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Highland, New York, 12528, United States
October 10, 2016

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MUKARRAM SYED PH:718-***-****


Over 4 years of experience in RF engineering in the field of telecommunications

Experience with device lab testing, Flashing new SW build on lab test phones,

Collecting logs using QXDM, Bug2Go, TCP dumps, and IP logs.

Working on Spirent & R&S test equipment to run Verizon test plan

Worked on Wireshark & QCAT tools to analyze collected data.

Worked on drive test data post-processing tool “Windcatcher” to create data set and post process data.

Prepared KPI reports for Drop Call Percentage, Call Setup success Rate, Ec/Io, CS/PS origination failures, Handover success ratio

Good experience with data collection tool Xcal, JDSU, Data Pro & analysis tool QXDM.

Experience with SRVCC, CSFB, & VoLTE testing

Good experience with 3G, 4G/ LTE, CDMA networks testing for various carrier

Experience in 4G/LTE technology for data collection,IPERF, IRAT, sanity and throughput tests.

Good experience with indoor building testing using Xcal mobile software to resolve network coverage issue

Experience in data collection and functionality testing to improve the system performance.


Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering

The City College of New York, New York

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering

The City College of New York, New York


Telecommunications Networks Data Network Design Fiber Optic Communication

Digital System Design Linux Operating System


Operating Systems: Unix, Windows XP,

Network Protocols: TCP/IP, IPv4/V6, OSPF

Wireless Technologies: LTE, GSM, CDMA, UMTS, Wi-Fi,

Networking: LAN, WAN, OSI Architecture

Databases: Access, RDBMS

Languages: SQL,




Client: Motorola

Device Test Engineer

Flash new SW build on Motorola devices, performing appropriate settings

according to Verizon test plan.

Collecting QXDM BP logs, Ap logs, TCP dumps, IP logs

Install & run Bug2Go tool to capture UE issues such as device battery is discharging

soon, home screen freeze, and flash light issues.

Worked on R&S test equipment to run Verizon test plan such as LTE data retry,

Worked on Spirent TE to run WiFi throughput test issues by observing SNR values

Creating CR for the issues found and writing detail about the issues.

Using RSD tool ver 1.2.5 for installing program in devices and enabling hidden menu

and phone info

Worked on Wireshark and QCAT tool to analyze the collected logs, and interpret the UE

Messages such as events, debug messages, signaling messages and GPRS.

Worked on RTP client and Datum tool, for Verizon WiFi test plan to verify upstream VI values

Changed NV items on lab test devices using QXDM tool as per test plan requirement

Worked on tera term for exceutation of test plan, use adb and adb shell commands


Field Engineer

Worked in MOP Uniband upgrade project for T-Mobile

Configure Alcatel-Lucent 7705 SAR-F, SAR-M routers and Ceragon microwave routers for EVC Migration.

Accurately completed daily reports, submitted site photos upon completion of each site

Created COP’s with detailed description of equipment used.

Replace new SFP at ALU 7705 and connect fiber jumpers from new VZ NID to CSR


Field Test Engineer

Performed walk test for existing WiFi network comprising of outdoor access points(APs)

and indoor APs for Cable Vision

Collected logs for assigned walk route to determine strong RSSI values for desired network.

Worked on I-phone 4 by using Google earth pro to trace walk routes & GPS toolbox to locate AP’s locations and by using Motorola Android phone to capture logs

Worked on perl command to extract logs from Android phone.

Worked on Multiband 4G LTE project for Sprint

Performed cluster drive to improve network coverage, drop calls, low throughput On 3G/4G LTE network

using Xcal tool & PCTEL scanner.

Performed scanner drive using advanced PCTEL scanner for band 25 & 1900 Mhz frequency to improve network performance

Prepared KPI reports for Drop Call Percentage, Call Setup success Rate, Ec/Io, CS/PS origination failures, Handover success ratio

Performed post Opto drive to analyze improved coverage issues.

Coordinated with senior RF engineers and discussed the issues found.

Post process drive data in Wind catcher to produce data set.

Created drive routes in MS street & trips to improve network performance

Generated reports on RSRP, RSSI, Handover, UL,DL for analysis purpose using Windcatcher

Responsible for entire Mobile, AL & Baton rouge, LA market for Verizon Opto Volte testing project.

