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Quality Engineer

Kalyan, Maharashtra, India
December 22, 2019

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DINESH NARAYAN GAMOT E-Mail:; WhatsApp.: +91-989*******

Date of Birth : 17


November 1972 BE(MECHANICAL)-1995-YCCE–NAGPUR UNIVERSITY Passport No. : S2752159 (Valid till 2028) CSWIP 3.1 – Welding Inspector – Level 2 Address : K3, Flat no 402, IWE (International welding engineer) from IIW – ANB Gokul Nagari NX, Khadak pada, ASNT LEVEL II in UT, RT, MPI, DPT. Kalyan (West)-421301 Internal Auditor (QMS, EMS, OHSAS) To work in Challenging environment, demanding all my skill and efforts to explore and adapt myself in different field, and realize my potential and contribute to the development of organization with impressive performance. Open to relocation overseas & anywhere in India.


IWE (International Welding Engineer)&CSWIP 3.1 (TWI Certified Welding Inspector), with 23+ years, rich experience in production, process validation & people management, including 13 years in the welding field as welding engineer in QA/QC

& Inspection, 8 yrs. New project erection and commissioning. Presently associated with Enerflex Middle East and Africa, Abu Dhabi, UAE Inspection Engineer.

Familiar with various welding techniques are SMAW, SAW, GMAW, FCAW Welding, etc. Well conversant with API 5L ( Line Pipe), ASME Section IX Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code ( Scrubber, KOD & other pressure Vessels), ASME Section II (Part C) Specifications for Welding Rods Electrodes and Filler Metals, ASME Section VIII (Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels), API 1104 (Welding Inspection), ASME B16.5 (Flange & Flange Fittings), international standard. ASME B31.8

(Onshore & Offshore), OHSAS 18001, ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, ASME B31.4, NACE MR0175 etc., PROFICIENCY FORTE

General Responsibilities:

Materials receiving inspection of piping materials, structural materials and welding Electrode and filler materials. Verification, Daily visual inspection of storage and handling. Welding equipment calibration verification. Pre-welding and weld joint fit-up inspection, in- process welding inspection. Post welding visual inspection and weld repair verification. Witness of Hardness testing and post welding heat treatment. Production weld and welder repair rate assessment (by joint wise and by linear wise). Percentage coverage of NDE as per applicable standard (by line wise, Drawing wise and welder wise). Final welding documentation (welding summary report, record weld map and NDT reports). Supervision on the application of the applicable Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) system including all the activities related to QA/QC scope. Review of applicable project drawings, specifications and other related documents, Material approval request (MAR). To conduct (WQT) qualifications as per the codes and specifications. Co-ordination, meeting with client as QA/QC representative. Familiar with Project requirements and working in accordance with relevant project specifications and procedures. Ensuring that the welding equipment’s and machines are in proper condition and calibrated. Inspection of Materials and Welding Electrodes and ensuring that the requirements are met as per applicable codes and specifications. Contractors Invoices technical correspondence and Co-ordination. Control final documentation. Preparation & submission of daily, weekly & monthly QC reports.


Study contract & specifications for Preparing of Project to meet customer’s expectation/requirements comprehensively. All inspection & tests are carried out as per ITPs, WPS/PQR, Method Statements and Procedures for different activities and disciplines. Ensuring the effective Implementation of QC Requirements as detailed in the applicable Inspection and Test Plans (ITP). Witness of Welder Qualification Test (WQT) according to ASME IX & other relevant specification. Monitoring the site installation process and ensuring that they are done as per the engineering drawings. Witnessing Hydro-Tests of the piping systems pipe lines flow lines and preparing test packs. Monitor welder performance and welding activities to ensure work is being carried out in accordance with the approved welding procedure. Monitoring and control of heat input through control of amperage & volts during welding to avoid overheating. Control of Welding Material (Electrode, Filler Wire) Backing of Low Hydrogen Electrode. All repairs and correction of work shall be done by approved client method. Responsible for the Inspection of Pre- and Post-Welding Inspection. Attend Quality meeting with client and liaison with client on matters related to inspection witness & hold points if required. Liaison with third (3rd) party inspection agency for assuring/witnessing the inspections and test activities. Ensure handling, storage and maintenance of equipment and materials (in their care, custody and control) in accordance with manufacturer’s suggested procedures and relevant specifications. PIPING INSPECTION: -

Checking for Isometric Drawing as to size, rating and material. All relevant codes and/or specifications are applied at Project and only current documents are in use. Responsible for the spool marking and welds marking. Inspection of Piping fabrication and erection according to client’s specification and Code, B31.3.and API 11O4. Visual inspection of the welds and review NDT (RT, UT, MPT, PT, HT, FN, PWHT). To Carry out Line punching during the Test pack internal review and reports preparation. Verification of punch list after rectification. Witness of Hydro test, Leak test, Pneumatic test, Flushing/Air Blowing and Reinstatement of Pipe line. Pneumatic test of full assembly (fitting & hot tap valves, drilling machine & Test pack follow-up) inspection after welding. Inspection of Glass Reinforced Piping GRP and Coated Poly Vinyl Chloride CPVC fabrication and erection according to client’s specification. PE Lined Flow line construction. Long length Reinforced Thermoplastic Flow line construction. Flow line and Hook up On-plot, Off Plot construction in CS, LTCS, SS, and DSS Material. Record all the inspections on project-approved formats to get these verified by parties involved for the completed work scope. Ensure that copies are retained and well kept. Compile all quality records and prepare QC dossiers on completion of works and final handover to client


