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Engineer Manager

Ball Ground, Georgia, 30107, United States
January 19, 2017

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Roger Kent

Senior OSP Engineer: Google FTTH project at Bechtel Civil Infrastructure


Senior OSP Engineer: Google FTTH project at Bechtel Civil Infrastructure

May 2016 - Present (8 months)

*The OSP engineer is responsible for all aspects of the design and installation of all infrastructure and cable for the Google Fiber project.

* Our team performs site-walks and field surveys to gather all information in order to design and make recommendations for design improvement, cost savings and simplicity of installation.

*We write DCR's, FCD's and NCR's in order to change documents, update drawings and explain why a process was not installed as drawings indicated.

*We review designs from the Engineers in New Delhi for errors or non-conformance of regulations.

*We respond to field installation forces with design issues and questions.

Field Engineer, (Construction Manager & Safety Engineer) Google fiber project. at TrueNet Communications

August 2015 - May 2016 (10 months)

*The Field Engineer, is responsible for documenting the installation of all the infrastructure for the city wide deployment of the Google internet offering.

*Responsible for documentation of all specs for vaults, conduit, cable, strand and poles involved in the project.

*Responsible to make sure that all contractors and visitors to the work site observe all safety rules, and correct any safety violations found.

*Responsible for the Quality of all installations, by Quality Control inspections with pictures.

Escalations Manager at AT&T

July 2012 - August 2015 (3 years 2 months)

*My job is to assist in removing roadblocks on service orders in the High Speed Service Delivery center

*Responsible to research upcoming and past due service orders on DS3 and higher level circuits to determine what is causing the delay, then contact the engineer or other service group responsible for this circuit and get attention to the problem.

*Required to call on all resources at AT&T to bring the necessary parts or people to address the situation.

*The team goal is to complete all service requirements 100%, and our team strives to obtain this goal.

OSP/ISP Inspector, for Windstream CSI Project at TE Connectivity

April 2012 - August 2012 (5 months)

*Working with Windstream on the Cost Savings Initiative.

*Win is consolidating their networks thru new builds to move all their circuits onto Win facilities from leased facilities. My team will be traveling to KC, Ft Smith AR, Akron Oh, Springfield, Mo.

OSP Engineer (ATT) at QC DATA

January 2011 - May 2012 (1 year 5 months)

•Reported to Lafayette, La, to assist ATT in a backlog of engineering work orders

•Received work orders that included placing new cables, replacing bad/dangerous poles, boring under canals to place new cable, planning new subdivisions, correcting dangerous conditions in the ATT Plant.

•My responsibilities included: pre-survey, taking measurements, noting obstacles, dangerous conditions and lay of the land

•I would then specify how and what the ATT construction crew or contractor must do to complete the job.

•I provided pre-survey notes and BSTCAD drawings, with details and specs

•The order was then sent to ATT, for distribution to ATT construction or a contractor

*This job required attention to detail.

Outside Plant Engineer & Construction Manager at Comsys

March 2010 - January 2011 (11 months)

*Reported to Detroit Michigan to provided engineering assistance to T-Mobile fiber optic installation.

*T-Mobile is upgrading their network to accommodate 3g and 4g technology

*My team was responsible for providing solutions to the installation of a Ciena, Point-to-Point fiber optic system, which will provide the cell sites with four, Gig E, circuits, providing T-Mobile customers a faster and more reliable network.

* It was our responsibility to engineer infrastructure, for the fiber optic equipment installation, by providing sketches and drawings to assist the contractor in the installation process. This put our team in charge of all aspects of the installation process, for 1000 cell sites.

* The Construction Manager is responsible for contractor scheduling and inspection: equipment, power and conduit had to be installed, on time and according to specs, in order to accommodate the new Ciena equipment.

*The performance of my team received several commendations on job performance, and we were able to complete an aggressive schedule, on time and on budget.

Outside plant technician at ATT

August 2007 - June 2010 (2 years 11 months)

* Using skills I learned at Bell South and in storm restoration in New Orleans,

*Involved in the U-Verse project. This project is designed to deliver Digital

Television to customers of AT&T over the traditional phone lines.

*We are tasked to remove all unnecessary cable from all cable pairs involved in the project. This requires working in aerial and buried telephone cable plant.

Cable Splicer at ADEX Inc.

January 2006 - May 2006 (5 months)

*Reported to New Orleans to continue storm restoration

*Received my assignment to BellSouth as a Cable splicing technician, responsible for repairing and splicing cable damaged by the storm.

*My team and I performed aerial and underground restoration, x-box rehab, pedestal rehab and placement of new cable.

*My team was assigned the East New Orleans district (9th ward), which was the hardest hit areas of New Orleans

*My team received commendations on our dedication and can do attitude.


October 2005 - January 2006 (4 months)

*Reported to New Orleans, working with BellSouth, to restore telecom services in Greater New Orleans

*Assigned to a team of 25 Technicians, and we were involved in every aspect of restoration

*My team completed the task of restoring POTS to two Parishes by repairing cable, rehabbing pedestals and cross-boxes.

*Performed pole transfers, cable lashing, and special services repair.

*Service was restored quickly by my team

*BellSouth managers were pleased with the dedication, can-do attitude and the quality of

Our work.

Technical Support Manager at Computer Task Group. (CONTRACT TO AT&T), Technical Support Manager,

August 2004 - January 2005 (6 months)

*Technical support to On Site Work Force for AT&T.

