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Financial Analyst

Los Gatos, California, United States
April 21, 2017

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Christopher Marchese

Phone: (408) ***-****, (408) ***-**** Email:, FINANCIAL ANALYST

Strategic Senior Financial Analyst with 8+ years’ progressive experience managing multimillion dollar investment portfolios and analyzing complex financial datasets. Proficient in developing targeted, high-return investment strategies in a number of markets, including futures, asset management, and mutual funds. Areas of Expertise:

• Financial Analysis & Variance Analysis

• Build Financial Models (sensitivity &

scenario analysis)

• Complex Financial and Quantitative Modeling

• Cash Flow Models, Net Asset Value & Net

Present Value Determinations

• Forecasting, Projection & Cost Analysis • Data Mining, Analysis and Reporting

• Risk Assessment / Evaluation • Qualitative Analysis, Modeling & Reporting

• Research, Investigation & Resolution • Portfolio Strategy Development / Management KEY CARE ER ACHI EVEMENTS

For Stone Investment Group, developed an investment strategy that achieved a pre-tax rate of return of 85% in 2016.

At Lemuria instrumental in raising initial capital ($7.5M) that enabled the company to acquire its first major asset.

Frequently contributed investment recommendations across the risk spectrum for popular subscription-based investment newsletter. Also wrote commentary on the global macro-economic outlook based on fiscal policy.

Wrote and published 100+ investment and economic articles in financial journals and magazines (online and print), including Investor’s Digest of Canada, The Prospector, Financial Sense, Goldseek, Silverseek among many others.

Co-Authored investment book, The Silver Manifesto (2015).

Invited to speak at several investment conferences in U.S., Canada and Australia, most recently at the Silver Summit and Resource Expo and the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. PROFE S S IONAL EX PER I ENCE


A royalty and streaming company that focuses on the acquisition of gold and silver royalties and streaming agreements. Perform financial modeling and analysis of mining projects that are of high interest to the company.

• Develop cash flow models of assets to determine fair value/Net Asset Value, incorporating asset-specific risk. Source development companies or mining operators that sought to avoid traditional avenues of raising capital (equity/debt) while meeting specific criteria.

• Appraise and evaluate assets and Net Present Value (NPV) / Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and provide estimate or quote for portfolio of assets. Generate appropriate IRRs that align with the quality of the sought after assets, such as 6- 8% IRR for high quality, high potential assets and 12-15% IRR for average quality assets.

• Conduct financial statement analysis of companies that operate an asset Lemuria seeks to acquire. Develop pro-forma forecasts of all 3 financial statements and stress test and perform sensitivity analysis on these models to ensure viability through all phases of economic/commodity cycle.

• Perform comprehensive risk analysis, including development and ramp-up, operational, financial (cost-overruns) and geopolitical issues.

• Regularly review business strategy as well as the types of returns or assets the company would accept or acquire.

• Communicate regularly with analysts, scientific experts, and executive leaders to support business model’ tenants.

• Partner with company founders to address and monitor budget issues.

• Maintain investor relationships with key financiers keeping them apprised of company developments. Christopher Marchese

Phone: (408) ***-****, (408) ***-**** Email: PROFE S S IONAL EX PER I ENCE CONT.


Stone Investment Group 2011 – Present

An investment group, which combines its capital and exploits investment opportunities (primarily in the natural resource sector), to generate the highest rate of return. The company also provides consulting services to fund managers, mutual funds, private clients, and corporations in Canada and the U.S.

As chief portfolio strategist, evaluate, determine and execute high performing strategies for the investment group that produce high returns, including long and short positions in equity, debt, futures and option securities.

• Collaborate with partners annually to develop a strategic objective based on current global economy.

• Identify high quality but miss-priced investments and develop best strategies and tools, such as going long/short on common stock or futures contracts, in order to exploit these opportunities and produce maximum returns.

• Specifically with common stock, conduct security analysis, which includes qualitative and quantitative analyses.

(Qualitative analysis includes researching and investigating company management and operations and quantitative includes creating valuation models, such as discount cash flow and variant of DCF models.)

• Produce in depth research reports (security analysis and appraisals), which include qualitative and quantitative breakdown of the security in question. Group partners use these to make decisions on their own portfolios.

• Perform sensitivity analysis with multiple variables such as changes in commodities’ spot prices, the cost of capital and projected growth rates.

• Produce industry reports on supply-demand fundamentals, particularly outlooks and projections in order to notify partners of potential opportunities, including the impact of changes in global macro-picture.

• Contribute to a popular subscription-based monthly publication (TheMorganReport), which highlights investment opportunities in natural resources and provides economic analysis of the current circumstance.

• Partner with individual investors to develop and recommend the best strategies, such as various equity securities inside or outside the natural resources sector, contracts in the futures market, or other income generating strategies to achieve maximum returns for their portfolios.

• Manage and provide coaching for a team of three financial analysts assigning various research and investigative tasks, such as looking for investment issues, signals and "red flags." INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO STRATEGIST, Vishni Capital, 2010 – 2011 INTERN; RESEARCH ANALYST, Morgan Stanley, 2005 – 2007 EDUCAT ION, CERT I F I CATE S & SK I L L S

MASTER’S DEGREE IN ACCOUNTING, Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia; 2010 BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN FINANCE, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA; 2007 CERTIFICATES:

Certified Financial Modeling Specialist (CFMS) (2016) Certificate in Advanced Accounting Proficiency (CAAP), Post-Grad, Santa Clara University; 2008 COMPUTER SKILLS: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel including VBA, PowerPoint, Outlook) MEMBERSHIP: The Mises Institute, an Economic Institute, since 2007

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