, Signal Processing, Colorimetry and Graphics Rendering, Network Management Software, Network Communications Drivers, Operating System Kernels, Extended Operating System Services, Airline Transaction Processing. I have designed, developed, and delivered over 540,000 lines of production quality code and have worked in over 40,000,000 lines of project code. Perfecting all this code required much additional code in the form of test suites, automated scripts, simulators, and many man-years of debugging.


My software product productivity has averaged over 1,350 lines of production quality code per month over the last 32 years. I have designed 300 IC parts for printed circuit boards in 3 months, including schematic, layout and 100% autoroute. I have developed AVL Trees, Binary Trees, Bushes, Finite Deterministic Automatons, LALR grammars, FIR Filters, and many such algorithms. All systems that I have developed have worked correctly as required. Management

I have been Software Development Project Manager and Firmware Development Manager on all size projects. I have been responsible for the design, development and timely delivery of production quality software/firmware/ hardware in commercial, industrial, and military environments. I manage by weekly one on one individual status and by weekly status group meetings in which all problems are discussed. I try to have group agreement on subjects that affect the project. Special meetings are created for to address complex problems. My scheduling accuracy has averaged plus or minus 5% man-hours per 10,000 lines of code. Systems

I have designed systems in response to DOD RFP's and have written proposals for several military projects. I have designed industrial control systems, network management subsystems, and the implementation schema. Because I am a digital logic designer and a embedded software expert, I am able to achieve complete system comprehension and every system worked as conceived. I have used simulations to emulate designs and test beds to prove requirements verification and validation.


I have light experience from having designed 6 production quality Multilayer Digital PC boards; high speed system clocks: Finite State Machines, Convoluted Controllers, Network ASIC Chips and Adapter Boards, 32-bit CPU Motherboards, SCSI

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