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Engineer Network, IT Consultant, IT Manager, IT Director, CTO, CIO

Atlanta, Georgia, 30303, United States
April 21, 2017

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Professional Profile

Dynamic, motivated professional seeking a position as an IT Consultant or Network engineer involving voice, data or internet technologies. Experienced in system integration and configuration for various types of technology including Cisco networks and satellite system.

Networking * Telecommunications * Cisco Consultant

Vast experience with Cisco systems consulting, set-up and performance tuning

Fielded IDS (Integrated Dispatch System) for BellSouth

Installs, trains, test and turns-up systems, including hardware and software

Strong consulting experience with commercial and government agencies

Implemented and monitored satellite uplinks in the U.S. and abroad Technical Skills

Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP/7, file/print/web/database/application servers, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, EMC SAN, TCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS, WINS, SMTP, SNMP, MPLS, BGP, EIGRP, OSPF protocols, PROMINA, Cisco network hardware

(routers, switches, firewalls, VoIP, VPN), activity logs, LAN/WAN, Unity, UCCX, TACACS, LDAP authentification, Cisco IDS, SMS, SMSC, Cisco BPX 8600, Cisco IGX 8400, SOA, Network Security, Cisco IOS, CCNA Certified, Checkpoint, DMZ, Proxy, NAC

Professional Background

2013- Assistant IT Director-Georgia Correctional Industries, Decatur, GA.

Drafted and published IT policy letters in the areas of Disaster Recovery, Internet Data Usage and obsolete IT Equipment, to support 700 staff members.

Responsible for developing and implementing a strong information technology strategic direction in support of organization's objectives and mission. S/he will ensure that the organization’s technology infrastructure operates efficiently, reliably and securely as needed to support its mission and activities. Work closely with other departments to identify, recommend, develop, implement, and support cost-effective technology solutions for all areas of the organization. Plan, coordinate and direct IT-related activities of the organizations and will oversee all staff and vendors that are involved in providing IT services and support.

Reduced trouble calls by 94% on IT hardware with analytics data. 2

Reformulated vendor contracts to provide a tighter response window time for onsite repair functions, thereby cutting down time to 4%.

Reduced IT hardware waste by 100%, through green resources.

Collaborated with AT&T services to engineer a plan to increase backbone throughput speed by 40%, saving the State of Georgia 1 million dollars in build out cost to the infrastructure.

Insured that the IT program was HIPPA compliant.

Proactively review internal and external processes that impact teams and develop plans to improve the efficiencies of the group.

Implemented measures with IBM that enhanced core network uptime to 97%.

Manages the F&I budget for all the State of Georgia IT contracts and vendor relations.

Excellent facilitator and team builder motivates staff and fosters team cohesion.

Over the last 12 months, cut IT hardware costs by 1 million dollars.

Reengineered the network to insure additional IP addresses were available for growth.

Manages the IBM BRMS backup system to provide Data Domain and Avamar the data for the offsite backup.

Google email and applications administrator for 700 employees.

Lead the migration effort to Microsoft Office 2013.

Developed and tested software for mobile tablet distribution.

Worked with vendor to develop environmental systems app for IPhones.

Tested and installed biometric system for building security. 2012-2013 Network/System Engineer GCI Decatur, GA.

Installs, configures and supports local area network, wide area network, internet systems, computers, mobile devices, and VPN and wireless systems for the state of Georgia. Configures, test computers and network software and operating systems.

Monitors SolarWinds to determine network performance for bandwidth, network capacity, threats, port failures, malware, and device failure. Uses Cisco ASA 5500 to maintain and support network access security. Establish and maintain VPN support using Cisco VPN Client, to allow computers to connect to the virtual private network. The client makes remote resources of another network available in a secure way as if the user was connected directly to that "private" network. The client is normally distributed with an executable installer and profile file(s), which contain all the necessary information to easily connect to a network. The client uses profile files (.pcf) that store VPN passwords.

Maintains and monitors the IBM AS400 enterprise server for the state of Georgia. Currently going through an upgrade to IBM Power 7 architecture. Supports client requests for reports, profile adjustments and resources alignment. Designed for virtualized consolidation of business-critical workloads, the IBM Power 7 delivers 3

on performance, availability, efficiency and virtualization in a way that is unique in the industry. Power VM virtualization enables continuous, dynamic resource adjustments across all partitions and operating environments to optimize performance and enable higher utilization levels while optimizing energy usage. Supported environments include AIX, IBM i, Linux for Power applications, all on the same system.

