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IT Administrator/Technical Support Engineer

Corona, California, United States
January 31, 2017

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London Borough of Merton (Local government) – London UK

Technical Support Engineer May 2010 – Sept 2016

Duties involved providing support for software and hardware environments (user base approx. 3000 employees) and the public (Local borough residents). Main goal was upgrading all of the existing desktops to windows 7, the remaining 70% were moved to the Citrix environment, looking towards the future for a 100% reliability, along with maximum security and redundancy. Some achievements included having a very secure network, functional adaptable systems, minimal downtime, passing COCO compliance, regular maintenance on all hardware/software (desktops, servers, SAN, backup servers, VM, Citrix etc.).

Implemented & developed new SFTP server (Globalscape), moved all normal FTP traffic to SFTP method.

Installed Web based secure file sharing system, secured data traffic for corporate network by 95%.

Over 2 years Globalscape administration experience, proficiently used application to setup new users, rules, schedules, scripts, certificates.

Regular testing and maintenance involved when implementing new systems into the SFTP environment, logs and network traffic analysed for secure data transfer.

Implemented upgrade of public secure network, all hardware replaced, upgraded software and active directory structure.

Used variety of applications to perform upgrades on our data centre as well as keeping our software environments and development systems up to date.

Maintained network infrastructure for local government buildings, including closed networks for public domains used in our information centres.

Scheduled and implemented upgrades for patching servers and desktops, used security software (Sophos) to monitor all machines and network infrastructure.

Delivered security software patches for all systems, applications, i.e. Windows, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, MS SQL Server, IBS, Civica etc..

Assessed all IT equipment, looked at new technologies (WFH, tablets, mobile computing) providing new opportunities for staff solutions.

All IT equipment was standardized, IT audit maintained every month, stock overhaul was implemented.

Provided disaster recover backup solutions for management e.g. duplication of essential systems, backup solutions introduced, database replication created, network lines added etc.

Used and developed scripting files to automate manual processes undertaken by users, continually looked at departmental and system improvements.

Took control of a scheduling system to streamline batch payment runs, creating complex charts picking up values, manipulation of data, adjusting and creating data files for users and other systems.

Provided on-call support, out of hours support for all systems and users.

Took on more responsibility when department manager was on sick leave, managed all sql and Unix related queries.

Assisted SAN upgrades, created more storage in a smaller form factor with better performance and redundancy factor.

70% of users moved to the Citrix environment, application testing, 3rd party software support, new servers provisioned within the Citrix environment.

Fail over site created, essential systems and network infrastructure created, replication processes created between both networks.

Key accomplishments

Citrix environment introduced, reduced 70% hardware failures, software implementation from central point, more flexibility working environment created.

VMWare environment implemented, 70% of servers decommissioned and moved over to VM solution, hardware footprint in datacentre decreased, power and thermal output reduced by 30%.

Manual processes automated, data manipulation, email notifications, schedules created, created scripts which resulted in 80% reduction in manual processes.

Project managed Windows 7 upgrade for 3rd of the user base including dealing with 3rd party support for software compatibilities and hardware upgrades, managed 4 contractors to achieve this goal.

Streamlined turn around production of re-servicing, re-building, creating new desktop hardware, servers, portable hardware, this was achieved by using image servers for all the standard/non-standard builds.

Automated uploads/downloads of data for end user requirements, procedures were created and documented for failure purposes and routing maintenance.

Re-designed batch payment system for local government databases. Significantly reduced data processing schedule running time from 10hrs+ to 3hrs.

Vanco Networks (Virtual Networking) – London UK

Provisioning/IT Assistant Nov 2008 – Mar 2010

Provided networking infrastructure for small to large businesses throughout the UK. Delivered efficient, fast and secure networks, including 24/7 support for our customers. Expanded services to Dubai and Europe.

Provide technical support to end users and liaised with engineer team to provide suitable onsite solution.

Maintained IT infrastructure ranging from secure communication to hardware and networking.

Projects assigned to me and my team to install our IT infrastructure. Many of the projects related to medium to large size business throughout the UK.

Liaised with clients and customers to ensure all services and facilities are met to highest standards.

Scheduled our partners (BT, Cable & Wireless, NTL) to implement network infrastructure changes and installation at many client sites.

Arranged suitable deployments of hardware infrastructure, along with backend configuration of hardware and software.

Provided support via ticket system, by remoting into customer sites, and implementing software patches and configurations.

Key accomplishments

Met deadlines by project managing and implementing infrastructure changes, project handed over to customer support team for live implementation.

Achieved project implementation objectives, using spreadsheets, databases, account packages to ensure all targets, SLA’s met.

Medas (Financial) – London UK

Accounts Payable/Helpdesk support May 2005 - Mar 2008

Provided IT support for processing invoices for companies such BBC using SAP system.

Processed transactions using relevant IT packages by understanding the financial system SAP, in adherence to operating instructions and quality procedures.

Dealt with internal and external customer queries effectively adhering to high standards, provided hardware and software support for system related issues e.g. email, web browsing, services and NT Management systems.

Key accomplishments

Identified service improvements for high user base.

Met SLA standards to ensure customer satisfaction and not to incur any penalties, ensuring transactions are processed as efficiently as possible without sacrificing any goals or quality to meet targets.

Contributed to future project work within the drive and development of the company.

Project managed 4 to 5 members of staff, took initiatives on large scale projects, we streamlined processes and design new implementation strategies to complete our goals.



Windows Serv 08, 12, Win 3.1, 95, NT, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Unix, Linux (Solaris HP), VMWare Esxi5


Wireshark, IP Info, TCIP, IP Scanner


Sophos AV, Windows Firewall, Norton Antivirus, Kaspersky IS

Monitoring Tools:

Advent OpManager, Trend, ISX Central, Centennial, Support Works, On365, Prism, Statseeker

FTP Solutions:

Ftp, Sftp, Globalscape EFT Server (SFTP), WinSCP, FileZilla, Coreftp

Backup Systems:

Legato, CommVault, SAN Compellent, EMC


PTC Server/Desktop, Windows Scheduling


MS Outlook & Exchange, Lotus Notes


MS SQL Server 05, 08, 08 R2, 12, IBS, Civica, SAP, TOAD, SQL Plus


Pearl, Visual Basic, C++.


Active Directory, Dropbox, Google Drive, Netloan, Deepfreeze, OpenEdge, DataPA, BACS.IP, Connect-Wise, SupportWorks


University of Westminster Harrow, England


BSC in Information Systems (Computing & Technology)

The College of North West London, England


BTEC National Diploma in Computer Studies

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