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Naveen Hariharan

Rockville, Maryland, United States
January 13, 2017

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Naveen Harihara


Eight years of IT experience in design, analysis, development and implementation of various applications in client/server environment using Hyperion Essbase/ Planning,,,, 9.3.1, 7.x & 6.x, PSPB, Workforce, Capex, OBIEE, Financial Reporting Studio, DRM, ODI FDM, FDMEE, HFM on Windows and UNIX environments.

Experience in Hyperion System modules (Planning, Capital Expense Planning, Workforce Planning, Interactive Reporting, Financial Reports, and Dashboards)

Extensive Experience in working with various Hyperion products such as Hyperion system 11 BI+ Analytic Administration Services, Workspace, Hyperion System 11 Business Rules, Hyperion System 11 Smart View, Hyperion System 9 BI+ Financial Reporting and Hyperion System 11 Shared Services.

Worked with Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards

Expertise in the installation and configuration of Hyperion products such as Shared Services, Essbase, Essbase Integration Services, Planning, Analyzer and Reports on both Windows and UNIX environments.

Expertise in building Financial Budgeting and Forecasting OLAP applications with Hyperion planning.

Experienced in development of Hyperion Planning applications with forms, business rules, menus, plans, and application migration as well as application management and troubleshooting.

Expertise in creation and maintenance of numerous Essbase applications leveraging both BSO and ASO technologies.

Expertise in writing custom Essbase calculation scripts, automating the Essbase cubes using MaxL, ESSCMD.

In depth Knowledge of Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

Expertise in batch scheduling the MaxL scripts using CONTROL-M software.

Proficiency in both Star Schema and Snow-Flake Schema data modeling techniques.

Hands-on expertise creating reports using Essbase Excel Add-In and SmartView Add-In.

Proficient in batch scripting, UNIX Shell scripting, Excel VBA coding, PL/SQL scripting, software installation, application and data back-ups, security

Hands on experience in integration OBIEE with EPM products.

Excellent client relation skills and the drive to complete tasks effectively and efficiently where customer services and technical skills are demanded as well as the ability to communicate effectively with all levels of management and the client community.

Good Team player possessing excellent communicational skills, motivated and ability to quickly adapt and work under minimal supervision.

Technical Skills

OLAP Development Tools

Hyperion System 11 BI+ Analytic Administration Services, Hyperion Planning System,,, 9.3.1/9.3.0/4.0/3.5.1/3.3/3.0, Hyperion Shared Services 9.3, Web Forms, Hyperion Essbase, 9.3.1/7.X/6.X, Essbase Integration Services 7.X/6.X (EIS), Hyperion System 9 Smart View, Essbase Excel Add In, ESSCMD, MaxL, MDX, Hyperion Reports 7.2/7.0, Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio 9.3, HAL 7.3/7.1, Oracle Hyperion FDMEE.

Business Intelligence Tools

Hyperion Analyzer 7.2/7.0, Hyperion Performance Suite, Hyperion Intelligence 8.3.

Reporting Tools

Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio, Hyperion Reports, Web Analysis, Hyperion Analyzer 7.x/6.x/5.x, Hyperion Intelligence, Brio, Hyperion Spreadsheet Add-in, Hyperion System 9 Smart View.

Dimensional Modeling

Star-Schema Modeling, Snow-Flake Modeling, Fact and Dimensions Tables, Physical and logical data modeling, Erwin 4.0.

Programming Languages

Visual C#, Visual Basic 6.0, Java, J2EE, C, C++, JavaScript, VBScript, VB.Net

Operating Systems

Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP, UNIX, LINUX.

Web & Application Servers

Tomcat Apache, Microsoft IIS 6.0/5.1, Web Logic, Web Sphere.

Markup Languages


Professional Experience

Indian Health Services, Rockville, MD Sep 2014 – Present

Hyperion SME


Setup a new Oracle EPM environment with the Reporting and Analysis component.

Full Life cycle project Implementation of 3 Planning Applications.

Actively involved in requirement gathering sessions with FP&A team.

Wrote Business Rules for Planning WF applications like Salary calculations, Benefits and Vacancies.

Wrote calculations for allocations for Planning and Budgeting; Created automations to fetch actual data from Oracle E-Business Suite

Performed application tuning of Hyperion planning applications.

Developed Planning task lists, web forms and composite web forms for multiple user groups.

Created DRM properties and property types as per the requirement.

Created DRM as per the requirement; also created DRM Heir and version from the import file.

Created DRM Automatons for enhancements for imports and exports.

Used Classic administration environment to create Public Sector Planning application.

Perform the migration of two existing Oracle EPM instances onto the new single environment.

Oracle EPM Environment Architecture Planning for virtual servers (instead of dedicated servers)

Oracle EPM Software installs (v11.1.2.3). Oracle EPM Application configuration, security, project setup, etc.

Created multiple Planning applications and developed several Business rules for Capex and workforce planning requirements.