Manages Cisco 1800 for connectivity to the WAN, to provide high-speed digital data transmission between customer premises equipment (CPE) and a central office. Deploys S2 Pronto Security equipment and software for building access for all doors and the server r room. The system also has camera feed provided over the network for console access. Uses the Cisco 2600 Multi-Service Platform for HTTPS access to the router for SDM. To manage the large number of WAN network modules and interfaces, the Cisco 2800 handles this area of the network.

The TRENDNetTPE-S80 delivers data and power over existing Ethernet cables to Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled devices such as access Points and IP Cameras. To control who can access the network, authorize what types of network services are available for particular users or groups of users, and to keep an accounting record of all user actions in the network, the Cisco 1113Access Control is deployed. This appliance supports access control and accounting for dial-up access servers, firewalls and VPNs, Voice-over-IP solutions; content networking, and switched and wireless local area networks (LANs and WLANs). In addition, I can use the same AAA framework, via TACACS+, to manage administrative roles and groups and to control how network administrators change, access, and configure the network internally. Designed and built an Office 365 environment to include Cloud backup for files.

2011- 2012 Chief of Network Operations, Latin America, C.I.A., Langley, VA.

Deploys IP network concepts, including routing and switching technologies. Tier- three troubleshooting and implementation of advanced network architectures as directed by an appropriate senior engineer. Vast experience working with dynamic routing protocols, IP subnetting, VLANs, STP, and QoS components.

Provides operation training, new equipment training and/or onsite support to 250, U.S. government personnel. Includes advanced operations, maintenance procedures, setup, satellite acquisition, configuration and troubleshooting. Provide direct oversight support to government appointees during testing exercises and operational field trials. Recommends course of action for deployment of Cisco routers and switches to support varied mission requirements.

Protocol/Network Theory Experience using packet analyzer, sniffer and IDS/IPS tools. Utilizes his understanding of DMVPN configuration and troubleshooting, routing protocols (OSPF, EIGRP, and RIP), switching fundamentals (VLANS, VTP, Port Security, and Spanning Tree). Concepts within DMVPN architecture, and an understanding of TCP Acceleration and QoS over Satellite.

Design and oversee implementation of end-to-end integrated systems. Deliver architectural initiatives that drive revenue and improve efficiency in line with 4

business strategy. Cultivate relationships with IT management. Maintain in-depth knowledge of the organization's technologies and architectures. Develop and maintain current and planned state architectural blueprints. Develop and maintain aspirational architectural road map for the enterprise. Communicate architectural decisions, plans, goals and strategies. Gain organizational commitment for enterprise level architecture and infrastructure initiatives. Provide architectural direction to Enterprise Architects, Business Architects and Solution Architects. Develop architectural metrics and reports for the executive team, business and IT management. Maintains direct F and I accountability for 2.5 million dollars of IT equipment.

2010- 2011 Booz Allen Hamilton, Senior Consultant, Atlanta, Ga.

Trains and instructs FORSCOM, ARCENT, First Army and USARC personnel on how to provision, manage, and support team sites using Microsoft SharePoint Portal. Also maintains the COOP site for FORSCOM Headquarters. Maintains SIPR and NIPR systems as well COMSEC for designated systems.

Provides Defense Readiness Reporting System – Army (DRRS-A) training and implemtation to Department of Defense assets. DRRS-A follows the Department of Defense (DoD) Net-centric strategy in making Army readiness data visible, accessible and understandable. Outstanding presentation skills.

Headquarters Army Staff (HQ DA), Combatant Commands, and Army unit levels bridge the knowledge gap between readiness status, war plans and courses of actions (COAs). DRRS-A supports the implementation of emerging Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) concepts and processes for manning, equipping, training and readiness. Assigned to Kessler Air Force Base, MS., as a CompTIA Security + instructor for U.S. Air Force personnel. Additionally, designed and developed course materiel. Taught and designed the course material for SharePoint for FORSCOM staff. Designed dashboard’s for key personnel.

Designs and manages Checkpoint firewall infrastructures. Briefs staff and engineers on how to deploy network topologies, design, routing, switching, and MPLS/VPLS. Understands Cisco firewall technology, design and administration, uses IP networking, TCP/IP and packet analysis, to understand threats to the network. Advises staff on the latest network threats and how to implement safe guards. Understands remote access design and implementation with various dual factor authentication methods, uses DOD tools to implement RSA platform on classified equipment. Uses ISA Server Management Console to configure the proxy server, blocks unauthorized websites and controls data access to keep your computer protected from spammers or hackers. Builds VPN to VPN connections over layer 2 or layer 3, using Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). 5

2008- 2009 Tier III Network Engineer AT&T, Atlanta, Ga.

