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Rocklin, CA
90 per hour
December 06, 2019

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Keith R. Clayton

**** ****** ***** ***

Loomis, CA 95650

661-***-**** /


Software Developer / Project Leader / Architect


Bachelor of Science; Computer Science, Emphasis: Information Systems Design 1985 San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA


NACLC (National Agency Check with Law and Credit) Secret Security Clearance, Security+ Certification with Military Admin Credentials.


Qualified by:

32+ years of C, C++, C#, VB6, VB.NET, JavaScript, JQuery, ReactJS, HTML5, CSS, SQL Server, Oracle designing, developing and testing experience in both Waterfall and Agile/Scrum environments.


C#, HTML, JavaScript, TSQL, C++, C, VB Script, Java, Assembler, Python, Fortran, Modula-2, Pascal.


Microsoft Windows, ASP.NET, WinForms, Visual Studio, .SourceSafe, Visio, Excel VBA, SOAP, AJAX, Crystal Reports, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Access, CSS, WCF, Visio, Master Pages, SharePoint, Hadoop, Karmasphere, Hive, Netezza, Siteminder, TIBCO, SSRS, SSIS, SSMS.


WCF, Web Services, Entity Framework, LINQ, Window Services, ActiveX, Class Libraries, Setup and Deployment, Active Directories, COM, DOM, TSQL, ADO/RDO/DAO, XML, DTS, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, XSLT, XSD, SOA, OOD, Stored Procedures, AJAX, JQuery, Web API, IIS, RDBMS, Telerik, Infragistics, TFS, GIT, MVC, DTS, SSIS, SVN, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JSON, Cloud, ReactJS, Neo4j, .NET Core 2


Security Systems, Financial, Chemical, Medical, Entertainment, Banking, Office Management, Health Insurance, Satellite Networks, Point Of Sale, Relational Databases, Spreadsheets, Simulators, Plug-n-Play, Gaming, Device Drivers, Data Compression, O/S, Internet/ Intranet, Source Code Generator, Virtual Memory Manager, Resource Manager, Error Corrections, Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), Big Data, Military.


Personal Computers, Power PC, Macintosh, Hard Disc Drives, Intel Microprocessors, TCP/IP, COM Ports, Kiosks, Modems, UARTs, TTLs, Timers, Printers, Mass Flow Controllers, Cochlear Implants, Cash Dispensers & Currency Counters.


02/19– Present

Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Sacramento, CA

Architect / Senior Web Developer

· Designed and created a web based Billing Exception Tool (BET) application that allowed user to modify and track utility billing anomalies, for SMUD, PG&E, CCA’s and many other California utility companies.

· Single-handedly developed the relational database and application using MVC 5.0, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, html5, CSS3, SQL Server, AJAX, with server side security, validation and error handling architecture.

· Helped convert and migrate all billing related servers to the AWS cloud.

09/18– 12/18

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, Salinas, CA

Data Scientist / Report Developer / Senior Web Developer

· Created, converted and optimized 270 stored procedures and SSRS reports.

· Designed and implemented a full-stack hospital registration .NET Core application utilizing MVC 5.0, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, html5, CSS3, SQL Server, AJAX, with server side security, validation and error handling architecture.

· Architected and designed the SQL Server database while integrating Meditech database common tables for compatibility.

08/16 – 06/18

Joint Chiefs of Staff - J6, Rancho Cordova, CA

Cyber Security / Business Intelligence / Senior Web Developer

· Chief architect, UX Designer and developer for the Army’s Electronic Transmission Management System (ETMS) that manages accounts payable, users, and all activities related to a government issued device.

· Designed and implemented a full-stack application utilizing MVC 5.0, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, html5, CSS3, SQL Server, AJAX, TFS, and SVN with server side security, validation and error handling architecture.

· Architected, mentored and relationalized a 20 year old manually entered flat table Access database into a highly optimized third normal form Sql Server database, with nonclustered indexing and stored procedures.

11/15 – 02/16

Revenue Solutions, Inc., Roseville, CA

Program Manager / Senior Developer

· Managed a team of seven developers and responsible for browser compatibility, technical debt, code reviews, release management, department surveys & reviews using a SDLC Waterfall methodology.

