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Manager Assistant

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
April 20, 2017

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Luther B. Rone

*** ******* ****** ****

Baltimore Maryland 21218 /410*******

Objective: To master the level of Management as well as providing leadership to multiple staffing members; as long as, the company offer potential growth within the company surrounding; plus continue working with confidential file or records under State of Maryland and Federal laws on accounting, helix, school curriculums, provide company and none-organization’s.


Bachelor of Arts Public Services Completed 12/19/2014

Morgan State University, Baltimore Maryland

Major: Sociology Anthropology Minor: Criminal Justice

Related courses: Communications and Technical Writing, Community Survey, Criminology, Criminal Law Enforcement, Research Methods I and II professional structure of human behavior.

Sills & Training Abilities:

Security clearance’s working with confidential records and files for State of Maryland and Federal laws.

Implement offices procedure, Education skills, Leadership, Implement structure procedure of work duties and Mange office skills.

Administration maintain office functions, Professional phone service, Up-dating documents, Correspondences letter Request to clients, filing and data entry, typing, Use of office equipment.

Present oral presentation verbal and teaching for college courses requirement and job requirements.

Served as teacher assistant, programs operational, course provider instructor, meeting composer, education curriculum provides, before assessment testing, being on time of completion of my degree and any assignment the job required and at Morgan State University courses plus my job experience. Served as a teacher assistant, programs operation person, required courses provided in management instructor, educational curriculum, providing assessment testing, completion all requirement for BA degree and mastering multi job assignment tasks professionally in demand from each company.


[Align Staffing Services Greenbelt Maryland]

Seed School of Maryland Boarding School 2016 to 2016

One on one Counselor

Overseer for behavior problem a child, made sure he followed with good behavior instruction from his instructor, provided one on one services to the child when need in class and out of class . Also assisted with his learning by educate the student when he need assistant; if he did not understand what was presented verbally through his teacher lesson plan by speaking in his languages of understanding. I also made sure that is Behavior intervention plan was renders at all time in the class setting as well as in the public setting. I also did a daily journal on his behavior and accomplishment during each class session. My profession was to monitor his behavior at all time during his class time.

[Good Will DSS]

MVA/SHA (Administrative 1 and 3) 2015 to 2016

Administrative I Customer services was enrolling reduce far for client that meet the requirement for service for transportation’s they had to meet State and Federal guide line to be granted to us their services, this required research and following up with division that granted the client the services for reduce fare I also was responsible for the data entry for updating the system that was use as record keeping. Administrative III was handling contract which was granted to work for SHA, as a PST contract & invoices processor data updating into system of OED agency when receiving incoming invoices from the prime and subcontract vender, by updating task manager system to become current, updating the database to become current, emailing copies of invoice summary to task manager along with progress reports, create a backup using PDF filing. Entering invoices into FMIS system, handling mileage with other division, reallocating of funds to another task on contract if shortage, resolving mathematic issued for reconciliation and other task in management if needed to be rendered.

[Manager Assistant/Instructor Summer Camp]

Recreation & Park of Baltimore City 2014 to 2015

Recreation Leader

Conducting and overseeing summer campers and youth worker, instruction of the lesson and outdoor activated and worked as care taker also overseer of problem child that had behavior problem as well as reporting to parent about their behavior child and what act will be taken by signing a wavier agreement for dispensary action.

[Kennedy Services /Good Will DSS]

Administrative/Retail Store 2014 to 2014/2015

By being positive worker. I was able to be recruited again and with my skills and by having knowledge on job performances.

[Baltimore City Public School System]

Administrator Manager of Implementation Educational Program (IEP) /substitution teacher /Special Educator Assistant 2002 to 2013

Performed and manage all level of assistant in the office sector and in the class room to where I was promoted to level of teaching a class room full thirty or more student, for average Students with Special ED student 12 or less with learning disability. I also provide and use the required teacher lesson plan as well as creating my own plan to better assist the students that was in need of further assistant.

[Kennedy Service Contract threw State of Maryland]

Administrative/Fiscal Clerk, Accounting! 1996 to 2002

I work various state agencies providing these types of services: for Maryland Commission 4301 Patterson, DHR 300 W Saratoga Street, Mental Health Hygiene 301 Preston, Board of Education Baltimore Street, Parole and Probation Guildford Avenue and Morgan State University 4300 Cold Spring land. I work all the year because no one wanted to buy my contract out because, I cost too much for the level of work and skills experience’s I accumulated.

[John Hopkins Hospital Temporary pool( interim)]

Accounting/Data Entry of General ledger spreadsheet 1989 to 1996

Hospital Support Service Contractual under JHH Full time Staff

Dealing with medical records and getting payments for services on inpatient billing and keeping speed sheets up to day on general ledgers created excel spread sheets. Then promoted to a third party bill services.

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