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Mechanical Engineer

January 16, 2017

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17B/12 A.I.Cuza street /city Onesti - Romania

Phone/Mobile Romania




Date of birth

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11 Dec.1967

English – well.

Excellent, non-smoker.

Mechanical Commissioning Technician with more than 28 years of experience.

Qualification experience

Professional Profile

• Good technical background with experienced in co-ordination, control, supervising in pre-commissioning, commissioning for mechanical activities, solid practical mechanical knowledge in industry refinery- petrochemical / power generation plant / oil / gas plant.

• Able to work on own initiative in a multi-disciplined team, ability to work under pressure the activities with tight schedules necessitating extra hours, capability in supervising units operation under critical and emergency situations.

Employment history /

Work Experience


Name and address of employer

Employer type of sector/ Domain


Project /Country/ Client

Job Role / Position held

2014 October – July 2016 ( 1 year 9 months)

InterConstruct Bucharest / Romania

Technical Services, Consulting & Secondment of highly skilled technical staff for industrial projects;

Mainly: power generation, petrochemicals and oil & gas.

Petrofac International Ltd.

Platform Offshore FPF1 ‘’ Greater Stella Area Development ‘’ Port Gdansk-Polonia / Ithaca Energy

Senior Mechanical Commissioning Technician

Main activities and responsibilities

• Responsible for the mechanical commissioning activities to ensure that the installation, testing and commissioning are carried out in the correct manner. Supervising and participate for System & Subsystem walk down-mechanical completion acceptance and followed by Punch list activities.

• Ability to read of P&ID line walks & Valve line up checks before commissioning runs and capable interpret schematic, procedures / specifications / drawings. My duties including also supervising Identification of systems and sub-system (red marked P&ID’s) flushing, blowing, chemical cleaning / activities of pre-commissioning systems and detailed for flushing, lube oil systems flushing, leak test, flange disconnection/re-connection using correct gaskets and torque, confined space,preservation, conducts of toolbox talks on daily basis for jobs on the plant ; review with vendors of lube oil and seal gas systems flushing /cleaning procedures for gas compressors, gas turbines generator (GTG: ‘Siemens SGT-300 ‘; Export Gas

Compressor with Turbine: ‘MAN’ & ‘Solar Mars 90 ‘ ) accordingly with client standards and comments; supervise motor solo runs & mechanical running recording data vibrations, temperature, speed.

• Familiar with GOC system and filling pre-commissioning test sheets / Training course of (qedi’s) GoCompletions monitors the level of progress of Completion.

• Safe working ICC - commitment to safe working practices ensuring that all work scopes are completed in a safe manner at all times.


Name and address of employer

Type of business or sector/ Domain

Client / Country

Job Role / Position held

2010 July – July 2013 ( 3 years )

Contractor: EMS Electromechanical O&M W.L.L. / Qatar

Electro & Mechanical contracting O&M / installation, testing, pre-com. & commissioning activities.

Qatari Diar – Lusail / Qatar

Site Mechanical Engineer / O&M

Main activities and responsibilities

• My duties included mechanical O&M activities in 14 facility such as:

-Water and fluid system Chilled Water Pumps, CWS and mains Cold Water System, Pumps, Fire Fighting &Sprinklers System, Diesel Fire Pumps, Fire Water Tanks.

• Supervising and participate in the preventive, corrective and troubleshooting maintenance (day/night covering 24 hours shift schedule maintenance),identifies source of problems, diagnosing, repairing faults, discuss and initiates action quickly and efficiently, continuous maintains radio contact and mobile phone on site for any emergency and with shift area operators in Main BMS room.

• My duties including also day to day close monitoring and preparation of daily works progress report, completes the work orders in with materials,(Computerized Maintenance Management System), manpower, ensures that spare parts and the required materials are ordered available and in good condition before starting maintenance activity in accordance with planned operations and maintenance schedules, arranges the transportation of materials to site and resolve problems with personnel mechanical technicians in respect of Safety. / Safety First.


Name and address of employer


Type of business or sector/ Domain

Project / Country

Job Role / Position held

2009 June – August 2010 (1 year 2 months)

EMS Electromechanical O&M W.L.L. / Qatar

Archirodon Construction (Overseas) CO. S.A. / Greece

Mechanical Facility / installation, testing, pre-com. & commissioning activities.

