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Project Manager Construction

Menifee, CA
December 05, 2016

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Resume of Michael (Mike) Cahill

Project Manager – Supervisor – Estimator

Email: T. 951-***-****

Most Recent Position

Contractor – Kansas City, MO.

Supervisor for Data Center - eBay in Reno, NV. (645,000 square feet)

In charge of wet and dry utilities, underground – plumbing, electrical and waste lines – RWR/RWS lines, fresh water lines. In charge of concrete footings, slabs, and tilt up walls plus the installation of embeds. Structural Steel installation and metal roof.

Consultant Concrete Contractor

Review projects and past estimates. Perform Productive numbers on past projects. Monthly P&L for past projects. Site concrete to included C&G, C, Sidewalk, CIP Benches, Colored concrete hardscape features.

2014 - 2015

Consultant GCC Contractor – Oman (dogas-Turkey)


Oman Rail – 3.2 billion USD

This project was the entire infrastructure to include waste water treatment plants at 4 locations, Fresh Water pipe lines Buildings, Fresh Water Tanks (metal) 1mgd, Structural Concrete, Electrical, and Lobby Architectural Cast in place concrete features, Architectural exterior building Facades to include the hardscape, cast in place benches, colored pavers, and walls, Mechanical and Plumbing Design.

Mushroom Products New Processing Plant - $9,567,000.00 USD

This project is a new processing plant with piping, conveyors, buildings, and the infrastructure. New W.W.T.P. for 100 men load daily. Site Architectural Features such as sand pavers, colored concrete, concrete CIP Benches.

Sewer Pipe (New) - $585,000.00

This was a 1 meter fusion pipe Sewage project using HDPE and fusion welding, and setting of 6 Vaults. Two crossover locations to the existing sewage pipe which was performed at night within 14 hours.

2012 - 2014

Trinity Construction – Cedar Glen, CA.

Senior Project Manager – Estimator – Located at the Rio Tinto Minerals Mine – Boron, CA

Design Build Metal Buildings, Heavy Civil Construction, Civil Construction

Project Manager for the work. Estimate projects both on the Mine and other company projects.


Hazardous Waste Metal Building – 2,500 square foot Metal Building – Total Design Build using Armstrong Metal BLDG.

Evaporator Tower – 6,950 Linear Feet of Big and Small Bore Pipe Fabrication and Welding installed on pipe racks as designed by Jacobs Engineering. The pipelines were designed especially for carrying “liquor” and petroleum liquids.

Resume of Michael (Mike) Cahill

Senior Project Manager - Supervisor

Email: T. 951-***-****

2010 - 2012

AL Majal Construction and Trading – Salalah, Oman

Senior Project Manager – Special Projects – U.S. Federal Military Base – Middle East

Design Build a 300 man camp - R.L.B. – P.E.B. and C.H.U. container project in Afghanistan, to include the waste water plant designed to carry the load of 300 plus men.

Install Cast in Place Concrete Structures (2 floors high) at Bagram Air Base – Afghanistan w/all the waste water, grey water and clean water lines form the base to the project.

Install K Spans at K.A.F – Afghanistan.

Positions Continued

2002 – 2010

Hale Builders – Hilo, Hawaii

Project Manager – Superintendent

Built 7 Spec. Home’s in Hilo, HI.

Department of Forestry Project – Hilo, Hawaii

50,000 Square Feet – 4 Buildings –Footings and Slabs

5,000 Square Foot Custom Home on a 28 Acre Plot in Hilo, HI.

Design Build

45,000 Square Foot Storage Building for the U.S. Navy at Scoffield Barracks, Pearl, Hawaii

1996 – 2002

K&M Construction – Las Vegas, NV.

Project Manager – Superintendent - Estimator

V.A.Q. (Visiting Airmen’s Quarters) Nellis A.F.B. - Nevada – Building C&D

3 Story Cast in Place Concrete slabs and Decks – Cast in Place Concrete Roof – 60,000 total square feet

U.A.V. Hanger and Site Concrete – Indian Springs (Nellis A.F.B.)