Study of Applicable Codes, Standards, Specification, Procedure and Drawings for Steel Structures. Witnessing of Welding Procedure Qualification and Welder Qualification tests. Perform shop and field inspections and review QA/QC Plan, Documents, Methods statements, Procedures, ITP and Approval of Final manufacturing data record (MDR). Managing the overall Material Control for the Various Projects in Co-ordination with Material Control group and clarifying the Technical Issues. Inspection of Incoming Materials like Consumables, Plate, Beam, Column, Channel, Angle, Bolts, Nuts and others Structural Items. Review the Product, Material Test Certificate and Consumables Certificate as per Requirements. Monitor/Check condition of welding consumable, Inspect the fit-up, Alignments, Dimensional and Visual inspection of Steel Structural Item. Monitor and Verify the Welding Parameter as per Approved WPS and Ensure that only approved welding procedures are followed and welders are qualified. Carried out Stage vise Inspection as per approved ITP. Documents Preparation like Material traceability, Welding Summary and NDT requisition based on the welding status report, and Painting Reports. Radiographic Interpretation and Witnessing of Ultrasonic Flaw detection of Weld. Review and signing of RT, PT, MPI & UT Reports and Release Inspection Reports for further activities and maintain all related Data’s. To advice on repair techniques, materials selection, welding procedures, Inspection and testing requirements. CONSTRUCTION OF PIPE LINE: -

Surya Regional bulk water supply scheme (Surya Dam to Mira-Bhayander) Construction of Pipeline: Ø2235 mm x 12.5 mm (Thickness) x 55.52 KM,

Ø2235 mm x 16 mm (Thickness) x 2.35 KM,

Ø1829 mm x 12.5 mm (Thickness) x 22.845 KM,

Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline (ZCINA Algeria) Construction of Pipeline: Ø 24” X 16 mm (Thickness) x 48 KM, - 3 lines,

Other pipe lines are 20”, 16”, 14”, 10”, 8” and 6”. Plant Process Piping 0.2 Million-inch dia joint,

Installation of FW (Fire Water) Tank (Ø 36 Mtr x 12.5 Mtr. Height), 3 Mtr Ø x 4.5 Mtr height, 4 Nos Flare stack Etc., Typical Pipeline Construction Phases undergone during work: Survey=>Clearing & Grading=>Stockpiling & Stringing=>Field Bending=>Ditching & Excavation=>Welding=>Coating=>Lowering-In=>Backfilling=>Cathodic Protection=>Hydrostatic Testing=> Clean-up & Restoration


Survey: Issued for Construction (IFC) drawings. The references mark the safe limits of ROW (right of way) work areas. Clearing and Grading: Clearing and grading is the next phase after surveying, Cutting, removal, or burning of trees, debris, timber salvage etc from the pipeline ROW.

Stockpiling & Stringing: Materials are received at a marshaling yard or stockpiling site, typically located away from the right of way (ROW), for temporary storage. Stringing involves placing pipe joints end to end along the pipeline ROW. Field Bending: Field bending is an integral part of pipeline construction and refers to the set of activities associated with bending the pipe in the field so that it fits the shape of the ROW and trench. Ditching & Excavation: Excavation of trench in the right of way (ROW) for pipe installation. The ditching operations are after stringing, bending, welding, NDE, and Coating. Welding: Weld during pipeline construction is performed to join lengths of pipe together as the construction crew moves along the pipeline right of way (ROW).

Coating: Individual pipe joints are welded together during the construction process, the (girth) weld area requires coating in the field.

Lowering-In: Picking the pipe up from its temporary supports off the ROW and placing it into an excavated trench after welding, NDE, coating. The focus is to monitor pipe and coating integrity during lowering-in operation. Backfilling: Backfilling refers to refilling the trench with the previously excavated or new fill subsoil once the pipe section has been lowered into the trench.

Cathodic Protection: Cathodic protection (CP) is a technique used to control corrosion of a pipeline’s metal surface by making the pipeline the cathode of an electrochemical cell. Hydrostatic Testing: Hydrostatic test is a form of pressure testing used to confirm that the pipeline has acceptable strength and will not leak under operating conditions. Clean-up & Restoration: Construction site clean-up is the final cleaning and removal of construction material left over from the pipeline right of way (ROW) and surrounding area. All materials not native to the site are removed. PLANT INSPECTION: -