Ras Laffan Port Nakilat Ship Construction Facility M&E (Phase 4) / Qatar

Site Mechanical Commissioning Engineer

Main activities and responsibilities

• Responsible for the site mechanical commissioning activities for Facility Mechanical in port (12 hours rotating day/night shift schedule),supervising prepares and assists in preparation with commissioning responsibility, pressure test, leak testing, hydro test, flushing, blowing up, punch list, commissioning check lists, arranges equipment testing, coordinate between different pipeline activities of workers engaged in installing, assembling or fitting work (BS,SS, GI, Copper and PVC), pipe-racks erection, pipe-trench, piping system fixtures, hangers and supports installation ensuring work is carried out in accordance with relevant Codes, Standards and Procedures in respect of Safety, marking and checking weld maps on isometrics, insulation requirement, make progress reports.

• Check pipeline hangers and supports for any damages and possibility for movement on sliding supports.

• Supervising the installation and testing mechanical stationary and rotating equipment in the plant, monitoring daily the installation site constructions multidisciplinary mechanical activities such as:

Potable Cold & Hot Water System, Sanitary System; Pump house piping, Storm Water System, Fire Suppression System, Upright sprinkler, Pendent sprinkler, connection Alarm Gong, Retard Chamber, Alarm Check Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV),Non Return Valve (NRV), Relief Valve, Flow Switch, 2/4 Way Breeching Inlet (Naffco), Tamper Switch (Potter),Supervisory Switch (Potter),Assembly Valve, Landing Valve.

• Training course of Understanding & Activities for safety rules in Plant Operation. / Safety First


Name and address of employer


Type of business or sector/ Domain

Project / Client / Country

Job Role / Position held

2007 September - December 2008 (1 year 3 months)

InterConstruct Bucharest / Romania

Creative Power Solutions (CPS) Switzerland

Sector of Power generation and Energy utilization.

Power Plant Project Sabiya / Ministry of Electricity & Water / Kuwait

Mechanical Commissioning Engineer / Shift Charge Engineer

Main activities and responsibilities

• Responsible for the safe and efficient tests commissioning of 5 Gas Turbine (GE) LM 6000 and auxiliary system such as:

- Oil Systems with Lube Oil, Power Oil and Jacking Oil, Closed Cooling Water System for the Lube Oil and Generator Cooling; Cooling Air Systems on the Gas Turbine, Filters house and Air Intake, Exhaust System; Water and N2 Purge Systems, Sound Enclosure and Ventilation Systems; Fire Fighting Systems and Gas Detection;

- Including also responsible for the Fuel Gas and Fuel Oil Systems such as: Gas Metering, Scrubber and Filters, Gas Heater and Pressure Reducing Stations and Gas Compressors; Fuel Oil Metering and Forwarding Station, Loading/Unloading Storage Tank System.

• Employed as a Mechanical Commissioning Engineer I have performed pre-commissioning and commissioning activities: Walk down Inspection, Punch List, Work Request Sheet, Data Sheet Preparing; Commissioning Check List Site, Pre-start-up, conformity Checks and Static tests execution.

• Coordinating mechanical commissioning team to carry out all jobs, according to GE Commissioning recommended procedures: Blowing up-air line, Pressure test, Filling up & hydro test-auxiliary, Leak test, Water cooling line, Flushing Synthetic/Mineral lube oil line-hydraulic oil line, field supervision and verification of installed equipment, hydraulic pump, fans, air compressors, air blowers, gas compressors, monitoring and inspection of alignment pipelines by the drawings, install support on the line, prepare pipeline for fit up; prefabrication in Workshop executed by Contractor (IMCO / Kuwait )and other power plant related works.

• Implementing Start-up, Normal, Shut Down operations and emergency handling at plant field as per operation manuals; start, stop and switch rotary machinery as per operating schedule or checking-up results in the plant units, training course of Understanding & Activities for safety rules in Plant Operation, implementing knowledge of all mechanical team about Fire Fighting and Disaster Prevention.

• Hand over to the operation team the units in full confidence and with required safety. / Safety First.


Name and address of employer

Type of business or sector/ Domain

Job Role / Position held


1994 November - August 2007 ( 12 years 9 months )

Refinery S.C. RAFO S.A. Onesti / Romania

Refinery / Crude-oil Distillation Units process.

