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Customer Service Technical Support

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States
April 21, 2017

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Xavier C. Villarreal, Ph.D.

P. O. Box *** (email)

Solebury, PA 18963

Experience includes:

Product and instrument support and maintenance

Data analyses

Writing Technical literature

Lab support

Database mining, support and maintenance

Windows, Linux Computer hardware & software

Web Authoring & Web site maintenance


Project management

Customer service and support

Marketing & sales support


University of Phoenix-Fall 2005-present, 3157 E. Elwood St. Phoenix, AZ 85034.

Online Instructor.: General Biology, Introductory Chemistry, Genetics, Immunology, Environmental Science.

Warren Community College, Fall -2004-Fall 2005, Fall 2009-Spring 2014. 475 Route 57 West Washington NJ, 07882. Adjunct Professor: Anatomy & Physiology General Biology, Genetics Environmental Science, and Microbiology Lecture and Lab.

Tosoh Bioscience LLC- Feb 2008 to April 2009, 3604 Horizon Drive, Suite 100,King of Prussia, PA 19406

GPC Marketing Manager

Marketing: Generated leads, developed sales and marketing aids that included brochures, print advertising, and electronic advertising. Developed and expanded technical knowledge necessary for product line management and customer interaction. Identified and proposed new projects which enhanced the performance of the product line.

Project Management. Created forecast analyses and planned marketing budget for product line. Interacted and supervised technical staff to complete research projects for application literature. Coordinated with company scientists and consultant the preparation of technical seminars to external organizations.

PBL Biomedical Laboratories: December 2005 to Feb 2008, 31 Ethel Rd W # 6, Piscataway, NJ 08854

Product Manager & Technical Support Scientist.

Product Management & Technical Support Responsible for managing the product line through the product life cycle. Product development included both strategic planning and tactical activities. Evaluated current product offerings related to strategic objectives, customer requests and business value. Interacted with different functional groups within company to validate, improve and develop new products.

Project Management. Scheduled and executed development of company website . Administered Linux hosted web site Configured, implemented and maintained MySQL database to integrate product catalog, product documentation and application usage. Planned and organized the addition of product data and technical literature for company catalog.

Customer Service and Technical Support. Built credibility, established rapport, and maintained communication company and external stakeholders. Provided technical and scientific support of immunological products. Gathered and analyzed customer-focused research using company products. Reviewed and authored technical and application notes, product protocols, created customer knowledge base, curated the reference database of products, and customer service database. Administrator for Salesforce CRM, set up and operated web site on Linux server.

Mergen Ltd, November 2001- April 2002,14826 Wicks Blvd, San Leandro,CA 94577

Application Scientist

Application Support. Became subject matter expert on genomic technology and provided vision and leadership to technology R&D efforts. Deployed scientific and technical and computer support to customers using company products.

Market and Sales Support. Monitored and analyzed new technologies and informed company of their potential applications to our business. Designed and proofed marketing materials on product features. Accompanied sales staff at trade and science meetings to answer scientific and technical inquiries. Attended numerous meetings and teleconferences with executive and senior management.

Product Development and Support. Met with end-users to define new product requirements and work with product development teams to document product requirements. Coordinated collaborative efforts with a third party on the validation of a new microarray product. Participated in strategic planning for next-generation product functionality and technology.

Customer Service and Technical Support. Provide technical, statistical analyses of data, and scientific guidance on use of company microarray products and services. Technical reports written on studies using company products. Filed strategic summaries on client visits.

Presentations. Developed concise and meaningful lectures for internal and external audiences, including education and coaching of sales staff, training of user groups, and presentations at symposia, trade shows, and key customer accounts.

AppliedSensor, Inc., December 2000-September 2001, 53 Mountain Blvd Ste 207, Warren, NJ 07059

USA Application Specialist & USA Manager of Testing Lab

Operated US Chemical Sensor Testing Lab. Set up, managed and conducted customer tests, validated and developed applications for chemical sensor technology. Maintained and operated chemical sensors and gas chromatography instruments. Wrote feasibility reports and analyzed client generated data.

Customer Service and Technical Support. Devised research projects from conception through implementation, follow-up, and statistical analyses. Mentored customers, provided technical and scientific support, installed and repaired equipment and supported software applications. Edited and authored application technical notes.

Market & Sales Support. Cultivated client relationships. Arranged and ran company product demonstrations at trade conventions. Assisted with educating the market and articulating awareness about AppliedSensor’s blend of key sensor technologies and targeted applications. Traveled to Europe to attend Marketing and Sales meetings with senior management and recommended ideas for the growth of the technical base.

Product Support. Acted as liaison between Sales and Marketing, and Technology groups to support product positioning and client demand. Interacted with internal R&D groups and customers to devise testing protocols, software and equipment developments.

Presentations. On site lectures given to key technical and management decision-makers at customer organizations.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, May 1993-May 2000, 3551 Lawrenceville Princeton Rd, Lawrence Township, NJ 08648

Research Scientist

Established DNA Sequencing Facility. With no prior knowledge of instrumentation, completed task in four months, two months ahead of schedule and eliminated expensive outside research costs. Responsible for operating within department budget.

Subtractive hybridization and RACE technology to identify novel targets for drug discovery programs.

