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Manager Assistant

Carlsbad, CA
December 20, 2019

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Dr. Rozita Moshtagh, ND


Carlsbad, CA

Tel: 310-***-****

Keyword Skills

Naturopathic Medicine Doctor (ND), Natural & Integrative Healer, BIHT, Weight Loss Consultant, Nutritionist, Dietician, Nutrition and Diet Related Work, Homeopathy, Differential Diagnosis, Pathology of Diseases, Patient Head to Toe Physical Exam, Taking patients’ Vitals, Clinical Lab Tests, Lab Interpretation and Analysis, NADH Therapy, Chelation Therapy, IV Therapy, Pharmacology, ER Med, Nutritional Counseling and Advice, Botanical/Herbal Medicine, Chiropractic Adjustment, etc. Education

License: Naturopathic Medicine Doctor: ND, California, 2015 DEA Licence: 2016

Naturopathic Medicine Graduate: BINM, Vancouver, Canada 2006 B. Sc.: Bachelor of Science in General Biology, University of British Columbia, BC, Canada, 2002 Certificate: NADH IV Therapy: April 2019

Certificate: EDTA Chelation Certificate, March 2017 Certificate: Advanced IV Therapy for CANCER, October 2016 Certificate: Nutritional IV Therapy (Intravenous Therapeutics), 2016 Certificate: Craniosacral Therapy, 2005

Certificate: Medical Terminology: Langara College, 1999 Certificate: First Certificate in English (FCE): Cambridge University, 1996 Employment History:

"Weight Loss Doctors", LA and San Diego Branches, CA March 2018-Present Consulting the patients for weight loss by medication and vitamins 150 load of patients per day

ND Practice, LA, CA April 2016-Present

Treating patients with Naturopathic Modalities, BIHT, Different IV Therapies for different Conditions especially Different Cancers and rare conditions, using Live Blood Cell Analysis and body scan in my practice: Seeing 15 patients everyday: Improved the work patient load from 4 per day to 15 per day.

ND, Weight Loss Consultant, Viva Wellness, San Diego, CA March 2016-Present Weight loss consultant, prescribing patients weight loss medication plus diet and Nutritional recommendations,Vitamin injections and IV Therapy

ND Practice Nov 2015-Present

Microcurrent4kids, San Diego, CA

Naturopathic Modalities to treat patients especially Autism, ADHD and Alzheimer’s Lab Tech Sept 2015-April 2016

SenDx, Carlsbad, CA

Making Solutions for medical device Testing, PH, Conductivity test for medical devices Research and Development (R&D)/QC Lab Technician: Dec 2013-Feb 2015 Select Supplements, Carlsbad, CA

• Following SOPs, Updating SOPS. Following GMPs

• Doing Step by Step EXTRACTION of Vitamin D and CoQ10 then Working with HPLC device analyzing Level of Vitamin D, CoQ10 in the samples

• Quality control tests on liquid fish oil plus vitamin and mineral capsule or raw materials

• Doing Microbiology tests on all samples for the presence of: E. coli, AC, Salmonella, Staph, Yeast and mold

• Making standard solution. Calculating molarity of the solution. Doing step by step peroxide test using standard solution on samples to calculate the peroxide value of the fatty acids

• FTIR test on Raw Materials

• Swabbing the Staff for presence of Bacteria in the workplace

• Testing the water system of the company for bacteria and mold

• Testing the air for bacteria and mold

Quality Control Technician/Lab Technician: 6 Month Contract: April-Oct 2013 Natures Flavors, Orange, CA: Flavor Making Company

• Ensuring product (Syrups, Concentrates, Extracts, Emulsions, etc.) quality from Microbiology to Specifications: PH, TA (Titrations), Brix, W/Gal, Water Availability

• Using HPLC device and computer to analyze the ingredients of each product

• Make/Updating products’ MSDS, COA, Allergy/Organic Certificates and Nutritional panels

• Providing and sharing my Nutritional Knowledge and ideas with CEO/Owner of the company in Improving the Quality of the products and Creating/Inventing new Nutritional and Natural food products/Medicines in mass production. Nutrition Teacher Assistant: 2009-2013

American World University, Los Angeles, CA

• Supervised and Managed the Nutrition Department, Taught Nutrition

• Researching, Updating and Preparing the Nutritional Subject, handouts and materials,

• Marking the exam papers, preparing food recipes according to the Nutritional needs of the patients and their disease state/condition,

• Being in contact, interacting and in consultation with the Chancellor Lab Technician: QC/QA, Food Residue: 2006-2009

Cantest Company, Vancouver, BC

• Preparing the Meat/ Vegetable/ Dairy samples for QC process

• Preparing specific Solutions for extraction

• Doing step by step Chemical Extraction process: Extracting Sulfanomides from samples by Analytical Chemistry process

• Working with HPLC& GC Device, Data Entry and Analyzing with Computer set ups

• Generating QC reports and Data

Naturopathic Doctor: 2004-2006

Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine: BINM, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

• Treated patients with naturopathic modalities; conducted nutritional consultations and advice regarding life style issues and diet, homeopathic medicine, botanicals, Chiropractic adjustment

• Selling Natural Supplements and Medicines in Dispensary Store Manager: Sahand Natural Foods, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada 2003-2004

• Managed store; prepared Natural Gluten Free bread and food recipes

• Cashier, customer service, and consultations

Research Assistant: Cell Tissue Culture: Oral Biology Lab, UBC, Vancouver, BC 2000-2003

• Used Aseptic Technique in Fibroblast Cell Tissue, Preparation, Maintenance

• Preparing Media for feeding the cell tissue culture

• Feeding the Cell Tissue Cultures with different medias by Aseptic Techniques

• Studying the Effects of different Chemicals on Cell Tissue Culture Growth

• Entering the data in the computer about the results Research/Dental Simulation: University of British Columbia: UBC, Vancouver, BC 99-2000

• Assisting three Doctors in their Ergonomic Dental Research

• Setting up the research materials and instruments

• Preparing and making dental slides of the simulated patients and saving them in dental simulation computer (Acu Cam)

Biology Lab Technician: Langara College, Vancouver, BC 1997-1999

• Making Media for growing Bacteria by mixing the ingredients and pouring them in petri dishes

• Classifying Algae into Species and Genus

• Setting up the biology lab sets to be used by students for each biology class Highlights of Qualifications

• Fluent in : English, Farsi and Turkish

• Responsible, Reliable, Devoted, Hard Working and Organized

• Quick to learn, Able to master skills through hands on experience

• Vancouver General Hospital Volunteering: Vancouver, BC

• Office Assistant: Volunteer Work: Res Care: Oceanside, CA References:

Mark Privitera: My Manger in LA clinic for last 4 years: 626-***-**** Kelly Costa: My former Manager in Viva Wellness: 619-***-**** Gabriella: My Manager in Laguna Hills Clinic: 951-***-****

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