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Development Project

Delhi, India
October 31, 2016

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Curriculum Vitae (CV) for International or National Experts

1. Proposed Position: International Social Development Specialist

2. Name of Firm [Insert name of firm proposing the expert, if applicable]:

3. Name of Expert: Dr. Manoshi Mitra Das

4. Current Residential Address: _27 Moulsari Avenue, DLF Phase III, Gurgaon, India 122002 Telephone No.:

Fax No.:

E-Mail Address:

5. Citizenship: Indian

6. Education [Indicate college/university and other specialized education of expert, giving names of institutions, degrees obtained, and dates of obtainment]: ---

a)1981: Institute Kern, University of Leiden, Holland, Post- Doctoral Research Fellow: (Gender and Social Development)


b)1980. PhD in Economic History, University of Calcutta et Oxon

c) 1974 :M.A. In Economic History and Development, Gold Medalist, Ist Class Topper University of Calcutta, India

Skills and Experience

Highlights of Experience

Skills sets

Challenges faced

A) Project leadership and management

B) Social Development

C) Social Safeguards

D) Labor Issues

7. Membership in Professional Associations: International Sociological Association, International Common Property Association, International Association for Gender and Development

8. Other Trainings

ADB Manila Social Safeguards 2016.

Institute of Development Studies, (IDS), Sussex: Participatory Research Methods;

World Bank Institute: Participatory Development;

World Bank. Gender Mainstreaming in Rural Development;

World Bank: Involuntary Resettlement Planning,

Asian Development Bank (ADB): Gender Mainstreaming

ADB: Project Management

ADB: Project Leadership Development,

ADB: Monitoring and Evaluation

ADB: Gender Responsive Budgeting, Centre for Women’s Development Studies

ADB: Strengthening Implementation of Safeguard Policies in Projects

ADB: Strengthening Social and Environmental Management

9. Countries of Work Experience: [List countries where expert has worked in the last ten years]: India, Philippines, USA, Holland, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Peoples Republic of China (PRC), Thailand, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Lao PDR, Samoa, Kyrgyz Republic, Sri Lanka, Timor Leste, Indonesia, Malaysia among others

10. Languages [For each language indicate proficiency: good, fair, or poor in speaking, reading, and writing]:

a) English, good

b) Bangla, good

c) Hindi, good

11. Employment Record [Starting with present position, list in reverse order every employment held by expert since graduation, giving for each employment (see format here below): dates of employment, name of employing organization, positions held.]:

From 2014-15 Govt of Lao PDR International Consultant for Gender and Governance

2015-2017 (Intermittent) Government of India External Social Auditor for MFF Infrastructure Financing Facility

From 2010-2014

Employer: SMEC International

Position held: Senior Adviser, Social Development

Employer: ADB

From 1995-2009

Position Held: Senior Social Development Specialist

From 1989-95

Employer: World Bank

Position Held: Rural Development, Women in Development and R&R specialists

From 1986-89

Employer: ILO Geneva,

Position: Women in Development Specialist

From 1982-86

Employer: Institute of Social Studies, the Hague

Position:Research Fellow

NOTE: Maximum of 5 pages.

12. Detailed Tasks


[List all tasks to be performed under this assignment]

13. Work Undertaken that Best Illustrates Capability to Handle the Tasks Assigned

1) India Karnataka Coastal Towns Development Sector Project ADB financing ;

Position: Senior Social Safeguard Specialist responsible for social and poverty assessment, land acquisition planning and impact assessment, analysis of national and state law and policy related to land acquisition and Involuntary resettlement, ADB involuntary resettlement and indigenous peoples development policies, identify the gaps therein and prepare a resettlement framework and entitlement Matrix as well as sample resettlement plan for the sub projects to be designed by the urban local bodies.

2) Philippines Agrarian Reform Communities Program Loan ADB financing ; Position Mission Leader responsible for project design and assessment of land acquisition and Involuntary resettlement impacts, indigenous peoples development impact assessment, design of RF, Entitlement Matrix and sample LARP, project documents submission to the Board, project management and supervision.

3) Pakistan Sindh Rural Development Project


Position: Senior Social Development Specialist responsible for social and poverty assessment, analysis of national laws on land, compulsory acquisition and compensation, comparison with ADB policy on Involuntary resettlement and rehabilitation, preparing LARPs and monitoring and reporting frameworks, project monitoring and supervision.

4) Lao PDR North South Economic Corridor ADB financing ;

Position Senior Social Development Specialist responsible for social and poverty assessment of areas affected by road development, involuntary resettlement impacts on ethnic minority communities likely to be affected by involuntary resettlement, impact assessment and land acquisition and resettlement planning, IPDP preparation, project monitoring and supervision.

