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Customer Service Truck Driver

Austin, TX
December 06, 2019

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P.O. BOX ***, Rockdale, Texas 76567 Mobile: 254-***-**** or 714-***-****


I would like to solidify a position within your company/organization, where I can utilize all of my skills, to the best of my ability, in hope of moving up corporately. I am very easy to get along with; I can work well with or without supervision; I am a fast learner; I cultivate good qualities of leadership and I am trustworthy.


American Academy of Crisis Counselor ITGW Seminary Teacher/Instructor

Data Entry Theological Biblical Studies

Website Builder Praise & Worship Biblical Studies


Customer Service Baggage Agent ~ 10/ 2018 – 06/ 2019

American Airlines/ Prospect ~ 3600 Presidential Blvd, TX 78719 512-***-**** or 800-***-****

The main responsibility as a baggage agent is to assist passengers with baggage pickup and resolve issues with delayed, lost, or damaged items. Typically, baggage agents work in the BOS office, deal almost entirely with the general public in terms of their questions of policy and procedure.

Weighmaster /Frontend Loader ~ 03/ 2017 – 04/ 2018

Little River Materials ~ 770 Cr 255 N, Cameron, TX 76063-4026 254-***-****

Supervisor: Billy Fulton

Reason For Leaving: Plant Shut Down

Job: Weigh in or out trucks in terms of material: sand, gravel or rock load etc.. 2) Operates straight or articulated rubber-tired tractor-type vehicle equipped with front-mounted hydraulically powered bucket or scoop to lift and transport bulk materials to and from storage or processing areas, to feed conveyors, hoppers, or chutes, and to load trucks or railcars: Starts engine, shifts gears, presses pedals, and turns steering wheel to operate loader. 3) Moves levers to lower and tilt bucket and drives front-end loader forward to force bucket into bulk material. 4) Moves levers to raise and tilt bucket when filled, drives vehicle to work site, and moves levers to dump material. 5) Performs routine maintenance on loader, such as lubricating, fueling, and cleaning.

Office Manager/Septic Truck Driver - 05/14 -to 09/15

Rubio Septic Services 709 Scarborough St., Rockdale, Texas 76567

Supervisor: Rey Rubio - 512-***-****

Reason For Leaving: Temporary

Job: Prep Septic emergency response team daily for work task and job dispatching. Manage main office responsibilities: Receptionist, clerical filling and customer service calls, contacting customer for late payments, and was licensed driver for septic truck units.

Minister of Music ~ 09/2009 to Current

New Jerusalem Interdenominational Church, 103 Mulberry Rd., Rockdale, TX 76567

Supervisor: Dr. Dennis L. Brooks - 254-***-****

I am responsible for preparing the praise and worship team and choir for weekly Services. Also responsible for teaching music instrumentally and vocally in raising up the school of Releasing The Sound School of Fine Arts Ministry


Abraham Lincoln Senior High

San Diego, California 92113

Certification in Theological Biblical Studies & Evangelism Explosion

(PCU) Patten College University – 1996-1997 GPA 4.0

Saint Luis Obispo CA.

Bachelor of Arts in Theological Biblical Studies

(ITGW) Institute of Teaching God’s Word – 2008-2009 GPA 4.0

103 Mulberry Rd., Rockdale, TX 76567

Dr. Dennis & Clara Brooks

Master of Arts in Theological Biblical Studies

(AAOCC) American Academy of Crisis Counseling -2015-2016 GPA 4.0

103 Mulberry Rd., Rockdale, TX 76567

Dr. Dennis & Clara Brooks

Master’s of Arts in Theological Biblical Study

(ITGW) Institute of Teaching God’s Word – 2016-2017 GPA 4.0

103 Mulberry Rd., Rockdale, TX 76567

Dr. Dennis & Clara Brooks

Doctoral Degree in Family Crisis Counseling

(ITGW) Institute of Teaching God’s Word 2017-2018 GPA 4.0

103 Mulberry Rd., Rockdale, TX 76567

Dr. Dennis & Clara Brooks


1. Pastor Dr. Dennis Brooks 512-***-****

2. Pastor Salamasina Pati 254-***-****

3. Deacon AJ Wise 979-***-****

4. Pastor Duane Smale 210-***-****

5. Larry Blevins 512-***-****

6. Ben Krewsan 512-***-**** / 512-***-****

7. Manuel Ramos 956-***-****

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