15,000 Square Foot Hanger w/3 Foot Continuous C.I.P. Stem Walls – 12” Thick Slab on Grade

Building 310 Loading Dock - Nellis AFB

300 Linear Feet of 12’ Elevated Slab w/ Cast in Place Concrete Loading Dock Walls


Concrete Flood Control from Tropicana Basin to Decatur – 6,985 Linear Feet of 34’ Trapezoidal Concrete Channel with 10’ base slab. Transition to C.I.P. Concrete walls at Decatur underpass.


Blue Diamond Detention Basin - 3,500 Linear Feet of a 3 x 6 Cast in Place Box concrete Culvert. We used a mini Traveler System on the project from Peri Formworks.


Missile Magazines – Naval Base – El Centro, CA

4 Missile Magazines – Cast in Place Concrete Walls and Roof using Symons Articulated forming system at the Missile Magazines. Redesign the blow out wall so we could get the Travers out from that wall.

4 out buildings foundations and slab on grade totaling 30,000 square feet.

4 C.A.L.A. Pads on the flight line working at night so as not to get in the flight pattern. We worked directly with the Control Tower as the planes took precedent over the concrete placement.

Resume of Michael (Mike) Cahill

Senior Project Manager - Supervisor

Email: T. 951-***-****

K&M Construction (continued)

City of Needles – Mingus Constructors, Arizona

Needles Waste Water Treatment Plant (new) – Needles, CA

2 new Cast in Place Clarifiers - 2 new Digesters - Sludge Ponds. We had the concrete and forming system. The rebar was subcontracted to another company.

1975 – 1996

Discount Construction – Fontana, CA.

Started my career as a laborer for 6 years – carpenter for 4 years – cement mason for 4 years – and Superintendent/Estimator and Project Manager for 7 years

Estimated 21 Tilt Up Buildings – Fairway Drive – Industry, CA – Over 1 Million Square Feet

Project Managed and Estimated 500,000 Square Foot Postal Hub – Valencia, CA

CAL State San Bernardino Visual Arts Building – 4 Buildings Concrete on Metal Deck – Slab on Grade – Cast In Place Architectural Walls – Slab on Grade

M.S.A.C. Performing Arts Buildings – Pomona, CA – 4 Buildings all Architectural Concrete Walls – Concrete on Metal Deck – Stage Floor at – 15 feet below grade

Holly Hills Storm Drain Unit One – Los Angeles, CA – 1755 Linear Feet of Cast In Place Double Box Culvert – 14.75 Feet High

Fort Irwin W.W.T.P. – Barstow, CA – New waste water treatment plant to include 2 Clarifiers – 2 Digesters – 1 Oxidation Tank – Sludge Ponds

27 Butler Buildings (qualified Butler Installer) through the duration of my tenure with Discount Construction. Buildings ranged from 5,000 – 150,000 square feet to include foundations, slab, structural steel and Metal Building installation.

Resume of Michael (Mike) Cahill

Senior Project Manager - Supervisor

Email: T. 951-***-****

Computer Skills:

Excel, Word, Primavera, Outlook, Project Manager 2010, Prolog, Procore, Generated R.F.I.’s, C.O.R.’s, and Daily Logs.


La Habra High School – La Habra, CA

Fullerton College – Fullerton, CA

Military Background

U. S. Navy – 1971-1975 – Viet Nam Vet

Honorable Discharge

Safety Documents

AED, CPR, First Aid, OSHA 10 & 30 hour, MSHA Certified – Knowledge of EMR 385-1-1

Q/A – Q/C (no certifications)

Qualified to perform quality control for civil, electrical, plumbing, site grading, and site elements.


I would like to continue my career with a solid and reputable company. My career has me traveling extensively and I have no issues traveling or relocating. I enjoy not only learning, but mentoring. I firmly believe in TEAMs and Teamwork. I can adapt either in the office or onsite both remote and locally. I can perform the duties assigned to me easily on projects ranging from $100,000.00 to $200,000,000.00. I always protect the interest of the company and have the best intentions for the company I work for.

