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Mechanical Technician

Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate, Iraq
US$ 4000
January 14, 2017

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Post applied for : Mechanical Technician (Rotary Equipment)

Academic Profile:

S. No



Year of Passing


Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Tamil Nadu State Board of Technical Education




St. Teresa’s Hr. Sec. School


Safety Training Program attended

Fire prevention & fire fighting.

Personal Safety

personal Survival Technical

Elementary First Aid

Attended H2S Safety Producers Course

Experience Summary: +12 YEARS

Sl No.



Position held



PETROFAC offshore project & operation.

SEP 2014 to Till date.

Mechanical Technician




APRIL 2011 to JUNE 2014

Millwright Technician


ONGC Platform through OHCS Pvt.Ltd.Mumbai

SEP 2010 to FEB 2011

Mechanical Technician



APRIL 2010 to

JULY 2010

Rotary Equipment Technician


QATAR PETROLEUM refinery through DOPET.

NOV 2009 to JAN 2010.

Rotary Equipment Technician


ONGC Platform through THEKKANS NACKO

AUG 2008 to SEP 2009

Mechanical Technician


ONGC offshore through SAMFIRE services.

DEC 2006 to JUNE 2008.

Mechanical Technician


M/S. S.S. Construction Bombay

AUG 2005 to SEP 2006.

Mechanical Technician

Experience Details:

Centrifugal Pumps:

Experience in Maintenance of single Stage pumps and multistage pumps. Experience in assembling and dismantling of pumps (Boiler feed Water pumps, cooling Water pumps, Ammonia feed Pumps, crude and vacuum. Residue Pumps, etc. replacing Seal, packing etc.

Close suction and discharge valves, chain and lock hand wheels. Open pump suction and discharge pipe drain valves to bilge and when water ceases to flow; crack open the pipes / pump flange joints carefully to ensure that pump has drained off and is safe for opening. Fix a shackle to lifting pad eye above pump and hang chain block; ensuring SWL of block, slings and shackles are satisfactory. Use a center-punch to match/mark coupling and casing, then remove the coupling bolts, Disconnect all external fittings from pump casing e.g. cooling pipe, pressure gauge, oil reservoirs and air cock.Remove bolting from top cover and remove cover. Scrape off old gasket and check mating surfaces, and renew gasket on assembly. (Light smear of grease on gasket / faces) The pump shaft with impeller can be lifted out of casing. Dismantle the impeller, and remove the wear ring. Remove the gland packing and disregard; replacing it on rebuild. Remember to cut ends of packing at 45 and stagger joints when repacking gland.

Gas Engine:

Operates stationary internal-combustion engines, using natural gas for fuel, to supply power for equipment, such as electrical generators and air or gas compressors: Starts auxiliary air compressor and turns compressed air and fuel valves to start engine. Observes gauges and meters and adjusts controls to regulate ignition, governor, lubrication and cooling systems, and load distribution between engines. Observes operation of equipment, such as generators or compressors to detect malfunctions. May specialize in engines designed for specific processes and be designated Gas-Engine Operator, Compressors; Gas-Engine Operator, Generators. Remove admission valve and clean by acetone inspect the nozzle if damage change properly.2k hrs. Engine service clean air filter and centrifuged filter change new if necessary. Spark plug removal and change, to repair control valve and air pressure regulator, Check a pre-crank and air system.

Reciprocating pumps:

Experience in Minting of plumber pumps, Chemical dosing pumps, double triplex pumps and methanol injection pump Etc. Experience in assembling and dismantling of pumps.

Mechanical Seals & Gland Packing:

Experience in Fixing and removing seals of pumps compressor, etc. Mechanical Seal for Pump, Mechanical Shaft Seal, Single and Double Mechanical Seals, Agitator Seals, Pump Seals, Cartridge Mechanical Seal, Mechanical Seal Parts, Mechanical Seal Pdf, Mechanical Seal Types, JOHN CRANE

Dry Gas Seal:

Removed from multi stage compressor and change a new dry gas seal by special made puller.


Experience in alignment of pumps and Compressors, motors and Fin fans Etc.

Hot alignment, Rim and face method, Reverse and Laser alignment

Gear Box:

Experience in all types of gear boxes, Attended preventive maintenance and breakdown maintenance bearing alignment setting. Oil seal checking and replacing.

