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Plant Manager Management

October 31, 2016

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Andres Bergonia Agustin Jr.

#** ** ******** ******, ****. Latap,

Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija, Philippines 3117

Mobile Number: 0947-5720-333


Availability: I can start for work as soon as possible.

Objective: To obtain a challenging position in a growing company which offers a high level of challenge, responsibility and the opportunity for continued career growth.


Age : 42

Date of Birth : May 25, 1974

Gender : Male

Civil Status : Married

Height : 172cm

Weight : 85kg.

Nationality : Filipino

Language : Tagalog, Ilocano & English


Position : Checker/Dispatcher

Duration : August 1998 – September 2007 (9.1 years)

Company : Cosmos Bottling Corporation

Company Industry : Manufacturing/Beverage

Location : Brgy. San Jacinto, Pangasinan

Department : Logistics-Transport/Distribution

Job description:

Prepares documents to haulers like Receiving Reports, Delivery Receipts and Gate Pass.

Checks all Incoming and Outgoing transaction of Route Trucks, Dealers and Haulers.

Prepares documents of Load Out, Empties Retrieval, Quarterly Reports and Full’s Yard Movement.

Participate Actively in Physical Count of Full’s, Empties, Shells and Pallets in a daily basis.

Prepares Daily Stocks Inventory Reports in a daily basis.

Position : Logistics Supervisor

Duration : May 30, 2008 up to Present

Company : Mega Asia Bottling Corporation

Company Industry : Manufacturing/Beverage

Location : Brgy. Calulut, City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Department : Logistics-Transport/Distribution

Job description:

Overall supervision of entire physical distribution, yard and transport.

Supervise checkers/dispatchers, forklift operators, warehouseman and barman.

Responsible in dispatching, distribution,loading and unloading and filling of finished products.

Coordinates pick up of cullets, garbages and scrap materials to buyer for disposal.

Initiate and observe first in first out(FIFO).

Protects products to expose in direct sunlight to avoid discoloration and offtaste of products.

Responsible in inventory control management to avoid and lessen shortages of the company.

Verify daily stocks inventory system in a daily,weekly and monthly basis.

Participate actively in physical count of all finished products, empties, shells and pallets to be reconcile in Daily Stocks Inventory System(DSIS).

Responsible for loading/ unloading to pick up trucks, company route and bulk delivery trucks, haulers and container van.

Prepares summary of daily sales, stocks on floor, empties on floor,shells and pallets to be send thru email to corporate office.

Attend weekly management meeting for issues and concerns of entire plant.

Ensures that plant yard is clean, well organized, work conducive and company safety standards are met.

Perform other duties from time to time as requested by the plant manager.

Attend monthly operation review with the management.

Responsible in issuance of purchase order for diesel and gas allocation for company route trucks and services.

Responsible in monitoring of gas and diesel withdrawals and incoming deliveries.

Responsible in preparation of work time schedule of subordinates in a monthly basis.

Coordinates to head corporate office regarding empties requirements in production.

Make suggestions to the plant manager regarding of saving time and fast executions of daily operations.

Responsible in the preparation of annual budget proposal of plant logistics department.

Knows how to operate forklift units.

Coordinates to fleet supervisor any defective and for minor/major repairs of forklift units.

Ensure that plant logistics is clean, well organize, work conducive and company safety standard are met.

Responsible and handle freight forwarders, container vans(40 footer), trailers for deliveries and receiving of newly empty bottles from other countries and suppliers.

Scheduling of daily trips of haulers for loading of products and backload of empties needed in production.

Conduct and analyze for saving of time/cost reduction and energy saving program of the company.

Play a big role and participate with management the development of people and assessments for their trainings and ongoing needs.

Make a selection of newly applicants, conduct interviews and assign people to other vacant positions in the department.

Prepare schedule and forecast production schedule in a weekly basis with the plant manager and other departments concern.

Forecast empties retrieval versus production schedule in a weekly basis with the plant manager.


Education Level : Bachelor’s/College Degree

Course : Bachelor’s of Science in Commerce

School/University : Wesleyan University-Philippines

Location : Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija

Date : June 1991 – July 1996


Inventory Analyst

Excellent time management skills

Supervision skills

Operational skills

Decision maker

Computer literate


March 26, 2009 : TPM @ 5’S Seminar

Nov. 15-17, 2009 : Plant Safety @ Security Seminar

February 4-9, 2013 : Forklift Operations @ Safety Training

June 10, 2014 : Good Manufacturing Practices Seminar

March 01-02,2015 : Fire Safety Drill, Earthquake @ First Aide Seminar

August 19-20,2015 : Proper Handling @ Best Before Date Seminar

December 8,2015 : Proper Housekeeping @ Warehouse Storage of Products

April 25,2016 : Cost Reduction/Savings Management Seminar

May 16,2016 : Leadership Training/Team Building towards on one Goal


Almario C. Manalo

Production Supervisor

Mega Asia Bottling Corporation-Pampanga Plant

Contact Number: 0977-6227-838

Raymond M. David

Raw Materials Supervisor

Mega Asia Bottling Corporation-Pampanga Plant

Contact Number: 0923-3946-879

Michael C. Bautista

Warehouse Supervisor

ARC Refreshments Corporation-Pampanga Plant

Contact Number: 0916-3697-010

I attest that the fact herein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


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