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San Jose, California, United States
April 20, 2017

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Vijayasree Murugabhupathy

**** ********* **** #***, ******* Creek Apartments, Apartment No: 78, San Jose, CA 95126, USA

+1 669-***-****,

Career Objective

Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in a globally reputed organization by holding a challenging position with ample growth and career opportunities.

Professional Summary

Having 3+ years of experience in Research and Advanced Engineering Department –Connected Cars team and worked on analysis, design and development of reporting and analytics projects.

More than one year of experience as Hadoop Developer

Good Knowledge on different Hadoop Ecosystem projects.

Hands on experience in working with Hadoop ecosystem projects like HDFS, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, Oozie and Ranger.

Experience in Tableau and Qlikview - BI tools.

Been part in writing technical requirement documents and low level design documents.

Developed algorithms for sentiment analysis and text mining in R-Script.

Experience in OpenCV Image processing tool.

Involved in design, implementation, optimization and integration of various image processing projects.


Underwent three months Hadoop Onsite training at Nissan Research Centre - Silicon Valley (USA)

Qlikview BI tool

-Qlikview designer course ( 2 days)

-Qlikview developer course (3 days)

Hortonworks Hadoop university courses

-Hadoop Developer – Pig and Hive (4 days)

-Hadoop Developer – Java (4 days)

-Hadoop Administration (4 days)

About Myself

Quick learner and update my knowledge on new technologies.

Ability to work well as a team with good collaboration.

Have good self learning capabilities.

Possess good Analytical reasoning and problem solving skills.

Have good leadership qualities.

Critical thinking ability.

Ability to work without supervision.

Ability to prioritise tasks.

Professional Experience

Organization - Renault Nissan Technology and Business Centre India Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India

Duration - Aug 2013 to Nov 2016

Designation - Research Engineer

Orgnization - Nissan Research Centre –Silicon Valley (NRC-SV) (Onsite Project)

Duration - Mar 2015 – June 2015

Designation - Research Engineer


Programming Languges : Industry Experience : Big Data Ecosystem – Hive, Pig, HDFS, Sqoop, Flume, Oozie and Ranger,R-Script, Perl, Python, M-Script, Visual Studio – Open CV, During Education : C, C++, Java

Operating Systems : Windows, UNIX

Tools : BI-Qlikview, Tableau, Talend, Informatica, Matlab, CANAnalyzer.

Project Details

(a)Ichigen POC – With Hadoop onsite training at Nissan Research Center – Silicon Valley (USA)

Project Details : The objective of this POC is to build an early detection of part failure and priority list creation system to develop the ability to detect high impact quality problems based on wide variety of data that includes both structured and unstructured data. The POC explores the utility of additional data sources towards detection of wide variety of high impact quality problems using advanced analytic techniques.

Technology : Hadoop - Hive, Python, Informatica, Tableau, R-script

Roles and Responsibilities :

Data modelling, collecting the data from different sources, transforming the data for storing it in proper format and loading it to Hadoop – HDFS target. This has been done with python and Informatica.

Developed Hive scripts for end user / analyst requirements to perform adhoc analysis.

Very good understanding of partitions and bucketing concepts in Hive and designed both managed and external tables in hive with partitions to optimize performance.

Created sqoop jobs with incremental load to populate hive tables.

(b)Voice of Customer – Sentiment Analysis

Project Details : This project extracts information from online reviews and use it for opinion analysis to be able to ascertain the polarity of the users both at an individual and aggregated level. The need is to be able to identify the key features of a model that the customer is not happy with, as well as the ones that the customers are delighted to have. Aggregating opinions at multiple levels of granularity which includes opinion expressed by a single customer for a car, aggregated opinion of a car expressed by multiple customers, opinion expressed about each car feature and comparison of opinions for different cars.

Technology : R-Script, Hadoop – Flume, Hive

Roles and Responsibilities :

Created Flume scripts to extract the data from online sources to Hadoop-HDFS.

Developed Text mining algorithms in R-Script to analyze sentiment of Nissan customers on various vehicle model lines.