DNA cloning, RT-PCR and protein purification of molecular targets for drug discovery programs.

Cell based Assays-cell cycle, apoptosis and cell proliferation assays were performed.

Project Management. Responsible for scheduling and completing client requesting for cloning and expression of molecular targets for department drug discovery projects.

Served on Genomics Working Group Committee. Identified new technologies in the pharmacogenomics field and recommended software and instrumentation.

Databases created for biological and chemical repositories. 4th Dimension and Filemaker Pro programs used to for creating Endocrinology chemical Minideck, and repository for cells and tissue specimens. Set up local intranet to for Web browser based access to Filemaker databases.

Scientific Instrumentation: Applied Biosystems Automated DNA sequencer, Applied Biosystems gas phase Protein sequencer and HPLC chromatography, liquid handlers, Boehringer Lumi Imager F1 Workstation, Fuji Bioimaging Analysis System (BAS) PhosphoImager, autosamplers, plate readers, spectrophotmetry and general laboratory equipment.

Committee Member on Multi-functional MacIntosh to Windows NT migration; As part of the migration from MacIntosh to Windows platform migration, part of a committee responsible for evaluating and recommending scientific MacIntosh software replacements.

Computer Hardware/Software Support: Networking experience with Mac, Windows and Linux.

Presented scientific data, literature and computer and data analyses to department scientists numbering 100 people. Authored reports on assay development, molecular biology and laboratory protocols and drug target discovery.

Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, 1991-1993, 222 Maple Avenue, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Post-doctorate Fellow.

I worked in the Department of Cellular and Developmental Biology. Cloned Xenopus ATF transcription factor using 5’ and 3’ RACE technology. Performed whole mount in situ hybridization on developing Xenopus embryos.

Publication: First author on peer reviewed scientific journal.

U.Vermont, Burlington Vermont, 1986-1990, University of Vermont College of Medicine,Burlington, VT 05405

Graduate Student.

Core Facility: Supported Dept of Biochemistry investigators by running and maintaining the protein sequencer and providing protein isolation support. Reverse phase HPLC chromatography for isolation and quality assessment of proteins and nucleic acids

Graduate thesis-Cloning and Genomic Organization of Human Osteonectin.

Publication: Published 4 first author papers as student in peer reviewed journals.

U.Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio Texas, 1985-1986, 7703 Floyd Curl Drive, San Antonio 78229

Research Associate.

Core Facility: Ran the department protein sequencer. Affinity and gel chromatography used for protein isolation. Additional duties included, cell sorting of specific T-cells, microscopy,immunochemistry, generating monoclonal antibodies, and running ELISA assays.


Ph.D., Biochemistry-University of Vermont, 1991.

B.A., Microbiology-University of Texas at Austin, 1982.

B.S., Zoology-University of Texas at Austin, 1981.


Web Database Developer Certified: September 2006, Rutgers University Center for Continuous Professional Development. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MYSQL, PHP, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop.


Weidong-Richard Ji, Francis J. Castellino, Yuan Chang, Melanie E. Deford, Hilary Gray, Xavier Villarreal, Mohammad Eghtedarzadeh Kondri, Daniel N. Marti, Miguel Llinás, Johann Schaller, Robert A. Kramer, and Pamela A. Trail Characterization of kringle domains of angiostatin as antagonists of endothelial cell migration, an important process in angiogenesis FASEB J. v. 12:1731-1738, 1998.

Villarreal, X., J Bricker, HK Reinert, L Gelbert, and LM Bushar. Brief Communication. Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci for use in population genetic analysis in the timber rattlesnake, Crotalus horridu. J Hered v.87: 152-155, 1996.

Villarreal, X.C. and Richter J.D. Analysis of AFT2 gene expression during early Xenopus laevis development. Gene,v.153, pp. 225-229, 1995.

Villarreal, X.C., Grant, B. and Long, G.L. Demonstration of Osteonectin mRNA in Megakaryoctes:The Use of the Polymerase Chain Reaction. Blood, v.78, pp. 1216-1222, 1991.

Villarreal, X.C., Malaval, L., Mann, K.G. and Long, G.L. Epitope Mapping of Two Monoclonal Antibodies to the Central Portion of Human Osteonectin. Calcif. Tissue Int. v.48, pp. 138-141, 1991.

Villarreal, X.C. and Long, G.L. A General Method of Polymerase Chain Reaction-Enabled Protein Domain Mutagenesis: Construction of a Human Protein S-Osteonectin Gene. Analytical Biochemistry, v. 197, pp. 363-367, 1990.

Villarreal, X.C., Mann, K.G. and Long, G.L. Structure of Human Osteonectin Based Upon the Analysis of cDNA and Genomic Sequences. Biochemistry, v.28, pp. 6483-6491, 1989.

Seminar Presentation

Strategic Research Institute Antibacterial Drug Discovery & Development & Development Summit Title: Mergen’s Staph aureus Array

Product Manuals

Wrote VOCcheck User Manual. Edited and Modified VOCmeter User Manual and VOCmeter Quick Start Guide.

Company Presentations

AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Curagen, EntreMed, Gene Logic, Human Genome Sciences, Intradigm, Millenium Pharmaceuticals Inc., GeneVention LLC, Novartis

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