Tier III data network engineer, performs software and hardware connectivity solutions for Blackberry, I-phone, and air card devices.

Uses Snooper, Remedy, CARD, MTi, Poet, GX-MMS, Mobile 365, Nokia-MMS and Light-Surf to rectify customer profiles and network functionality.

Provide GGSN Network and application support for The New AT&T 3G UMTS/EDGE wireless network, supporting IP networking and underlying protocols, IMS,HLR, VLR, SMSC, SMS, SS7, Voice Tones, WAP Push, Star Services, GPRS, Express Mail, MMS, Nokia Openwave and SOA for 3G wireless data. Support AT&T messaging interfaces delivery mechanisms using TCP/IP, SS7 Voice Recognition, SSL, and CDMA.

Uses Cisco Enterprise switches and routers. Cisco Nexus 7000 series switch, running on the modular NX-OS firmware/operating system on the fabric. Performs system configuration on Cisco BPX 8600, Cisco IGX 8400 switches, and monitors network traffic for FECN and BECN issues.

Creates new network designs to meet network requirements and suggest recommendations based on those requirements to management. Uses multiple components for load balancing, instead of a single component, to increase reliability through redundancy. Load balancing service is provided layer switches and HPOV and SolarWinds NTA v.3.5 by dedicated software or hardware.

Co-ordinate, configure and install network configurations. Configure switches, routers and make sure the cables are connected properly.

Ability to create back up strategies for the data and recovery plan for the network.

Develop designs with 100% Network security and ability to maximize the usage of equipments given by Cisco 7000 routers.

Promptly reports to management about the Network Performance.

Uses Visio extensively to maintain the system diagrams.

Employ’s Change Management practices throughout the network. 2002-2008 U.S. Army Ft. Gillem, Ga.

Telecommunications operations chief for G-6, First Army.

Trains, Installs and tests network, telecom, GCCS and email systems.

Installs SIPR, NIPR, C41SR, VOIP systems for the First Army command.

Utilizes SINCGARS, UHF, VHF, TROPO, Satellite, PLGR, ANCD, PKI and Promina Operator and Maintainer for the installation, maintenance, and integration of Promina 200, 400 and 800 multiplexers, media converters, GPS timing, and COMSEC into echelons above corps (EAC) networks. Breakout session covers differences between Data Package and ESB systems. Promina network architecture, technology is crucial for effective network implementation, utilizing tactical communication assets such as the Joint Network Node and the Single Shelter Switch (SSSv3). Twenty years plus of experience installing and using RF technology around the world in VHF, SHF and Microwave technology. 6

20 years of years’ experience as a Technical Trainer and content developer for telecom systems for special operations missions with U.S. Army Rangers, U.S. Army Special Forces and U.S. Navy Seals.

Supervised Mobilization sites at Ft. Bragg, Ft Hood, Ft Steward, and Ft Drum.

Coordinates and provides all C41 support for First Army sponsored exercises to to include tactical communications equipment, employment, systems engineering, electronic switch network, COMSEC management, leased circuit requests, satellite access request, frequency assignments. Devised and designed the first IED course for personnel for deployment in theatre, reviews reports from Third Army CFLCC and the CIA to study current trends in tactics. Designs and architects Department of Defense systems. Serves as the PM for all Army implementation programs. Teamed with IBM to study to practicality of implementing blade servers in the Army facility. Used Microsoft tools such as MS word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint as well as MS project to track the testing for the project, which lasted 4 months. Cost analysis indicated that IBM Blade Server would reduce rack space, lower power cost, and increase the efficiency of the applications supported therein. Worked with IBM engineers to configure and install all hardware, cost of this project was 2.3 million dollars. Insures the network is free of viruses and malware using Cisco IDS tools. 2002-2002 Consultant for Bellsouth Birmingham, Al.

Implemented IDS system in 9 states for BellSouth.

Performed upgrades and performance tuning to increase efficiency.

Integrated IDS with LMOS, WFADO, WAFDI and MAPPER permitting a single multi-functioning system.

Upgrade saved BellSouth twenty-million dollars in annual budget. 2000-2001 VSAT Terminal Engineer SpaceNet, Marietta, Ga.

