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Security Officer

United Arab Emirates
October 31, 2016

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Rudyard Bosantog Borlaza

Al Quoz Ind. # * Dubai, UAE.

Contact No: +971*********

Email Address:

Personal & Professional Strength

*Highly motivated, dedicated loyal & trustworthy to any job entrusted me confidential.

*Sincere, frank, open to, professional advice or guidance and professional at all times.

*Good in time management & prioritizing multiple tasks with complete logic.

*coordination, delegating & work to subordinates.

*Active participation & self confident.

*Ability to work in fast and challenging environment

*Fast leaning skills, Flexible to change and a Team player.


Position designated & Company

21 April 2013 up to present : Security Branch In-charge Emirates NBD- Dubai, UAE

Jan 2011- Jan 2013 : Security Inspector - IMPALA Security and Investigation

Services, Inc. Philippines

Jan 2009- 2011 : Security Supervisor- SUPER MALL (SM) Baguio City,


2008-2009 : Receptionist- VINES HOTEL Baguio City Philippines


1.I am already earned 153 units leading to Degree, Bachelor of Science in Criminology including Police Intern I-II.

2.Member: (PCAP) Professional Criminologist Association of the Philippines

: (PEACE) Philippines Educators Association Criminology Education

3.Intelligence member (PAF) Philippine Air Force 2007-2009.

Designation: Confidential Agent

Reference: Major Elmer N. Aquiler PAF (Director for Intelligence)

4.Passed the Security Services NC-1 Examination for abroad / International, Conducted by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) year 2009.

5.Test 1, Virtual Comparison Microscope 100% Fire Arm Award August 25, 2005.

6.Lay Leader and Auditor of the Church Anglican 2006-2008. Under by Rev. Canlas (Episcopal Church of the Philippines)

7.27th Placement Seminar Workshop on Employment Opportunities and Carrier Development/ Held at the UC-BCF Theater on April 5-6, 2005.

8.First Aid and Water Survival Certificate- Certified Red Cross Philippines Chapter


From 21 April 2013 up to present-(Emirates National Bank of Dubai) Emirates NBD- Dubai, UAE

Position designated- Security Officer with Dubai Police, DPS- License #201*-****-****

*Implementing Role & Duties as human Security Officer in Pursuant to Dubai Police, Local Law no. 24 of 2008 of the (DPS) Department of Protective Systems.

*Greeting upon Entry &Thanking on Exit -offer help in a courteous manner.

*Grooming- wearing prescribe uniform.

*Non-verbal Communication - eye contact was proper.

*Giving Direction –concise/clear cut direction/ information.

*Refer to the right Person- ask appropriate question to refer the customer to the right person.

*Manage the Queue- Refrain from writing customer’s bank details form.

- Ensuring customer take the correct token from the machine.

- Refrain from caring out ATM/ CDM transaction on customer’s behalf.

*Monitoring the CCTV system- alert implementing.

*To control access and movement log book- must be up-dated.

From Jan 2009 to Jan 2011- Security supervisor at Super Mall (SM) City Baguio, Philippines

: Duties / function implemented to the co-Guard listed as follows:

1.To take charge of the post and all company properties in view and to protect/preserve the same with utmost diligence.

2.To walk in alert manner during my tour of duty and observing everything that takes Place within sight or hearing.

3.To report all violation of regulation and orders I am instructed to enforce.

4.To relay all call from post more distance from the guard house where I am stationed.

5.To quit my post only when properly relieved.

6.To received obey and pass on to the relieving guard all orders from company officers, supervisor, post-in-charge or shift leaders.

7.To talk to no one except in line of duty.

8.To sound or call the alarm in case of fire or disorder.

9.To call the superior officer in any case not covered by instruction.

10.To salute all company official, superiors in the agency, ranking public official and officers of the POLICE.

11.To be especially watchful at night during the time of challenging to challenge all person on or near my post and allow no one to pass or loiter without the proper authority.

Jan 2011- Jan 2013: SECURITY INSPECTOR – IMPALA Security and Investigation Services, Inc, Philippines.

Alert implementing in any case or emergency*

*Bomb Threats

*Radio Procedure

*Fire preventions and detection


*power of Arrest

*Health and safety at work

*fire drill doing every 2nd day of December

2008 - 2009: Receptionist- VINES HOTEL Baguio City Philippines

Duties /Function

*Meeting and greeting client

*Booking meeting

*Arranging couriers

*Keeping the reception area tidy

*Answering and forwarding phone calls

*Screening phone calls

*Sorting and distributing post


College : University of the Cordilleras

Gov. Park Road Baguio City Philippines

Course : Bachelor of Science in Criminology March 2005.


Name in Full : Rudyard B. Borlaza

Address : Al Quoz Ind. 2. Dubai, UAE.

Contact No : +971**-*******- Dubai, UAE

Date of Birth : 13/11/1982

Gender : Male

Nationality : Filipino

Religion : Anglican

Passport No : EB3324693

Status Visa : Employment Visa

Email :

Reference will be provided upon request.

I certify that the above information is true and correct.


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