PSV Testing:

A process involving a pretest, full disassembly, internal inspection and functional test is the only true way to ensure that your PSV is in the best possible condition. The pretest is performed before the PSV is disassembled. The results from the pretest are used to help gauge whether a valve would have relieved in service and at what pressure, whether it would have reseated and whether it had seat leakage. By performing a pretest and then an entire overhaul and inspection, each part of the PSV is cleaned, inspected, reused/repaired/replaced, assembled, tested and returned to service.

There are two main downsides to a full inspection and overhaul; additional time and cost of repair. To properly overhaul any PSV, there are certain requirements that must be followed in order to provide a lapping valve. This method can take 3-4 times longer (time may vary based on the size and condition of the valve) than that of a test only. Additionally, there are additional labor costs for the repair, as well as costs associated with transportation, plant labor (for removal and installation) and unit downtime. These factors need to be taken into consideration along with production schedules to maintain a true and accurate PSM program


Experience in maintenance of Centrifugal compressor, reciprocations process Air Compressors, instrument Air Compressor, etc.

Reciprocating Compressor (2000 PSI) changing cylinder, hot valve, lubrication

Oils, Semi-annual and Annual Service.

Experience in maintaining of reciprocating Compressors like CO2 Compressor,

Ammonia Compressor, Instrument air Compressor, etc.

Experience in maintenance compressor.

Air Compressor:

Air compressor of all parts servicing and overhauling head piston ring, Liner replacing Cylinder bore wear reducing, Inlet valve, Delivering valve cooling water circulation handling, Inter cooler, Air cleaner, Crank shaft bearding, Journal bearing, Main bearing, pulley felt, pre filter, after filter dryer, header, volume bottle, instrument air recovery, instrument air tank, compressor, Panel board operation, start up.


Experience in maintenance of Steam Turbines and Gas Turbines.

General gas turbine 5 frame

performing work area inspections, testing lubricating oil and distillate fuels for contamination, neutralization, and precipitation, operating standard test equipment, stopping engines and checking proper performance, replacing and adjusting operating tolerance of contacts, operating electric plant control and main propulsion equipment, operating pumps, turning gear, air compressors, oil purification system, low pressure air dehydrators and engineering control systems, performing preventive maintenance on ship's fuel system and air system, maintaining sea water service system, waste drain system, oil purification system and manually operated valves, using hoisting and lifting devices and maintaining special tools, maintaining and operating ship's service gas turbine generators and support systems.


A rotating component, if not correctly balanced, will have unbalanced centrifugal forces which will cause noise, component wear, excessive vibration, a reduction of bearing life, and subsequently a premature component failure. The faster a component rotates, the more critical balancing becomes.

During the manufacturing of a rotor assembly, MCE does take care to ensure that components of the assembly are located as close to their intended locations as practical. However, one must realize that even with this care, it is not possible to control all factors that affect the location of the parts that make up the assembly. Very small variations in location eventually add up, thereby creating an imbalance of the rotor assembly; the imbalance may be very small, however, it may still exist.

Offshore Experience:

Operating of X-mas Tree gate value, crown, upper master, lower master, wing value (operating & Closing), surface value, adjustable choke valve, SSV & SDV. Choke Manifold, upstream, by-pass, positive valve, adjustable choke valve and down changing of chokes. Oil & Gas pipe manifold-port side or start board side valves. Knowledge on flow lines, work of separator, condition of test, production, separator 3 phase (gas, oil & water) separate, Pressure Control valve PCV, oil level Controller, gas pressure controller, changing of orifice plates, taking separator reading, flowing well fluid through separator, Bypassing, opening and closing manual low torque values.


H2S Monitor, Gas Detector, Fire Detection System, DCP, Foam, CO2 Fire Extinguisher, Life Jackets and Belts. Operation and Maintenance of various types of Fire Fighting equipments and have knowledge’s of Fire and Safety Equipments.

Personal Details:

Father’s Name : Mr.R.Raja pandi.

Date of Birth : 20 / 05/ 1987.

Marital Status : Single.

Languages Known : English, Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam.

Passport Details

Passport No. : Z 4045039

Date of Issue : 30.08.2016

Date of Expiry : 29.08.2026

Permanent Address : 12/2A, North Street,


Koliyankulam (post),

Tirunelveli Dist. – 627116.

Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Phone No. : +91-975******* +91-950*******

Place: Yours Sincerely

Date: (R.KAUSIK.)

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