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Social Media Assistant

New Delhi, Delhi, India
December 21, 2019

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Curriculum Vitae

Komal Chandra Joshi */**, Talli Bamori (Mukhani)

S/o Shri R.C.Joshi/ Beena Joshi Haldwani, Nainital (U.K)

Cell No.: 094********, 089******** India-263139.

Career Objective Strength : To be most skilled, Innovative and to take-up a job that is challenging,

exciting and provides enough opportunities for professional and career advancement.

: To work long hours in strength until I get desired result from my work.

: Self-motivated, good thinker and always stretching to become better.

Total Experience : Total Eighteen Plus (18+) years approx.

1.Administrative Level Eleven Plus (11+) years approx.

(i)As a Principal + Convener Five Plus (5+) years approx.

(ii)As a HOD/ Sr. PGT Five Plus (5+) years approx.

2. PG Level Nine (9) years approx.

3. UG Level Six (6) years approx.

4. Senior Secondary Schools Six (6) years approx.

Position Held Earlier :

Sr. No

University/ Institution



Salary Rs/month


A. P. Public School, Kaimganj

Aug-18 to Continue




G.D.J.M.Public School, Nandaur Valley

Sep-16 to May-18




G.D.J.M.Public School, Nandaur Valley

Jan-16 to Aug-16




Gurukul Sr. Sc. School-Kichha

Oct-14 to Dec-15




I.G.N.O.U- Haldwani

May 2008



Part Time MCA Counselor




Pal College of Technology and Management- Haldwani

Aug-2013 to Oct-2014

Sr. Assistant Professor



Shriram Institute of Management & Technology-Kashipur

Nov-2007 to Aug-2013

Assistant Professor



Hermann Gmeiner Residential School, Bhimtal

Dec-2004 to Oct-2007




Beersheba Residential School, Kichha

Sep-1999 to Sep-2001




Aptech, Almora

July-1998 to Aug-1999



Academic Qualification:

Sr. No


University/ Institution





NIMS University





Jodhpur National University


Science Group



Kumaon University





UP Board




High School

UP Board



Academic Qualification (Other):

Sr. No

Degree/ Certificate

University/ Institution




EDP in Strategic Management





Strategic Management,

Strategic Execution,

Core Leadership Skills





Information Technology



Madurai Kamraj University


Computer Science



Kumaon University


Computer Science





Computer Application

Field of Specialization: Computer Science, Physics, Information Technology

Life Membership: Journal of Technical Teacher (JTT)

Workshop/ Seminars/ Journals/ Conferences (International/National) Level:

More than 21 International/ National publications/seminars attended (Details are given below)

(1) State Workshop on Aggression in School Children, Nainital, India

Organization : Institute of Counsellor Training Research and Consultancy

Place of Workshop : Long View Public School, Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

Theme : Aggression in School Children

Date : 14th Sep, 2017

(2) District Workshop for Skill Development and Assessment, Kichha, Udham Singh Nagar, India

Organization : Indian Institute for Skill Development and Assessment, Empanelled with CBSE.


Place of Workshop : Moulana Azad Pulic School, Kichha, Uttarakhand, India

Theme : Skill Development

Date : 19th April, 2015

(3) National Workshop on Library Automation, Nainital, India

Organization : Academic Staff College, Kumaun University, Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

Place of Workshop : Academic Staff College, Kumaun University, Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

Theme : Library Automation

Date : 29th & 30th March, 2014

(4) National Conference on Leveraging Technologies for Re-Scripting Higher Education, Dehradun, India

Organization : School of CS&IT, Uttarakhand Open University, Haldwani, Uttarakhand, India

Place of Conference : Doon University, Dehradun

Topic : Upadated Research about Modeling an Intelligent Sensor Network

Date : 16th November, 2013

(5) International Online Journal of Engineering and Management Research (IJMR), India

Organization : International Journal of Engineering and Management Research (IJMR),

Lucknow, Ind

ISSN No : 2250-0758

Volume : Vol.2, Issue.5, October-2012 page 36-42

Article : A Case Study on Privacy in Mobile Computing

Link :