Resume of Michael (Mike) Cahill

Senior Project Manager - Supervisor

Email: T. 951-***-****

Oman Rail – Oman – 2015

Total Project - $3,290,000,000.00 +

First “leg” of the Rail system from Muscat to Dubai. Completed the B.O.Q. for a Dogas-Turkey. There are 4 Stations that with Architectural Facades, Cast in Place concrete Architectural Features in the Lobby, Concrete decks, and Concrete roofs. Estimated all the underground and water sources (wells) for the locations. Estimated all underground to include; plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and HVAC.

Mushroom Products – Thumrait – Oman - 2014

Total Project - $9,801,000.00

52,000 Square Meter New Food Processing Plant to include 14 new buildings, roads, tunnels, concrete glass walls and MEP. including the process piping and conveyors. We used Marifi for sub base protection.

Evaporator Tower – Rio Tinto Minerals Mine - 2013

$3,255,000.00 – Total Project $45,000,000.00

Small and Big Bore Pipe Welding (carbon and stainless steel), Structural Steel Welding, and Pipe Supports Fabrication.

Design Build with Infrastructure 155 R.L.B., C.H.U. & P.E.B. Containers – 2012


Thumrait Air Base – Oman. The design called for a total man camp to replace tent city. The project included communications containers, human containers – built out, and showers/lavatory containers.

M.A.T.O.C. – R.L.B. - P.E.B. & C.H.U. Design Build - both for AFRICAP and Bahrain A.B. - 2012


AFRICAP Designed a 200 man camp (C.H.U.) to include the infrastructure to the design of the R.L.B.’s. Looped in the same M.A.T.O.C. was a 150 man camp (C.H.U.) at Bahrain A. B. Inclusive were the P.E.B.’s and Food sources. Both locations were on a designated 33,000 square meter plot. Because of the sulfate in the earth, it was suggested to remove the corrosive earth and replace with gravel -16” deep on the site.

Vassar City Light – Glendale, CA - 2009

$7,541,000.00 – Total Project $39,000,000.00

Four Story HUB Housing project with two stories below grade. Included Shoring system using lagging and supports through the decks at the exterior with pour backs after the project was built.

U.A.V. Hanger – Indian Springs, NV. - 2000

$5,500,000.00 – Total Project $28,000,000.00

15,000.00 Square Foot Hanger. This was one of the first U.A.V. Hangers Built. The designed was for a 3 foot Mat slab with 4’ high cast in place Architectural concrete walls at the exterior sides.

Resume of Michael (Mike) Cahill

Senior Project Manager - Supervisor

Email: T. 951-***-****

Notable Projects – Recent to Past:

Missile Magazines – NAVY – El Centro, CA. - 1998


Three Missile Magazines all cast in place, 15,000 square feet of slab on grade warehouse buildings. We utilized Symons Traveler system to perform the work as designed. The plans were 1978 as builds from the Navy (R.O.I.I.C.).

Holly Hills Storm Drain Unit One – Los Angeles, CA. - 1986

$9,865,000.00 – Total Project $39,000,000.00

1755 Linear Feet – C.I.P. Double Barrel Box Culvert – 15 feet high – using a traveler system(4) – placing concrete against metal sheet piles.

Metro Rail Sub Station – North Hollywood - 1985

$15,000,000.00 Total Project $2,000,000,000.00

Place and Finished the Sub Station to include the Mat Foundations, C.I.P. Walls and Elevated Slabs. Place Minor Concrete – Curb, Curb & Gutter and underground elevated sidewalk.

Blythe Prison Addition


Project consisted of concrete tilt up walls and structural decks for 6 buildings. Utilized “casting” slabs, low boy transports with bearing pads to the buildings from the casting slabs, and Symons bond breaker. Utilized the casting slabs as sub base (crushed), for site sub base.

Fort Irwin W.W.T.P. – New.


The project consisted of New Clarifiers, New Digesters, New Oxidation Tank and New Sludge Ponds on the Military Base.

M.O.U.T. Project Camp Pendelton (San Diego, CA.)


The project was a camp for training exercise for the Marines. The “town” is built to reenact towns in the Middle East. There were 19 two story precast houses, 22 Containers designed as houses, precast walking paths, walls, precast decks and roofs. The precast exterior walls were stained to simulate an actual town. There were some precast walls designed to have “rocket” penetrations.

Thank you for taking the time to review my career.

Mike Cahill

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