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Cash Management PeopleSoft

Mexico City, Mexico
December 20, 2019

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Mexico City Mobil +52 1-55-476*-****


Since 1999 I am Consultant Sr Oracle PeopleSoft Treasury Cash Management Cash Flow Process AP AR GL

ERPs and Best Practices Visual Basic Excel with Macros VBA DB Access, SQLServer, DB2 and Oracle Interface Reports Crystal nVision Electronic Bank H2H Cash Flow Security Mining and Forensic Analysis Query Manager Project Manager Leader FI SAP Set Up Support Training Desing Banking Layouts EDI Transfers-Dispersion



Proyectos Varios Consultor Sr Mar. 19 – Actual

PeopleSoft Configurar, Mantto, Soporte, Visual Basic, Macros VBA, Análisis, Modelos, Procesos, SQL y BDatos.

Softtek Mexico

Proyecto Transf. Admon. Financiera Leader Oct. 16 – Dec. 18

PeopleSoft 9.1 Treasury; Analysis, Set-Up, Settings, Documents, Accept-Tests, Training.

Consultant Sr PeopleSoft (MédicaSur, Karisma, Ignia, BMV) Nov. 16 – Sep. 17

PeopleSoft 9.2 Treasury (DM and CM) and AP; Analysis, SetUp, Operational Support.


FabriConsulting and Others Consultant Sr PeopleSoft - VBA Dec. 15 – Oct. 16

PeopleSoft 9.2 Analysis, Data Mining, Training, AM, AP, GL; Analysis, Settings, Operational Supp, PreSale.

CimaIT Ecuador

Consultant Sr PeopleSoft (Aseguradora del Sur, Quito, Ecuador) Jun. 15 – Sep. 15

PeopleSoft 9.2 Treasury (DM and CM), AM, AP, GL; Analysis, Settings, Training and Operational Support.

Staff IT México

Leader PeopleSoft (Univ Javeriana and Fiduprevisora Bogotá, Col) Agu. 14 – Jan. 15

PeopleSoft 9.0 Operational Support (PO, AP, BI, AR, GL and CM)

PeopleSoft 9.1 Operational Support (AP, AR, GL and TR (CM-DM)); Support PCosting with Microsoft Project.

Ataway Mexico

Leader CM-DM and GL PeopleSoft (H.E.B. Monterrey, Méx) Oct. 13 – May. 14

PeopleSoft General Ledger 9.2 Leader (GL), Cash Management and Deal Management for the upgrade v8.9 to 9.2.

Tata Consultancy Services

Project M ABAP SAP 6.0 (America Movil-SoftwareFactory) Apr. 13 – Sep. 13

SAP 6.0 Resource Management (40 ABAPers ) in the Software Factory (Mexico - Colombia) for upgrade SAP 4.6 to 6.0.


Consultant Sr FreeLance PeopleSoft (UAG) Jan. 13 – Mar. 13

PeopleSoft 9.1 Support and Customs (TR, GL y AP) to Reports nVision and Macros VBA, Layouts for Electronic Banking (EDI-PSBD and *.txt), Queries and nVision (TR-GL-AP).


Consultant Sr PeopleSoft (S.A.T.) Dec. 12 – Jan. 13

PeopleSoft 8.48 9.1 Security for Portal Enterprise CRM, HR, Finance and LDAP with Novell.

Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila (UADEC)

Consultant Sr TR PeopleSoft (I.M.S.S.) Mar. 11 – Ago. 12

PeopleSoft 8.8; 9.1 Leader TR; Forensics, Electronic Banking H2H, Setup, Training and Operational Support: TR CM, GL, KK, AP; VW, SQL, and Cash Flows and Position, TreeManager, nVision (+ MacrosVBA), Crystal.

Tools CDS

Consultant Sr TR PeopleSoft (I.M.S.S.) May. 10 – Feb. 11

PeopleSoft 8.8; 9.1 Leader TR; Forensics, Electronic Banking H2H, Parameters, Training and Operational Support: TR CM, GL, KK, AP; VW, SQL, and Cash Flows and Position, TreeManager, nVision (+ MacrosVBA), Crystal.

Consultant Sr TR PeopleSoft (multiple clients) Apr. 08 – Sep. 10

PeopleSoft 8.15 SP1; 8.8; 8.9 and 9.0 Electronic Banking, Analysis Settings, Training and Operational Support: TR CM, GL, KK, AP nVision (+ MacrosVBA), Crystal, archiving.

Softtek de México

Consultant Sr TR PeopleSoft (I.M.S.S.) Jul. 05 – Jan. 08

PeopleSoft 8.8 Project Leader Administration and Programming Process, Forensics, Interfaces between processes PREI, MACPE and Economic Performance; Maintenance and Operational Support.

Neycon Consultores

Consultant Sr TR PeopleSoft (I.M.S.S.) Feb. 05 – May. 05

PeopleSoft UpGrade 8.4 to 8.8 Financial Projections (Scenarios and Availability), Tree Manager, Cash Position, nVision.


Consultant Sr TR PeopleSoft (multiple clients) Apr. 02 – Ene. 05

PeopleSoft 8.15 SP1 and 8.8 Analysis, SetUp, Training, Support, Elect Banking, CashM(TR); EFT Payments, Statements Bank, External Trans with EDI Manager and Bank Reconciliation.

Servicios Corporativos del Grupo LAJAT (Torreón, Coah.)

Consultant Internal TR PeopleSoft Mar. 99 – Mar. 02

PeopleSoft 7.52 SetUp TR (CM) 16 BU, Cash Flow; ElectBank, Analysis and Interfaces VB 6.0; Support AP and AR.

Servicios Administrativos del Grupo LAJAT

Manager Transportes de Gas Sol (Grupo LAJAT) Jul. 98 – Feb. 99

Logistics and Distribution in the transportation and distribution of LP Gas.

Informática (Grupo Lajat) Agu. 97 – Jun. 98

Logistics and software development (Visual Basic).

Scotiabank Inverlat

Interbank Reconciliation (RED) Sub-Manager Nov. 92 - Sep. 96

Multicash (ATM) Sub-Manager Nov. 90 - Nov. 92

Operation Banco Movil Sub-Manager Sep. 89 - Nov. 90

Branch Ejercito Nacional No 5 Wildcard Oct. 86 - Sep. 89

Branch Isabel la Católica No 1 Multicurrency Feb. 86 - Oct. 89

Staff HR (Monte Elbruz) Multicurrency Sep. 85 - Feb. 86

Branch Bucareli No 12 Multicurrency Sep. 83 - Sep. 85

Branch Bucareli No 12 Special Cashier Sep. 82 - Sep. 83


Bachillerato “Plantel Vicente Guerrero No 06” 1979 - 1983

Certifications and Others Diplomas Banking

S.A.P. 6.0. FI Academy Functional Sensitization to Change.

Lenguage A.B.A.P. (S.A.P.). Checks, Investments, Savings, Credit-Debit Card.

Accounting Receivables (AR PeopleSoft 7.52). Human relations.

Accounting Payments (AP PeopleSoft 7.52) . Administrative Sub Manager.

EDI Manager ;Certification PeopleSoft 7.52. Wildcard.

People Tools I; Certification PeopleSoft 7.52. Chief of Checks.

Treasury (CM); Certification PeopleSoft 7.52. Multiple Counter Operator.

SQL Server 7.0 House of Changes Aztlán (Currencies).

Logistic and Development (Visual Basic 4.0). Head of Changes, Portfolio and Collections.

Dbase IV; Dipploma Special Cashier.

Language English Middle - B1 – 50%

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