· Redesigned and implemented the GUI interface using JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML and Bootstrap.

· Designed a roadmap and worked closely with the CTO & Chief Architect to implement cultural compatibility for Canada and Romania.

06/15 – 09/15

Pondera Solutions, Rancho Cordova, CA

Architect / Senior Developer

· Designed and developed single-handedly a web based MVC 2.0 web application called Link Analysis that was sold as a health care fraud investigation service to the Department of Justice and many other state agencies.

· Utilized bleeding edge big data technologies like Neo4j Graph Database and Keylines Network Visualization with node animation.

· Designed the application to be 95% client side based utilizing JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, and JSON.

· Designed and developed the database schema, table layouts, stored procedures, triggers and low level C# ADO.NET interface.

01/15 – 04/15

California Earthquake Authority, Sacramento, CA

Architect / Senior Developer

· Responsible for implementing and developing over 50 WCF web services utilizing C#, .NET 4.5, Async/Await, SOAP, SOA, TFS, entity framework, interfaces, converters, domains, repositories, unit tests Server in an Agile Scrum environment.

· Developed unit test for repositories and WCF services that inherited a universal base class that cut test development time in half.

· Utilized T4 text templates to generate c# source code that cut development time by 80%.

· Responsible for creating, migrating and mentoring TFS work items from 2010 to 2013.

08/14 – 10/14

UC Davis, Davis, CA

Architect / Senior Developer / Project Leader

· Designed and developed Inclusive Access .NET web based application that’s going to revolutionize the way Universities distribute textbooks to students.

· Architected and built the security architecture modules, import of publisher access codes, administrative modules for enrolling students and classes, the opt-out interface and many other components.

· Interfaced with the Universities Oracle Banner system via the massive data warehouse layer and created a Sql Server database to track all the Inclusive Access application related information.

05/13 – 08/14

Department of Defense, Health Net, Cognizant, Rancho Cordova, CA

Project Manager, Senior Developer, Network Administrator

· Responsible for designing and developing Tricare and twelve other MVC 1.0 web based applications with over 3 million lines of code, 180,000 files and 15 (4 production) servers saved in SVN.

· The department of defense would fine my department $220,000k per hour for a production server outage and there was never a fined levied against my department.

· Converted several SQL Server DTS packages to SSIS packages, SSRS, SSMS and VB6 applications to .NET, Python and TIBCO/Oracle applications to web based applications.

· NACLC (National Agency Check with Law and Credit) Security Clearance

01/13 – 04/13

Genworth, Rancho Cordova, CA

Senior Developer

· Architected and implemented a loan document management system for the reverse mortgage industry utilizing ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap AJAX, web services, SQL Server in an Agile Scrum environment.

· Designed and wrote the Sql Server backend stored procedures and WCF web services for tying conditions to loan documents.

· Architected and developed an html emailing system that allowed users to view documents directly from their own email account and automatically log whether the user viewed the document.

06/11 – 12/12

Intel Corporation, Folsom, CA

Senior Security Architect / Project Leader / Developer

· Team member of SAI Security Architect Investigations lab and project leader for Intel’s / McAfee’s Security Trust Model Cloud Engine developed in C#, Sql Server, JavaScript, Visio and Active Directories.

· Architected and developed a new product line with a startup company acquisition called Nordic Edge that generates an OTP One Time Password in ASP.NET 4.0, C#, JavaScript, AD, Web API and HTML.

· Managed, architected, developed the windows based Security Star PC security rating application.

· Responsible for evaluating and developing Big Data solutions utilizing Hadoop, MapReduce, Cloudera and Karmashere on the front end. Also worked with IBM’s Netezza and other large database frameworks.

· Designed and Implemented a WCF web service that communicated with existing badge systems for determining employee location as a second form of user location authentication for bring your own device.

09/09 – 12/12

Automated Gaming Technology, Las Vegas, NV

Executive Vice President - Systems

· Architected and built an Employee Banking web application utilizing ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, sockets, AJAX, web services and SQL Server.

· Wrote an AJAX interface to the Sentinel security vault via secure sockets that would dispense/deposit cash.

· Responsible for developing several web services and for configuring IIS.