5)Lao PDR Northern Region Sustainable Livelihoods Development Project Mission Leader ADB responsible for economic and political empowerment of ethnic minority women by investing in Women’s Organization into self help groups for capacity building, savings and micro credit, undertaking village infrastructure development and economic activities, linking women’s groups with the mainstream financial sector and promoting their access to emerging regional markets, access to new technologies and management practices.

6)Viet Nam Forestry for Improved Livelihoods Senior Social Development Specialist ADB responsible for the design of Ethnic Minority Development Plans, project monitoring and supervision.

7)KYRGYZ REPUBLIC Agriculture Sector Program Loan

Position Senior Social Development Specialist responsible for Land management planning, collective farms restructuring planning, irrigation resources management and O&M by Water User Associations, gender assessment and women farmers participation in access to land and water, inputs and markets.

8)KYRGYZ REPUBLIC Preparing the Agriculture Program Loan: Senior Social Development Specialist

9)INDIA kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project External Social safeguard Specialist

2016 responsible for monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the resettlement plans and the Entitlement Matrix of the sector loan by the Urban local bodies.

10)INDIA India Infrastructure Financing Facility

External Auditor 2015-2017 ( intermittent) responsible for external monitoring and reporting on the extent to which the RF and entitlement Matrix were adhered to in resettlement planning and in the actual process of land acquisition and compensation to affected persons, restoration of Livelihoods and income of APs to pre project levels and the extent to which consultative processes as well as grievance redress procedures were followed during implementation, draw up a CAP to address gaps in implementation.

Cambodia Northern Rural Roads Senior Social Development Specialist 2012

11)Lao PDR northern Economic Corridor Senior Social Development Specialist 2009-2010

12)Viet NAM Central Highlands Rural Infrastructure Development project Senior Safeguards Specialist 2010

Philippines ARCP II position: Mission Leader

The project was aimed at support to small farmer beneficiaries of land redistribution with access to legal land titles, community infrastructure, land development, irrigation and technology, Institutional finance, organisational development and skills, improving access to markets

Tanzania: Support for Smallholder Farmer organisations for improving livelihoods and productivity. Position held: Senior Project Management Adviser

India Support for Tribal Smallholder Farmers Position: International Projects

Viet Nam: Forestry for Improved Livelihoods, as Senior Social Development Specialist, ADB

Undertook Poverty, social and gender assessment, designed social surveys, gender analysis, poverty assessments, involuntary resettlement planning, addressed issues of ethnic minorities in project areas

Designed Gender responsive project components, M&E indicators, social and poverty plans, ethnic minority participation plans;

Carried out project supervision missions, documentation

Viet Nam: Central Highlands Livelihoods Development, as Senior Social Development Specialist, ADB responsible for

Designing social, poverty, gender and ethnic minority assessments;

Designing IR impact assessments, entitlement frameworks and plans, M&E

Building on findings of social assessments, design of project plans and components to address needs and priorities of poor upland communities, women’s practical &strategic needs, ethnic minority participation in improved livelihoods opportunities

Project supervision and monitoring.

Myanmar. BASIX Sustainable Livelihoods Project

Working as Consultant on Social, poverty and gender analysis in selected project areas for design of livelihoods programs including sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship development, micro finance, and capacity building to government staff, communities on sustainable livelihoods approach, planning and implementation of project activities.

Bangladesh: Sundarbans Environment Project: Social Development Specialist responsible for poverty assessments, gender analysis, mapping vulnerable groups, preparing poverty reduction strategy, land acquisition policy development, involuntary resettlement planning, tribal development planning;

Bangladesh: Chittagong Hill Tracts Development: Senior Social Development Specialist responsible for social, poverty, gender and IP assessment, plans for addressing poverty reduction, tribal development and gender mainstreaming;

India: MP power sector Restructuring: Social Development Specialist responsible for social and poverty assessment and land acquisition planning and Involuntary resettlement impacts assessment and design of RF and Entitlement Matrix and sample RP.

14. Certification:

I, the undersigned, certify to the best of my knowledge and belief Yes No

(i) this CV correctly describes my qualifications and my experience x

(ii) I am employed by the Executing or the Implementing Agency No

(iii) I am a close relative of a current ADB staff member No

(iv) I am the spouse of a current ADB staff member No

(v) I am former ADB staff member. X

If yes, I retired from ADB over 12 months ago Yes

(vi) I am part of the team who wrote the terms of reference for this

consulting services assignment. No

(vii) I am sanctioned (not eligible for engagement) by ADB. No

I understand that any willful misstatement described herein may lead to my disqualification or dismissal, if engaged.


Signature of expert

(Day/Month/Year) Aug 30, 2015


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