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Mechanical Maintenance

January 26, 2017

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Mechanical Foreman / Technician

Sampaga west, Batangas city 4200 Philippines contact # +63 (043) 984 -7908

e-mail address: +63-906-***-****


First Quantum Minerals (FQML)

Coal Fired Power Project

Donoso Colon Cobre PANAMA

Millwright / Mechanical Fitter

(March 06, 2016 up to December 14,2016)

To align motor and pumps – Pumps to gearbox using dial indicator method

Assembling of Reclaimer

Sighting elevation of foundation

Assembling and tightening of rails for Reclaimer

Installation of Rollers and Belt conveyers

To establish correct bolt projection as per drawing

To install tank for feed water and pumps

To layout the center line, position and elevation of tanks including grouting of foundation

Setting up of packer plates using dumpy level prior to grouting as per drawing

Understanding drawing both civil and mechanical

Assist to vendor for installation of turbine and compressor

Installation of boogie and bearings for the Reclaimer

Establish the correct elevation in all equipment using appropriate leveling instrument

Follow and understand safety rules and regulation and providing additional safety information and guidelines.

Offering some additional safety measures according to previous experience

Serves as a leader in the team in which I belong to due to my wide knowledge and technique


Alignment of motor and pumps using DIAL INDICATOR method

Leveling / Surveying

DrivingLicense # D01-07-007471


Over ten (10) years valuable accomplishments and worthwhile experiences in almost all fields of mechanical.

Engaged and successfully completed large-scale construction of oil, gas and mining industry, and refineries, petrochemical and power projects, and maintenance.

Apply/secure work permit and fill up Job Hazard Analysis

Overhauling pumps, replace wear parts such as volute liner, impeller and mechanical seal.

Assist vendor overhauling steam turbine; check the condition of its emergency stop valves,

Governor valve, diaphragm, rotor, blades and bearing assembling.

Final coupling alignment of steam turbine and all rotating equipment

Inspection and repair of bars and casting in boiler area.

Pull out and install different types of valve.

MafumeiraSul Project

Block-0 Malongo Cabinda Angola

Daewoo Shipbuilders and Marine Engineering (DSME)

Dimension all Manpower Incorporated

(May 01, 2015 to November 08, 2015)


Serve as a team leader in the absence of my supervisor

Has an ability to communicating with client in oral or written on a very polite manner.

Combine and raise a good idea to have time efficient and avoid reworks

Suggest and execute very good work analysis

Trusted by superintendent for every task even without supervision

Because of my ability and experience, work was done in a very simple way.

Accomplish assign task even without supervision

Preservation of all mechanical equipment and components as required

Perform installation of all rotating and static equipment including alignment and levelling

Follow safety rules and regulations religiously and share my wide experience and skills to boost safety awareness.

To finish assign task but not harming the environment.

Knowledge and skills in reading and using of precision tools

Centering/Leveling of skid using machinist level, square level etc.

Follow and understand P&ID.

Levelling and centring of skid and flanges to eliminate pipe stress.

Correcting soft foot on motor or gearbox if there is any.

Leveling, centering of anchor bolts using dumpy level & electronic level.

Alignment of pumps, motor, gearbox compressor and turbine using laser alignment method

Filling correct and exact amount of oil fit for gear boxes speed to enhance its reliability and durability, filters as well.

Perform lathe machining, milling and grinding

Using of manual torque with standard torque value for small bolts.

Torqueing of bolts using standard torque value

Lay out and execute cutting of bars for special purposes using cutting torch.

Installation and maintenance of temporary water facility

Perform pipe cutting using precision cutting tools. (TRI-TOOL) cutting machine

Setting up and using of pneumatic torque wrench

Support other team so as the work will be efficient.

Attend safety seminars and training as company requirements.

Recondition and maintenance of pneumatic tools and portable blowers.


727 Sitio D’Hope, Brgy. Libjo

Batangas City, Batangas 4200 Philippines

Mechanical Foreman

(May 5, 2014 – March 6, 2015)

Directly report to supervisor.

As tam leader I ‘m not teaching how to do. I am showing how it’s done.

Has a flexible attitude towards the role.

Giving instruction to subordinates.

Ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines.

Taking the lead for all safety matters.

Pull out and install different types of valve.

Disassembles and assembles of columns, vessel drums and heat exchanger

Ability to maintain attention to detail by providing high levels of accuracy

Ability to work as part of the team whilst using my own initiative to make autonomous decisions to ensure the project deadline compliance

Assemble / Dis assemble of Hydraulic Cylinder

Highly motivated, driven disciplined with a “can do” attitude.

