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Safety Officer Machine Operator/liaison officer

Floridablanca, Pampanga, Philippines
December 23, 2019

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Blk ** lt * brgy. sto nino pasay city 1300


To seek a position that provides challenging opportunities where can I gauge my knowledge and skills, to develop my potentials and at the same time to contribute to the company in achieving its goals


Professional Certification

Occupational Safety and Health Course

lecture as required by the Labor Code

Training Center: COSHEMAP, INC. (DOLE Accreditation 1030-032312-0059)

Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila

Lecture Modules:

•Basic Work Accident Causation Theories

•OSH Legislation, Administration and Enforcement

•Hazards Identification, Assesment and Control

•Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene

•Human Factors in Safety (Ergonomics)

•Materials Safe Handling and Storage

•Job Hazards Analysis

•Fire Safety Protection and Prevention with Overview on RA 9514 and its IRR

•Emergency Preparedness

•PPE with Actual Demonstration

•Machine Tools and Equipment Safety / LOTO

•Electrical Safety / LOTO

•Safety Inspection

•Plant Visit with Presentation of Findings

•Work Accident Investigation and Causal Analysis Workshop

•Effective Communication

•Risk Assesment

•Organizing and Planning of OSH

Vocational Course

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Malabon Manpower Training Center

Malabon, Metro Manila

June 1997 (6-month course)

Secondary Education

Saint Joseph Academy

Las Piñas City




(Co owner)

•Assists customers on: printing services, internet surfing and office applications

•Computer set-up, maintenance, sales inventory and accounting

COCA-COLA BOTTLERS PHILIPPINES,INC. (december2006 – August 2008)

Promo Validator

•Checks validity for promo eligibility

•Manages in redeeming of prizes for promos

COCA-COLA BOTTLERS PHILIPPINES, INC. (January 2006 – november 2006)

Old Accounts Retriever

•Retrieve old accounts with accountability

•Equipment inventory

DRYSDALE PHILIPPINES, INC. (April 2003 – September 2003)

Machine Operator

•Handles distoner machine


Technical skills

• Computer Literate

•Knowledgeable in using MS Office (Powerpoint, Word)

•Internet savvy; knows basic computer set-up and operation.

•Exceptional versatility and adaptability

•Dedication and drive as a hard working individual

•Ability to manage multiple task in a pressured environment

•Possess high integrity and intellectual honesty

Interpersonal skills

•excellent multitasking skills

•knowledge on sales and endorsement of products to customers

•excellent customer service skills

•able to answer inquiries and resolve problems of customers



•able to work with minimal supervision

•can work under pressure

•excellent time management skills


Nickname : Mel

Age : 38

Birthdate : May 21, 1977

Birthplace : malibaypasay

Civil Status : Single

Nationality : Filipino


Richard Felix Dela Cruz - Co-owner

Southsurf Internet Café

Makati City


Anton D. Luceniada Jr. - Trade Promo and Merchandising Associate

Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc.

Las Piñas City

(02) 800-8123Eric Sapin - Payroll Analyst Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc

South Aire corporation: ( September 4 2008 – may 15, 2009)

Maintenance technician

•Train and manage maintenance personnel and subcontractors.

•Inspect, operate, or test machinery or equipment to diagnose machine malfunctions.

•Record type and cost of maintenance or repair work.

•Clean or lubricate shafts, bearings, gears, or other parts of machinery.

•Repair or replace defective equipment parts, using hand tools and power tools, and reassemble equipment.

•Perform routine preventive maintenance to ensure that machines continue to run smoothly, building systems operate efficiently, or the physical condition of buildings does not deteriorate.

•Inspect drives, motors, and belts, check fluid levels, replace filters, or perform other maintenance actions, following checklists.

•Use tools ranging from common hand and power tools, such as hammers, hoists, saws, drills, and wrenches, to precision measuring instruments and electrical and electronic testing devices.

•Assemble, install, or repair wiring, electrical or electronic components, pipe systems, plumbing, machinery, or equipment.