(6) International Online Journal of Modern Engineering Research (IJMER), India

Organization : International Journal of Modern Engineering Research (IJMER), India

ISSN No : 2249-6645

Volume : Vol.2, Issue.3, May-June 2012 pp-902-905

Article : Cloud Computing: In Respect to Grid and Cloud Approaches

Link :

(7) International Online Journal of Science and Technology (IJST), Delhi

Organization : International Journal of Journal of Science and Technology (IJST), Delhi

ISSN No : 2250-141X

Volume : Vol-1, Issue-2, Jan 2012

Article : Green Computing – An Eco Friendly Concept

Link :

(8) International Seminar on ICT-Initiative Policies and Governance, Dehradun

Place of Seminar : Doon University, Dehradun (UK)

Organized by : Deptt. of Computer Science, Uttrakand Open University, Haldwani (UK)

Graphic Era University and Doon University, Dehradun (UK)

Topic : Cloud Computing: In Respect to Grid and Cloud Approaches

Date : ICT-2011(28-29 Nov 11)

(9) National Seminar on Innovation and Application in Engineering & Applied Sciences, Haridwar

Place of Seminar : Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar (UK)

Organized by : Deptt. of Computer Science, Haridwar (UK)

Topic : Cloud: Towards a Cloud Definition

Date : IAEAS-2011(9-10 Nov 11)

(10) National Seminar on Vedic Studies & Information Technology, Haridwar

Place of Seminar : Dev Sansktriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar (UK)

Organized by : Deptt. of Computer Science, Haridwar (UK)

Topic : Cloud Computing: Recent Innovation in an Information Technology

Date : VISIT-2011(23-24 Aug 11)

(11) National Seminar on Vedic Studies & Information Technology, Haridwar

Place of Seminar : Dev Sansktriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar (UK)

Organized by : Deptt. of Computer Science, Haridwar (UK)

Topic : Role of Information Technology (IT) in Astrology

Date : VISIT-2011(23-24 Aug 11)

(12) International Online Journal of Computer Science Issue (IJCSI), Republic of Mauritius

Organization : International Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI), Doolar Lane,

Mahebour Republic of Mauritius

ISSN No : 1694-0814

Volume : Vol-8, Issue-3, No.1, May 2011

Article : WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access): a Broadband Wireless

Product in Emerging Markets

Link :

(13) National Seminar on Role of Technology & Management in the Development of Nation, Kashipur

Place of Seminar : Shriam Institute of Management & Technology, Kashipur, USN

Organized by : Shriam Institute of Management & Technology, Kashipur,USN

Topic : Mobile Number Portability: A Subscriber’s Freedom

Date : 24th Feb-2011

(14) International Journal of Adhyan International Research Organization (AIRO), Gwalior-MP

ISSN No : 2320-3714

Volume : Vol-1, Issue-1, Feb 2011

Article : Low Level Architecture for General Mobile Network

(15) National Journal of Adhyan International Research Organization (AIRO), Gwalior-MP

ISSN No : 2320-3714

Volume : Vol-2, Issue-1, Feb 2011

Article : GSM Network Architecture

(16) International Online Journal of Technical Teacher (JTT), Dehradun

Organization : Institute of Technical Teachers, 332 B, Race Course Valley, Near Police

Lines, Dehradun, India

Volume : Vol-2, Issue-1

Article : Security of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks With Five Layer Security Architecture

Link :

(17) International Online Journal of Science Technology & Management (IJSTM), Dehradun

Organization : Journal of Science Technology & Management, Dehradun

Article : A Systematic Concept to Assurance of Information System & A

Traditional View: A Web Information System of Kumoan Folk Fairs

ISSN No : 2229-6646 (Online), Volume-I Issue-I

Link :

(18) International Seminar on Cooling the Earth, Pantnagar

Organization : Deptt. Of Basic Sciences, G.B.P.U.A.T., Pantnagar

Date of Event : 15-17 November 2010

Article : The Powerful impact of Bamboo on our Environment: Tactics to safe

climate order of free carbon in environment

(19) International Journal of Technical Teachers (JTT), Dehradun

Organization : Institute of Technical Teachers, 332 B, Race Course Valley, Near Police

Lines, Dehradun, India

Reg. No. : 218 File No B39439

Volume : December 2009, Vol-1

Article : A Traditional Development life Cycle Methodology for Customer: Agent

Based Model Development, Page 13-18.