Mechanical Commissioning Supervisor / Shift Charge Supervisor

Catalytic Reformers Unit / Petrol process.

Main activities and responsibilities

• Responsible for the safe and efficient operation, maintenance and reliability of the centrifugal gas compressor GHH (turbine with steam/compressor H2S), type GVT4/6 (German product) and auxiliary equipment such as: oil and gas sealing, cooling system, lubrication system, hydraulic system, (Koop, Kuhnle and Kasch turbo-pumps). Guided by measuring and control equipment consisting of: pressure transducers, rotary transducers, temperature detectors, temperature control regulator switch, and gas flow controller, gas pressure regulator I ensure that the facilities are operated and maintained in accordance with Company Standards. Recording daily local data turbine parameters in log book.

• Supervising during shift the operations of the plant units, in charge with control of the process parameters, monitoring pressures, temperatures, vibrations, checks of oil level and other related general running conditions from Main Control Room, taking efficiency measures to adjust them for optimum process operations, filling accumulators with N2 & ensuring lube oil tanks/bottles are filled to the required level

• Participate in the planning, scheduling and execution of shutdown and major overhaul maintenance activities, joined whit mechanical commissioning team this includes changing oil, cleaning strainers, replacing filters, chemical cleaning, leak test, flushing, blowing, participate to system filling, repairs and or replaces defective parts, nitrogen purging, reassembles overhauls equipment.

• All the works were performed taking into account the risk assessment and following the safety rules.

Safety First.


Name and address of employer

Type of business or sector/ Domain

Job Role / Position held


1986 April - October 1994 ( 8 years 6 months )

Refinery S.C. RAFO S.A. Onesti / Romania

Refinery / Crude-oil Distillation Units process

Mechanical Commissioning Technician

Gasoline Hydrofining Unit/Crude-oil Distillation Unit Vacuum Distillation Unit / Petrol&Diesel fuel process

Main activities and responsibilities

• Supervising pre-commissioning and commissioning field activities with interfacing between construction and operation of the reciprocating compressors (H2S) Hood unit (built under Brother Ltd. License), in charge with control of the process parameters (temperatures, pressures, levels, flows) from Control room, taking efficiency measures to adjust them for optimum process operations; executes all operational activities in different process and utilities equipments in field during normal operation, plant start-up, shutdown and emergency situations.

• Efficient operations, planning, coordinating and supervising mechanical commissioning team for complex installation and assembling activities for stationary and rotating equipment systems, pumps station, filters, valves, fans, blowers, columns, vessels, heat exchangers, oil console, interconnection piping, air system, coolers, oil flushing, removing or replaces defective parts and inspecting the journal bearings and the axial bearing, mechanical seals both sides, the lube oil system, gas sealing system and nitrogen barrier system.

• Regular monitoring, disassembly of various static and rotating equipment, the analysis of the failure, the decision on how the repair, repair and reassembly of equipment as well as implementation of modifications, participates in the testing and start-up of overhauled equipment.

• Organizing and managing the operations in field of the assigned team by controlling their job and the implementation of Plant Safety procedures in case of emergency. / Safety First.

Education and training

Title of qualification awarded

• Industry Refinery - Mechanical Discipline Industrial College Technical / Certification - 1986

• Petrochemical Industrial Mechanical Discipline Secondary School / Certification – 1984

• Industry Refinery Operator Main Control Room – Crude Oil process / Certification -1995

• Communication in English Language / Certification – 2007

• IT (Data Operator Computer) / Certification – 2006

Personal skills and competences

Organisational & Social skills and competences

• Very good ability of coordinating working groups multinational and interacting with sensitivity and respect for culturally-diverse, organizational skills in managing several activities and administration of people with different working conditions.

• Enthusiastic team spirit and ambitious person I adapt quickly, I enjoy very much working with people.

• Large experience in team working organizational skills and project management to different kinds of people at national and international level project coordination and administration.

Computer skills and competences

• Good command and competent with most of operating systems acquired through training:

-Windows/Microsoft Office™ package tools.

Driving licence(s)

• I am a holder of an European/Romanian drivers licence / Category type B vehicle – 1992 / Clean,

And Middle East/Qatar drivers licence / Category type B vehicle – 2009 / Clean.

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