01/11 – 04/11

Wells Fargo, San Francisco, CA

Senior Software Developer / Project Leader

· Rewrote the in house WIDSPlus ticket reporting systems database backend and was responsible for maintaining the application using VB.NET 4.0 2010 on the front end and SQL Server 2008 on the backend.

· Worked with managers to extrapolate design requirements and responsible for project management duties utilizing SharePoint to track open and closed issues.

· Designed and wrote several user controls in C#, JavaScript and TFS.

06/09 – 09/09

Wells Fargo, Sacramento, CA

Sr. Software Developer / Project Leader

· Architected and designed a Genesis CTI call center sales integrity web application in .NET, C#, JQuery, AJAX, and Google Charts.

· Designed and utilized several 3rd party Witness, eWorkForce and Hogan databases in conjunction with SQL Server 2008 on the backend.

· Worked with managers to extrapolate design requirements.

07/07 - 03/09

New Wave Automation, Las Vegas, NV

Sr. Software Developer / Project Leader

· Architected and developed the master page, security, active directory, database layer, style sheets, emailing, and user control components for an Admin ASP.NET web application utilizing C#, JavaScript, ADO.NET, JQuery RDBMS and SQL Server.

· Designed and implemented an employee banking, check cashing and dispensing ASP.NET, C# web application with a web service (SOA) backend using MySQL that interfaced into a dispensing vault.

· Developed a high speed imaging and archiving WinForms application utilizing Agile methodology.

· Developed several window services that monitored Bally, Aristocrat, IGT, etc. gaming buy ins, jackpot and soft count amounts.

01/07 - 06/07

Corvel, Irvine, CA

Sr. Software Developer

· Designed, developed and converted classic ASP pages to an ASP.Net web application, utilizing C#, SQL Server, ADO.NET, JavaScript, CSS, html and XML.

· Wrote a dashboard web application that monitored outstanding, pending and processed workman compensation claims for the state of California.

· Implemented the master page, search engine and style sheets.

10/06 - 12/06

Fox, Interactive Media, Beverly Hills, CA

Sr. Software Developer

· Responsible for developing and reskinning the community sections for and the new TV show for Fox Interactive Media utilizing web services.

· Utilized SQL Server 2005, C#, PHP, JavaScript, Tapestry, CSLA type framework with business objects.

· Designed and architected the system to handle high traffic volume.

· Developed a configurable .Net AJAX Web User Control for scrapping web pages so that PHP code could be injected into aspx pages in a real-time basis.

02/06 – 08/06

Capital Group, Irvine, CA

Architect / Developer

· Designed and developed a web based stock market trading application (portfolio manager) that allows investment counselors to input client assets, and portfolio controllers to perform capital gain analysis using ASP.NET 2.0, C#, ADO.NET, JavaScript, StyleSheets, User Controls, Sybase and SQL Server.

· Architected and implemented a web application that’s responsible for maintaining several critical financial and trading tables using RDBMS techniques.

· Mentored the development team and taught weekly seminars in Visual Studio 2.0, C# and ADO.NET.

08/05 – 12/05

PacifiCare, Cypress, CA

Architect / Developer

· Architected and developed a HIPPA restricted area C# Web Application that allowed management to easily automate quarterly security audits using C#, ASP.NET 2.0, Java Script, MasterPages, WebControls and SQL Server.

· Designed and developed the database relationships, schema, tables and fields in SQL Server 2000.

· Architected and wrote a Window Service that automatically emailed management alerting them to the current audit status.

02/05 – 07/05

Countrywide Mortgage, Rosemead, CA

Software Developer

· Designed and converted an old Kirchman SQL Server database schema for the recently purchased Treasurary Bank to be compatible with the new Countrywide industry standard Fiserv system.

· Designed and developed a C# Window Service that handled deposits, withdrawals and inquiries from other Fiserv compatible banking institutions.

· Reduced the overnight updating processing from 12 hours to 20 minutes.

04/04 – 1/05

General Electric Financial / WMCDirect, Woodland Hills, CA

Architect / Developer

· Designed and developed an image/document management system using C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Active Directories, Java Script, Web Controls and SQL Server for the mortgage/banking industry.

· Designed and developed a .NET C# Windows application that interfaced with different web services that manipulated XML rate sheets and allowed business management to change rates in minutes versus a programmer taking a week.