•Diagnose mechanical problems and determine how to correct them, checking blueprints, repair manuals, or parts catalogs, as necessary.

•Dismantle devices to access and remove defective parts, using hoists, cranes, hand tools, and power tools.

•Plan and lay out repair work, using diagrams, drawings, blueprints, maintenance manuals, or schematic diagrams.

•Order parts, supplies, and equipment from catalogs and suppliers, or obtain them from storerooms.

•Adjust functional parts of devices or control instruments, using hand tools, levels, plumb bobs, or straightedges.

•Paint or repair roofs, windows, doors, floors, woodwork, plaster, drywall, or other parts of building structures.

•Operate cutting torches or welding equipment to cut or join metal parts.

•Align and balance new equipment after installation.

•Inspect used parts to determine changes in dimensional requirements, using rules, calipers, micrometers, or other measuring instruments.

•Set up and operate machine tools to repair or fabricate machine parts, jigs, fixtures, or tools.

•Maintain and repair specialized equipment and machinery found in cafeterias, laundries, hospitals, stores, offices, or factories.

•Fabricate or repair counters, benches, partitions, or other wooden structures, such as sheds or outbuildings.

•Estimate repair costs.

•Lay brick to repair or maintain buildings, walls, arches, or other structures.

•Grind and reseat valves, using valve-grinding machines.

•Install equipment to improve the energy or operational efficiency of residential or commercial buildings.

•Position, attach, or blow insulating materials to prevent energy losses from buildings, pipes, or other structures or objects.

•Provide grounds keeping services, such as landscaping and snow removal.

•Perform general cleaning of buildings or properties.

•Test and treat water supply.

R.S Carson ( august 12 2013 october 12 2013)

Safety officer( datemsubcon) sharila lobby lounge renovation

•Job hazard analysis on site

•Monitors all workers on site if they are fallowing safety guideline

•Human factors in safety (ergonomics)

•Monitors all employee on site if they are wearing proper PPE

•Materials safe handling and storage

•Fire safety protection and prevention

•Monitors good housekeeping on site

•Circulate material received from EH&S to appropriated members of the department

•Inspect the department to ensure the workplace meets the various safety requirements.

•Ensure that monthly inspection of Fire Extinguishers, Exit Lights and Emergency Lighting, are carried out.

•Respond to reports of unsafe conditions (e.g. electrical hazards, loose stair treads, etc.) by requesting repairs or maintenance. In some circumstances, material may have to be prepared for annual submission to the Repairs and Alterations budget.

•Accompany staff from the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, Joint Health and Safety Committies, and external agencies during workplace inspections.

•Follow up on any deficiencies noted during inspections, and ensure that they are corrected.

•Assist EH&S with investigating all accidents and send reports to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. Ensure the completion of incident report/accident reports so Workers Compensation Board can be notified of all accidents.

•Notify EH& of critical accidents, unsafe conditions or work refusals.

•Ensure all staff receive the information with respect to EHS rule

Omnifica construction development corp. ( Oct. 15 2013 to April 12 2014)

Safety officer

•Monitors advances, recoupment and retention receivables and payable

•Handle and maintains the petty cash voucher system

•Monitors daily accomplishments making gantt chart activities,

•Costing of change orders in project

•provide advice, information and instruction on local OHS issues

•Assist in the application of OHS procedures

•Help manage risks and hazards in their area

•Report and investigate incidents, injuries and hazards and implement agreed control measures

•Review and analyse injury and incident reports and data

•Develop injury and incident prevention strategies for their area

•Monitor local area compliance with OHS policy and procedures

Audit local area OHS compliance with regard to risk, emergency and hazardous waste management

•Help promote OHS awareness.

