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Manager Assistant

Norfolk, VA
December 29, 2019

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Dennis Barry Beachum

Sunroom Tech

I was born in September of 1960.I have a valid Virginia drivers license.lived in Virginia Beach most of my life .I recently bought a house in Norfolk.I owed a Boat repair business for 14 yrs.I have worked in number of fields and have been successful at what I put my mind too. Experience Sunroom Tech

Mcdrake ent.

March 26 2018 - Mcdrake

1979 out of High School in started with Polynesian Pools where I worked building inground pools which required excavation,plumbing, electrical work.landscaping I built pools for about 5-6 years.left there and started installing exhaust on cars .fabing custom and stock exhaust.job required bending tubing from 1 1/2"- 2 2/3" with a hydraulic tube bender.l left there after about 2 yrs and started working on motorcycles .The shop where I worked I was assistant service manager and new bike builder I left there after 3 years went in to work on boats for 5 yrs.I left there and started Framing custom homes.I framed houses and did soffit work for about 3 yrs.I then went into the automotive field.Worked at several auto dealerships around town ( Norfolk VA Bch area) .I started my own business called The Boatman inc in 1993 where I did inboard,outboard,sterndrive,fiberglass repair, electrical repair,rebuilding of motors 2 stroke and 4 stroke..and rebuilding repairing hydraulic steering and tilt /trim systems.boat restoration.closed that company in 07 and went into the Construction working for HL Construction.(Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate).Job required building and sign installation and doing maintenance at several of the largest Shopping Centers in VaBch and office buildings. electrical.painting inside and outside repairs to buildings, parking lot repair

,coordinate with outside vendors who did work for HL Construction..traveling anywhere from 200-700 miles aweek.Worked for HL Construction for 10yrs .I left there was hired by McDrake ent. As a Sunroom technician in March on 2018 where I presently employed.

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