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Elmwood Park, Illinois, 60707, United States
January 11, 2017

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Franklin Park, IL 60131

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Over thirty-six years of experience in piping and engineering. Develop designs and layouts requiring theoretical and practical design knowledge in a specialized field including materials and codes, fabrication and construction requirements. Travel, as required, to assure the successful execution of project and/or departmental goals. Under general supervision, produces complex drawings and checking, along with moderate layout in accordance with latest industry practice, related codes, economics, and specific contract requirements. Selected Experience:

Valdes Engineering Company (October 10, 2016-December 19, 2016) Senior Piping Designer – Checker/Reviewer for Lyondellbasell Steam Desuperheater, Hydrogen Expander Replacement Project, and IFCo. (Iowa Fertilizer Company) Service Water Tank and Pumps installation. Responsible for checking of all isometric drawings to be issued for approval

(IFA) and issued for construction (IFC), making sure all items on bill of material are correct, checking of line lists, tie-in point lists, scope of work, piping photo shots for client deliverables, checking that piping line numbers agree with the process and instrumentation diagram. Using the latest 3D software, Naviswork Simulate and CadWorx, to walk through/navigate the 3D model for piping clashes/interference with any existing and new piping layout with the scanned plant background, structural steel members, platform penetrations, pipe rack routings, electrical cable trays, conduits, and installation of new equipment. Checking of control valves station, bypasses, accessibility, maintenance, operation, equipment pullouts, valves hand wheel orientation, aisle space, and equipment nozzles orientation. Checking of low points and high point vents, upstream and downstream straight run requirement of flow meters, thermowells, pressure differential transmitters, pressure indicators, title blocks, design pressure and temperature, operating conditions, paint code, insulation, thermal and cold stress analysis, and hydro testing. Checking of all pipe supports per client standard details and using Valdes Engineering Company piping standard details and assembly.

UOP/Honeywell LLC (May 20, 2013-August 19, 2016)

Senior Designer - Responsible for the layout of CCR Unit- Modular- Plot Plans and Sections. Designer/Checker- responsible for checking all the isometric drawings for PRL (Pakistan Refinery Limited- Penex Project) to make sure it agrees with UOP Standards and reviewing the Model using Naviswork 3D viewer. Checking clashes and making snap shots using Snipping tool and creating a pdf files, marking up the screen shots using adobe reader and sending it back to the 3D Detailed Designer to incorporate my comments. Responsible for checking all the isometric drawings, pipe supports, line numbers, instrument numbers, equipment numbers agrees with the P & ID’s and issue for fabrication to the shop/mechanical contractor. Responsible for checking all the piping, instruments, equipment, module layout for 3 Valero Refining Company projects, LPG and Naptha Extract Unit-Houston, Texas, Kero Jet Unit, Valero Corpus Kristi Project, and Eagle Ford Crude Unit Expansion Project. Modeled equipment EFREN MARCIAL



and piping design using the software Autodesk Autoplant 3D. Attended meetings and coordinated with the 3D Detailed Designers like Ambitech, Inc. on a 30%, 60%, and 90% review on our ongoing project. Interfaced with all disciplines in our department. Middough Consulting Inc. (July 25, 2005 – May 17, 2013)

(Ethanol Plant Expansion and Tate & Lyle) Blair, Nebraska & Fort Dodge, Iowa Senior Piping Specialist

Plant Design System (3D-PDS)- As a Senior Piping Specialist, responsible for the layout and piping design of the (Lactic Acid Production), Blair, Nebraska-Fermentation Bldg. & Process Bldg. Utility Bldg., storage tank area, load out, pipe racks, fire pump house, equipment modeling and piping design using 3D (PDS) Plant Design System program. Extracting isometric piping drawing for shop fabrications. Generated 2D orthographic drawings for client use for construction. Review vendor drawings for nozzle orientations and interface with all discipline and meetings with the client.

(Seadrift Coke L.P.-Fort Lavaca, Texas)

Autoplant 3D/ Projectwise- Responsible for 3D equipment modeling and 3D process piping, utilities of Seadrift Coke L.P- Rich amine oil separation, amine regeneration, overhead accumulator regeneration, amine sump tank, filter and pumps, amine sewer collection, HDS unit condensate, high pressure/low pressure steam, flare lines, stack and knock-out drums, cooling water supply, and returns, plant and instrument air distribution, nitrogen system, fuel gas and natural gas, flush oil, slop oil/oily water collection, boiler feed water, drinking and process water distribution.

(Basf - The Chemical Company-Agricultural Division, Hannibal, Missouri) As a Sr. Piping Specialist, responsible for the installation of double block and bleed lines using Teflon lined pipes, instrument tees, addition of new pumps, condensers, reactors in the pyrolle process bldg. Field measurement as required for the proper installation of weak and strong

(HCL) lines, piperack and tank farm/ outdoor truck bulk loading and unloading. Modifications to existing piping and equipment.

