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Automotive Interior Trims Plastic Designer

Pune, Maharashtra, India
3.6 + PA
December 24, 2019

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Automotive Interior Plastic Design Engineer (CAD)

Prasad Kiran Kanse

Bachelor in Automobile Engineering (Year: - 2017, CGPA: - 6.75) Email: -

Mobile No: - +91-959*******.

Profile Experience Summary: Plastic Product Design 2.3 years Profile: -

• A qualified Automobile Engineer with sound knowledge of designing of automotive interior trims plastic components.

• Domain knowledge in plastic with exposure to part design and development.

• Good knowledge of Best business practices for CAD Methodology Part Design, Surfacing, Assembly Design (Clash, Section, and Positioning), and Drafting.

• Good knowledge of Plastic part manufacturing process.

• Making fully parametric part with maintaining proper part history.

• Designing proper mounting and locating features.

• Analyzing the part for tooling and manufacturing feasibility.

• Ensure manufacturing feasibility of parts. (Core Cavity, MTD, Slider, Lifter, Parting Line)

• Worked on parametric modeling by remastering.

• Ensuring issues that cannot be resolved are escalated to Lead Engineer. Software Proficiency& Engineering Tools

• CAD tools: CATIA V5.

• Microsoft office Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Project Experience - Brief Work Summary:


(AUG 2017 – TILL DATE)

Customer/Project Program: VINFAST

Project Parts: Driver Lower Panel, Switch Facia, Air vent housing bezel RH.

Roles & Responsibility:

• Close volume creation from given styling, creation of B side feature.

• Re-mastering creation of fully parametric 3D data from dump to parametric of trims parts.

• Providing proper tooling direction to complete part & parting line also.

• Generated all B side features as per RPS system.

• Parting line creation with respect to main tooling direction.

• Creation of fully 3D parametric modelling with proper part history.

• Draft analysis for checking the manufacturability of the design part.

• Drafting done as per requirement.

• Making closed volume of Class A surface, B surface and closing surface.

• Making fully 3D parametric part with maintaining proper part history.

• Create features like welding cylinder, snap, dog house, screw boss, clip tower with slider & lifter as per feasibility.

• Creation of power copy.

• Designing proper mounting & locating feature.

• Analysis of part for tooling and manufacturing feasibility. (Draft, Grain, Gap and Flush)

• Elimination of plastic defects like creating sink mark, warp edge, short shot, weld line etc.

• Adding fixation considering RPS given by customer.

• Making the interfaces for the feature like welding cylinder, clip tower, screw boss and locator on environment part.

• Creation of core and cavity separating parting line. Responsibilities Customer/Project

Program: NISSAN

Project Parts: Side Shield, Foot Cover, Recliner Cover Customer/Project

• Class A-surface analysis for graining standards.

• Study to design considering meat to metal study, Design condition, full fold, comfort condition.

• Craftsmanship consideration,

• Zone consideration. (radius requirements,).

• Responsible for packaging with environment data. Responsibilities

Personal details:

Name : - Prasad Kiran Kanse

Address : - Sagar Bldg., Room no.: - 117, 4


Floor, Sunder Lane, B.J. Marg,

Byculla (W), Mumbai: - 400 011.

DOB : - 09 April 1995

Gender : - Male

Languages known : - English, Marathi, Hindi.

Skills : - Innovative, Focused, Confident, Risk taker, Calm, Active team Member Interests : - Watch web seminar, Exploring new technologies, watch sci-fi, Animation movies, Listen music.

I hereby declare that the all the information furnished in are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Date: -

Place: - ( Mr. Prasad Kian Kanse )

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