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Vasant Nagar, Karnataka, India
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December 12, 2019

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Embedded Software Engineer

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Overall 3+ Years of work experience as a software engineer and IoT R&D domain, which includes technical expertise in IoT PLATFORMS, NFC, RFID, Wifi, BLE/BT,Apache tomcat, Postman, Wireshark, REST API, Linux operating system, AWS IoT platform. I have worked on IoT Product development and testing, and protocols like SPI and UART integrating IoT sensors to the Wifi module or processing boards and analyzing real-time data, plotting graphs.


●Hands on experience with constrained devices such as Arduino, RaspberryPI, Nodemcu and I am capable to trouble shoot problems Independently.

●Worked on ARM based microcontrollers like LPC1347,ARM-cortex M3, ARM-cortex M4 processors and STM32 Microcontroller development boards..

●Onboarding data to the IoT platform using HTTP or MQTT for data visualisation and analysis.

●Data monitoring and data analysis using IoT platform.

●Knowledge and experience on real time sensor integration using wifi module and storing the realtime data in MySql data base

●Integrating Wifi and Bluetooth modules with environmental sensors and visualizing data on things speak platform.

●Integrating sensors to visualize home automation data on things speak IoT platform and further analyzed the data using Matplots to plot the graphs.

●Good understanding of RTOS concepts like scheduling and process management.

Work Experience:

●Working currently as Software Engineer at Preva systems Pvt Ltd.

●Worked as Software Engineer at Cybrain Software Solution Pvt Ltd. See


M.Tech (Digital Communication) from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karanataka India - CGPA: 9.04.

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and communications from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karanataka, India - Percentage : 68%.


Integrating Wifi enabled NFC reader to IoT cloud platform and web based application. This product is designed based on the requirement to operate NFC reader to the client application. As a part of product development I have used SPI protocol to interface the PN532 sensor and the wifi-module.The module is operated based on two process read the data from NFC card and write the data NFC card.

Worked on Industrial based solutions POC to the IoT platform: The objective of this project is to access and monitor the Industrial environmental conditions remotely. As a part of this project we monitor the Industrial atmosphere such as maintain ambient temperature and humidity along with the avoidance of hazardous gases such as Carbon-Monoxide,LPG leakages,Smoke detection,Air pollution etc with in the working premises. SMS alerts were generated as a part of actuation.

Integrating agricultral based module to IoT platform: Objective of this project was to monitor the agricultural soil conditions remotely. Different sensors were configured to capture the soil moisture, humidity, nutrients Nitrogen, Phosporous,Potassium and PH data. Automatic watering on plants is implemented and SMS alerts are being generated as a part of actuation. Analysis of data using different python libraries.

Worked on healthcare systems devices, where I have automated a module to monitor heart rate and blood pressure. The realtime data was onboarded using MQTT to the IoT cloud platform and was directed to move back and forth to mysql database and excel-sheet.

I have automated waterlevel monitoring device by integrating and on boarding data to the cloud, Also developed application using python to monitor the activities.

Integrating home automation module and solution to the IoT platform, I have monitored and controlled mutiple light remotely, and also automated flow of tap water for quality and quantity measurement.

Worked on Intelligent Security Frame works using AES encryption and decryption to ensure a secure IoT framework by an End-To-End security from an IoT application to IoT devices, it provides security against the attacks which enhances the performance .

Skill Matrix


Atmega328 Microcontroller, Arduino-mega, ESP-01,32, NODEMCU, RTOS,

Raspberry-PI, SPI, UART, I2C, USB, Bluetooth,BLE,WiFi communication.

Programming Languages

Python, C


PN532,MF-RC522, MQ135-LPG leakage, MQ2-Smoke detection, MQ 7- carbon monoxide detection, Air pollution sensor, Dust Particle sensor,DHT22/11-temperature and humidity, Soil Moisture Sensor, Rain drop Sensor,DS18B20 Temperature,NPK sensors-by horiba, PH sensor, Water level sensor.

M.Tech. Project: Design, Modeling and Simulation of Electro-thermal Microactuator: Microelectrothermal actuator has been modeled and simulated using COMSOL/Multiphysics software. The actuators presented here are geometrically optimized to explore the effect of dimensional variation on its performance. The main objective of this work is to investigate the nature of deflection of micro cantilever based actuator for the applied potential difference across the base pads. I have learnt MATLAB, and MEMS(Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) modeling and simulation tools like COMSOL/Multi-physics and COVENTER WARE. I had also presented a paper on “Development of Simulink Model for Microcantilever” in the COMSOL Conference-2013 at Bangalore.


1. “Simulation Analysis of Electrothermal Microactuator”, Proceedings of ISSS Pune Conference held on 6th-7th September 2013.

2. “Survey on RF MEMS Switches and it applications”, Published at IJIRS International Journal Volume 2 issue 8, pp164-182.

3. “Modeling and Analysis of Thermal Bimorph Using COMSOL”, Presented in COMSOL Conference held on 17th-18th October 2013,at Banglore.

4. “Exploration of different Microcantilever Geometries for Thermal Sensing Using COMSOL and Development of ANN Model”,Published in STM Journals 2015,1-6, Recent Trends in Sensor Research and Technology Volume 2, Issue 1.

5. “Design and development of accident prevention & control system” Published in international journal, on May 2015, by ESRSA Publications/2278-0181,pp 813-817.

Personal Details

Name : Rachita Shettar

Sex : Female

Nationality : Indian

Language : English

Passport No : P5953749

Work Location : Bangalore.

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