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Sales Accounting

Dto. Capital, Venezuela
January 07, 2017

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Caracas. Venezuela

Tel: +58-212-******* / Cel: +58-416-******* / Skype: jlangem


University Santa María (USM). Caracas, Venezuela

Bachelor's degree in Public Accounting. 1995 – 2000

Certified Public Accountant Venezuela (C.P.A) # 55335

Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) # 1187462

Member of the Venezuelan Society of Economist Appraisers (SOVECTA) # 1483


Consultant. Since November 2011

Freelance consultant in accounting and finance to companies.


Manager of Finance and Accounting

Role & responsibilities

-Charged with management and control of the accounting and administrative processes of the brokerage company.

-Monitored of compliance with the tax liabilities (National/Municipal)

-Consistently monitor and control of the accounting records of stock exchange transactions and administrative of the brokerage company.

-Perform monthly, quarterly and yearly financial statements of the brokerage company reports to the national authorities (National Superintendence of Securities).

-Review and analyze monthly financial statements and three month rolling P&L forecasts to ensure alignment with company’s priorities and business strategies designed to meet yearly targets.

-Control and monitoring of the regulations established by the National Superintendence of Securities for the accounting records of the brokerage company.

-Review and analyze the interests of the fixed income securities and the operations of the brokerage company.

-Review and control of the amortization and depreciation of the assets of the brokerage company.

-Ensure of the compliance with the tax duties (SENIAT and mayors) of the brokerage company.

-Prepared management reports to the directors of the brokerage company.

-Participated in the Council of Directors.

-Prepared reports of the cash flow and the currency positions.

-Facilitated External Audits

ITALCAMBIO GROUP - Italbursátil BROKERAGE FIRM (May 2008 – Jun 2009)


Role & responsibilities

-Planning for the control of the operations.

-Information and interpretation of the results of operations and financial situation

-Protection of the assets of the company.

-Evaluation of the economic environment.

-Collaboration in the establishment of objectives and guidelines for decision-making.

-Review and analyze the compliance with the rules and parameters established by the procedures and regulations of the Brokerage House.

-Ensure the compliance with the laws and regulations issued by the national authorities (National Superintendence of Securities)

-Responsible for the review and monitoring of transactions of money market Brokerage House.

-Participation in the Council of Directors

-Preparation, review and evaluation of the reports on the cash flow and the monetary positions.

-Monitoring of operations and opening/ maturity active and passive.

-Controllership and audit of the accounting and operating processes of the brokerage firm and the network of agencies of the group.

-Information and interpretation of the results of operations and financial situation

ExxonMobil Venezuela, Subsidiary of ExxonMobil Corporation. (Jun-2001 – Jan-2008)

Through fixed term contracts and outsourcing companies as a full time dedicated resource

From June 2001 to January 2008, I performed functions as a resource dedicated exclusively to ExxonMobil Inc. as a specialist in accounting - fuels except during the period between August 2002 - March 2003 where I was a temporary Territory Manager.

MOBIL PRODUCTOS REFINADOS Compañía en Comandita por Acciones Subsidiary of ExxonMobil Corporation Jun 2001 – Mar 2003

Specialist Accounting – Fuels

Grupo Lange Sanchez, C.A. (Outsourcing Mobil Productos Refinados C.C.A.)

May 2003 – Aug 2003

Specialist Accountant - Fuels

ASAP (Outsourcing Mobil Productos Refinados C.C.A) May 2003 – Jan 2006

Specialist Accountant - Fuels

MOBIL PRODUCTOS REFINADOS Compañía en Comandita por Acciones Subsidiary of ExxonMobil Corporation

Jan 2006 – Jun 2007

Specialist Accountant - Fuels

Industrias Venoco (June 2007 – Jan 2008)

Specialist Accountant - Fuels

Transitioning: 7 months after XOM closed operations in country

Role & Responsibilities

-Accounting and internal audit of the department of fuel and the network of service stations of Mobil refined products company Limited Partnership by shares.

-Administrative oversight of the billing process.

-Administrative oversight of the process of collections.

-Supervision of the accounting for the processes of invoicing and collections

-Presentation of semi-annual results to the Regional Management

-Access to sensitive information of the company required for verification and establishment of controls for the post.

-Review, analysis and reconciliation of the billing of fuel transportation freight.

-Review and daily reconciliation of the billing for fuel purchases to PDVSA

-Daily tracking and control of shipments invoiced by PDVSA.

-Treasury (Caracas) in the analysis and control of the process of payments to PDVSA and other vendors

-Accounts payable (PTP Curitiba - Brasil-Caracas) control payments to PDVSA and other vendors.

-Responsible for the Department Supplies and Distribution (S&D) in reference to the inventories of fuels.

-Logging operations and movements of the accounting department.

-Preparation of the annual budget the fuels department.

-Calculation of the monthly inventory of fuels.

-Calculation and verification of fuels unit prices invoiced.

-Review and analysis of the margins of the stipulated in contract fuel distribution.

-Drafting of reports and analysis of the monthly and quarterly billing.

-Operational audits in the plants of fuel delivery.

-Verification of the quality parameters of the product.

-Issuing and tracking of claims to PDVSA.