Project Resources, Inc., Naperville, IL (December 15, 2003 – July 23, 2005)

(Polymer Expansion Project and Tank Farm) Mapei, West Chicago, Illinois Senior Lead Piping Designer

Responsible for the piping design (process and utilities) and layout of equipment, installation of new pumps, heat exchangers, tanks, reactors, condensers, scrubbers, chillers, cooling tower, coolers and other associated equipment in the new polymer room and indoor tank farm. Check vendor drawings, nozzle orientations & CAD drafting of P & ID’s using AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD 2006. Maintained project records and prepared detailed isometric piping drawings for fabrication and installation.

Waak Engineering, Inc., Des Plaines, IL (April 7, 2003 – December 8, 2003)

(B-200 & B-300 Cooling Tower Replacement Project) Eastman Chemical Company, Carpentersville, IL. And Gas Technology Institute-Solid Fuels Conversion Facility- Des Plains, Illinois

Lead Piping Designer

Responsible for the layout of two new cells of Marley Cooling Tower and installation of four new cooling tower pumps using AutoCAD 2002. Layout of equipment arrangements and piping EFREN MARCIAL



design (process piping and utilities) of the process bldg., mechanical utility room and air compressor room for the solid fuels conversion facility for GTI- Gas Technology Institute using AutoCAD 2004 (model space and paper space environment). Project Group of Illinois, Inc. (February 18, 2003 – April 4, 2003)

(Pentagon Renovation Project) Arlington, Virginia/Washington D.C. Piping Designer/Lead Detailer

Contractor to Southland Industries, Inc.

Worked on Pentagon Renovation Project using 3D Plant Space Tri-forma V8 Design Series by Bentley/Microstation. Responsible for the piping design and layout of equipment, installation of new pumps, heat exchangers, tanks, and other associated equipment in the mechanical room. Also, piping layout for the new force introduction box unit and fin tubes. Johnson Service Group, Inc. (October 7, 2002 – February 9, 2003)

(Abbott Lab. (North Chicago)) Bldg. P1E (Boiler #10 & #11 Installation Project) Senior Lead Piping Designer

Contractor to Stanley Consultants, Inc.

Working on Abbott Pharmaceutical Plant Bldg. P1E Boiler Replacements using Bentley Micro- station V8. Responsible for the piping design and layout of equipment and the installation of two new boilers (No. 10 & 11). Boiler #10 rated for 160,000 lb./hr., 850 psig (superheat) operating and 750F. Both boilers are natural gas fired. Boiler #11 rated for 150,000 lb./hr., 140 psig operating and saturated. Associated plant equipment includes forced draft fans and motor drives, economizers, burners and fuel train packages. Piping design includes installation for four (4) high-pressure boiler feed pumps, two (2) are motor driven and the other two are turbine driven. Working on ductwork design for the fuel gases, odorous air, and combustion air. Raymond Professional Group, Inc. (February 4, 2002 – October 4, 2002)

(Abbott Lab (North Chicago)) D2E7 (Biotechnology Bulk Manufacturing Facility) Senior Lead Piping Designer

Field Assignment – Contractor to Abbott Lab.

Worked on Plant Space P & ID’s (CADD Drafting) and Bentley Microstation V8i. Responsible for the design and layout of equipment, general arrangements, piping design, coordinating and interfacing with all disciplines, and resolving piping design problems. Washington Group International, Inc. (October 1990 – February 2002)

(Cargill Dow LLC) Lactic Acid Production Plant

Design Engineer Specialist 1

Modeled and designed the Fermentation Bldg. using 3D(PDS). Responsible for overseeing the piping design effort. Also experienced with new and existing modeling on site, field verification and coordination of model with construction (location and setting equipment, pipe routing and detailing, identifying and solving inconsistencies between drawings and existing field conditions), design modeling (piping and instrumentation from flow sheets, isometrics and orthographic drawings, plot plans, mechanical design, model tables), and visualized and implemented the piping department standard for 3D-piping/equipment progress measurement and responsible for the direction of coordination activities for all piping group on the project EFREN MARCIAL



thereby helping to assure the technical success of the project and adherence to the project schedule.

(Cerestar, USA - Hammond, Indiana) Food/Consumer Products Senior Lead Piping Designer

Supervised and led the piping group. Responsible for the design and layout of equipment, general arrangements, piping design, coordinating and interfacting with all disciplines, and resolving piping design problems. Maintained project records and prepared detailed isometric piping drawings.