Link :

(20) National Seminar on Cutting Edge Computing Technology, Pantnagar

Place of Seminar : G.B.Pant University, Pantnagar

Organized by : Technology and Computer Science Department, Pantnagar, USN

Topic : Integrity of Traditional Web Information System of Kumaon Folk

Festivals –An Information Assurance

Date : CECT-09(14-15 Feb 09)

(21) National Seminar on role of Informatics in Uttrakhand, Almora

Place of Seminar : SSJ Campus, Almora

Organized by : Department of Computer Science, Kumaun University (Nainital, Uttrakhand)

Topic : Role of informatics in E-Education.

Date : 25-27 June, 2004

Book Code : KU-INFO-2004, JUNE 25-27, ALMORA

Achievements as a Student:

1.City Level Haldwani Mahotsava, 1999

2.College Level Fancy Dress Competition in,1998

3.National Level Parasailing Camp by NAF, 1996

4.National Level Trekking Expedition Camp by NAF, 1996

5.School level GK Speech and different Cultural Program, 1993-1995

6.School level Junior Hockey Captain and also participated different Cultural Program, 1993

7.School level Poet Competition, 1991

8.State level Hockey Camp organized by Directorate of UP Sports Authority,1990

9.Scout & Guide(Lord Baden Pawl) Birth’s Program & Rally,1989

Important Positions/ Responsibilities:

1.Principal and Convener of one Sr Sc and Higher Sc Schools.

2. External Examiner of Kumaon University, Nainital from 2009-2013

3. State Coordinator of Uttarakhand State of Adhyayan International Research

Organization,Gwalior,MP from 2015-2016.

4. Certified Career Development Professional by National Institute for Career Education

(NICE), New Delhi.

Other Involvements:

(A)Public Speaking

1.Anna Hazare anti corruption rally/ meeting at Kashipur (Aug 2012).

2.Remove Polythene & Save Environment raid by meetings and social media at Haldwani.


1.A “Helmet“drama: Why the Helmet is necessary.

2.Devotional Song with thirteen team members (eight boys and five girls).

3.One Day Holi fest (2010 & 2012)

4.One Day Teachers Day celebration (2013).


1.Mentor of Techno-Wield Club of College of PCMT, Haldwani, 2013-15.

2.One Day Seven Stone game (2013).

3.Four Days Cricket Tournament (2010-2012).

4.One Day Cricket Tournament (2013).

5.One Day G K Quiz Competition (2014).

6.Four Days Departmental Seminar (2013).


1.Nine International & National publication in different reputed online & offline journals.

2.Chief Editor of “OASIS”, an annual Magazine of SIMT, Kashipur, 2009-2013.

3.Articles for different news papers and social media.


1. National, State, District & Institutional workshop attended.


1. Eight International & National seminars attended in different reputed universities and institutions.


1.Proctor of all the departments of SIMT- Kashipur, BCA, BBA, B.Ed and MBA,2011-2012.

2.Discipline committee member of all the departments of PCTM- Haldwani BCA, BBA, B.Ed B.Sc-Hom Sci, B.Sc-BioTech, 2013-15.

3.Discipline incharge of 10th-12th standard students and Assistant Warden of Ashoka Hostel, Hermann Gmeiner School-Bhimtal (2005-2006).