The coordination of inspection activities on pressure vessels, Tanks, Boilers, Heat exchangers, columns, furnaces, coolers, Strainers, Filters and process piping at offshore facilities as per API standards. Supervision of a team of inspectors, multi- disciplined NDT personnel, radiographers and abseiling inspectors to complete client inspection program. Develop and implement repair strategies to maintain pressure equipment in safe and serviceable operational condition. A review of inspection results to analysis inspection findings and identify potential integrity issues and raise additional emergent work and to report any remedial actions. Well experienced with Construction and inspection of pressure vessels, oil & gas power piping, structural. Witness of the Pressure Testing of Equipment, Exchangers, Boilers and Coolers, Static testing for tanks, Preparing the checklists for internal inspection of all fired heaters, vessels, columns, tanks, reactors, etc., planning and execution of the repair works. Responsible for all QA/QC plant matters relating to release of materials authorized on site, welding procedures, welder qualifications and review of consumables controls PAINTING INSPECTION: -

Verification of ITP, Verification of painting & coating system. Inspection of surface preparation as per codes and company standards. Monitoring of weather conditions, WBT, DBT, DEWPOINT. Relative Humidity (RH %) & Metal temperature. Measuring WFT, DFT of each coat. Final DFT, Visual inspection, Pinhole detection & Holiday detection. Preparation of daily painting inspection reports and Final inspection report. Conduct painting materials receiving and equipment inspection/verification, including storage and handling. Ensuring all equipment's and inspection tools are calibrated in accordance with applicable standards, codes, specifications. Checking/Monitoring ambient or weather conditions before and during the coating process. Making sure that weather conditions are suitable for paint application. Conduct inspection for surface preparation, painting mixture, monitoring coating process application, checking wet and dry film thickness of coated piece. Perform visual inspection on finished product, check for any coating defects, holiday inspection, Peel Test. Conduct coating/painting destructive test such as, adhesion test. Prepare/maintain quality records related to painting. The above work done under below assignments: -


March’19- Oct’19, Enerflex Middle East and Africa, Abu Dhabi, UAE (BS-180) Inspection Engineer July’17- Feb’19, Capacite Structure Ltd. Wada, Mumbai Welding Head March’17- July’17, Dodsal Engineering and Construction FZE (Algeria), Sr. QC Engineer Client SONATRACH Welding

Aug’13- Aug’15 (2 yrs.), Group Five Pipe Saudi (Saudi Arabia) Welding Engineer Jun’06- June 13 (7Yrs.) Pratibha Industries Limited, Wada (Mumbai) Quality Welding Head 3.4 Years WELSPUN Gujarat Stahl Roheren Ltd. Manager 6.11 Years Man Industries (India) Ltd, Pithampur AM/Welding in charge Project done as a Freelancer September 2015 to Feb. 2017: - Duration Company Client Work Designation


Feb’ 17





Abu Dhabi







Middle East

/ Hawa

Valves /


PROJECT: - EPC for Wellhead Compression Pilot


1. Flare KO Drum – Clad Dish End and Shell SA 516 GR 70N + SS 316L. QTY – 02 Nos.

2. Inlet Two Phase separator – Clad Dish End and Shell SA 516 GR 70N + Inconel 825. QTY – 02 Nos.

3. Floating Ball Valves (V1) to ISO 17292, Trunnion mounted Ball Valve (V2) to ISO 14313/API6D, Globe

Valves to API 602/ISO 15761 (V3), Swing Check Valves to BS 1868 (V5), Globe Valves to BS 1873 (V6), Dual Plate Check Valves to API 594 (V7). Material for above valves are Carbon Steel Material (M1), Stainless Steel Material (F316/F316L) (M3), Nickel alloy 825 Material

(Cu5MCUC/UNS N08825)

4. Control Vavle

QC Engineer


Stationed at



Hawa Valves

/ Flowserve




(JPF) at

Sabriya /


BS 180



QTY – 02 Nos.


– 02 Nos.

7. Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid – LP FGP. QTY – 02 Nos. 8. Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid – HP FGP. QTY – 02 Nos. 9. Heater Vessel For LP Fuel Gas Heater Vessel. QTY – 02 Nos.

10. Heater Vessel For HP Fuel Gas Heater Vessel. QTY – 02Nos.

11. Incinerator KO drum. QTY – 02 Nos.

Stationed at



Sept’16 Prime4






Testing at :Exova Lab (Mumbai) [ CTOD Testing ]

Testing Standard :ISO 12135

Grade :API5L Gr. L415 MS / L415 - PSL2

Pipe Size :508 OD & (27 mm,31.8 mm, 19.1 mm)



June’16 –









SCOPE: Supply of ISO 3183 Gr.-L450 MS PSL2 / API 5L Grade X65MS PSL2 (36” OD PIPE)). (total 228 kms)



April’16 –









PROJECT: - Converting CRU into Isomerisation Unit



Work: Mechanical works including insulation & painting. Lead


Sept’15 –





Inspection (HFW BARE PIPE and 3LPE Coating pipe (pipe size 12”, 8” & 4”))

Pipes Gr. API5L X42M PSL 2). (404.6 mm OD x 11.1mm Thk (Gr. API5L X46M PSL 2).(total 540 kms)




Production Planning & Control,

Project Management,

Maintenance & Trouble Shooting,

Installation & Commissioning,

Quality Assurance & Control/Inspection,

Man Management,

Welding Operations.

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