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Safety Officer

December 06, 2019

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Safety Officer Safety Supervision and Leadership

IADC RIGPASS Accreditation Program, Certificate Number SXX000072438

OSH Academy Certificate of completion Professional Development Program

Occupational Safety and Health Manager

Safety Supervision and Leadership

Fire Prevention Plans

Emergency Action Plans

Over 14 years of experience as a Safety officer ensuring safety standards implementation, safety process management and ensuring the Safety and Security of the people in the workplace by establishing and providing procedures and policies for safe environment.


Safety Management process design and implementation

Safety process integration, reengineering and optimization

End user safety training and delivery

Process documentation and management reports

Hazards recognitions, Gap analysis, and Root Cause Analysis

Safety inspection and audit checks


COURSES OSH Academy Certificate of completion Professional Development Program.

Occupational Safety and Health Manager

Effective Accident Investigation

Fleet Safety Management

Introduction to Safety Management

Ergonomics Program Management

Safety Supervision and Leadership

Fire Prevention Plans

Effective Safety Committee Operations

Emergency Action Plans

IADC RIGPASS Accreditation Program, Certificate Number SXX000072438

IADC’s Rig Pass® program (including SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf endorsements) is an accreditation system delivering a standardized safety orientation program for new employees, preparing the employees for almost any operating environment, at almost any site, onshore or offshore.

Duties & Responsibilities

Interface with site supervisors on a daily basis to provide technical advice for field activities.

Verify safety precautions stipulated on permits to work, risk assessments and job safety analysis are being implemented.

Investigate unsafe and conditions and provide solutions to prevent recurrences.

Identify site hazards, non–Conformances, and Corrective and Preventive actions and bring them immediate attention of site supervision.

Generate Accident/Incident Report and corrective Action. Design Safety Meeting Presentations. Maintain and track safety files, training files certification and all license.

Monitor high risk activities confined space entry gas testing and air monitoring, lifting activities, work at height sites.

Provide, or where necessary source, training for staff in relation to Health and Safety policies and procedures. Ensure all personnel have the necessary training for the project and new hire safety training orientation.

On Site Safety inspection, where required by Client to ensure work being carried on site by ASE are meeting the Client’s safety rules and regulations. Prepare list of Personal Protective Equipment required for various jobs and maintain a list of approved suppliers, whose supplier quality is inspected and certified at time of receipt.


Walmart Supercentre Inc. KS, USA 2011 – 2018

American multinational retail corporation.

Safety officer

Responsible for the development and implementation of safety initiatives for the different operational formats within the company, including Wal-Mart Stores, Sam’s Clubs, Logistics and International. Our safety team focuses on training, promoting a culture of safety compliance, and monitoring safety compliance.

Training on numerous health and safety related processes, including:

Hazardous communications

Prepared guideline preventing from Blood borne pathogens

Fire Fighting & Fire extinguishers (A, B, C)

Emergency action plans;

Additional position-specific health and safety processes.

Vangent Inc. KS, USA 2007 – 2009

Information management and business process outsourcing

Developing and implementing safety policies for preventing workplace injuries.

Training and guiding employees in staying safe and averting accidents.

Inspecting, monitoring, and enforcing safety guidelines according to federal regulations and standards.

Inspecting interior and exterior work areas and analysing safety hazards.

Ensuring workers are wearing safety gears and taking action against violators of the rules.

Safety Advisor

Responsible to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and focus on improving work environment and plan to prevent injuries and illnesses at workplace.

Kroger (Kwik shop) KS, USA 2002 – 2008

Largest food retailer in the United States

Safety Supervisor

Kwik Shop is a chain of convenience stores and gas stations headquartered in Hutchinson, Kansas. Mainly engaged in all safety related matters and activities of merchandise.

Conduct frequent (daily, weekly as needed) inspections of specific equipment and processes.

Evaluate & Investigate accidents, injuries, illnesses and close calls as they occur and Document all your safety efforts

Review annually safety log & equipment’s as needed

Change analysis: Review new and changed processes, materials, facilities and equipment for hazards

Ensure hazard correction systems are in place and working.

Evaluate effectiveness of training.

Listen to your staff: Do employees know the hazards of their jobs and how to work safely? Are managers enforcing safe work practices and praising safe behavior?


OS and Platforms (Windows XP/7/10),

MS Office (Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint)


Nationality : US Citizen

Religion : Islam

Marital Status : Married

Languages : English, Urdu

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