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Medical Technologist Manager

Cape Town, WC, South Africa
November 07, 2016

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Constance Schreuder


** ******* ******



Cape Town





BIRTHDATE: 19 September 1966

IDENTITY NUMBER: 660**********

NATIONALITY: South African


Professional Profile

I am a committed BSc Honours Graduate registered at the Health Professional Council of South Africa as a Medical Technologist. I am a hardworking well organised person with good planning and problem solving skills who strives to deliver assignments within set timeframes and to ‘n high quality standard.

I have good communication skills and believe that communication plays a very important role in a laboratory. I can motivate and support people to achieve a goal.

Education and Qualifications

Matric Certificate (December 1984)

Velddrif High School ( 1984)

Afrikaans (First Language) HG

English (Second Language) HG

Mathematics HG

Natural Science HG

Biology HG

History HG

BSc Degree

(January 1985 -December 1987):

BSc Honours


(January 1988 –

December 1990)

1987 - B.Sc Degree at the University of Stellenbosch

Major Subjects: Microbiology and Genetics

1990 - B.Sc Honours Degree in Medical

Virology at the University of Stellenbosch

1991 - Registered as Medical Technologist at

HPCSA (MT0054186)

Associated Experience

01 April 2015 – current : Medical Technologist at South African TB Vaccine Initiative

At the moment I am working at SATVI, a TB Trial Laboratory. SATVI is a 15189 accredited/compliant laboratory. Here patients are tested with an ELISA test, the Quantiferon TB Gold test to detect their TB status. I am currently being trained on the CYTOF machine and the different techniques that are involved in preparation of specimens for Cytof analysis. This include the conjugation of antibodies with metals, the sowing of the cells, the staining of the cells and acquiring of the cells. The Cytof machine is used to do flow cytometric analysis of components marked with an antibodies labelled with isotopes. I am also responsible for maintenance of equipment. We also do storage of cells and plasma at minus 80 degrees and liquid nitrogen (-190 degrees Celcius). I have just completed a Project Management course at UCT training department.

01 July 2010 – 31 March 2015: Medical Technologist at National Health Laboratory Services

In November 2009 my husband passed away and I decided to move back to Cape Town. Up until that time I have lived on ‘n farm. I started working at the NHLS as a medical technologist on 1st of June 2010. The NHLS Virology lab at Tygerberg Hospital is also a facility that complies with the requirements of ISO 15189. The Virology Department is also a training facility and part of my everyday job was to be part of training students. I was officially trained in the last year on the Abbott sp2000, the Roche Ampliprep, Roche Taqman. I also attended “Communication Skills” and “Train the Trainer” and “ Diagnostic DNA “ courses. I have rotated through the different sections of the Virology Departement.

• Serology (The Architect P2000) and Manual ELISA testing for Herpes.

• Virus Isolation

• Viral Loads

• PCR (conventional and Realtime) Respiratory PCR’s, MeningitisPCR’s, CMV PCR. Here I was

involved in doing the everyday PCR tests, Realtime and Conventional e.g. Respiratory PCR’s,

Meningitis PCR, CMV PCR, CMV Viral Load, Measles PCR, Rubella PCR, Entero PCR,

Mumps PCR and HIV PCR.

• Drug Resistance Testing e.g. the PCR and the Sequencing

October 2007 – June 2010

During this period I was living in a rural area on a farm near George in the Western Cape. I was teaching as a substitute teacher at the Primary school Outeniqua in George.

I also had a contract position at Nukleus Homeschool based in George. Here I was involved in the development of student and teacher study guides for Life Sciences for Grade 10 to Grade 12.

July 2007 - September 2007

In 2007 I worked in Quality Control. I assisted Mr Hein Hennig, who is a Quality and Safety Auditor and Consultant. I had to visit restaurants, hotels, garages etc. to audit them according to the standards of the Health Act. ( HACCP standards). I took samples and send it to laboratory to be tested.


I worked as a substitute for the lab manager, Mr Nico Alberts, in a small lab in the Butlers Cheese factory in George . My work was mainly the daily testing of the cheese samples for pH, salt concentration, fat percentage and moisture percentage. I also did the tissue culture work in the laboratory. All the fresh milk samples had to be tested for bacteria, yeasts and molds. The fresh milk samples also had to be tested for their percentage proteins and butterfat.

1994 – 2006

During this period I was mainly a stay-at-home mum. Family related issues consumed most of my time. We lived on a farm on the West Coast not close to a hospital- laboratory setup. I had both my kids and raised them during this time. I however was involved in volunteerwork with farmworkers. This consisted mainly of teaching them social skills and handwork skills. This was a community project within the farmers community.

July 1992 - November 1993 - Senior Plant and Quality Technician at Department of Agriculture, Plant and Quality Control Division.

I applied for a position in the Department of Agriculture at their Plant en Quality Control Division. Here I gained a lot of experience in doing microscopic work on plants infected with viruses, trying to make the spesific plant virus-free. I was involved in the viruspurification program where the plants were exposed to spesific temperatures. I had to dissect the active point of growth microscopically and grow it on artificial medium until this virus free plant was ready to be established in the ground.

January 1991 - June 1992 Senior Medical Technical Assitant at Radiotherapy Department

After I completed my Honours Degree in the Virology Department, I accepted a position as Senior Medical Technician in the Radiotherapy Department . My work was more molecular and I worked with breast and liver tumours on which liquid cytometric analasys was done to predict the prognosis of the patient. I was also involved with the chemosensitivity essay on this tumours, in other words how the tumours responded to different dosages of the chemotherapeutic agents.

January 1988 - December 1991 Medical Technical Assistant at University of Stellenbosch/Government while studying partime for my BSc Honours degree.

During this period I did my Honours degree part time at the Virology Department of the University of Stellenbosch. I rotated through the different sections of the Department . I initially did routine laboratory testing and tissue culture and at a later stage I was involved in research done on the HIV virus. During this time I did my Honours degree on a HIV related virus isolated from a baboon.

Other Experience (contract positions)

2002 I helped out in a Governing body post at the High School Vredenburg and taught Mathematics.

2003 From the 1st of August 2003 to December 2003 I helped out at Ladysmith High School in KZN in a governing body post for Grade 8,9 and 10 Mathematics

2004 During March in 2004 I was a substitute teacher at the Primary School Blanco. Here I was responsible for the English and Biology for the grade 5, 6 and 7. This was just a temporary position.

Key I.T. Skills

Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010



Microsoft powerpoint


Other / Personal Details

Interests include:

I like spending time with friends and family

I like reading

I like hiking

I like visiting interesting places.

Other Training : (Certificates can be supplied)

1. Validation Course

2. Communication Skills

3. Training on Abbott Realtime system

4. Training on the COBAS Ampliprep/Taqman 96

5. Train the Trainer Course

6. Training in DNA Diagnostics – 3 day practical course (UCT)

7. Good Clinical Practice Certificate

8. Online DAIDS training on Health and Safety.


1. Dr Jean Maritz

Pathologist at Virology

cellnr. +278********

2. Dr Corena de Beer

Senior Medical Scientist _ Virology Department



3. Mr Simbarashe Mabwe

Field Site Laboratory Manager

South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATVI), SATVI Project Office,

Brewelskloof Hospital, Haarlem Street, Worcester, 6850 South Africa

Ph +27-23-346-****, +27-76-857-****

4. Ms Leya Hassanally

Project Manager


Cape Town


5. Mr Randall Fisher

PhD Student-Virology Department


6. Mrs Yolundi Cloete

Quality Assurance Specialist


Cape Town


7. Ms Storm Eckstein

Medical Technologist



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