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Nurse Medical

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
October 10, 2016

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HAAD License : GN30475

Address : Hamdan Street Abu Dhabi, UAE

Contact No. : 050*******/055*******

Skype id : rey.perillo2

Email Address :


A competent Nurse Specialist on Surgical Intensive Care Nursing, Peri & Post operative Nursing Care and Neuro Surgical Care Nursing with impeccable seven(7) years hospital experience and top notch clinical skills; Adept analytical-critical thinker, decision maker and problem solver towards life threatening situations. Versatile, dedicated and skilled health advocate with harnessed therapeutic communication skills, intuition and emotional stability. Compassionate and diligent community nurse serving in the tertiary government hospital in Quezon City, Philippines. Core competencies and skills include:

*Evidenced-Based Practice *Emergency Procedure

*Clinical Skills on Surgical Intensive Care Unit, *Planning and Goal Setting

Neurosurgery and Peri & Post Operative Nursing *Active Listening

*Therapeutic Communication *Accurate Charting and Documentation

*Quality Health Care *Team Player

*Basic and Advance Life Support *Strong Leadership


Registered Nurse, Abu Dhabi – Health Authority, 2015-Present

Registered Nurse, Philippines – Philippine Regulation Commission, 2007-Present

ACLS and BLS Certification



EQUIPMENT Mechanical Ventilator Skills Acquired *IV administration

COMPETENCY Infusion Pump *Medication Dispersing

Defibrillator *Wound care

Pulse Oximeter *Intubation Procedures

Suction Machine *Expert in Blood Extraction

Glucometer *Intubation / Extubation

Endotracheal/Tracheostomy Care

COMPUTER Microsoft Office *Reporting & Documentation

Computerized patient information systems*Procedure Assistance

COMMUNICATION Excellent in written and verbal English and Arabic (Basic)


Site Nurse / Phlebotomy Nurse September 26, 2015-October 14, 2015

Health & Life Medical Center Mussafah Sector 10, Abu Dhabi U.A.E.

Does blood extraction, giving medical and surgical care to patients.

• Treat emergency cases and give them first aid and refer to accredited agency if necessary.

• Giving oral, IM, SQ, IVF, medicines as ordered and render health teaching.

• Assessing patients, administering care, providing treatments and medications.

• Taking vital signs, capillary blood glucose, and refer to MD for any abnormalities.

Surgical Intensive Care Nurse/PACU/OR March 19, 2009 – August 01, 2014

Quirino Memorial Medical Center Proj. 4 Quezon City Philippines

Surgical Intensive Care Nurses care for school age, adolescents and geriatrics with special medical and surgical needs, such as those with traumatic brain injuries, debilitating conditions and post op complications with severe illness. They provide constant monitoring and specialized care such as ventilation & oxygen therapy while also intervening in the case of an emergency. In addition to providing round the clock care to patients, SICU nurses also provides parent support ranging from emotional encouragement to advising parents or family member on how to take care of the patient when they return home.

Focuses on 3 areas of care

Level 1- taking care of patient in mild complications, weaning on ventilator, GCS13-15 or on DNR status

Level 2- taking care of patients with moderate complications/conditions on GCS 9-12scale

Level 3- taking care of patients who require attention with severe complications and critical care w/ GCS 8 or below

Duties and Responsibilities

Cares to critical ii patients suffering from surgical complications

Changes NGT, tracheostomy, wound dressings and inserts catheters.

Provides intravenous therapy

Monitors and adjusts specialized equipment used in patients such as ventilators in a constant basis

Prepares, administers and records medications; reports adverse reaction to medications or treatments

Assists physicians during examination, treatment and procedures which can include life-saving situations like intubation at all times.

Performs oxygen therapy

Keeps detailed records of the care provided and any changes in the patient’s condition

Feeds patient, sometimes inserting feeding tube as ordered for patients too ill to feed

Monitors patients’ vital signs including GCS, BP, ABG, temperature, respiration and heart rate; if the patient isn’t responding well to treatment or condition worsens, we alert the doctor on duty and administer emergency treatment as ordered

Instructs and educates patient’s family

Records all care information concisely, accurately and completely in a timely manner, in the appropriate format and on the appropriate form

Communicates the patient’s condition to other care team members and the family

Participates in admission, transfer and discharge planning.

Act as Charge Nurse.

Intra-operative ( Operating Room)

Maintain the integrity, safety, and efficiency of the sterile field throughout the operation by:

Observing strict aseptic and sterile technique.

Prepare and arrange instruments and supplies prior to surgery.

Receives patient from the pre-operative nurse.

Position the patient in the operating table.

Attach all monitoring machine/device to the patient such as cardiac monitor, pulse oximeter, and automated blood pressure machine.

Provide oxygen inhalation to patient as ordered or routine.

Make sure that the necessary instruments and supplies needed for the surgery are already in.

Open sterile packs and gowns to be used for the operation.

Assist anesthesiologist during induction of anesthesia.

Anticipate the needs of the scrub nurse, surgeon, and anesthesiologist.

Applies grounding device to patient.

Circulate and assist the surgeon and anesthesiologist.

Count sponges, sharps, and instruments and report counts to the surgeon.

Have dressing ready for the surgeon to place on the operated site.

Complete intra-operative records.

After operation is completed, ensure that the patient is clean with a gown and blanket.

Arrange pack and ready washed unsterile instruments for sterilization.