*Classroom, lab, and hands on training with NEC and Lucent, ADM's and

DWDM equipment.

*Classroom and lab training on ATT’s remote testing and provisioning system.

*Responsible for AT&T domestic network.

*Monitor and analyze troubles in network. Initiate fix through OSWF or

Remote testing facilities.

*Respond to customer requests through OSWF or remote testing facilities.

*Respond to Network alarms to restore service and repair problems.

*Remote testing of all Network elements in North America plus Alaska and


*Responsible for trouble resolution. Tracked trouble report from receipt to


*Responsible for dispatch to OSWF and escalation if necessary


Technical Support Manager at GLOBAL CONSULTANTS INC

December 2002 - April 2003 (5 months)

Same as above

Sonet Engineer/Installer/Tester/Trainer at Byers Engineering

June 2001 - December 2002 (1 year 7 months)

*Engineered and installed a DDM-2000 OC12 system for Cypress Telecom in Vidalia Ga

*Acquired all necessary equipment and Documentation for a CLEC to establish a POP site in Vidalia Ga.

*Performed all necessary turn up tests to insure that they had a trouble free, point- to- point OC12 Sonet System

*Trained Cypress technicians on turn up and operation of the DDM 2000 OC12

*Updated all necessary records and documentation

* Trained Byers Engineers on digital telephony, by explaining the working relationships of digital equipment from a Central Office to remote sites. Explained IT technology and the relationship to digital equipment in a Central Office.

Lead Technician & Engineer at MFN

February 2000 - March 2001 (1 year 2 months)

*Managed the activities of installation personnel.

*Obtained all necessary equipment and supplies to insure all installations were turned up on time.

*Responsible for engineering and installation of T1, T3, OC3, OC12, OC48, and associated power equipment.

*Supervised installation and turn-up; testing to insure all circuits were turned up and working with no errors.

*Lead all installation projects from inception to completion.

*Managed the remote test and provisioning system for the FiberNet network.

*Managed the Database for the FiberNet facilities.

*Installation and maintenance of Sonet fiber optic equipment, including the ONI DWDM fiber optic system.

*Worked with ONI engineers on the ONI BATA test at the MFN facilities in Marietta and Atlanta.

*Worked with Astral Point and Coriolis engineers during a field trial.

*Performed site surveys for installation of new equipment.

*Created engineering drawings for new installations, using Igrafix & amp; Visio engineering programs.

*Installed and maintained SONET Equipment. Fujitsu FLM 150, 600, 2400; and TELLABS DAC'S system.

* Updated and corrected the engineering records in MFN database.

*Administered and corrected engineering errors in the Sonet network at MFN.

Electronics Tech/Digital Tech/NOC Manager at BellSouth Telecommunications

*Performed various work functions, from installing phones to maintenance of # 5 ESS switch

*Installed and maintained Sonet Equipment: Fujitsu FLM 150, 600, 2400, Lucent DDM 1000, 2000, SLC, 2000, FT-2000, and Lucent 3x1 DAC'S: Installed and maintained sub-rate, T-1, and T-3 circuits to customer premise.

* NOC center manager, in charge of Special Projects. Managed the activities of 30 field technicians. My responsibility was to monitor and assist in special projects.

*Provided technical assistance and training on projects and test sets needed in the projects. *Provided assistance in the NOC center to dispatch personnel to insure resources were in place for cutover's and turn-ups.

*Provided emergency assistance during abnormal outages, such as cut cables & fibers in the network.

*Obtained excellent knowledge of WFA, COSMOS, LMOS, LFACS, TIRKS, OSPCM and OPEDS.

Interfaced with CPG personnel while working on a special project for Mr. Satterfield. It was our task to audit all SONET RINGS in the metro area and correct all mistakes in the TIRKS database.

*Audited all the Local fiber rings, and then worked in LMOS to correct data base errors there.

* Engineered and rewired all DC test points in the Roswell C.O. prior to # 5 ESS conversions. *Worked with Testing Techs to analyze and clear trouble in the LMOS Hardware & worked with outside techs to clear all troubles in the Testing system, prior to and after conversion. Obtained a full understanding of the LMOS System.

*Worked on several special projects, including conversions of three BellSouth CO's

*Performed site surveys prior to installation of Sonet fiber optic equipment

*Developed strong customer relations skills with BellSouth clients.

*Ability to learn quickly on all new equipment, systems, and software.

Volunteer Experience

Missionary to Romania at Woodstock First Baptist Church

Assisted senior pastor in a Baptist Union conference in Brasov Romania.

Skills & Expertise


Management (ATT, up to 30 technicians)

CAD OSP Design

OSP Engineering

OSP Construction & Management


Info works (Bechtel)

Fiber Optics


Construction Management

Vendor Management



Optical Fiber


Software Installation


Network Design


Software Documentation



Project Management




Microsoft Excel


T1-T3-OC3 to OC 192





System Deployment




Maintaining Strong Client Relationships



Problem Solving







Customer Service

Project Planning


Team Leadership

Technical Support

Wireless Technologies


Kennesaw State University

BSBBA, Management/Marketing/Economics,

Activities and Societies: attended night school, while working full time and raising a family. I had no time for

school activities.

Roswell High School

Academic Diploma/ college Prep, Science,

Activities and Societies: football, wrestling, library club, pep club



Roger Kent

Senior OSP Engineer: Google FTTH project at Bechtel Civil Infrastructure

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