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Lab QA &QC manager in El-Nasr castings Co.

Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt
USD 4000
January 14, 2017

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Chemist : Abdel-Monem Zakaria Mohamed Ibrahim

Address: *- **-****** **. **-Labban, Alexandria, Egypt.

E mail:

Mobile: 012******** - 012******** - +20 03 496****

Qualifications: B sc. in Biochemistry Dept. Alex. University, 1978.

Absolutely retired Chemist been worked in El-Nasr Castings Co. (ISO 9001) Alex. Egypt.


1.1 QC & QA Labs Manager: (For + 18 years)

1.1.1 Direct updated Labs, QMS and control planning in sustainable basis.

1.1.2 Validate functional testing to show whether the products meet customer expectations.

1.1.3 Identify non-conformances and take corrective and preventive actions.

1.2 Production specialist: (From 1983 To 1986)

Manufacturing ductile cast iron pipes & valves, their fittings, and other miscellaneous metallic products that utilized in water, plumbing, railroad, and infrastructure applications.

1.3 R & D specialist: (From 1986 To 1990)

Enhance and improve productivity through research findings and find alternatives.

1.4 Chemistry & Science Lecturer: (From 1990 To 1998)

In Libyan Teachers Institute in Tripoli and Saudi Arabian schools in Jeddah.

1.5 Fuel Liaison Officer: For about 3 years in oil products delivery during military service.


Running limited enterprise for manufacturing and marketing chemical preparations.


3.1 Excellent expertise of building materials, sand, alloys, refractories, resins, polymers … etc.

3.2 Hands-on XRF, FAA and ICP spectrometry as well as ultrasonic NDT and metal painting.

3.3 Calibration, problem-solving, detailed-oriented style and, root cause analysis skills.

3.4 Logical computer literate, Lean & Six Sigma, and Project Management Fundamentals.

3.5 Education and training.


4.1 Recycling solid wastes of foundries and workshops and used them as fillers (putties) and coatings to repair castings defects of final products and protect sand molds and cores against humidity deterioration taking EMS into account.

4.2 I have also made a successful attempt to use the cheap and safe water glass as a substituent binder instead of terribly cost hazardous resins according to HSE regulations.


5.1 I hope to establish a silicon metal, ferrosilicon alloy and silicone resin plant to be a foundation stone for several ferroalloys center in Egypt and Middle East as a whole.

5.2 I have already made a prefeasibility study for such a plant and another one for a pure white silica sand quarry to secure the fundamental raw material.

I think this strategic project is promising, if found the suitable investor.

It is just a dream may come true. Who knows

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