Practice and perform health and safety procedure

PNG / LNG Esso Highlands Limited

Hides Southern Highlands Papua New Guinea

Chicago Bridge and Iron (CB&I)

(November 15 2012 -April 13 2014 –Millwright)

Work as a team leader

Work very flexible, depends on rapid changes of work schedule

Reporting completed jobs using computer and updating ongoing task

To perform mechanical equipment installation

Preparation of skid for rotating and static equipment

Installation of internal trays, pig launcher etc.

Installation of compressor and turbine

Layout Turbines and Compressors

Perform civil works to help secure the stability of equipment.

Assembling ducting, filters, fin fan coolers, turbine and compressors casing etc.

Securing equipment stability and eliminating soft foot to enhance itsreliability and optimum performance

Surveying, calculating slopes, reading civil and mechanical drawings

Sighting elevations of manhole, catch basin and any other civil related activities.

Centering/Leveling of skid using machinist level, square level etc.

Leveling, centering of anchor bolts using dumpy level &electronic level

Alignment of pumps, motor, gearbox and turbine using laser alignment method

Alignment of motor and pump using reverse dial indicator method and face and rim as well

Eliminate pipe stress using precision tools

Setting up and using of pneumatic torque wrench

Torqueing of bolts using standard torque value

Grouting of foundation

Cutting of Pipe using precision cutting tools. (TRI-TOOL) cutting machine

Trained and certified worker in confined spaces

Trained and certified Self Contained Air Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) use

Trained and pass to working at height

Naptha Cracker Project

Equipment Engineers Incorporated Corporation (EEI)

Barrio SimlongBatangas City Batangas 4200 Philippines

(June 2012 - November 2012 - Mechanical Fitter)

Installation of equipment such as motor, pump, compressors etc.

Using precision tools and levelling equipment

Responsible in installation and levelling of flare stock, securing its stability and pipe connection

Recognized by supervisor for the correct and exact bolt lay out prior to installation.

Performing different types of modern and old alignment method.

Tightening of bolt using standard torque value.

Using of manual torque, HYTORQ & Tensioning machine

Surveying, calculating slopes, reading civil and mechanical drawings

LayoutTurbine and Compressor foundation

Installation of skid, packer plate, soul plate, grouting and levelling

Japan Gas Corporation Philippines (JGC Philippines)

Maintenance Division

Riotuba, Bataraza Palawan Philippines

(April 2007 -February 2012 - Mechanical Technician)

Mechanical LEADMAN when Plant is on Scheduled for Major/Minor Shutdown.

Has the technical procedure to replace bearing assembly of Autoclave Agitators, also mechanical seal replacement of Titanium agitator blades and any other mechanical works within Autoclave and HPAL area.

Overhaul, repair, troubleshooting of rotating mechanical equipment oil refinery processing plant, e.g. pumps, turbines, compressors, fans and blowers.

Do the necessary and accurate diagnosis during the malfunction of equipment to make the job easier ahead of schedule but not sacrificing safety.

Disc Separator replacement, cleaning of strainer, replacement of internal parts on 2/2 way valves. Diaphragm replacement, Piston ring, piston cylinder liner replacement and other related mechanical activity on GEHO pumps.

Has the capability to perform several pump and motor alignment, and also belt driven pumps with accurate tension and adjustments.

Carry out the proper preventive maintenance on such equipment to enhance its reliability and efficiency in conjunction to optimum plant production.

Perform mechanical trouble shooting on LEWA pump (acid unloading pump)

Carry out inspection for all mechanical equipment, perform preventive maintenance and repair in storage tank suction and discharge.

Replacement of shafting blades to make sure and enhance its reliability and optimum production without any injury and harm to environment.

Has the capability and knowledge on valve replacement on GEHO PUMPS (suction and discharge cone valve).

Perform daily scheduled maintenance activity plant wide such Boiler/Utilities - Ore Preparation / high pressure Acid Leach / Counter Current Decantation / pre Neutralization / Mix Sulphide and other related area within.

Technical Knowledge on Travagrate overhauling in boiler coal feed/fire.

Adherence to standards of proper alignment procedures in refinery practice using the conventional & reverse dial indicator method.

Initiate the proper evaluation failures and recommend the necessary mechanical repair.

finish the job ahead of schedule

knowledge in overhauling rotating equipment such as pumps (centrifugal/reciprocating/rotary), turbines (steam/gas turbine) compressors (centrifugal/reciprocating) fans, blowers and other auxiliary equipment.

Work in the proper implementation of established maintenance procedures without sacrificing safety and environment

Follow and understand P&ID.

Lay out and execute cutting of bars for special purposes using cutting torch.

To fabricate jig for dial indicator alignment or any other special tools.

Observe the established safety practices in carrying the assigned task.

Securing proper alignment and condition of drum washer or throw mill

Maintenance servicing of scrubber

Maintenance servicing of ball mill

Jayson A. Gamil

Mechanical Foreman / Technician

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