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Engineer Software

United States
January 09, 2017

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Brian Cordan Young

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Boulder Creek, CA 95006


*** • 709 • 4802


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May 19, 2016



Software Engineer, Netizaar, Palo Alto, CA - 2015-present

• Design and implement CloudKit based data layer for syncing & local persistence. Technical Marketing Manager, 4D Inc, San Jose, CA - 2013-present

• Planned annual developer conference, recognized as the most successful in the companies 30 year history. Managed all aspects of the conference, including field marketing, budgeting, communications and content. Lead the keynote team, coached presentations, directed content, and Emcee’d throughout the keynotes & conference.

• Developed an internal iOS Mapping tool to visualize customer locations & drive time to potential event locations. App features include filtering based on purchase history and partner status.

• Devised & implemented a more accurate method to determine customer location based off incomplete data and various sources of data.

• Linked internal tools with Marketo marketing automation SAAS via REST service. Designer, Luckow Design Studios, Scotts Valley, CA - 2011 Designed the UI/UX of a touch based embedded web app for a video switching system. We translated multiple existing Windows applications that controlled the video switching hardware, in to a single touch based web app that is at home on an iPad. We simplified an overly complex Windows UX in to an approachable touch UX. My previous TV production experience was instrumental in acting as a translator from the

‘technical, engineer focused’ view point of the Windows software to a ‘users view point’ for the new embedded web app. This required a methodical, systematic approach to ensure users would have access to all previous features that they require but also determine which features need not be carried over. Brian is also a regular co-host on

GeekSpeak (podcast & KUSP broadcast)

Cocoa Touch Frameworks (iOS 5 - current)

• NSOperations (Asynchronous)

• UIKit & Autolayout

• CoreGraphics (incl. custom CALayers)

• AVFoundation

• CoreLocation

• MapKit

• CoreData & Realm (3rd Party)

+ common cocoa design patterns


(incl. Manual Reference Counting)


• generics, enums with associated values,

pattern matching,

• comfortable with mixed functional &


• Closely follow swift developments.

Past proficiencies

• JavaScript (incl. CommonJS modules)

• NodeJS

• Perl, TCL, shell scripting

• Proprietary scripting languages

Lighting Artist, PDI/Dreamworks, Redwood City, CA: 2003 -2005 Beyond my daily lighting tasks I improved the proprietary lighting software by observing where I and other artists spent large blocks of time doing technical work instead of the art of producing images. These observations earned my place on the steering committee for the lighting tools and advanced the software.

Technical Director, Pixar, Point Richmond & Emeryville CA: 1999 - 2003 As a technical artist at the studio my role included character rigging, shader writing, authoring compositing workflows as well as lighting and compositing. I enjoyed repeated projects for the shorts department that required skills in all facets of the production pipeline. My versatility and ability to organize were recognized multiple times when I was called on to lead projects. Including:

•Assigning staff

•Budgeting of resources

•Advising directors

•Scheduling to ensure meeting deadlines.

Served as lighting director for Shorts Dept. project: Buzz Lightyear Home Video Technical Director, Rhythm & Hues, Marina Del Ray, CA: 1995 - 1999 Working under tight deadlines we took on projects that demanded close collaboration on both art and code. The studio tools were based on text files orchestrated from scripts. I wrote animations, created visual effects, placed thousands of objects, described surfaces and textures, composited layers and timed events through the use of the proprietary scripting language.

Beyond writing code to describe an image, I also wrote tools used throughout the studio pipeline including:

• Auto allocation and lookup of of image and model assets on network drives.

• Frame range calculator making it trivial to avoid re-rendering existing frame ranges. Reducing the load on the render farm and speeding up artist feedback loop Served on several steering committees for internal software. Education

iNVASIVECode, San Francisco CA

iOS development training (5 day intensive course). Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Art - Magna Cum Laude. Brian Cordan Young

115 Fern Dr

Boulder Creek, CA 95006


831 • 709 • 4802


Portfolio and Other Links

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