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Instrument and control Design Engineer

Milan, Lombardy, Italy
January 13, 2017

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via comelico 39/41, 20135 milan (Italy)


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POSITION Instrument and Control Design Engineer

Apr 2014–Present Instrument and Control Engineer

Milan (Italy)

Technical Consultant

Dec 2011–Feb 2014 Researcher

Algoritmi research Centre, Guimaraes (Portugal)

Working on Wireless Sensor Networks and Networked Control Systems Feb 2009–Nov 2011 Instrument and Control Design Engineer Mapna Engineering and Manufacturing Co., Tehran (Iran) May 2007–Feb 2009 Instrument and Control Field Engineer GS Engineering & Construction Co., South Pars (Iran) May 2004–May 2007 Instrument and Control Design Engineer Mapna Engineering and Manufacturing Co, Tehran (Iran) Sep 1998–Jun 2002 B.S.c Electronic Engineering

K.N.T University of technology, Tehran (Iran)

Sep 2002–Aug 2005 M.S.c Electrical Control Engineering Polytechnic Industrial university, Tehran (Iran)

Jan 2012–Dec 2014 M.S.c Telecommunication Engineering Minho University of technology, Guimaraes (Portugal) PERSONAL SKILLS

Job-related skills Preparation of technical specification, selecting and sizing calculations, datasheets and material requisitions for field instruments.

Performing technical bid evaluation for Control Valves, Motorized Valve, Field instruments and package units.

Designing construction drawings for instrumentation, e.g. location and cabling layouts, piping and tubing layout, field and control room wiring termination diagrams, control room equipment arrangement layout and cable tray routing.

Preparation of process control and emergency shutdown system related documents, e.g. Logic Diagram, I/O lists and troubleshooting loop diagrams;

Preparing installation hook up drawings.

Knowledge and experience of Fire and Gas systems, Sensors, e.g. Flame detector, Heat detector, Smoke detector, Toxic Gas detector, Infrared Gas Detector (IRGD).

Knowledge of codes and international standards, e.g. ISA, API, ASME, IEC, etc.;

Experience and Knowledge in Control Valve Calculation and Sizing.

Creating and Designing of Instrument and Control System Documents (Cause & Effect, Control System Block Diagram, Logic Diagram, Instrument Data Sheets, Hook up Diagram, PLC Configuration Diagram, I/O List.

Instrument Loop Diagram, Control Panel Arrangement, Single Line, Wiring & Termination Diagram, Instrument Cable Route, Control Room Layout, Instrument Cable Schedule, Bill of Material, Commissioning Test Sheet

Familiar with Siemens S7 PLC Hardware & Software.

Experience with Valid Companies Instrument, Control & Electrical Products (E&H, Krohne, Fisher Rosment, Yokogawa, Kobold, Siemens, Omron, Phoenix, Telemechanique, Fuji, Wika,

Experience with Tank Gauging system (Sab Rosemont and E&H).

Knowledge of Control Panel Design, Circuit & Equipment.

Knowledge of Relative Industrial Standards as ISA, API, IEC, IPS, ...

Knowledge of Instrument & Control Earthing System.

Experience with PDCS (Power Distribution and Control System) Systems.

Familiar with EPC Contracts & Its Relative Documents.

Experience with Pneumatic Systems & Equipment.

Experience with Fire & Gas (F&G), Emergency Shot Downtown (ESD) and HIPPS Systems.

Experience with Microsoft Sql Database, Matlab and Mathematica.

Practical knowledge of Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and its implementations. Responsibilities § Technical Inspector of Electrical, Automation and Instrument systems according to the International Standards and relevant ITP documents. Inspection of Control systems (DCS, PLC, Fire & Gas, Protection systems), Sensors, Analyzers, Explosion Proof systems, Electrical surge arresters, Control Valves (Pneumatic and Motorized Valve), Driver Systems.

§ Instrument design engineer in charge of Technical bid evaluation for field instruments of Control Valve, Actuators, Field Transmitters, local gauges, Control and Monitoring Curriculum vitae


§ Instrument design engineer in charge of preparing engineering documents; e.g. Datasheets, I/O list, Instrument list, Hook Up Diagram, Wiring Diagram, Loop Diagram, Logic Diagram, Termination Diagram and Layout documents.

§ Instrument field engineer in charge of Instrument and control systems (DCS, F&G, ESD), Installation and commissioning of instruments system, Tank gaging System, Instruments and Control systems of Packages, Loop check, Function check and SAT test in Phase 9&10 in south Pars Free Zone Energy-Iran.

§ Instrument design engineer in charge of preparing all engineering documents (e.g. Datasheets, I/O list, Instrument list, Hook Up Diagram Wiring Diagram, Loop Diagram, Logic diagram) and Technical bid evaluation for all field instruments and packages (e.g. field transmitters, local gauges, Sampling System package, Boiler Feed Water pump package) for Phase 13&14 South Pars Free Zone Energy and Cycle Combine Power Plants in Iran.

Digital competence

Instrument Sizing programs, including InstruCalc, Conval, Flowel, ValSpeQ (Masoneilan), SRVS (Consolidated), FirstVue (Fisher).

Microsoft Sql Database, Matlab, Toolbox and Mathematica.

Autodesk AutoCAD.

Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel, Access, Power point and Visio. Training Courses

Advance Course on Engineering and Construction in EPC Contracts, GS E&C, Seoul, South Korea Certificate of Attendance (May-June 2008).

Siemens PLC (S7) (Elementary & Advanced).

Wincc Monitoring.

Control Valve Sizing and Calculation.

INTOOLS Software.

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