Performed cluster drive and collected logs using JDSU for upload & download speed, identify low coverage area and NO service area, and gave recommendation to project manager

Collected logs using PCTEL scanner as requested by Verizon

Performed Volte test from MO(Mobile origination) to MT(Mobile termination) scenario

Worked on Xcal-Mobile using 6 LG phones on Volte-Volte and Volte-CDMA calls

By using Xcal mobile software.

Performed Volte test to achieved Voice quality, Retainability, Mobility,& Accessibility

Constantly monitored drop calls, LTE coverage, limited LTE coverage area on LG G2 phones

By observing MOS(Mean opinion score), RSSI & RSRP values & other LTE parameters.

Write detailed report about issues found with screenshots

Thoroughly performed indoor building testing for all assigned locations.


Associate RF Engineer

Spearheaded critically important E911 performance objectives by confirming accurate latitude / longitude, P-ANI, and call success rate through extensive call testing across all 3 sectors using 2 different phones.

Performed individual sector tests, single site verification (SSV), inter-radio access technology (IRAT) exit routes, inter-frequency hand off (IFHO) exit routes.

Resolved frequent signal failure issues by analyzing all potential causes and maintaining high attention to detail, working through each potential pathway to isolate and correct problem.

Performed IVHHO tests ensuring there are no dropped calls to and from the sites as well as SANITY drives.

Conducted CTTP testing for short and long calls, performed EVDO shakedowns on 3 cell site sectors.


Device Field Test Engineer

Conduct CDMA/LTE device Interoperability testing with various mobile and tablet device to validate software and performance with Sprint and Verizon infrastructure.

Coordinated testing, identified issues, and resolved network connectivity problems, collected logs,

Analyzing functionality using full regression test, KPI testing, and sanity testing

Worked on QXDM & XCAL tool to collect logs and, reported all defects,

By creating clear Quest for each issue, and reproducing the issues

Successfully reproduced challenging issues, including user equipment (UE) power recycle, data icon lost, and no service Area, through ongoing testing and analysis.

performed network testing on smartphones and tablets, and 3G handover test from 4G network.

Document IOT test reports and problem reports for issues identified during testing.

Identified issues found during field testing and reported to protocol engineers

Worked on ADB commands like ADB devices & ADB logcat to extract logs from devices

Drive test for successful handover, call drop, and throughput test.

Worked on L2/L3 LTE layer protocol


Associate RF Engineer

Worked on Network Vision project(3G/CDMA/EVDO)

Data Collections for PING Latency, IPERF Peak Download/Upload at Different Cells

4G/Cluster FIT Drive for further Optimization

Plan and execute 4G/ATP Tests at different sites for data Optimization

UL/DL inter eNodeb hand over tests for MIMO

Worked on PCTEL scanner to scan different LTE channels during cluster drive

Performed link budget test, and Attach/Detach procedure

Conducted UL Throughput – UDP traffic and DL Throughput – UDP traffic

Performed Data collection and functionality testing for cluster drive routes and Upgrade from Motorola (Sprint) legacy network to Samsung Network Vision

Conduct Accept Test Plan(ATP) for different sites and analyze field work

Performed CDMA Voice Call, CDMA Data Call Upload, Download, EVDO Upload, Download, using single scenarios.

Conducting data utilizing XCAL software consisting of cell site fire-squad test, inter/intra cell handovers and mobile-to-mobile test to verify successful cell site swap of Samsung equipment.

Performed auto call, different drive scenarios, UDP, Ping and Throughput tests.

Coordinate with RF performance team to optimize network, reduce network drop calls, interference levels, blockage and hand over failures.

New Vision Technology Inc, New York, NY 05/2006- 03/2011

IT Manager

Supervised staff personnel in designing web sites for clients including assignment, review of work

mentoring and training.

Provides direction, leadership and coordination for web development project

Assists clients on various web site projects and introduce new ideas for improvements

Reviewing competitor websites and updated the information to the business units

Developed access database and web interface suitable for client needs.

Assures database software and operating systems are at current revision level and ensures acceptable Performance and according to client’s needs.

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