Installed and integrated OBIEE with workspace.

Worked with PMO for SOX compliance and change management

Created Report scripts to feed finalized budget to Oracle E-business Suite

Prepared physical, logical and presentation layers in OBIEE

Developed many analysis and dashboards using Essbase and Planning as a data source.

Worked with Web forms and composite webworms.

Provided production support for more than 200 EPM users.

Worked with the Infrastructure team to apply all the patches (with fixes) provided by Oracle corresponding to Service requests with Oracle.

Created different user groups, provisioned users to different user groups and assigned them different roles using Shared Services.

Design security for Hyperion Planning application using Hyperion Shared Services.

In charge of all EPMA metadata updates (manual and automated), Security module, Process Management, Web Forms

Strong understanding of the Hyperion System EPMA relational repositories which support front end applications.

Write the complex Calc manager/Business rules/ Calculation Scripts to support allocation and Seeding process.

Optimized the Essbase BSO and ASO cube by changing the outline to an hour glass model.

Designed and developed numerous Essbase applications with excellent balance of dense and sparse dimensions, arranged in an hourglass fashion.

Design Migration of the Planning Application from Development to QA and from QA to PROD.

Synchronized data between different EPMA applications via EPMA Data sync process.

Used Hyperion planning to create new web forms to reduce the work load of the user there by focusing on planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Worked extensively with Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) version

Created Physical and Logical models in ODI.

Created multiple packages in ODI to Extract, Manipulate and Load data between source and target systems.

Created multiple Interfaces in ODI to load data and metadata in Essbase and Planning applications.

Created many automated process in ODI for nightly and monthly data, metadata and security processing.

Equinix, Redwood city, CA Mar 2013 – Sep 2014

Hyperion Developer/Administrator


The role was to act as shared resource between two departments. Duties in one department were to create a new P&L Reporting application which will be the replacement for the current legacy application built in-house with Essbase and in the other department to support existing Hyperion applications.

Actively involved in requirement gathering sessions with FP&A team.

Developed Planning task lists, web forms and composite web forms for multiple user groups.

Design budgeting and forecasting at the country, entity, business unit, multiple currency and department level with the ability to generate reports at these levels using Hyperion EPMA and Planning & Essbase

Designed and developed an Aggregate Storage Database (ASO) cube from scratch that maintained company’s PL data. Performed the data load from data warehouse using various Rules files

Automated data load using MaxL and Shell Scripting. Data was loaded incrementally using Load Buffers and full load was done whenever necessary.

As a Hyperion Administrator involved in Installation and Configuration/Upgrade of Hyperion system including the products such as Planning, Essbase and reporting tools.

Performed migrations between the Production, QA and Dev environments using the Life Cycle Management utility integrated in the shared services console provided in version.

Integrate DRM and EPMA for Metadata changes

Developed batch scripts to automate the process of taking backups of the planning application, Essbase database, shared services and reports on a nightly basis using the Life cycle management command line utility.

Maintain metadata in DRM and create CDC process for metadata change for month end process

Created property types and property definitions in DRM.

Created and automated nightly hierarchies build and property changed using DRM action scripts.

Worked with DRM exports to generate ADS files to load in to EPMA.

Create Shared and local dimension based on the application requirement

Created web forms in planning with drill through capability to the source system using Oracle FDMEE.

Created web forms in Hyperion planning for users to create, modify the plan details and also web forms for the capital controllers to allocate amount among various plans.

Developed batch scripts using for building dimensions dynamically and load data into cubes and scheduled to run on a periodic basis.

Prepared physical, logical and presentation layers in OBIEE

Developed many analysis and dashboards using Essbase and Planning as a data source.

Worked with Web forms and composite webworms.

Involved in estimating and tuning the Essbase database performance.

Documented the recovery process in the event of disaster recovery.

Provided production support and dealt with the user issues.

Created Physical and Logical models in ODI.

Created multiple packages in ODI to Extract, Manipulate and Load data between source and target systems.

Environment: Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion planning EAS Administration services, Hyperion Financial reports, Hyperion Planning desktop, Smart View, Oracle 10g, MS Excel spreadsheet Add-in, Windows 2000.

PNM Resources, NM Jan 2012 – Feb 2013

Hyperion Administrator/Developer


Administration and maintenance of Hyperion Planning & HFM, FDM, DRM, ODI and Essbase v.

Maintain metadata in EPMA (including extracting, loading and updating the metadata structure)

Ensure monthly close process runs smoothly in Hyperion Planning & HFM, FDM, DRM, ODI and Essbase applications

Coordinate issue resolution with internal and external technical support providers

Support corporate, field and remote users with Hyperion applications and Smart View

Build, maintain and run financial reports in Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio

Designed security for Financial Reporting Studio users.

Load data to HFM as needed during monthly close process

Work with end users to develop and enhance the application process in a manner that will result in a stable productive environment

Monitor application performance; identification and communication of resolution of issues

Infrastructure Support - Server Maintenance like File system Space Management, moving Backups to staging server, Exports and OS as well as Hyperion Patches.