1.Certificate of Appreciation as a Mentor of Technowield Club of CS-Deptt, PCTM-Haldwani,


2. Chief Coordinator of Expo-2011, SIMT-Kashipur.

3. Time Table Substitution Incharge of BCA- Department 2009-2013.

4. President of Technoforum Club, Almora (Almora, Uttarakhand), 2002-2003.

5. Organized a Technical Expo-2005 on the occasion of Gandhi Mela, Hermann Gmeiner



1.For 10th CBSE, G.D.J.M. Public School, Nandaur Valley (Nainital)

2.For 10+2 CBSE, Gurukul Sr. Sc. School, Kichha (Udham Singh Nagar).


1.“Education Icon Award-2018”, Mumbai, December 1, 2018 by Thirty One Ventures.

2.“Principal of the Year-2018”, Kolkata, December 29-30, 2018 by IUEF and award given

by Dr K. S. Ratnakar (Grandson of Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrisnan, Former President of India)

3.“Atal Avantika Samman-2019” by Dr anand Agarwa (National Director Avantika)

4.“Innovative Leadership- The Bhisma determination Award-2019” Sirhind

5.“Padma e-Award-2019” by Mr. Arvind Gupta (CEO My Gov)

6.“Teacher Innovation Award-2019”, September 30, 2019 by Sri Aurobindo Society, ZIIEI and HDFC Bank

7.Certification on Constitution Day November 26, 2019 by “ Department of Justice Ministry of Law and Justice Government of India, Secretary Mr Alok Srivastava”.

Responsibilities & Other:

Principal Level


(a)School Parliamentary Board.

(b)Culturally based Academic Year Calendar.

(c)Separate Morning and off-day assemblies for Senior and Junior Sections.

(d)Smart Class Contest.

(e)Yoga and Zero Session for feedback/ updates of students.

(f)School Prospectus.

(g)Creation and Responsibilities of Exam Coordinator, Cultural Head, House Coordinator and House Head and Program Head Departments.

(h)Special English/Motivation Classes.

(i)Counseling Session for Teachers, Students and Parents.

(j)Monthly PTM and

(k)School’s Prospectus.

(l)Every Saturday activity/ feedback classes.

(m)Participation of school in different social programmes.

(n)Door to Door promotion by teachers (April-May) and sudden visit by me (any day).

Residential School Level

1. Remedial class.

2.Evening Games duties.

3.Actively participation of different cultural and technical activities.

4.Providing individual attention to each student as well as aiding students in building moral values, in addition to a keeping a healthy classroom environment.

5.Researching latest trends in the educational system and trying to implement the same.

6.Assume overall responsibility of a devoted educator covering professional development, Students Assessment & conducting staff meetings. Manage classroom coverage of assigned subjects as per academic curriculum to students.

7.Effectively collaborating with all levels of staff members and foster quality relationship with students.

8.Plan and instruct learners in the category of “intermediates and Upper Beginners" the entire subject using a wide variety of teaching aids, strategies and thematic units.

Personal Profile:

Date of Birth : 15th December 1976

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Married

Language Known : English/ Hindi

Permanent Address : Shri R.C.Joshi

6/49, Talli Bamori (Mukhani),

Ram-Krishna Puram,

Haldwani (Nainital)

Uttrakhand, Pin-263139

Nationality : Indian

Cell : 094********, 089********

E-Mail-1 :

E-Mail-2 :

Positions I had : PGT, HOD, President, Coordinator, Mentor, Asst Proctor, Editor in Chief, Asst

Prof, Sr Asst Prof, Convener, Proctor, Principal and Academic Council Member.

Applied for the Post : Principal

Current Salary : 90K /month + Perks

Expected Salary : Min 1.50L /month + Perks

References: 1. Dr Shreesh Bhardwaj, Director Prudence Group of School, Delhi

2. Dr. Shankar Goenka, Director WOW Factor India, Faridabaad

3. Mr.Virendra Rawat, Founder Global Green Schooling, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

4. Mr Dinesh Jindal, Director Maxworth Education Pvt Ltd., Faridabad

5. Mr. Subhash Jain, Director B R Birla Public School, Jodhapur

Date: 14/11/2019 (KOMAL CHANDRA JOSHI)

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