(Mobil Oil Chemical Co. – Joilet, Illinois) Petrochemical Facility Senior Lead Piping Designer

Responsible for the piping design and layout of equipment, design of control stations, tank farm pipe rack piping using AutoCAD 14, checked vendor drawings and interfaced with engineers to verify design and resolve design problems and manual drafting, and installation of new heat exchangers.

(Unoven/Citgo – Romeoville, Illinois) Reformulated Gas Project (RFG) Senior Piping Designer 1993-1994

Responsible for installation of stack heat exchangers, pumps, piping layouts, and tie-ins of process piping and utilities. Checking of isometric and vendor drawings before issuance for approval/construction. Field walk-down and measurement of all the piping tie-in points and installation of safety shower and utility stations.

(Cargill, Inc. - Eddyville, Iowa) Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, and Itaconic Acid Expansion Senior Lead Piping Designer

Was responsible for the layouts and design of process and utility piping, tie-ins, equipment arrangements using AutoCAD Release 14 and board. Responsible for the design and layout of new air compressors, the expansion of the fermentation area, supervisions, and coordination with all disciplines. Checked vendor drawings. Prepared isometric piping drawings and details for fabrication and construction with many types of piping, including three feet diameter bends stainless steel, high density polyethylene pipe, cast iron pipe, carbon steel, glass lined (Teflon), carbon steel, and copper.

(Illinois Power Company and Commonwealth Edison Co. - Clinton and Braidwood, Illinois) Nuclear Power Plants (Sargent & Lundy Engineers, Inc.) 1983-1987 For Illinois Power Company’s Clinton Power Plant and Commonwealth Edison’s Braidwood Power Plant – Design Engineer responsible for field walk downs and coordination to comply with design criteria. Performed detailed designs, prepared design sketches for model technicians and drafters, resolved design problems, maintained project records, updated piping drawings, and prepared isometric piping drawings.

(Abbott Laboratories (R9 Pilot Plant) Pharmaceutical Plant - North Chicago, Illinois) United Engineers and Constructors, Inc.

Piping Lead Designer




Was responsible for the design of transfer station of process center (PC-3 and PC-4) area, general arrangement and piping layout of all reactors and condenser of PC areas. Prepared isometric drawings for fabrication and construction.

(General Mills - Cedar Rapids, Iowa) Project Farewell Lead Piping Designer

Was responsible for design and layout of all main utility headers and sub-headers for the distribution to several pieces of equipment. Performed CADD and manual drafting and performed and developed detailed design on a specific area.

(Safety Kleen Inc. - Dolton, Illinois) Tank Farm and Building Expansion Lead Piping Designer

Was responsible for general arrangement and piping design of tank farms, pipe racks, and isometric piping details. Supervised and provided design input, interfaced with engineers to verify design and resolve design problems.

(NutraSweet - Atlanta, Georgia) NutraSweet Project Davy Mckee Corp. 1988-1990

Reviewer/Checker, piping and CADD designer- designed process piping and utility piping, tie- ins, provided equipment arrangements using AutoCAD, prepared isometric piping drawings and material take-offs, and checked vendor drawings.

(The Clorox Company - Wisconsin) Teepak Project and HVR Flour Daniel, Inc. 1987-1988

Piping Designer

Was responsible for general arrangement and piping designs and layout of process and utility piping, tie-ins, isometric detailed piping using AutoCAD and manual drafting. Designed floor drains and underground piping.

(Inland Steel and Bethlehem Steel) No. 3 Continuous Line, Blast Furnace Cook Oven - South Harbor, Indiana (H.O.H. Engineers, Inc.) 1980-1983 Inland Steel and Bethlehem Steel- Piping Designer responsible for piping design, equipment arrangement, layouts of process and utility piping, and preparation of isometric piping drawings. Designed pipe supports.


BSME, Far Eastern University Institute of Technology, Manila, Philippines (1977) BSED, Philippine Christian University (1978-1980)

AutoCAD, Moraine Valley Community College (1987)

Plant Design System (PDS)(3D) Training, Intergraph (1997), Smart Plant P&ID Microstation, Intergraph (1998), Plant Space P&ID (Bentley)

Autoplant 3D/Projectwise, AutoCAD 2006, 2008 2009 and present AutoCAD Plant 3D- Trained and used doing Equipment Modeling, Piping plant Design and Layout




CadWorx – Recently trained in-house.

Personal References:

1. Jim Bishop (Project Manager) Project Resources Inc. Tel. 630-***-****, e-mail address: 2. Andrew Carey (Project Manager) Valdes Engineering Company Tel. 630-***-**** ext. 123, e-mail address: 3. Jeffrey Nowdomski (Piping Supervisor) Ambitech Engineering Inc. Tel. 630-***-**** ext. 299, e-mail address:

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