· Architected and wrote several Window/Web services in C# that interfaced with Oracle 9i and SQL Server.

· Parsed complex XML strings utilizing xpath queries and DOM.

10/03 – 2/04

Universal Studios, Universal City, CA

Software Engineer

· Designed and developed the Assumption portion of a financial forecasting application using VB6, SQL Server, Stored Procedures, Triggers, DTS, EssBase, and ADO.

· Architected, designed and debugged over 100 stored procedures and triggers and brought the database up to an N4 normalization level, in other words every value and key had a constraint to verify it’s validity.

· Modernized, standardized and redesigned the user interface to give the look and feel of a new XP application.

4/03 – 9/03

Johnson Controls, Simi Valley, CA

Architect / Developer

· Designed and developed a Homeland Security application using C#, VB.NET, C++, MFC, XML and SQL Server that allowed existing 3rd party security interfaces to interact with our existing software and hardware.

· Developed 4 different C# class libraries (Interface, Customer, Utility, Engine), a C# test module and a C++ MFC Window Service that processed XML transactions for every database change via stored procedures.

· Created and designed a relational database mapping application in VB.NET and C++ MFC that would select a source database, table and column and map it to a destination database, table and column.

7/02 – 3/03

Financial Tools, Costa Mesa, CA

Project Leader/Developer

· Built an VB.NET /ASP.Net Web Service using XML and ADO.NET on the server side and SOAP, DCOM, SOA and COM+ on the client side.

· Developed and re-architected a financial client/server Excel VBA FoxPro application that performs loan, tax and financial statement sets analysis for small to medium size banks.

· Created and designed relational database in Access and SQL Server 2000 and performed all facades of a DBA using XP Pro IIS 5.0 Local/Remote hosts, Triggers, Stored Procedures and scripts.

· Responsible for designing, implementing, documenting and testing all aspects of the development cycle.

11/01 – 7/02

Advanced Bionics, Valencia, CA

Senior Principal Engineer

· Architected and Implemented an N-Tier Client Server Visual Basic 6.0 application for configuring Cochlear implants that allows deaf patients to hear utilizing SQL Server, Access, COM, ActiveX, ADO, DAO, XML.

· Designed and developed test procedures, methodologies, use cases, extreme programming paradigm, and the TestManager application that would automatically build scripts for unit testing ActiveX / COM objects.

· Designed and developed tools and testing utilities including an add-in ErrorHandler and Line Numberer, Programmable Dialog Boxes, Emailing system, Communication Engine, Int’l Resource Manager.

3/00 – 10/01

Kinetics, Austin, TX

Director of Software

· Architected and implemented a 3 tier client server IT inventory management system, utilizing Visual Basic 6.0, ADO, XML, PL/SQL, Oracle, ActiveX and COM objects, that assists buyers with reducing inventory.

· Designed and developed an inter-organization part transfer application that identifies the need in one organization and matches it against the excess of another organization saving an estimated 2.5 million a year.

· Designed and implemented 10 individual applications that supported the above mentioned projects, Alias, Cleanup, DemandFile, LocatorFile, ReadFile, Reporter, Transaction XML, Transfer, TaskBar and Viewer.

· Created an ActiveX ADO COM caching collection class that reduces 30-minute processes to 2 seconds.

2/99 - 3/00

Kinetics / Unit Instruments, Yorba Linda, CA

Director of Software

· Created and implemented an object oriented Visual Basic 6.0 ActiveX (COM Object) DLL device driver interface that’s database driven, handles 64 serial ports and 200 generic devices per port on a real-time basis.

· Designed and developed a Digital MulitFlo Configurator Visual Basic 6.0 application that dynamically reconfigures a Mass Flow Controller and wrote the Zebra printer labeling and bar code routines.

· Responsible for the complete development cycle consisting of conceptual models, prototypes documentation, presentations, implementation, debugging and testing.

11/98 - 2/99

Southern California Edison, Rosemead, CA

Project Leader

· Responsible for reconfiguring and automating the human resource and payroll databases for the largest corporate intranet in the world, with over 16,000 users.