-Calculation and application of funds of the department Weekly Fuels and quarterly analysis of the amount.

-Drafting of reports for the management of CS and S&D

-Audit and control in the process of contingency PDVSA (2002-2003)

-Representative of Mobil refined products in meetings with the Commercial Management of PDVSA.

-Facilitate External Audits

Territory Manager Center-West. Aug 2002 – Mar 2003

Role & responsibilities

-Design and implement strategies established in the business plan of ExxonMobil.

-Advise and establish controls of customers in the implementation of marketing, administrative and security policies

-Negotiation and processing of operation and real estate contracts

-Control and responsibility of the performance of the credit portfolio.

-Preparation and compliance with budget of the territory.

-Management and administration of contracts with the service stations, distribution plants and transport of fuels.

-Analysis of monthly and quarterly billing in fuel sales.

-Analysis of situations in the area and search for solutions, engineering support to service stations

-Presenting the results of the operation in the area regularly to the national and regional management.

-Management and contact with suppliers and promotions.

MACLEOD DIXON S.C., BREMO Y ASOCIADOS LAW FIRM (February 1996 – November 2000)

Outsourcing Management, C.A., Distribuidora Gedar, SRL (Freelance).

Role & responsibilities

-Reassemble of accounting records

-Record of operations and movements in accounting books

-Maintain general ledger

-Issue financial statements

-Calculate and issue financial analysis of the financial statements

-Conduct a monthly reconciliation of every bank account

-Conduct periodic reconciliations of all accounts to ensure their accuracy

-Maintain the petty cash fund

-Process payroll in a timely manner

-Pay supplier invoices in a timely manner

-Cashflow analysis

-Provide administrative support to management as requested

-Record purchase of supplies and equipment as authorized by management

-Record Sales

-Maintain an orderly accounting filing system

-Maintain the chart of accounts

-Maintain the annual budget

-Calculate variables from the budget and report significant issues to management

-Stay familiar with list of tax and accounting rules.

-Prepare tax reports and monthly invoice statements.

LANGUAGES: English(B2), Spanish



Financial Modules: Financial Accounting (FI)

SAP FI-AP - Accounts Payable

SAP FI-AR - Account Receivable

Sales & distribution (SD)

SAP SD-MD - Master Data

SAP SD-CAS - Sales Support

SAP SD-SLS - Sales

SAP SD-SHP - Shipping

SAP SD-TR - Transportation

SAP SD-BIL - Billing

Material Management (MM)

SAP MM-PUR - Purchasing

SAP MM-IM - Inventory Management

SAP MM-IV - Invoice Verification

SAP ML - Material Ledger

JD Edwards, Modules

Accounts Payable

Supplier Database Management

Voucher Processing

Accounts Receivable

Customer Master

Accounts Receivable Sub-Ledger

Inventory Management

Stock and Non-stock Item Management

Item Costs and Prices

Sales Order Management

Order Entry

Ship Confirmation

Invoice Print

Sales Update

L.A. System (Brokerage system, ),

SAINT (Accounting System.,

Valery (Accounting System ),

Microsoft Word, Excel y Power Point, Lotus


Finance and accounting area:

-Appraisal of Real Estate – Sociedad Venezolana de Economistas Tasadores 32h Jun-2011

-Practical course in Accounting in Sistema L.A for the Capital Market. Instituto Avanzado de Finanzas (IAF) 16h Feb-2010.

-Specialist in application of “LA Sistemas” for the Capital Market. Instituto Avanzado de Finanzas (IAF) 32h Mar-2010

-Advanced Stock Market, Preparation for the stock broker and stock advisors exam. Instituto Avanzado de Finanzas (IAF) Jul-2008

-BackOffice for the Capital Market. Caracas Stock Exchange. 20h Oct. 2010.

-Risks of legitimization of capital and financing of terrorism with a vision in the Capitals Market – CIPREC 8h Ap-2010.

-Introduction to the stock market. Instituto Avanzado de Finanzas (IAF). Jun-2008

-Introduction to Prevention and Control oflegitimation of capital. Italcambio Organization 4h Jun 2008

-Monetary reconversion. Organización Jurisprudencia del trabajo (JURIS) 8h Sep-2007

Risk Management Internal Control transactional cycles. CEATE 8h Nov.2004

-Formation of internal auditors.

-Budget techniques and projected cash flow. IDEPROCOP- Professional Development Institute of Public Accountants. 16 h Jun2003.

-Adjustment by fiscal tax and company assets. IDEPROCOP- Professional Development Institute of Public Accountants. 16 h Jun2003

-Internal audit. IDEPROCOP- Professional Development Institute of Public Accountants. 16 h Jun2003

-State of cash flow (DPC-11) IDEPROCOP- Professional Development Institute of Public Accountants. 8 h Jun2003

-Tributary assistant I.C.E., Instituto de Capacitación Empresarial 80h Jun 1999


-7 habits of highly effective people

-Stripes ASAP training (SAP R/3).

-Operation and administration of service stations Servicio (Héroes).

-Sales control and credit in the area of Fuels.

-Workshop use Mercury system PDVSA (Inventory and sales PDVSA’s system).

-Smith system Defensive driving.

All backups of these courses can be provided.

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