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Telecommunications Engineer

Trenton, Georgia, 30752, United States
January 25, 2017

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James Eddie Black

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Trenton, Ga. ****2

Home : 423-***-****

Looking for Employment with an advancing company that wants to stay out front of the Technology. Willing to work hard and learn anything.


Graduated from High School From Merritt Island High School Merritt Island, Fl. 1972

Attended U.S. Military Academy West Point, New York 1972-1973

Western Electric Company Installer Augusta, Ga. 1973-1975

Installed #5Xbar switches, ESS5, Centrex switches for banks and colleges.

Installed 48volt and 105 volt battery power plants.

Alascom Inc Anchorage, Ak. Installer/Technician 1975-1982

Installed Satellite Earth Stations all over the state of Alaska. Installed Lenkurt Muxs.

Installed 11 GHZ microwave dishes on towers and associated radio huts.

Installed Northern Telecom SP-1 and DMS-200 toll switches.

Installed TOPS positions for long distance operators.

Installed Viacom T-Carriers between local telco and long distant carrier, Alascom.

Transferred to PBX Department, where I began manufacturer training on a variety of switches. Installed and maintained PBX’s in the state of Alaska for Alascom.

COMTEC Anchorage, Ak. Installer/Technician 1982-1985

The PBX Department for Alascom was sold and COMTEC took over the technician and customer base. Was given opportunity to stay with Alascom, but chose to go with COMTEC to pursue the PBX world. Worked on Rolm, Mitel, and Nortel PBX’s.

Communication Resources Inc. Chattanooga, Tn. Systems Engineer 1986-2011

Was hired because of my diversed background, and eagerness to work and sale. I have installed and maintained VMX/Octel/Lucent voicemails on CRI’s customer base and others. Worked into a supervisory roll taking care of approximately 5 to 8 techs, as Operations Manager. Systems Engineer on our customer’s base maintaining and upgrading their phone systems. I have installed all the Nortel switches from option 11’s to option 81’s. Also, Nortel’s past Meridian Mail and present Callpilot voicemail. I have interfaced/installed T-1 ciruits for our customer base for Voice and Data. I am presently enjoying the trials of learning and installing the convergent of Voice and Data on PBX’s. Voice over IP was talked about years ago and is currently a standard in our telephony world today.

Anthelio Health Services/ Erlanger Hospital October 2011 to February 2016

Data Center Engineer, Engineer I and Technician II

Antheliohealth Services is a contractor for Erlanger whom I worked for. I was hired originally for the Main and CoLo Data Centers. I was called upon to do telephone work on the phone systems and computers, in addition to my Data Center duties. My superiors soon found that I could work independently of their supervision, maintaining, the T-1’s, voicemail, main phone cabinets, and connectivity of these to the phones via the network. Most everything was VoIp except for the fax lines and digital phones for nurse stations. Erlanger was a very hard place to cross connect copper in. Not a very good environment, unless you learn all the closets which were not placed in logical places. But I learned the closets, IDF’s to the MDF’s and provided proper service for customer.

I was “on call” for one week out of 5, until they hired some other people to help out. Not many of those could take over the on call without a lot of help from the senior techs like myself. We all worked as a team. Some were proficient on wireless, network, servers, applications, voicemail and phone programming. I was often asked questions on these items from my peers.

We integrated the Nortel phone system with the new Avaya Red system. Without very little training I learned the Avaya Red and the interworkings of it with the Nortel Blue. “ A phone system, is a phone system, is a phone system”. I learned this in my earlier years in Alaska working on every key, and PBX phone system Alascom had all over the state.

Professional Schools

Nortel Instalation& Repair on Option series switches up to the current Succession series.

Nortel Meridian Mail / Nortel Callpilot

Installation and Implementation of 1000E 5.0

Installation and Implementation of CSE1000 7.6

Nortel Networks Routers and Switches

Coastcom Mux Adtran DSU/CSU

VMX/Octel/Lucent VMX series 100/200/300 Voicemail Installation Repair.

Mitel SX10/20/100/200 I&R

Shoretel Installation and Advanced Troubleshooting Certification

Installation and Repair Allworx Training and Certification.

Have attended several Management courses at the University of Alabama.

Installation and sales training for Life Size Video

I am proficient in trouble shooting Voice over ip troubles. Mirroring ports and using Wireshark.

I am proficient in trouble shooting TDM phone systems along with Voip Phone systems.

References available upon request.

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