· Designed and developed a Visual Basic application that extracted data from remote Unix Sybase servers, and imported the modified fields directly into Microsoft Outlook, utilizing ADO/ DAO, XML, SQL, HTML, ASP, COM, technologies.

· Designed and fixed the Sybase relational database to manage the intranet for human resources and payroll, which involved triggers, stored procedures and SQL technology.

3/98 - 11/98

Rockwell Collins, Pomona, CA

Project Leader

· Designed and developed the Primary Access Terminal (PAT) GUI a Windows NT Visual Basic/ C++ touch screen application that controls the flight entertainment system for British Airways 777 and 747 aircraft.

· Implemented and responsible for the entire Graphical User Interface (GUI), interfacing via ODBC with the SQL Sever relational database back end, and many third party controls (OCX’s).

· Responsible for documentation, presentations, and interfacing directly with clients.

10/97 - 1/98

DataGenics, Hollywood, CA

Project Leader

· Developed and implemented a Windows NT Multi-User client server application in Visual Basic 5.0 for an office management and e-mail service provider system.

· Implemented and configured the object oriented Graphical User Interface (GUI), VSFlexGrid control (OCX), and the SQL Sever relational database.

· Constructed and produced the grid control that would manage the e-mail, and messaging system and allow users to configure, color palettes, fonts, screen, row, and column sizes, and drag and drop columns.

5/96 - 9/97

ACT Networks, Camarillo, CA

Project Leader

· Designed and implemented a Windows application in Visual Basic for a high speed (128k) satellite communication network management system.

· Architected and wrote the object oriented Graphical User Interface (GUI), Visual C++ high speed communication DLL, and jet engine (.mdb compatible) relational database.

· Created and produced all the system configuration dialogs, reports using crystal reports, menuing system, context sensitive right button popups, real-time background bitmap scaling, graphical image mapping.

10/95 - 4/96

Countrywide Home Loans, Simi Valley, CA

Project Leader

· Architected and implemented an Access application for Branch Support that traced all the hardware and software products being shipped and received.

· Designed and constructed the entire Graphical User Interface (GUI) involving customized controls and menu options that relate to the users' privilege level.

· Created and produced financial and statistical reports for products ordered, in stock, and shipped.

10/95 - 12/95

North Communications, Marina Del Rey, CA

Senior Engineer

· Designed and implemented the printing processes and bitmap conversion routines for an Internet WEB page browser Kiosk located at the 1995 Super bowl.

· Developed and coded error handling routines that intercept Windows NT internal messages using timers and threads.

· Designed and wrote a Windows NT ring 0 multi-port device driver that controls four parallel ports and four serial ports.

· Developed and wrote Visual C/C++ routines to automatically detect and optimize the Windows 95 performance parameters using the 32-bit SDK for a commercially released product called First Aid.

9/94 - 5/95

Cirrus Logic, Inc., Fremont, CA

Project Leader

· Organized and developed the plug and play device drivers for IBM's OS/2 WARP and Windows 95 operating systems, by creating a 'C' based nucleus that was easily transferable and interchangeable.

· Implemented and wrote the PCI, VL, and PC bus automatic detection and I/O transfer routines that would allow a user as many IDE devices as physically possible while handling the 32, 16 and 8 bit modes respectively.

· Restructured and converted thousands of assembly language lines of code into 'C' which made the code very compatible with other operating systems.

2/94 - 8/94

Fractal Design Corporation, Aptos, CA

Windows Software Engineer

· Maintained and developed the entire Windows product line for the commercially released Painter, X2, and Dabbler painting programs, which is being utilized by Warner Brothers, Disney, etc.. to perform special effects ranging from cartoons to the chrome effect in Terminator 2.

· Maintained and debugged Borland’s C++ Compiler and Apples Windows translation SDK with over 2 million lines of code for the Power PC and Pentium microprocessors.

· Designed and wrote a virtual memory manager and resource manager that allowed the existing Apple and Intel code to coexist within the same environment without changing one line of source code.

6/93 - 1/94

Softbank Inc., Monterey, CA

Project Manager

· Managed the software development for a multi-media CD catalog Windows application called On Hand that allowed users to purchase third party software products by calling in and receiving a password that would unlock the software on the CD and allow the user to use it immediately.

· Designed and implemented the Windows setup installation code and create several custom dialog boxes in C++ that allowed the user to enter the retail number and passwords.