(c)Electric Vehicle Probe Data analysis

Project Details : The main aim of this project is to understand our customers in different regions and use the statistics for marketing. The analysis is based on determining the average number of quick charge per month per car, average time of charge, average frequency of charge per month, average consumption per month, average mileage per month, average number of km’s driven between 2 charges, maximum mileage driven between two charges, average mileage per trip and number of trips per month.

Technology : Hadoop – Hive

Roles and Responsibilities :

Developed hive queries for analysis.

Capturing dat from existing database into Hadoop cluster that provide SQL interfaces using sqoop.

(d)Navigation Route guidance

Project Details : These Qlikview dashboards display the paths travelled by different owners during their respective trips. By selecting the origin and destination points of a trip, the trip details will be displayed in a MAP. This application is used to analyse the performance of Nissan Leaf along different routes. Performance has been analysed based on battery charge availability, charging station availability, traffic based, terrain based, shortest distance based and majority users preferred based. This application gives route guidance to the users if the claimed path is bad.

Technology : Qlikview BI tool

Roles and Responsibilities :

Designed, developed, implemented and supported Qlikview dashboards.

Integrated data sources and database with Qlikview

Designed and developed data models and backend queries for presenting data.

(e)Lane Detection and Sign board detection – Image processing

Project Details : Lane detection and sign board detection are part of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist System). It involves detection of lane on the road and alerts the driver when moving out of the lane. A camera need to be fixed on dashboard of car. The output of camera is given to Lane Departure warning Algorithm. The lane detection system scans over the image and detects line present on the road and picks two proper lines as lanes and display distance of left and right lane. If no lane is detected, then the algorithm will predict actual lane position based on previous frame output. Sign board detection on the road is the extension of the lane detection system. It is performed using the template matching over the edge detected output.

Technology : Image Processing – OpenCV

Roles and Responsibilities :

Implementation of lane detection algorithm for ADAS.

Algorithm testing and verification.

Developed an automated tool to check the accuracy of Lane Departure warning and sign detection system.

Integrated Lane departure warning algorithm with vehicle detection algorithm and make it as a single product.

(f)EV Probe data telematics services analysis

Project Details : The main aim of this analysis is to understand our customers across different regions in terms of various service usage (Eg : telematics services ) and use the statistics for marketing and to discover new services from the patterns and trends derived from analytics. Telematics services considered for analytics includes Battery status check, Remote AC ON/OFF, Remote charge, unplugged message and charging stop message.

Technology : Perl script, Matlab script, Macros in Excel

Roles and Responsibilities :

Written scripts in Perl and MATLAB to determine the usage of different telematics services.

Developed GUI tools in MATLAB and Excel for data visulization with graphical interpretation.

Analyzed the reasons for the variation in trend for different telematics service usage.

Analyzed the data and prepred reports for different months.

(g)SCM Stock Dashboard

Project Details : The aim of this project is to develop Tableau dashboards for management visibility of Logistics KPI – Stock and ageing with ETA to dealer. The data for this dashboard is fed from Hadoop - Hive tables. Main raw data from different regions from oracle database were collected to Hadoop environment using Sqoop. Oozie jobs were written to schedule the whole process on daily basis for data updation.

Technology : Tableau, R, Hadoop – Hive, Sqoop and Oozie

Roles and Responsibilities :

Designed, developed and implemented tableau business intelligence reports.

Responsible for dashboard design, look and feel and development.

Created sqoop jobs for data ingestion to Hortonworks Hadoop cluster from oracle database.

Fed Live data from Hadoop Hive tables to Tableau dashboard.

Established connection between R and Tableau and performed statistical analysis in Tableau.

Developed hive scripts for project requirement. Created Oozie job to schedule the whole process on daily basis.




Year of Passing

Marks Obtained

B.E (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

SSN college of Engineering, Anna University,Chennai,India

June 2013



St Antony’s Girls Higher Sec School, Chennai,India

March 2009



St Antony’s Girls Higher Sec School, Chennai,India

March 2007


I hereby declare that the above details furnished are appropriate, complete and true to the best of my knowledge and conscience.

(M. Vijayasree)

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