Help patient move from O.R. table to stretcher, wheelchair, or surgical bed.

Endorse properly to the recovery room nurse.

Post-operative ( Recovery Room)

Receive patient from the operating room after surgical procedure.

Position patient to the bed or chair comfortably and as per surgeon’s order or required position.

Check vital signs until fully stable.

Determine patient’s immediate response to surgical intervention.

Carry out post- operative orders from the surgeon and anesthesiologist.

Administer oxygen as ordered or if necessary.

Assess patient status to be transfer to ICU, Medical – Surgical room.

Staff Nurse Trainee (MS, EENT, OPTHA) November 18, 2007 – March 18, 2009

Quirino Memorial Medical Center Proj. 4 Quezon City Philippines

Day of Surgery

Admits patient for surgery.

Check if the consent is sign and make sure that the patient understood the procedure before giving preoperative medications.

Provide patient’s gown.

Check the pre-operative checklist.

Inform the surgeon and anesthesiologist for their scheduled surgery of the day.

Check laboratory studies and its significant results that can affect the surgery.

Determine during assessment, the physical and psychological status of the patient.

Check Vital signs and record.

Start and administer intravenous fluids as ordered.

Escort the patient to operating room after the patient has emptied his/her bladder.

Medical- Surgical Room

Receive patient form recovery room.

Position patient to the bed comfortably.

Monitor vital signs and record.

Assess patient’s needs and assess for pain.

Carry out orders from the surgeon and anesthesiologist.

Ascertain using the following criteria that the patient has recovered adequately to be discharged.

- Vital signs stable

- Stands without dizziness and nausea, begins to walk

- Comfortable and free from excessive pain.

- On stable condition as of the same in the pre-admission state.

Gives post –operative instructions, including health teachings and take home medication instructions to the patient and significant others to discharge.

Staff Nurse June 5, 2005 – June 14, 2006

Al Reef International Hospital Electra St. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Check equipment, availability of medical supplies, emergency drugs, and keep code blue trolley

Complete and machine ready for emergency (defibrillator, cardiac monitor, pulse oximeter).

Received endorsement from outgoing shift. Make nurses rounds as per schedule.

Assists physicians during rounds and carry out his order accurately.

Check assign patient and carry out assessment, take vital signs and keep on record.

Develop nursing care plan for individual patients.

Convenient Store Staff September 2000 – June 2004

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC FOD) Salam Street Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Insurance Underwriter March 1996 – November 2000

Philippine American Life Insurance Company Quezon City Philippines


POST GRADUATE : Masters of Arts in Nursing (15units) May 2013 –April 2014

Dr. Carlos Lanting College Quezon City, Philippines

TERTIARY : Bachelor of Science in Nursing June 1990 – March1994

World Citi Colleges Quezon City, Philippines


Member, Critical Care Nurses Association of the Philippines

Member, Philippine Nurses Association of the Philippines





March 30, 2016

Principles of basic Infection Control, Universal Precaution, Nursing Process, Policies for infection Control

Star Medical Assistance Center

402 Sycoms College Bldg. Airport Road Abu Dhabi U.A.E.

March 30, 2016

Roles of Healthcare Worker in Infection Control, Consumer Rights for Healthcare Demonstration of Handwashing/Gowning

Star Medical Assistance Center

402 Sycoms College Bldg. Airport Road Abu Dhabi U.A.E.

March 21, 2016

Burns and Nursing Management

Sheik Khalifa Energy Complex ADNOC Auditorium

March 14, 2016

Hypovolemic Shock

Sheik Khalifa Energy Complex ADNOC Auditorium

February 22, 2016

Nursing Considerations for the Older Adult Trauma Patient

Sheik Khalifa Energy Complex ADNOC Auditorium

January 25, 2016

Nursing Management of Traumatic Shock

Sheik Khalifa Energy Complex ADNOC Auditorium

January 18, 2016

Whipple’s Procedure

Sheik Khalifa Energy Complex ADNOC Auditorium

February 13, 2015

BLS for Healthcare Providers ( CPR and AED) Program

Imperial College London Diabetic Center ICLDC Abu Dhabi

October 28, 2014

Hepatitis B and Healthcare Professionals

Sheik Khalifa Energy Complex ADNOC Auditorium

October 18-20, 2014

Advances in Surgery Conference

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center

October 13, 2014

Kinematics of Trauma

Sheik Khalifa Energy Complex ADNOC Auditorium

September 22, 2014

Roles and Responsibilities of School Health Nurse

Sheik Khalifa Energy Complex ADNOC Auditorium

February 18, 2014

Dare to Shine

Diamond Hotel Manila Philippines

November 24- December 24, 2013

Certificate of Recognition: Invaluable Service & Dedication during the medical Response Team Deployment After the Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)

Tacloban City, Philippines

February 19-20, 2014

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course

Quirino Memorial Medical Center Hospital Philippines


Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Cooking, Singing, Swimming, Basketball, Tennis


1.Maria Gina Padua 2. Edsel Tuazon

Sonographer Senior Flight Attendant

Imperial London Diabetic Center Etihad Airlines Abudhabi U.A.E.

Mobile No. 050-******* Mobile No. 050-*******

3. Ms. Luz Padua RN, MAN

Chief Nurse

Quirino Memorial Medical Center

Tel. No: 632-***-****-56 loc. 196

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