· Designed and wrote several DOS applications ranging from gathering system information from end users to creating the entire manufacturing process.

2/93 - 6/93

Costar Corporation, Greenwich, CT

Project Leader

· Managed and implemented a printer port TSR filtering application that captures mailing addresses from a word processors print stream and then automatically prints an envelope based on the template design by the graphical layout editor.

· Designed and implemented significant changes to the graphical layout editor using the Metaware SDK.

· Redesigned and cleaned out the product by removing over 800 unnecessary goto statements, by getting the entire product to compile cleanly, and by reducing the size of the TSR filter by 25%.

10/92 - 1/93

Novell, Cupertino, CA

Senior Engineer

· Responsible for the DOS portion of the Universal Component System, which is a cross platform SDK that allows users to develop on their favorite platform Windows / MAC / UNIX / OS/2 / DOS and with relatively few changes, be able to port the code to another platform.

· Designed and implemented a cross platform virtual memory manager that virtually wasted no space by utilizing my controller experience to do away with the FAT table scheme.

4/92 - 9/92

Thuridion, Scotts Valley, CA

Member of Technical Staff

· Designed, documented and prototyped in Visual Basic 2.0 the entire user interface for Prodigy for Windows, which involved the use of MDI, DDE and DLL technologies.

· Developed and coded a Windows application that converted incompatible third party file formats into an Avery Label Pro for Windows compatible file format.

· Enhanced and maintained an address recognition application, that involved parallel and serial device drivers, TSR's, bitmaps, and user interface.

12/91 - 3/92

Borland International, Scotts Valley, CA

Spreadsheets Research and Development

· Lead programmer for the porting of Quattro Pro for DOS to the HP95LX palmtop computer.

· Designed and coded the notebook, phone book, and appointment book applications for Quattro Pro.

· Reduced the file input/output time by eighty percent and cut the program size by ninety percent.

· Designed and implemented the user Interface for the Quattro Pro palmtop project.

· Ported three-hundred fifty thousand lines of Modula-2 code to Turbo Pascal.

8/89 - 11/91

Seagate Technology, Scotts Valley, CA

Microcoder / Advance Technology Research

· Invented the Write Caching technique for drives and microprocessors.

· Architected and microcoded a programmable defect management controller for the SCSI and AT interfaces that worked for all CMOS and Seagate drive types and allowed manufacturing to reduce the size of the drive if too many defects occurred, which created a product lines based on the same hardware.

· Developed a programmable hard disc drive simulator and a caching algorithm analyzer, used for modeling and forecasting a drives performances based on different hardware and caching configurations.

· Developed a high speed (184 Kbaud) RS-232 serial and parallel communication application used for developing, debugging, testing hard disc drives, microprocessors, and other hardware components.

· Developed all the 8/16 bit tool kit applications used for configuring, downloading and mapping out defects on the drive.

3/89- 6/89

MMS International, Redwood City, CA

· Designed and programmed an IBM mainframe to PC wide area unidirectional network, involving via satellite communication and FM signal processing.

· Designed and implemented the handshaking protocols and selector codes that allowed some users to receive a full set of stock market quotes on a real-time basis while others would receive a more limited set of quotes and stories depending upon which package they purchased..

· Designed and developed from scratch an Index Sequential Access Method (ISAM) that captured data from the serial port and automatically updated the customers relational data base with the most recent stock market quotes.

7/87 – 2/89

CDC, Hollywood, CA

Vice President

· Designed and programmed single-handedly a Multi-User, multi-tasking retail Point-Of-Sale (POS) with remote workstations and printers, similar to a grocery or department store system.

· The project involved data base management, real-time processing, graphics, windowing, and printer and workstation device drivers.

· Architected and developed the entire relational database for the accounting, payroll, employee and inventory systems using an ISAM locking access method..

3/86 - 6/87

Theos Software, Walnut Creek, CA

Software Engineer / Technical Support

· Worked in technical support providing Multi-User operating system and programming lang. solutions.

· Designed and developed the manufacturing ordering and tracking system, by implementing a product and customer relational database in conjunction with an executive windowing system.

· Managed and worked in the following departments’ production, shipping and quality assurance.

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