Maintains VSAT terminal operations including hardware and software upgrades.

Insures network availability of 98% while assisting clients with network issues.

Performs testing on HPP, HSP, VSAT and Dell servers and PC’s.

Developed VSAT/Telecom network for key clients such as Shell, Amoco, Rite- Aid, U. S. Postal service, AT&T, Peugeot and Citroen.

Instrumental in the development of telephone systems in difficult areas such as South Africa, Chile, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan to increase market share. 7

1999-2000 Senior Cisco Consultant KPMG, Atlanta, Ga.

Increased revenue by researching new business lines to utilize Cisco products.

Designed and developed working models for assurance compliance and used Ciena’s DWDM switches, Sonet, Ethernet, Fast/Gigabit Ethernet, L2/L3 switching.

Lead consultant for NASA and the Justice Department proposals for KPMG. 1998-1999 Network Engineer-Team Lead British Telecom, Atlanta, Ga.

Lead a team of network engineers responsible for BT global Cisco network.

Performs and operates various Cisco and routers 2500, 4700 and 7000. and the Cisco 8000 series switches BPX, AXIS, IGX and DWDM ONS.

Provides installation guidance for Cisco equipment around the world, performs firmware burn-ins. Utilizes TCP/IP, BGP, OSPF, RIP, EGP Internet protocols.

Line speeds range for network usage T1, E1, OC1-48.

Maintains various networks using frame relay, ATM, packet switching, PVC, Sun Solaris.

FR-ATM service Interworking, Cisco IOS, and Optical Switch Gear. 1995-1998 Network Manager BellSouth, Atlanta, Ga.

Maintains all networking functions in the Atlanta area, P&L, seven hundred thousand per year.

Directed, trained and managed 20 technicians that allowed NBC to broadcast the 1996 Olympics Games.

Oversaw a network based on a SONET ring and fiber feed while broadcasts were made through encoders and decoders (Nortel/Alcatel), CSU/DSU, conducted Sonet ring testing with the T-Berd 310/810.

Lead the team that completed work on all satellite uplinks in Atlanta, Ga., to NBC in New York that televised the 1996 Olympics Games to the world.

Implemented and completed test markets for ISDN, ADSL, and wrote the technical manual for system faults.

Installed and trained staff on the new Cortelco switch for E911 Atlanta Fire/ Police Departments.

Insured all company systems were Y2K compliant on BellSouth networks. 8

Computer Capabilities

Trained on the following Computer Programs and Equipment PFS-1, D-Base, Windows, Office, XP, Vista and Windows 7 Enterprise Secret Agent, NEC Private, .NET, Chameleon, HTML, JAVA, OO, Perl, Cool Mode, PKI, Netstream 2009, Asset Tracker 8.3 Cisco VPN Client, Chaos Shredder, Find Current User, Implementation of Sonet and Fiber Systems Network transport Over T-1 (1.5mbs) through (2.1gbs) OC-48, S2K, AS400, Log Mein Rescue, Google Administrator, Bio Star Biometric systems, Cisco ACS 1113, Cisco ASA 5550, Wire Shark, AVG, NMAP, MS 365. Educational Background

United States Army Sergeants Major Academy

Ft. Bliss, TX.


Information Security (cum laude), Capella, Minneapolis, MN KPMG ALUMNUS


Criminology, Brenau University, Gainesville, GA.


Criminal Law, (cum laude), Central Texas, TX.

Specialized Training

AT&T, FT2000 OC-48, Atlanta, GA. Cisco, IGX 8500, Chicago, IL. Alcatel/Nortel Codex, Atlanta, GA. CCNA, Parsippany, NJ., Sonet Architecture, Atlanta., GA. CompTIA, A+, Atlanta, GA. Advanced Comm. /Elec., Ft Gordon, GA. SharePoint, Atlanta, GA. Cisco, BPX 8600, Chicago, IL. Security+, Atlanta, GA., Promina/IDNX, Ft. Gordon, GA. Broadband Switch/Config. Chicago, IL. Strataview+ Ins/Ops, San Jose, CA Cisco Router Config, San Jose, CA Cisco MGX ATM, San Jose, CA Multi-Band Switch, San Jose, CA. VSAT Hub Ops, Atlanta, GA OC48 Ring Terminal Ops, Atlanta, GA Broadband Switch, San Jose, CA., DOD Cert&Accred. Process, Atlanta, GA. Info Systems Security, Atlanta, GA. UNIX Security/Sys Admin., Atlanta, GA. 9

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