•Conduct daily briefing to all security officer about the security daily operation and adhere to grooming standard and hygiene and proper conduct in dealing with people

•Carry out post inspection to ensure that all officers are performing their duties according to their assign task

•Undertaking regular safety and security inspections of the facility to ensure that appropriate measures are implemented

•Maintaining and supervising the implementation of the company safety and security plan and procedures

•Provide and maintain safe working environment

•Ensure that the machinery and equipment is designed, and constructed, ste up and maintained to normal industry standard in order to be safe for use to employees

•Ensure that employees are not exposed to hazard in the course of their work

•Provide maintain facilities for the safety and health of the employees ta work

•Keep records of accident and incident resulting in any actual or potential harm to a person or damage to any property, violations of any safety directives noted

•Coordinating safety and security aspects and handling of related safety and security incidents investigations

•Reporting to the superior officer any deficiencies and non comformities identified during security and safety inspections and verification of the compliance and implementing any corrective actions

•Enhance safety and security awareness

•Ensuring the consistency between security and safety requirements

ROMSAM ENGINEERING SERVICES: ( May 7, 2014 november 25 2014)

Safety Officer

•Check all delivered items at the site to assure the quality of materials

And compliance to specifications,brand

•Accompany all the representative of owner and all government inspectors officially concerned with the project site

•Conduct daily toolbox meeting and secured the permit

•Studies the imminent threats with the facility

•Conducts safety inspection, activities, understands important regulation

•And similar with the revising trends and updates concerning best practice safety

•Assist the supervisors in administering the project safety program of the client and the company

•Attends weekly coordinating meeting on the jobsite to ensure the only safet work methods and practices observed as well as health and safety regulation are properly maintain

•Secure records and other related permits

•Checks the inventory of the PPES and ensure the availability, conducts periodic inspection of the fire extinguishers, power tools

•Perform other tasks from time to time

•Ensure that the company has, at all times, the capability and resources to operate safely

•Conducts safety orientation to newly hired employees

•Conducts regular safety inspections on the job site to ensure that the construction personnel are complying with the established safety policy and regulations

•Conducts monthly inspection of fire fighting equipments, tools and equipment

•Provides safety signage at all places in the construction site

•Requires all employee to wear personal protective equipments while working on the hazardous areas

•Ensure the availability of work permits (P.T.W) prior to start any activity on the hazardous areas

•Reporting of all the unsafe conditions and unsafe acts and provides counsel for safe procedures and requirements

•Coordinates activities relating to safety at all working locations and construction groups

•Supervised and apprised accident investigation

•Planned and directed regular program of the safety inspections

•Reviewed procedures for compliance with the applicable laws of the safety codes

•Secured and renewed specific permit, lock out/ tag out permit, confined space entry permit

•Issued regular reports showing safety performances and accident trend


(Environmental safety and health officer, road transport group)

Conducts random drug testing random alcohol testing on drivers

Lorry spot checking (updates medicine kit, spill kit, PPE,GPS, keypads, emergency buttons on tractor head)

Job hazard analysis, identifies all the possible hazard and risk on site

Terminal safety inspection

Updates Job management plan, trucks daily routes

Checks all GPS updates emailed by webcast

Attends weekly/monthly meeting (shell tabangao refinery(

Assists shell supervisors on retails spot checking

Conducts toolbox meeting on drivers gathers all their concerns and complaint on lorry

Investigate ullage on tanks

Respond on road incidents (side sweeping and other road accidents

Supervise the worker working under suspended load

Fire extinguishers/ smoke detector update

Checks heil/metal tanks low point dead mans switch,

Attends management meetings Petrologistics corp. Main office

Monitors housekeeping on terminals/barracks

Unloading assessment audit JOCASP terminal

Loading assessment audit tabangao depot

Coordinates with the dispatchers bout the lorry availability

Attends dashboard meetings

Investigates harsh breaking/overspeeding

Processing of lorries permit/sticker shell/petron/lpg

RT drivers appraisal report- tabangao/jocasp/nayong Pilipino

Incident/accident monitoring

Garage safety inspection

Supervise unsafe act/unsafe condition walkthrough to terminals

Dispatchers spot checking

Audits PPE issued on on drivers/maintenance

Checks door sensors

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