Maintenance of user security and troubleshooting user access issues as they arise.

Coordinated monthly accounting close process managed administration of the Hyperion system (Essbase, Planning, HFM) infrastructure to ensure a stable, optimized financial planning and reporting environment.

Environment: Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion planning EAS Administration services, Hyperion Financial reports, Hyperion Planning desktop, Smart View, Oracle 10g, MS Excel spreadsheet Add-in, Windows 2000.

Carters, Atlanta, GA Apr 2009 – Dec 2011

Hyperion Planning Developer


Participated in gathering business and functional requirements from detailed business meetings and translate them into Program specification documents.

Assisted with the development of Hyperion Planning for P&L and Workforce Planning.

Used Classic administration and EPMA environment to create planning cubes with dimension library, application library by importing GL information from ETL processed data mart.

Created HAL routines for dimensional build and data load.

Created users, groups, filters and assigned different kinds of Security access to users in Hyperion Planning.

Developed data forms and folders and customized the data forms.

Developed prototype layout for different Hyperion Intelligence (BQY) reports.

Created Oce files and developed Hyperion Interactive Dashboard reports, Pivots and chart reports

Developed OLAP Models and Meta outlines in EIS and schedule cube build and data load using EIS scheduler.

Created and executed calculation scripts for automation of shipments, actual and forecasting data.

Created projects and interfaces to load metadata and data into the Hyperion Planning applications using both Planning and Essbase Knowledge Modules (KMs) in Oracle Data Integrator (ODI).

Automate Data load and Dimension Build Process, Email notification Via ODI

Optimized the cubes performance by changing Dense/Sparse configuration.

Developed rules files to load data from the database to Essbase cube.

Created and scheduled batch jobs for complete automation processes for application refresh and backup.

Involved in designing reports and snapshots using Hyperion Reports/Financial Reporting. The reports were used by the capital and sector controllers to view the capital and expense at the sector level and the line of business level.

Involved in documentation on all Hyperion Planning processes for all business groups and technical documentation on business rules and calc scripts.

Created Mappings while loading metadata and data loads

Created central repository of all source financial data in FDM and Drill-down audit trail

Created financial reports and Web analysis reports.

Create book of financial reports including snap shot report and external file as well.

Schedule the book report and configure and send the report in email and also configure printer to print book for controller.

Generate book output as a static HTML Web site.

Improved Book PDF navigation, Links in Table of Contents and Bookmark links in PDF document

Environment: Hyperion Planning System 9.3.1/9.3.0/3.5.1, Workforce Planning, Capex, Hyperion Essbase 7.1.3/6.5.4, HAL 7.3/7.0, Financial Reporting, Hyperion Reports 7.2/7.0, Smart View, Essbase Excel Add-In 7.X, WINDOWS XP, Apache Tomcat.

Capital One, Richmond, VA Jan 2008 – Apr 2009

Hyperion Planning Developer


Developed multi-dimensional database applications using Essbase that stored and maintained company's financial and marketing data and performed the loading and manipulation of data into the database using Rule files.

Involved in defining requirements, functional specifications, design documentations and testing strategies.

Restructured and redesigned previous Essbase cubes. Maintenance of previous Essbase cubes.

Maintained outline, metadata and member formulas as business requirements change.

Implemented data rule files and dimension builds rule files.

Developed Calc scripts and optimized it according to the Essbase outline. Used Essbase functions like @DESENDENTS and @ISMBR for scripts involving financial data.

Created customized templates for Balance sheet and Income statement in Ms Excel.

Provided Extended Capabilities for Excel Add-in by creating macros in Excel for business analysis purposes.

Created various test-data using SQL and Excel.

Automation of cube refresh through MaxL and shell scripts.

Performed data reconciliation and trouble shoot interface discrepancies and system issues.

Involved in administrative activities such as setting up users, security groups and access filters to set the security policy and to ensure maximum security.

Provided a Functional and Technical documentation of Essbase Cubes and Reports.

Used REMEDY ticketing tool to solve application issues.

Developed Analyzer OLAP views and sophisticated what-if scenarios for the end users

Worked closely and pro-actively with project leadership to identify and resolve key risks with the Hyperion upgrade project.

Provided technical leadership and mentoring, helping those on the team less familiar with Hyperion System 9 to come up to speed.

Intervened in production support issues as necessary to improve issue turnaround time as well as the customer's perception of the team's customer service.

Environment: : Hyperion Essbase 9.X, Hyperion Web Analyzer, Hyperion Reports, Hyperion Planning 9.x,Hyperion Brio 6.x, Java Script, SQL, Hyperion Application Link (HAL), TOAD, MS-Excel 2000 Spreadsheet Add-In, Windows NT 4.0, SQL Server 2000, MS SQL Server, Web Logic.

Education: Bachelor of Computer Science - 2008

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